Rich white men are manipulating wokeness and political correctness to control the masses? You don't say, Wall Street Journal! Why do you think we are in a neo-Victorian Era?

The Wall Street Journal seems to slowly realize that “woke”, “Resistance”, and political correctness are nothing more than ruses and shams used to manipulate the gullible middle class to incite them.

You don’t say!

Yes, it is just the rich white men on the Left who are exploiting that socioeconomic caste that perpetually live in the Now. The faux offended posturing and virtue-signalling is a choreographed farce that was hijacked from a previously legitimate series of social movements.

They are using Saul Alinsky’s playbook and have for a long time.

Big hint: When Hollywood A-list actors talk about “resistance” and advocate masses to spark a civil war, your know some Machiavellian strategist is behind it.

Just look at this propaganda headline from the San Antonio Express-News:

'Staying on the sidelines is no longer an option': How Silicon Valley is trying to help Democrats capture Congress in 2018

Staying on the sidelines is no longer an option?

Are you kidding me?

You people have done nothing but meddled in the political process from Day One, when President Bill Clinton created the climate to foster your life sinks and become robber barons who spy on your own users and sell their data — without their permission or payment.

The author of this piece of garbage has the nerve to try to spin a narrative that mass influence from the super-rich to the masses is a good thing.

That’s ideological slavery.

Who gave Big Tech tycoons the right to dictate how other people ought to think and behave?

We must all ignore our own wants and needs to keep tyrants happy at our expense?

They have no qualifications and are so removed from reality, that they have no clue how this whole democracy thing works.

And, for the record, I am a Radical Centrist, meaning neither the Left or the Right have one grain of my respect.

No one can take either clowns seriously. They keep trying to rig outcomes to suit their own selfish agendas.

Fuck them.

They have never done a single thing for me, and would gladly walk over my corpse to grab whatever valuables I had on my body.

They don’t call me to see if I am healthy or can pay my bills — and I am going to listen to what those garbage-spinners have to say?

Ha ha!

Not a chance.

And if they dare try to pull some phoney baloney neo-Victorian bullshit that I am some morally deficient person, I will gladly show my actual record and ask what they did beside sexually abuse their nannies as they abuse their underlings, steal ideas from their employees as they pass it for their own, censor information that exposes them for the human trash that they are, and spy on their own customers.

Not one of them actually did a single moral thing in their empty and miserable lives — and don’t tell me about their pseudo-charitable donations that are all window-dressing and tax write-offs.

Not one of them ever lifted a finger to help another human being. While they were busy inciting empty-headed middle class sheeple into thinking they are offended over tampon commercials, I was a full-time caregiver to my dying grandmother whose life was ruined when paramedics dropped her, causing her freshly amputated leg to pop open, broke her teeth, her arm in two places, and gave her a brain bleed.

She was bed-ridden and could not move her arms — just her head. She was in and out of hospitals until the day she died, but my mother and I looked after her 24 hours a day, feeding her, changing her, and keeping her spirits up — that cost me much of my career and my piece of mind.

So which one of these woke fuckers can say the same?

(Oh, and by the way, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Do not think that is the only hard decision I have had to make.)

They can babble and spew as a misdirection all they want, but their ugly truth gives them away at every turn.

And had journalists not become propagandists, they would not be writing how normal it is for overlords to dictate how the little people ought to vote.

But then again, social media is rapidly weakening. Twitter and Facebook alone have become the Church of Moral Masturbators.

Once upon a time, old money would donate equally to both political parties because they never cared who was in power — they had their interests covered either way.

The new money are from the short-sighted previous middle class prey who can only think in the Now, alienating half a population thinking they can oppress them.

No, dummies, you just create half a nation that will work overtime to humble you.

That’s how journalism fucked up its own fortunes: by picking sides instead of doing their jobs.

Citizens abandoned journalism because they became mightier than those propagandists — how long will it be until they see themselves as superior to you?

And sooner or later, the virtue-signallers will over-play their hand so badly, that they will become radioactive and shunned — and they will have you to thank for exploiting and inciting them and exposing them as the cowardly nerds with no intellectual heft that they really are, and that is the middle class’s biggest humiliating fear.

It is already happening, and it is about time…

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