As the federal Liberal regime bribes journalism outfits, they ignore Canada's violence problem.

When I worked as a journalist, I had repeatedly tried to pitch various stories to various media outlets, both in Toronto to a national audience, and in my hometown of Hamilton about the serious gang and mob problems Canada was having and how it was all coming to a head.

I was repeatedly dismissed as being alarmist because having a story with actual research that wasn’t sunny spinning rot and garbage was scary to these outlets.

I knew a lot of things from my research in art crimes in Canada, another topic no one in Canadian media would ever publish. I knew, for instance, that stolen art was criminal currency, and there was a lot of art theft going on at the time I was looking into things.

There was a link between stolen art and gang violence, and had I been given the green light to pursue it, I could have found out much more.

But, no, no, no: we have to pretend that Canada doesn’t have a violence and organized crime problem that is worse than the US.

And make no mistake: Canada’s problem is worse.

I warned some publications, such as the now defunct Saturday Night, that the gang violence in Toronto was going to spill into civilian life. The editor thought I was exaggerating, and then, as I predicted, it spilled into the streets on Boxing Day in Toronto, and a teenaged girl named Jane Creba was murdered in broad daylight.

But journalists here would rather play free Hollywood publicists and fellate celebrities at TIFF than do actual journalism.

The federal Liberal regime is buying media coverage right now, wasting money thinking that getting good publicity is going to secure a second term for them.

But Canada has a severe violence problem that is now catching the attention of people in the US. Our homicide rate is the highest it has been since 1992, before there were all those gun control measures put in place, and the year isn’t done yet.

Gang violence has gotten out of control, but it is more complicated than that.

This is a problem that is global in origin, and has deep roots in international organized crime, but as the federal Liberals have turned a blind eye and have been, to be blunt, incompetent, it is a problem that is not going away.

And don’t look at the federal Conservatives to be any better as we have seen what kind pervy self-indulgent antics their politicians such as Tony Clement have played on Canadian taxpayers’ dime.

We have no one in the federal cabinet remotely qualified: we just have the morally masturbating Chrystia Freeland holding childish vendettas against the US and Saudi Arabia for not giving her a lollipop and not pretending she is in any way intelligent, when, in fact, we have serious problems that originate from outside our borders, and that there is no way for it to be contained from within our borders.

In other words, Canada’s violence problem has gotten away from us, and, just like our legitimate businesses, they are mostly foreign owned and it is not Canada that calls the shots.

We have a vassal state that is a puppet regime spending money it does not have as it borrows from outside interests to bribe the press and lull the public as its own resources have been co-opted by other countries who do not give away their autonomy the way Canada has.

We don’t control our own wheat board.

And we do not own bread of a different kind.

I can see what is happening very clearly. We have a serious violence problem because we have a government who do not want to see how badly they have managed Canada, and we have a press that never does its job properly.

If you thought 2018 was violent, 2019 will take it out in the streets once again because that cancer was left untreated, and it spread.

Dundas, Ontario has beggars out in the streets now. So does Oakville, Burlington, and Ancaster, once considered the cradle of the upwardly mobile middle class in this province.

You cannot have that kind of rampant poverty and not think that vulnerability is going to cost you human life.

When you have close to a million people in Ontario on social assistance, they are not contributing to the economy.

When you have over a million people who worked for the government, they are also not creating an economically robust ecosystem.

And if you have fifteen percent of a large province on unsteady ground, you have a problem.

And this doesn’t factor in children or pensioners.

The scaffolding is weak and unstable.

But you have people deluded into thinking they are rich because their rubble of a shack is over-valued, and they don’t see the storm up ahead.

The postal strike did a number. US tariffs are dong a number. The retail sector is doing worse than what is being let on. We have a violence problem that is now catching the eye of the foreign entities that lend us money. The ones who are buying Canadian properties to park their wealth who are artificially jacking up the prices of housing.

We have a serious money laundering problem. We have a serious organized crime problem. We have a serious gun problem. We have a serious human trafficking problem. We have a serious gang problem.

We have a serious violence problem.

We have a serious criminal problem made worse by the fact that Canada is notoriously bad at making bad activity illegal, and if it does, having no teeth to do anything about it.

That’s there where we are right now.

And we have a regime whose leader wears kiddie socks and takes selfies as he calls people who point out the rot as “ambulance chasers.”

This is all aided and abetted by a dead profession that just got a slush fund right on the eve of an election.

The fun and games have just begun, but it will be interesting to see what happens when the implosion happens, and why it will make the impact that it will.

Because you are not getting a warning of what is happening from either the feds nor the press.

Expect more violent temper tantrums next year, and one that will no longer be so straightforward to clean up before an election…