Why did journalism collapse? Maybe because the whine the same old story.





Boo hoo!

Apparently, journalists and no one else on the planet are capable of keeping governments accountable. I mean, fuck social media, and all those whistleblowers and activist and watch groups.

They don’t count!

As journalists bemoan their obsolete status, they really over-inflate their worth, and paint a very distorted picture of their contributions.

Once upon a time, when there was no other way to tell the world what was going down, there were many important stories disseminated, but as time progressed, it became cheap and easy filler.

And then Internet came, and gave other people an outlet.

But we still hear the same lofty whines. It get obnoxious, but instead of using resources to try new things, those in the profession prefer to hold to the same old scripts.

No trailblazers in the profession, thank you very much. No pioneers. No one riding the wavelengths of the ortgeist and zeitgeist to see better ways…

Wait, that’s what I am doing, ha ha.

I’m just being ignored…