Watching the political jousting in Ottawa...

Those who get their positions through being luxury brand items do behave as if they are two feuding lords dispatch their knights to fight their battles for them. It is very predictable. Jody Wilson-Raybould and Justin Trudeau are engaging in a media match that is a very interesting narrative slap-fight.

Proxies are employed to “leak” narratives and drop little bombs to smack around any rebuttals.

The WIlson-Rabould/Justin Trudeau match is interesting in that Trudeau until this point, was Canada’s Golden Boy who could do no wrong, but now, he can do no right no matter how much his minions at the Toronto Star try to salvage his narrative that was contingent on not doing naughty things.

The National Post has dithering ditzes questioning the woman per usual, but they aren’t important players in the propaganda war here. Why didn’t she resign? Why didn’t Raj Grewal? Why didn’t the countless male politicians who did something wrong and stayed put? Wilson-Raybould didn’t do anything wrong — so why should she be expected to step down?

Maclean’s isn’t playing into that narrative, but they, too, aren’t really important here.

What we have is two outlets who are maintaining narratives — the Globe and Mail on Team Wilson-Raybould, and the Star on Team Trudeau.

The Globe painted a portrait of a real heroine here, which was overplayed just enough to hint where they are getting their dirt.

The Star, on the other hand, is trying to spin things to pretend there is nothing to the scandal and things should go back to the way their sugar daddy wants it; so you know who is leaking things to them.

Once upon a time, this would be so transparent. The articles have breadcrumbs as big as loaves. No finessing, no trying to balance that coverage. This is a serious inter-regime brawl.

Because this story is so narrative driven — and one that has a patriarchal structure, there is no wiggle room for balance — one has to be the Good Guy and one has to be the Bad Guy. Hero and villain and the rage is very obvious.

Top that off with the arrogant sots of SNC-Lavalin who are throwing temper tantrums because they are being questioned and challenged as they are not getting their own way, and what you have is a showdown.

Add that to the external threats Canada has been facing lately, this country is in uncharted territory, and politicians too busy micromanaging their image than to notice there are bigger problems afoot and a press too eager to run with whatever PR narrative they hear…

Memo to Raj Grewal: When you are in the hot seat, you don't get to call the shots.

The more disgraced MP Raj Grewal and his proxies speak, the worse it becomes.

His lawyer had the nerve to decree that everything is now a “private personal family matter” because, they are alleged to have paid off his massive gambling debt.

No, it is not now a “private personal family matter.” That is utter bullshit. It is a matter of national security, and now they are up to their eyeballs in it.

If they paid it off now, they could have paid it off before it hit the fan. We know nothing about his family or how they have the means to cancel out his seven-figure debt so quickly.

And now does he owe them favours? How does he repay them, especially on an MP’s modest salary?

The matter gets more serious at every turn, especially as Mr. Grewal and his proxies seem both parts arrogant and oblivious to the nature of the problem. Gambling, by its very nature, involves nothing but a criminal element, from loan sharks to bookies. He did not get into debt by playing too many scratchies.

And they absolutely knew who he was, and these characters are just going to be honourable and allow him to gamble without trying to get an in of some kind?

Absolutely not. He was in debt in seven figure territory, and that’s enough to kick him out of the door.

He is radioactive, no matter what.

And this matter is of national security.

And perhaps even global in scope.

That his proxies are trying to contain a nuclear bomb is outrageous.

If the Prime Minister lets it go, he, too can no longer be trusted to have the best interests of the country, and no amount of trying to deflect attention by using words such as “sanctimonious” and “ambulance-chasers” is going to cover up the dire nature of this country’s reality.

At the very least, an inquiry is in order — for Grewal, and Tony Clement. Both of them have no business in government affairs. Period.

The “I have an illness” narrative may explain it, but it doesn’t excuse it. They are exploitable and vulnerable to criminal elements.

MPs have had an easy ride for far too long. If either one or both gets a free pass, you know for certainty that this nation is in the crosshairs of organized criminal elements and terrorists.

It will be too easy for them.

And the way this country has no laws, regulations, protocols, or morals to begin with — we are already at someone’s mercy, yet have no idea about it…

The Grewal Saga gets more disturbing all the time...

How does a MP with over a million dollar gambling debt just repay his debts on a modest salary that quickly?

And how much can the electorate trust someone who wants back in with no understanding of the gravity of his actions?

He has a serious problem with his gambling. The end.

But he has much bigger problems: not having any understanding of why someone with that kind of problem, who has been on the RCMP radar, and one who is vulnerable to the criminal element by the very nature of his shady hobby.

But politics attracts a certain element. It always has attracted them by the nature of how it is set up, its lack of transparency, no accountability, and vulnerability to rigs.

He should be forced to resign. There is far more to this story than what the press is reporting. Name names of who was owed, and who paid off the debts. His gambling should have been reported from the moment he declared his candidacy just as Tony Clements little sex games should have been exposed when he declared his candidacy.

Journalists know. They hang around these people, and they see and hear all of the gossip, and they enable the worst by spinning hokey narratives with neither shame nor morals…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Nine: We don't need another hero because we're overcrowded with villains as it is.



Now the ugly truth about disgraced Liberal MP Raj Grewal is coming out.

Too little, too late, assholes.

You always wait until it’s too late.

You hang out in those hallways and you hear everything; so this wasn’t news to anyone in the press.

The Toronto Star tried to spin his basketball obsession as a good thing, but sports and gambling go together, and shows you the incompetence of the reporters who did not grow immediately suspicious and start to dig deeper.

The Star was amused by it all, which was patently racist. People are people, and it is not cute that I am a fan of boxing just because I am female and used to engage in the sport.

But the press has a serious problem of wanting to manufacture heroes and using archaic templates to do it.

All it does is encourage villains to wear the mask, and when they get caught, they often have a victim mask ready for back-up.

I will not be indulging in that bullshit. You want applause, shotgun, go pay an entourage.

I am just interested in the facts, not stroking egos because the world is filled with vain and selfish villains, and we don’t need to make any more of them…

Parliament Hill's Bad Boys Club grows...

First Tony Clement, and now freshly former Liberal MP Raj Grewal is under fire for having gambled millions of dollars though his income doesn’t seem to align with it.

And like Clement, he had access to very sensitive information:

Until Sept. 19, Mr. Grewal was a member of the House of Commons finance committee, which conducted a review of Canada’s regime against money-laundering this year. Transcripts of the committee’s hearings show that he was particularly interested in the testimony of members of law-enforcement agencies such as the RCMP, the Canada Border Services Agency or the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), which collects data on financial transactions of more than $10,000 at financial institutions and casinos.

His antics in 2018 didn’t stop there, however.

But he did get the fuzzy bunny treatment from the Toronto Star in 2016.

And the Brampton Guardian, too.

It is a bad boys’ club in Ottawa, and one that gets all sorts of perks and goodies without much opposition until shit hits the fan, and then there is damage control, censorship, and manipulation of the optics; so even though it is bad, the really rancid stuff gets swept under the rug.

The political identity of the politician is irrelevant.

And the other bad boys aren’t too worried because they alway think the ones who got caught are just dumber than they are…