Star Tribune's manipulative self-loving propaganda: It writes its own obituary in a bid to emotionally exploit an apathetic crowd.

Parasuicide is, in essence, a fake suicide. People who want attention pretend they want to kill themselves. Many people who stalk their estranged spouses will resort to faking an attempt to force someone who no longer wishes to have anything to do with them to stay. 

While it is calculated and a good sign why the partner should up and go with no forwarding address, it is also a clear sign of mental illness.

And the Star Tribune is playing the same game.

For the same reason.

It is a deeply disturbing and fantasy-fuelled narrative. Writing an obit to show how horrible everyone's lives would be if they were gone.

No, it wouldn't. People can easily live without you. Humans are a triumphant species who are extremely adaptable as they know they are all expendable.

We survive in freezing temperatures, through wars, disasters, unrest, and anarchy.

And then, like manipulators who try to control the narrative usually do, write the "second act."

Of course, with them playing the flawless Mary Sue.

Get over yourselves. It is that very arrogance and attitude that caused your death.

So the obit was long overdue.

And that is not news, but pure propaganda, and that paper has ceased putting out news long ago...