The federal Grits just can't shake the SNC-Lavalin blues...

They tried to razzle-dazzle with a budget, and then Jane Philpott reminds everyone that this little scandal has more to it than that. Prime Minister Jive Turkey denies the obvious, only looking more shady than before.

But the federal Liberal strategy is all about denying the obvious. Rich man Bill Morneau denies there is a recession, but never ask a rich man if there is a recession because for the rich, there never is one.

Canada doesn’t have a government. It has a royal inbred court.

And one that thinks it can do whatever it pleases and issue smug denials.

It is an abusive regime, at best, but you cannot expect anything else with a populace that takes it as they tremble themselves to death in a democracy…

SNC-Lavalin: The little scandal that couldn't. The Man-child Bailers are ready with their enabling superpowers.

For all the firestorm about SNC-Lavalin, people don’t like the dirty laundry being aired, but it is not doing what detractors thought it would.

It had radicalized PC voters. It wouldn’t take much, but it didn’t radicalize the NDP voters, and that’s interesting.

Nor has it done true damage to the Grits. I have heard people make excuses for little Justin Trudeau, as if he were a child, and flat out say that “he meant well.”

Like Shelia Copps’s motherly nag that the big mean girls were ganging up and taking advantage of the little boy. What this scandal is also doing is bringing out the protector mama bears to protect their man-child.

They can relate to this scandal because that demographic are used to have sons who keep getting into scrapes and then they have to go and bail him out.

And save him!

All those with a social worker/superheroine delusion will go out in full force. They do it all the time depleting their bank accounts and goodwill doing it for spoiled sons and husbands all the time, anyway. They have lots of practice.

Stand by your man-child.

The scandal came out too soon, giving the Man-child bailers plenty of time to regroup and come up with excuses. They will come up with all sorts of sophistry to bail him out.

The problem is that the opposition leaders are also soft and spoiled conniving boys who do not know strategy or how to have gotten mileage out of this affair. Canadian journalists can’t actually do anything at this point because social media co-opts it and spins it any way it wants.

Jody Wilson-Raybould’s impact will be buffered by the time she is allowed to speak again. The man-child enablers are already finding ways of nullifying her power by questioning why didn’t she say anything before, meaning the only reason she spoke out when she did was because she did not get what she wanted, and that implies had Trudeau kept her in place and just dragged his feet until the election, she wouldn’t have exposed anything in the first place. The heroic narrative is rejected, and replaced by villainizing her instead. This is a typical man-child enabler’s excuse, but it builds up a wall to keep criticism from taking down the man-child. To have maximized her impact, things had to have moved faster closer to the actual election date. With nothing new, a lull gives time for people to regroup.

The opposition leaders are absolute rubbish. They are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This scandal will not resurrect journalism, either because they are doing what they have always done, meaning they are trying to use old rules in a new game. They will never learn.

If there is another scandal at this point, things may change for the PM, but it will also manage to wipe out Wilson-Raybould off the public radar. In a social-media world, attention spans are short. People will devour the latest piece of meat thrown into their cages, long forgetting about the taste of the one that came before.

In the old days, scandals had longer legs and the press could gnaw at someone for months. Now that two factions have been radicalized and primed, everything else is superfluous…

If you do not know how to handle a crisis, you are not fit to govern because that's what governing is about.

Sometimes you have to wonder just how clueless people are. Judging by this quote, I’d say, way too oblivious for comfort:

“They’re [MPs] not sure how to deal with this,” said one former senior Liberal who spoke to The Hill Times on a not-for-attribution basis. “They’re unsettled, you’re seven months away from an election, and things are not rosy. Things are not unfolding as they had expected.”

Life never unfolds the way you expect it, either.

This is a regime with a Zero-Risk Mindset. They do not know how to deal with the unexpected, which is the hallmark of an inept regime. Anyone can rule when everything is predictable and has no problems. Very few can do it in the face of a crisis.

And that is troubling because you are attracting people looking an easy job, not one that challenges and offers new rewards if you conquer those challenges….

Watching the dominos fall in Ottawa.


Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.57.01 PM.png


When the Public Prosecution Service of Canada tweets how there should be no “improper influence — including political influence”, you know

To say the federal Liberal Party is in disarray is an understatement. The Prime Minister’s claim that there was miscommunications has now been completely undermined by a branch of government in a single tweet. Improper…political influence on a single line pretty much connects the dots.

The Grits are bungling outside the country as they are imploding on the inside.

The big question is what’s next?

Jody Wilson-Raybould won the war. There are no do-overs in a political joust.

Gerald Butts and Michael Wernick wasted their words today.

Because whatever bullshit story they puke, Jody Wilson-Raybould has more to say.

And, as she made public, that devastating testimony she gave before was merely a “detailed summery.”

A preface.

Wernick played the same game the last time, and Wilson-Raybould tore it to shreds. She can do it worse again.

The Prime Minister can call off his press conference tomorrow. He waited too long. It is done.

The Toronto Star can go fuck themselves, too: Yes, Ms. Wilson-Raybould is the hero of this entire sordid affair: she took control of the narrative first, she has given details, and she wasn’t the one dawdling for weeks. Anyone who says anything else is trying to spin propaganda.

What we heard today was pathetic excuses, and gaslighting the way abusive men try to pin their crimes on the women they abuse. It is textbook.

The entire world watched this episode and they have chosen sides: Wilson-Raybould’s. It is done. Both Butts and Wernick keep tweaking her nose, and she has said full force that she has far more to offer. Wernick is a patronizing asshole and his condescending bullshit is just prolonging the Grits’ well-earned agony. Not only are they corrupt, they are liars and pretenders who proclaim to be progressive, but when a single woman speaks out, they talk down to her.

Wernick, no one gives one flying fuck that you are “profoundly disappointed.” Get over yourself.

Because whatever feint or ruse you puke, the heroine of this story can trump you. She whipped your skinny ass last time, and she has the proof to do it even worse now. It is over.

The end.

As in, the end.

It is done.

Two of your own ministers have turned against the party.

That is all it takes.

The problem is the Grits are arrogant and are used to scamming and manipulating themselves out of a jam. They have made things even worse by blocking her from speaking again because they have cower in private and fill their diapers. This just makes them look guilty of treason at this point.

The problem is two-fold: Trudeau had pissed off several other nations, and this isn’t the worst thing they are trying to keep clamped down.

All it takes is one more scandal or revelation, and the Liberal brand will no longer be viable. The provincial counterparts lost the Ontario election and could not even muster enough seats to be official opposition.

They are hanging by a thread and Wilson-Raybould has all but said she can drop the nuclear bomb on them.

The bad guys lost.

The problem is that Trudeau and Butts thought they could fool all of the people all of the time, and always be seen as the heroes with smarmy little smirks on their lounge lizard faces.

But those jive turkeys weren’t the heroes. They never were…

Jane Philpott resigns from cabinet...

Speaking of changes, Liberal cabinet minister Jane Philpott does something you do not see everyday: someone who walks away from a coveted position when she disagrees with her boss, the Prime Minister.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 3.38.47 PM.png

The game within the party ranks breaks from every script imaginable. This is serious business.

And it hasn’t even started yet…

The Federal Liberals are obviously not "people persons"...

Bad political strategy is forgetting that people relate to topics about people.

And the federal Liberals, being in hot water over their treatment of one of their own cabinet ministers who is the face of standing up to a bad regime, are trying to move away from their scandal and go to the faceless topic of environmentalism.

A “climate plan” is a wonk’s deflection. It is nebulous, and has no “face” to it. There are no people involved. Climate involves inanimate objects and jargon.

That will make their situation worse.

No one can relate to “climate.” They can relate to doing their job and getting demoted because the boss is a goober who only got there because daddy pulled some strings.

But politicians here in Canada don’t get people skills — Jack Layton did and that’s why he got his NDP’s impossible surge to opposition status.

Chretien understood it as well, but over time, the connect has been lost, and now thinking that “climate thingies” will distract people from a scandal involving well-known people in conflict proves how out of touch the regime is to human nature…

The Locks of Medusa: Canadian politics keeps getting more interesting all the time.




Canada has been getting whumped in a global game of Go for a very long time. We caught the attention of and offended players more cunning and powerful than Justin Trudeau, that’s plain enough. He is conniving, but not cunning. He thinks he’s cunning, but he has gotten away with what he has because there was always a secret playpen to keep him in. Someone has decided to kick away the gates, and that is very troubling.

For the record, I don’t believe that he bought SNC-Lavalin’s “bluff” that they would leave the country. Artful people don’t worry about bluffs; they just look to see what’s in it for them. For instance, you can give away generous party favours, and you can call the shots and call in your own favours when you are in a scrape or in need of a paper crown and pay check if old gig is taken away from you on election day.

Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony was crushing, but the Grits were prepared for it beforehand, and with Gerald Butts testifying, he will, like Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick, spin the optics, and may drop a little grenade or two. This will backfire on the Grits, but not the way most people would think.

Wilson-Raybould has more, and as I said, most likely something radioactive, but that isn’t likely to cause the government to fall, but it is a mistake to think that this all has to do with her travails with the Prime Minister. If you have a government enslaved and fellating one crooked company, they are doing other things, too. Not that the company didn’t make diva demands, but players don’t just resort to a single ruse.

And someone has been keeping careful notes.

SNC-Lavalin won’t likely survive, and it will cost Quebec plenty, but over the course of the last couple of years, more and more things about the Trudeau Grits have been coming out, and they are getting progressively worse. The SNC-Lavalin scandal is small potatoes. This is a boxing match. You don’t knock down an opponent with a single punch. You hit them when their guard is down, and you begin to do that by first psyching them out, and then probing their weaknesses, and then successively hitting them from all sides and when they try to defend one weak area, they cannot cover or plan to cover others, and that is where you hit them.

As of now, Trudeau, once seen as “charming” (lord only knows why; he always reminded me of a lounge lizard), has had that façade knocked away from him, and now is seen as sleazy.

And this new narrative of him has gotten traction on a global scale. One Globe and Mail column made reference to this tweet:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.26.30 PM.png

When in the history of Canada would that assessment crossed anyone’s mind?

While Wilson-Raybould testified that she doesn’t believe what transpired was illegal, no one is to say that something that is illegal won’t crop up within a couple of months — most likely right before the election kicks off.

Is this still a game of Go? Yes, but the stones have turned to snakes, surrounding the player with a tangle of locks. This entanglement is not something a conniving person can pull away from.

Wernick tried to propagandize the outcome by fear-mongering about potential “assassination” — and I have no doubt there will be more threats from the Grits, as well as dismissive insults. Once upon a time that would have worked like a charm. Not now. And no, Toronto Star, both Wernick and Wilson-Raybould cannot both be right. The fact that Wernick tried to shut down debate trying to equate honesty with violence tells you all you need to know.

Whatever the Grits throw, someone else will let loose another strategic lock. SNC-Lavalin is a global company — and all it will take is one country to decide that it broke the law, and then blame the Grits for it, but there can be other unrelated skullduggery waiting to be unleashed on cue.

This game is far from over. We can easily find this country torn apart with both Quebec and Alberta deciding they may just want to strike it on their own. It wouldn’t be the first time in history, it most likely won’t be the last, but this is a regime that has connived and bungled things from Day One, and will leave very hard feelings and a truckload of crises in their wake.

But it is interesting to watch the sucker circus all the same…

Jody Wilson-Raybould didn't disclose everything...

She warned people before her testimony.

And yet, she made reference to Watergate.

That is ominous. There is more she has to make her case, very likely a smoking gun.

The Prime Minister has made veiled threats in his disingenuous denial speech last night. He all but called her a liar…but never flat out denied her facts, just like Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick. There is a huge difference between denying and disagreeing, and that is the sign that what she said is the truth. He is a word parser, like Bill Clinton. Being smug and slippery is how he thinks he got out of scrapes in the past, but he has one too many global enemies for it to work anymore, and his entourage have no script to get him out. He no longer can use his little trick of smugness to upset people — Wilson-Raybould’s calm demeanour yesterday proved it. She was a lawyer — a Crown Prosecutor — she ate smug players for breakfast.

When the other shoe drops, it may literally kick his backside out the door. His perpetual bungling has brought shame to Canada, and in a Zero-Risk country, that is an unforgivable act….

The Trudeau 11: A cabal that is in the crosshairs of disaster.






Justin Trudeau’s non-response response to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony is tone deaf. He never actually denies any allegations, but “does not agree with”, which is classic word parsing. He used an indirect approach, putting forth questionable “positive” things his regime has done, all in vague and flowery terms that mean absolutely nothing — all irrelevant to the actual substance of the accusations. His little lapdog Chrystia Freeland did the same thing — and their lack of specifics and concrete terminology reveal the Wilson-Raybould is telling the unvarnished reality.

Going by that alone, this is a regime in serious trouble. He should win a Razzie for worst performance tonight.

Wilson-Raybould kept notes. She named names and was precise and specific. Eleven people who hounded her points to a choreographed effort, and a government in the pocket of corporate interests.

Trudeau’s attacking the Conservatives — and accusing that party of bowing to corporate interests was not the smartest tactic to use. They are not “Stephen Harper’s Conservatives” — and even if they were — they aren’t the ones accused of potentially illegal thuggery. Trudeau deflects, which also is not a wise move as she clearly indicated there are things she cannot say yet — meaning she has aces up her sleeve.

Eleven people involved in targeting a single cabinet minister is a serious charge. If the prime minister thinks he can dismiss her, he is sadly mistaken. Ignoring Alberta that is suffering and then claiming his regime is about “jobs” doesn’t fly. This is a corporation writing law and dictating what a government will and will not do. For all the talk about “rule of law”, this is a regime that doesn’t actually care about that one whit.

This is a political death match.

Compare Wilson-Raybould being detailed — while he claimed he didn’t hear what she said, but completely disagreed with it. His flippancy is meant to degrade her — and says something very troubling about his mindset. He will not be able to fluff this off. He has become too much of a liability to the Liberal Brand, and his response tonight proves it.

Saturday Night Massacre, indeed.

For the first time in our history, this is Canada’s Watergate.

And it hasn’t even begun.

Poor, sheltered Justin…

The first message is the one the counts: the Grits in Ottawa dawdled too long. The narrative has already been set.

When war broke out in the former Yugoslavia, I was a teenager who stumbled upon a publication geared toward those in the intelligence community called Intelligence Digest, which is still around today.

There had been a book by a French journalist named Jacques Merlino who had interviewed a PR flak who had crowed how his firm set the narrative of that war, and said something I would test and confirm myself: that the first narrative is the one that counts. Retractions have no effect.

And the latest slap fight between the Prime Minister and his former Justice Minister is an interesting proof of it.

Even though journalists covering it and their quoted “experts” aren’t savvy enough to see it.

Take this silly article from the Hill Times:

Former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould appears to be holding the “fate” of the government in her hands, which gives her leverage over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, says a former top government official, while others say the primes minister needs to offer an “alternative narrative,” backed up by clear facts and details; otherwise, Canadians will draw their own conclusions which won’t be helpful for the Liberals.

Sorry, kids, that ship has sailed. The proxies on Team Wilson-Raybould have already set the narrative weeks ago. She didn’t have to say a word. The PR machine did it for her. The Prime Minister should have gotten ahead, and anticipated it. That’s what cunning strategists do. What he did was take a gamble, and lost the “narrative.”

Because if the Grits had one, they would have put it out immediately. They dawdled, and kept trying to parse their words, and in the meantime, countless meme posters flooded the Internet, enforcing that first narrative. It’s done.

Add that the Grits now want to move the goalposts for misbehaving companies, has confirmed that original narrative. The end.

And considering what an attention addict the PM is — the fact that he did not jump in front of the cameras with a power seflie to prove his innocence is the clincher. He would have been strutting and voguing on the cover of Maclean’s and on The National, flexing his Angelic, But Still Manly Arms of Innocence, and telling the little people Everything Is Just Fine!

He’s been dawdling and dithering for the entire length of this scandal. His dad would have told the press to go fuck themselves, give them the finger, and said something cutting, but brilliant, to put the haters in their place.

But Canada was still not a Zero-Risk nation back in those days, and that’s why everything is unravelling as fast as it is…

Watching the political jousting in Ottawa...

Those who get their positions through being luxury brand items do behave as if they are two feuding lords dispatch their knights to fight their battles for them. It is very predictable. Jody Wilson-Raybould and Justin Trudeau are engaging in a media match that is a very interesting narrative slap-fight.

Proxies are employed to “leak” narratives and drop little bombs to smack around any rebuttals.

The WIlson-Rabould/Justin Trudeau match is interesting in that Trudeau until this point, was Canada’s Golden Boy who could do no wrong, but now, he can do no right no matter how much his minions at the Toronto Star try to salvage his narrative that was contingent on not doing naughty things.

The National Post has dithering ditzes questioning the woman per usual, but they aren’t important players in the propaganda war here. Why didn’t she resign? Why didn’t Raj Grewal? Why didn’t the countless male politicians who did something wrong and stayed put? Wilson-Raybould didn’t do anything wrong — so why should she be expected to step down?

Maclean’s isn’t playing into that narrative, but they, too, aren’t really important here.

What we have is two outlets who are maintaining narratives — the Globe and Mail on Team Wilson-Raybould, and the Star on Team Trudeau.

The Globe painted a portrait of a real heroine here, which was overplayed just enough to hint where they are getting their dirt.

The Star, on the other hand, is trying to spin things to pretend there is nothing to the scandal and things should go back to the way their sugar daddy wants it; so you know who is leaking things to them.

Once upon a time, this would be so transparent. The articles have breadcrumbs as big as loaves. No finessing, no trying to balance that coverage. This is a serious inter-regime brawl.

Because this story is so narrative driven — and one that has a patriarchal structure, there is no wiggle room for balance — one has to be the Good Guy and one has to be the Bad Guy. Hero and villain and the rage is very obvious.

Top that off with the arrogant sots of SNC-Lavalin who are throwing temper tantrums because they are being questioned and challenged as they are not getting their own way, and what you have is a showdown.

Add that to the external threats Canada has been facing lately, this country is in uncharted territory, and politicians too busy micromanaging their image than to notice there are bigger problems afoot and a press too eager to run with whatever PR narrative they hear…

SNC-Lavilin throws temper tantrum. Memo to you beggars: You got government largesse. You don't get a say when enough is enough.




I find the current model of journalistic propaganda to be both parts laughable and childish: every little group are behaving like diva beggars: demanding some They foot the bill and solve their problems. Nice try: how about stop looking for some powerful servant — or genie — to save you from life and create and solve on your own first.

Memo to the world: We all need money. We can never have enough. When a government promises to spend taxpayer’s money, it is never enough. The activists never say, “Thank you.” They never say, “This is generous and we are grateful as there isn’t that much to go around, but now we can do something.” Never.

Everyone has the waterworks and journalists morally masturbate in public, allowing the whining to go on unchallenged. They never ask these groups to open their books or prove that they are doing anything. It is a base assumption that they are, and while some do, some don’t.

Or they aren’t being realistic. Stop putting your hand out looking for money and then demand the government do all of the work.

There isn’t a bottomless pit of money to go around. We are in an Age of Propaganda where people make demands of others as they demand their rights, but ignore their own responsibilities. Adults wanting to be nannied — even those so-called Titans of Industry.

Here is a corrupt company — SNC-Lavalin who makes huge demands from the government — lobbying for special treatment (as an aside, if you wish to look at the lobbyists in Canada, you can search here) in the courts as they do all sorts of dirty deeds, and then turn around and say they had “enough” and want to spin a narrative that fellates them.

And they got billions of dollars from taxpayers in “support.”

Excuse me, you need billions from taxpayers, and you think you can say “enough”?

No, you cannot. It is one thing if you are completely independent, then you can say “enough”, but when you are being bankrolled this way, you cannot just throw a temper tantrum and act as if you are kings, because gentlemen, you are not.

Beggars are not kings, and even kings and queens must answer to the people.

That’s reality.

If you do not want to answer to others, then strike it on your own.

The more independent you are, the more control you can exert and the greater the individuality you can express. You can make demands when you are beholden to no one.

The misdirection of making demands on those we are dependent on have a flaw: if the benefactor has had enough — they can bail by choice or by natural consequence.

You can scream and shame them, they can walk away, and pull a Thidwick.

The less we demand for others to meddle in our affairs, the bigger say we have.

The fight is for independence, not dependence.

The point is freedom, not confinement.

The duty is to create our own path, not be at the mercy of others.

We are seeing a generation demanding to be beggars who are trying to shame people into not seeing the obvious ruse. They do not know the ways of the wild, as they willfully seek to live in a cage where their overlords hold their lives in their hands.

And that includes SNC-Lavalin who think their blustering can hide the ugly truth.

The trouble is, reality isn’t lifting a finger to help them hide their rot…

An interesting case of political fear-mongering, civil servant edition. The SNC-Lavalin Scandal is in full damage control.



I find this article and this one to be very instructive in terms of subtext. This is pure strategy, and old-school patriarchal at that.

The SNC-Lavalin Debacle is still alive and kicking the pants of the federal Liberals with reckless abandon. This is not something this regime is accustomed to handling, and the usual Justin Trudeau cocky virtue-signalling put-downs aren’t making things go away.

So it is up to a civil servant — Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick — to try to regain control of the narrative, but it is interesting how this is rolling:

Canada's top civil servant insists there was no inappropriate pressure on Jody Wilson-Raybould to override a decision to prosecute SNC-Lavalin, but says he warned her about the dire economic "consequences" of criminal proceedings.

So this is a denial that confirms the allegations. She was “warned” of the dire economic “consequences” if she followed the Rule of Law. That is tantamount to the content of the allegations. That is one-step away from blackmail: if you prosecute, there will be dire consequences for Canada! This is precisely the kind of veiled “warning” I would expect from someone in power who is not used to being challenged.

So forget the law. It is all about the Benjamins, and while we are on the subject, how is it that one company can economically blackmail an entire country? Why is Canada that dependent on this corrupt company — and why do they hold nuclear power here?

There is distancing, of course, spinning and parsing, and trying to cut and blunt whatever will be said to counter this narrative — that there are “defamatory” allegations, but not being specific, and that is a red flag of trying to make any counterclaims seem illegal.

But it is this allegation that is a classic case of political fear-mongering:

In his opening remarks to the committee, Wernick said he's worried about the state of politics in Canada right now, citing the threat of foreign interference in the coming election and the use of words like 'treason' and 'traitor' in political discourse.

"Those are the words that lead to assassination," he said. "I'm worried that somebody's going to get shot this year during the political campaign."

Assassination? Nice try. This is classic trying to make any opposing voices be seen as murderous and evil. This is classic demonization. This is not some jittery wonk being paranoid. This is the kind of talk I expect of someone trying to establish a narrative and make any dissenting voices seem as if they were anarchists.

In other words, don’t buy the hype. If this were a boyfriend making threats to an ex-girlfriend if she revealed what went on in a relationship, we’d call it gaslighting.

In politics, it is business as usual…

Okay, class, name twelve things Justin Trudeau did wrong: How not to handle a scandal.

This latest nightmare for the Prime Minister is still news in another work week. This should have been fluffed off by now.

The big tactical errors coming from the Jive Turkey are amateur errors. Do not say that a demoted minister is in agreement with you because she is still in cabinet because you have just given her a prime opportunity to upstage you by resigning. Don’t be a nerd.

And the long non-denial denials. Good gracious, if there was nothing amiss, you would have said it right away.

And now your Big Meany press conference trying to paint a wronged minister as a duplicitous villain. If the PM didn’t look guilty before, this last hot mess pretty much blares the opposite.

He is acting like a jilted boyfriend who pretends to be nice about it, until people find out why it happened, and then he gets nasty. How dare she?

She dared, all right, and not everyone is buying the excuses from the PM. She put up and shut up long enough. The trolls at the Toronto Star keep wondering why she didn’t resign or speak out, but it is not a stretch to say that you will endure a lot when you are the groundbreaker until you see the ground you are breaking is filled with toxic waste and you have to cut your losses and leave.

Like Jeff Bezos, the Prime Minister’s own narcissistic insistence of trying to control everything in the optics department is backfiring on him. This scandal has legs because he keeps walking it in circles. In the public eye you have various phases: the breakout honeymoon phase, the positive press phase, and then when you screw up, the give him the benefit of the doubt phase.

When you go one step more, you are entering negative territory. Mark Zuckerberg found this out the hard way. The script doesn’t deviate. The more goodwill you send, the faster you accelerate into negative territory. You will never go back to the honeymoon phase, and you cannot manipulate 7.4 billion people.

But arrogance compels former media darlings into trying to punish the naysayers. It doesn’t work. It is like kicking the car that you drove into a bad neighbourhood. Asshole, you drove it there yourself. Hitting the car won’t make it turn around.

You can take so many hits before you run out of goodwill.


Goodwill is a precious resource and gift. You may have been conniving enough to take it from people, but once it is not appreciated, you are in serious trouble. You can always make a comeback, but that requires contrition, making serious concessions, admitting wrongdoing, and understanding the nature of the dynamic has changed.

Trudeau is stepping in so many piles of horse dung it truly is shocking. The sins keep piling up, and he has taken responsibility for none of them.

October should be a very interesting month, indeed…

Memo to Macleans: It's not journalism if you tell people when it is too late.

How worthless is Canadian broadcast news?

Every motherfucking newscast on every single motherfucking channel started with the Oh, wow! It is snowing! non-story.

Yeah, asshole, no shit. I can look out the window or go outside and I figure it all by myself. That’s not news.

That the federal Grits have been caught with their pants down didn’t really register at all. There is no excuse for it.

But then comes a long and rambling piece in Macleans that is very instructive to the mindset of Canadian journalism.

It finally gets around to talking about this piece of legislation that has already passed June 21, 2018.

It made no headlines, and now that SNC-Lavalin is in the hot seat, now everything thinks about it.

This should have been news long before it was made into law: as in, who lobbied for it, for starters.

But no one was really paying attention at the time because everyone was too busy tweaking Trump’s nose to see the bigger picture.

They were too busy defending the Prime Minister and helping him along with the optics instead of ignoring the optics and looking at what is actually happening.

Now, the damage is done. Stop telling bedtime stories to the Middle Class because that’s why they think everything will work out in the end by some They who will save the day.

And that’s why we have predatory laws and an entire provincial economies dependent on corrupt companies — and people howling when things implode.

You cannot bank on a House of Cards.

Now, things are out of hand.

But Canadian journalists are too busy giving free publicity to feel-good slacktivism.

Who the hell cares besides their parents? That is a cheap and easy no-brainer. (And memo to CBC: That’s not “news for kids”: this is press releases geared at children to help Corporate America sucker in the next generation of empty-heads. Shame on you for being so willfully deceptive).

Canada has serious problems all simmering and waiting to explode on cue. That’s more than obvious now, but there is one thing in the Maclean’s piece that is true:

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 10.50.49 PM.png

No, this country doesn’t innovate. It willfully ignores innovators hoping not to rock the boat because everything is so rotten, one innovation can be compared the rest and then it all hits the fan.

Journalism cribs and steals, and then wonders why it implodes.

Stop picking political sides, for starters. They are all the same. Stop pretending being on the Left is more enlightened. The hell it is. People don’t believe in God they way they used to, and now the predators took a new mask to wear.

Radical centrism is the method of seeing the rot on the left and right, above and below, and it is way past time to stop pretending and playing along with those who cannot function unless they do harm to others as they take the spoils all to themselves…

You mean there is no difference between the federal Liberals and the Conservatives? You don't say, Toronto Star! Duh.




I love this oh-so-serious headline from the goobers at The Toronto Star:

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No shit, Sherlock.

I can’t see a difference. Do you actually think there is a difference?

Because you have the same kind of people who made it using the same means and vying for the same job telling the same bullshit stories and you are going to try to snow Alexandra Kitty by saying they are, like, totally different?

Jebem li ti sunce zarko.

Give me a break.

It is no different than getting into a slap fight because you use Crest and someone else uses Colgate — and then you have some dumbass who gets plummy and slaps you both because he uses Rembrandt.

It’s fucking toothpaste. They are all the same. They are all owed by big companies, have to go through the same motions, strategies, and standards.

Politicians are just toothpaste.

Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar or a moron.

They are all slapping each other the way kids slap each other in musical chairs: they are clawing for power. Why people get excited about them in 2019 is a mystery.

It is the same old trick, people.

That’s why this new generation bitching for socialism are losers of epic proportions.

You motherfuckers haven’t read a single history book?

You are too stupid to see it is the same old confidence trick?

Are you really that worthless as a thinker?

You’d think you would have radical centrists and political atheists who didn’t degrade themselves in public with some garbage tantrum about this old system being better than that old system.

Jebem ti slavski kolac.

It’s fucking toothpaste.

You are willing to destroy people over something you know absolutely nothing about.

And the Toronto Star is no better, playing tattle tale.

Yeah, they are all alike.

They play the same games.

It’s the same old song with them — and the press.

Garbage in and garbage out…

Trudeau pulls a Clintonian word parsing. Jive Turkey in for a rough ride.



Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.40.24 AM.png


If there is any proof that Brand Jive Turkey is a sham, the response to the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

Don’t parse your words the way former US President Bill Clinton did when he denied having an affair with an intern under his charge, because that turned out to be true.

Don’t use the phrase “Rule of Law” as if this country has ever abided by it before, because people will call you out the second you show that you don’t.

The Globe and Mail is hitting back and pointing out the obvious parsing, and having a field day in the bargain. The Grits have tried to paint critics as some sort of lunatic fringe, and now even that card has been taken away from them.

Trudeau never understood how much his pedigree had to do with his success. It was never him. It was the name and his father’s legacy. Nostalgia and clinging to the past’s tried and true got him his current job. Not his talent, brains, or cunning. People indulged him. He had goodwill on his side because of the surname, nothing more.

That, in this country, will take you very far. We are nepotistic by design because this is a Zero-Risk Society. Untested commodities are feared, and hence, we don’t have a feel for how to take risks or assess the situation. Just find the TORTEE and march to the script, following anything that seems to have already been broken in.

The Liberals were floundering because they were having overly-educated men leading them, and people don’t like their Prime Ministers to seem smarter than they are. Trudeau came in, and the Grits went for tried and true, except he wasn’t tried and true. His c.v. was light, to say the least, but he was backed as if he were an experienced political veteran.

It is bad enough there are these accusations, but his amateur responses only seem to confirm the accusations. Do not tell people you did not directly communicate with your minister because a PM works by using proxies.

If Trudeau understood the game — that would not be response he would have given. It is an amateur mistake, and now the stench coming from his office is overwhelming. The gaffes are starting to pile up and it isn’t even a first full term.

He is literally given his detractors all the free ammunition to fire at him, and his supporters are helping them along. Just this deceptive headline from the MTLblog says it all:

Everything You Need To Know About The Emerging Scandal Involving Justin Trudeau And A Montreal Construction Company 

The opposition seems set to make this a protracted political fight.

I underlined the parsing here as well — SNC Lavalin isn’t just a “Montreal Construction Company” — it is a Canadian-based multi-national corporation that owns nuclear energy when they acquired Candu — once a crown corporation.

When you have defenders being as manipulative with their words as you are, the chorus of those off-key notes wakes even the most stubborn sleepwalkers up.

This muck is not going to go away, particularly if there is other scandals and gaffes exposed. The election is still too far away, but the gamble that you get the Premium Pierre Package when you sign up for Junior is proving to be nothing more than a famous bullshit story.

SNC is not just a domestic company — it is a global one with offices in countless countries — and this is will resonate all around the world. Expect China and Saudi Arabia to write this little episode on a stickie for future reference. This brouhaha is a bigger headache than it first appears.

Former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair recently mused that NDP could lose votes to the Greens — perhaps the Grits may face the same fate. In any case, the preset scripts are worthless and we haven’t even started yet.

Who said 2019 was going to be a boring year?


Is Robert Mueller free for a gig in Ottawa? Asking for a friend...





Those sunny ways just got a cold blast of wind. So much for “rule of law.”

It seems like lawyers are a little upset about the rumours that the Prime Minister may have overstepped his authority regarding the illegal deeds of SNC-Lavalin, and stuck his meddlesome nose where it didn’t belong and demoted a capable minister because she has a moral compass.

Maybe if the Grits had a bigger goodie bag to save those tanking newspapers, they may have looked the other way. Maybe not.

In either case, this is not a minor accusation, and when a big pile of manure like this hits the fan, then all the other little scandals start to look more ominous.

Justin Trudeau is not someone who is used to earning his keep or not having good publicity that drools over him. His regime’s treatment of First Nations citizens is shockingly vile, and the list of sins is horrifically long for such a short tenure, but his despicable demotion of The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This is the kind of accusation you usually hear after a second or even third term in office. That this accusation came this early hints that the Grits up in Ottawa are in total disarray.

Sometimes, bad is bad.

There are more dots now, and they can be connected. Middle class people do not like tainted politicians, especially ones who seem to behave as if they are entitled to help corporate interests in such a brazen manner.

This scandal will make the India farce seem like the good old days.

Paging Robert Mueller…

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And a silly article in MTLblog is downplaying SNC as a “Montreal construction company.” It has offices around the world, and acquired the Crown Corporation Candu, meaning it controls nuclear power. Nice try, children, but your article didn’t tell people everything they needed to know!