CBC lives in an infected bubble.





Gracious, an outbreak of sophistry at the CBC.

Take a look at this silly piece of dreck:

Maybe it's really time to break up the post-industrial monopolies: Don Pittis

Anti-Google statement by News Corp proves it is no longer just a project of the left

No longer?

It never was “just a project of the left.”.

News Corps. CEO Robert Thomson has been whining about this for a long time.

Remember MySpace? That’s what the company banked on being dominant when they outright bought it.

This is all about Establishments wanting control of something that has nullified much of their power. Since they can’t put the genie back into the bottle, they want to capture the genie another way.

This column’s Well golly! preciousness strains all credulity…

Partisan Players whine about not getting everything their own way. Oh, grow up.


CNN’s Jeff Zucker should really be a comedian when he spews dreck like this little tirade. Fox News being called “state-run” is quite funny, given that’s precisely what CNN is whenever a Democrat is president.

But then News Corp CEO Robert Thomson is in a tizzy himself, jawing about BIg Tech “damaging” democracies, as if traditional media doesn’t do it, too.

The partisan players are whining because they cannot fool all of the people all of the time and there those more adept at manipulating mass audiences than they are. Boo hoo hoo…