We have no journalists...only propagandists pretending to be journalists. And a global humbling is fast approaching...


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Remember when journalists were lying to you and told you how WikiLeaks were Russian agents?

If you have forgotten because you have Middle Class Selective Amnesia Syndrome, I have taken the liberty of giving you screenshots of the liars and what they puked in 2016.

And now all of a sudden, when journalists thought they could ride on Julian Assange’s coattails and lie once again how they are just like him, and how great WikiLeaks is, they are trying any and all propaganda to save their worthless selves because their incestuous narcissistic award-giving to themselves isn’t doing a thing, either.

Too late. Your word is garbage and so are you. You are now desperately trying to spin the Mueller report, flat-out making up stuff as you spin and distort, but you are nothing but propagandists for lazy Democrats who have absolutely no platform or plan to have one and are using that report as a misdirection so people do not see how they just want money and power by being leeches on the taxpayer’s dime as they try to convince those same taxpayers that they would be destitute without their meddling. They are grifters and scam artists who are threatening women with rape and forced baby-producing by proxy via the brutish Right if they don’t behave and vote for them.

Here is an idea: I don’t vote for either of you losers. You’re all scum. Don’t you dare threaten me with war propaganda.

Journalism keeps getting more shrill and pathetic, but I guess the stench of a rotten corpse is rancid to begin with. The martyrdom narrative is pure bullshit. They are still losing their jobs in droves. For a reason. When you lie, you don’t deserve to be employed. Fuck you.

We are risking our lives for you narrative is bullshit. Memo to journalists: reporting on Mortal Kombat 11 isn’t actually dangerous.

Trump was exonerated, and we still have people who see it and are exasperated by the press having a vendetta that is pathological and out of control, but I agree with Noam Chomsky of what is going to happen.

But I will take it further. The Left’s temper tantrums and hubris is costing them election after election. The Right surge is happening precisely because the Left are trying to shame the world into believing their opinions to be reality, and they are not. Limousine liberals don’t know reality; so their bullshit looks ridiculous and so far off the mark that they end up looking like nerds and loons. The Right’s opinions are not reality, either, but people want to stick it to the Left for their insistence on being at the top of their pecking order to humble them.

So what you have is two groups of people trying to impose their will to rig things so they always win.

You also have Big Tech who is trying to play Big Brother with their fascist censorship garbage, known as GIFCT. However, this is not a sign of their gaining power, but that they are rapidly losing clout. The Internet is a shadow of its former self.

I am now finessing my books, but that is not focus-intensive. The research takes much more than the actual writing, but the resources online are not one tenth they were when I wrote my last book When Journalism was a Thing in 2017and that was not one hundredth of what it was when I was writing Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news and OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism…back in 2004.

That is breath-taking. Here you have all of these little propaganda mills begging for donations, and they have shit to offer. They are erasing their archives of old articles, and even library databases are a shadow of their former selves. That is not evolving, but regressing.

Wired thinks the censorship leaning of Big Tech should scare us, but I don’t agree. Big Tech is FUBAR. The Internet is a warehouse of garbage. Traditional journalism is fucked, too. What no one else has the courage to admit is that we now have conditioned people to think their beliefs are divine truth and reality. They no longer seek any information at all because they think they have all the answers with their uninformed folksy bullshit. When you have people try to indoctrinate you by thinking an unverified meme poster proves that they are right over the person with front line experience, expertise and exhaustive research, you know it is game over. Big Tech pandered to the point of shooting themselves in the foot. They are outsmarting themselves into oblivion.

GIFCT is a desperate push to salvage the Left, and it will not work. The Left are getting crushed on all sides and deservedly so. You cannot bribe people into supporting you because it is never enough and they always want more. Kathleen Wynne found that out the hard way. Doug Ford is shrewdly taking away the Ontario Left’s three veins: he slashed municipal seats so the cheap way of NDP and Liberal candidates to get media attention and incubate a voter base has been hobbled. He is setting the bar to sue the Ontario government so high so that he is now cutting off the narrative publicity and propaganda vein of misusing the courts to shame the government. Teachers and activists used this gambit too many times because they know they give the press an easy story where they can look sad in front of the camera and whine no matter how much money gets thrown at them. He takes this vein out, and they lose a “newsworthy” stunt to moral-shame the Tories. He is drastically slashing the public sector, and healthcare and education — the two collectives who still have good jobs and a strong union to throw tantrums and get away with it, are going to be broken. I will not be surprised if education doesn’t get privatized in some significant way so that teachers no longer pose a threat.

But that’s not the Right’s doing. That’s the Left always using the same gambits thinking the other side won’t notice and crack the code. Worse, if your prosperity hinges on working in the public sector where you think you have no risks and complete security, your world will collapse because you got cocky and slagged people who are being paid less and have to toil more, and they will remember your snooty attitude and get their revenge on you at the ballot. No amount of shaming and tantrums is going to save you when it’s personal.

Journalists cannot be trusted with seeing reality because they have the same blinders. They have been indoctrinated and march lockstep brainlessly not seeing that the side they picked are not actual thinkers with a moral compass. They are short-sighted and socialism is not going to save them because you need money to burn through and when you have leeches who just take and refuse to give, the black hole will swallow you up. Trying to brainwash people through shaming, narrative, or censorship isn’t going to work because all of these leftist governments are getting kicked out in droves, too, meaning it has the opposite effect.

Politico has always been propaganda garbage and sophistry, for instance. They puke propaganda, and the jealous sots are trying to smear the Intercept — which actually has factual value in a pathetic attempt to destroy anything that goes against their narrative. They should call this trash can Pollutico.

Here is a memo to you losers: the “Democratic civil war” as you misnamed it, isn’t fuelled by the Intercept but by a bunch of spoiled and manipulative rich psychopaths who want to control people and use a ruse of morality to do it, but since they have no clue what is moral, they have to fake it, and then the low-class antics get exposed.

Speaking of garbage that has been spawned from Pollutico, Julia Angwin’s pathetic attempt at starting a propaganda machine called the Markup resulted in her getting turfed before it even debuted. She got canned because her bullshit ideas on “data journalism" about technology — snake oil for the modern ages, kids — was nixed for flat-out propaganda and lobbying disguised as “advocacy.”

When you have rich liberal meddlers give you $23 million dollars, they want propaganda that pushes their interests. Not news. This was to be liberal propaganda to try to control Big Tech, nothing more. “Advocacy” is doublespeak for “partisan propagandistic lobbying”, nothing more. The Left have been co-opted by hucksters with raging egos whose con games all hinge on feeding those cancerous egos as they shame people into doing stupid things that will bleed them dry. This entire episode is a sad joke as the little parasites have jumped shipped. This is why journalism got destroyed, and then you have clueless egomaniacs such as Andrew Yang try to suck up to journalists saying he wants to save a dead profession so they’ll keep writing about him. Sure, right, likely story. Warren Buffet sees newspapers as toast? Dude, that ship has sailed years ago. The ashes have already been blown away.

But the propaganda is all over the place. We have the Canadian Liberal regime planning to use propaganda to suggest that white supremacists — who all conveniently come from Alberta, are going to pose a threat to the jittery middle class…so the natural conclusion is to keep voting for the rancid Grits. Nice try, but when Hillary Clinton tried that with her smart-ass deplorables comment, it cost the idiot the presidency. No wonder other Western nations think Canada is bonkers with their shrill and dire fake warnings.

But the Left are getting pummelled with their games. Doug Ford has realized where they are getting their money and is cutting them off at the knees. The Ontario Liberals figured out the best way to hide how weak the province was finding itself in was to give just enough money to the borderline poor to think they were Middle Class and just enough graft to the upper end Middle Class to think that they were rich. Have a nice and fat public sector making well over a six figure salary doing bullshit and give in to their demands with some fake resistance to make them feel big and powerful. Doug Ford didn’t get a single one of their votes, and then just pulled the rug out from under them. He is actually showing just how weak and precarious they were all along.

He has nothing to worry about. You can’t bribe people using other people’s money — they will always scream for more, while the people you are using to fund your racket will not tolerate it. It’s what destroyed the former Yugoslavia and every other socialist and communist regime. The Left have painted themselves in a corner because they keep going to extremist ideologies trying to be completely different than the Right, backstabbing innocent people when they cannot control and exploit them — and then trying to claim the people they betrayed as one of their own when things spiral out of control.

I am certain poor Julian Assange had no idea how badly he’d be used, exploited, betrayed, maligned, and vilified. Journalists treated him like the devil as they broke him before trying to exploit that same broken man as their puppet by now pretending they think he is a saint. Too late, assholes, you already locked in your answers in 2016.

He was hopelessly naive, however. He honestly believed that if he told the middle class how they were being manipulated, they would rise up as they became enlightened. He had no idea it is the middle class who set these rigs up, exploiting both the rich and the poor so they don’t have to do any of the dirty work themselves or actual have to take a risk and then look foolish if they were gasp! wrong or failed. Then they can pretend they are smarter, wiser, and more moral and interesting than anyone else as they pretend they are keeping their hands clean. Assange rubbed their noses in their reality, and they turned on him for rocking the boat. He had no clue and no chance.

If he wanted to change the world, he should have filmed middle class people feeding their kids for free with shitty Costco food samples and then bragging about the smartphone they bought on their Facebook pages, and then called them nerds. That would have started a motherfucking revolution.

Big Tech pandered to that same class telling them how rich and famous they’d become, and then everything exploded and got out of control, and now they are trying to put the demon back into Hell. No dice, let alone a paradise.

Big changes are coming, and for the Left, the shocks are just beginning. They are decaying faster than they should be decaying, and that always hints at some internal crisis because someone who did all the work and thinking for them either left or was underestimated and kicked to the curb or died.

And the middle class are quietly hedging their bets on the Right, while the National Post’s solution is to drug everyone with microdoses of LSD so that people are too stoned to care about the world collapsing around them (memo to you losers: emotional apathy is not a good thing to have: it means you have no sensitivity to your surroundings. It is a coward’s lazy escape).

I see the games of the sucker circus, and I still chronicle them. I am not naive like Assange, however. I register my observations, but I have my own reasons for it that have nothing to do with changing the world for others or doing their thinking for them. I’m not your mother.

By the way, remember when journalism had the courage to admit their faults and not puke bullshit about how great they are?


Try this Atlantic article from 1996.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 3.34.58 AM.png

But that was when journalism still was a thing…

Fake news on fake news: Don't pin it on your ideological enemies. There is plenty of blame to go around.

Fox News Channel has this agitprop on their menu:

“Black Eye: Dan Rather and the Birth of Fake News”

That title is fake news itself.

Fake news has been going on long before 1968, too, Politico.

For as long as there has been communications, there has been propaganda.

That is not a “left” or “right” invention.

It is a people invention…

How defending Jim Acosta and throwing Julian Assange under a bus could cost journalists a whole lot more.

The narcissistic and short-sighted strategies journalists employ are a sign that this is a profession that does not think about the future, consequences, or strategy.

They painted WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange as some sort of Russian agent or dupe because his group revealed unflattering but accurate truths about Hillary Clinton. It was all true, and everyone knows it.

Instead, they were jealous, and now some are realizing how dangerous things will become if Assange is prosecuted.

The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald said it best:

Over the last two years, journalists and others have melodramatically claimed that press freedoms were being assaulted by the Trump administration due to trivial acts such as the President spouting adolescent insults on Twitter at Chuck Todd and Wolf Blitzer or banning Jim Acosta from White House press conferences due to his refusal to stop preening for a few minutes so as to allow other journalists to ask questions. Meanwhile, actual and real threats to press freedoms that began with the Obama DOJ and have escalated with the Trump DOJ – such as aggressive attempts to unearth and prosecute sources – have gone largely ignored if not applauded.

But Greenwald is the lone sane man in that journalistic nuthouse. The obsession the press has with hating Trump has blinded them to how stupid their knee-jerk spasms are or the consequences of their childish games.

CNN’s Jim Acosta is not Bob Woodward. He is not breaking news or doing any actual journalism. He is a clown who behaved like a moron, and when he lost his hall pass, journalists defended him, which was a supremely bad move.

The White House banned a single idiot for being an idiot, and a low-class one to boot. No one else from CNN was barred; hence, they should have taken a hit on Acosta, and then leave it alone because if it becomes a shoving match, they are unevenly matched and the regime can do worse things that cost everyone much more in the long run.

They went to court and cheered that Acosta was allowed back in as if this would be the last of it.

Stupid, stupid move.

Now there will be rules in place.

Rules that had never been there before.

And now it dawned on the press that the rules will far worse than what they had before.

And they have CNN and Jim Acosta to thank.

Politico was very naive when their headline blared in part:

Trump discovers new weapon against media

Never considering that Trump's banning Acosta was a probe for him and he was actively seeking that weapon all along. Acosta’s selfish antics was a costly mistake and the press should know by now what happens when they resort to nose-tweaking Trump.

They never think ahead. They never plan ahead. They have some narrative running through their heads that they are good guys and if they slap back, everyone will back down and they will win.

Memo to journalists: at what point do you wake up to reality?

At what point do you change your ways?

You have had people like me research and point out rationally why you were actively being the agents of your own self-destruction.

You chose to ignore me and shut me out repeatedly.

And you chose to give free publicity to a knuckle-dragger like Acosta and cheerlead him even though you all know who he is.

You earned this wallop.

You earned the fallout because you never listen to people who speak the truth because they are brave enough and loving enough to see reality.

That is the reason you all have become a joke.

You were cruel to Assange, and he was an idealist who had a good idea. He is in over his head, and you are all responsible for it.

He knew what direction it should have gone. He has flaws, but he knew something and had a piece of the puzzle to your resurrection.

Now you whine.

But you were always lousy friends to the truth, and to the people who actually were trying to do something to save an industry.

Shame on you for that.

Shame on you for being as selfish as you are….

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Seven: Watching the idiots walk is a very tricky business. So is listening to that little sound that compels you to act.




Politico is an idiot’s outlet.

This idiot article says it all:

Goodbye Nonpartisan Journalism. And Good Riddance. 

Disinterested reporting is overrated.

No, idiot: what you had was uninterested reporting, as in, you never bothered being disciplined and understanding empirical objectivity.

I wrote about objectivity in journalism. I wrote about how problematic it was because its origins were not empirical, but capitalistic, it was never truly tested or defined — and, it made no room for emotional literacy.

Not that journalists should be partisan propagandists.

Because partisan reporting is vastly overrated.

It’s just junk. Trash. Garbage.

You weren’t supposed to take sides because you were aware that all sides were little connivers and manipulators out for power and were exploiting the press. You called bullshit on both sides because it was bullshit.

The End.

So if you choose a side, you are decreeing one side’s bullshit is less bullshitty than the other guy’s — and that’s bigger bullshit.

Because once you hit bullshit, it’s over. It’s not a little bullshit.

It’s just bullshit.

So here is Politico trying to make the case that journalists should bullshit and be open about it, but in such a way that they justify being bullshitters and bullshitting isn’t bad.

Nice try, idiot.

Now take a walk.

We do not need another bullshitter.

What we need are facts.

We need to see how, when, where, why, and how we are being bullshitted, and by who.

And we do not assume what is presented as the opposite is an actual opposite that right by default.

No, no, no.

Because we can look at content, but if we ignore structure, we are ignoring a big clue.

So if you have two sides and one side uses a personal attack to hide the fact that they have no facts…but then so does the other, then they are both the same in structure, meaning the content is just a façade and a ruse to lure in suckers.

The structure of thought has to align with the content, or it’s bullshit.

True objectivity is actively comparing and contrasting and not favouring one side and then rigging the coverage to make them look better than they are and/or the other side worse than they are.

Because rigging is a form of lying.

So you just give facts and the facts reveal the reality to show the truth.

But that requires listening to that inner voice that tells you not to lie to yourself or other people because you can never find solutions if you rely on lies.

So Politico is a garbage publication. It openly says lying and cheating is a good thing.

It is far better to define, test, modify and refine objectivity than to lie.

Chaser is not going to lie. It will present facts in an empirically objective way.

And the bonus is that it will be a living laboratory where the experiments are shown as well as the results.

And that’s how changes go round, as that lovely old INXS song once mused to the world.

You find the centre of gravity and become a scale, measuring things without thinking it is about the left or right.

It is about balance and recording not just your measurements, but how accurate your scale happens to be…

Memo to French President Emmanuel Macron: Fuck you.

Politco’s propaganda may babble about Macron’s pathetic “containment” of Donald Trump, but the French government have shown their true immoral colours.

It was Armistice Day, and the swinish boors of Western European “leadership” did the same bigoted things they always do: walk all over Eastern Europeans because that’s what inferior people do to create false pecking orders, and it is a sham.

So what happened?

France placed Serbia in a no man’s land during its Armistice ceremony:

At the November 11 Armistice ceremony in Paris, which brought together leaders from numerous countries, Kosovar President Hashim Thaci was behind the leaders of France, Germany, Russia, and the United States, while Vucic was placed in a separate stand on the opposite side.

Serbian media quoted Vucic as saying , "You can imagine how I felt," and adding that he had "a lump in the throat."

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing before me, knowing the sacrifice that the Serbian people made in World War I," he said.

Historians say that Serbia suffered more losses as a proportion of its population in World War I than any other country embroiled in the conflict.

To put this in perspective to the culturally and historically illiterate, during the First World War, Serbs were slaughtered and had their population slashed by a third. They fought hard and won, and were allies who had been traumatized the most — and France repaid Serbs with a big fuck you, and it is not the only fuck you.

And this was not a minor oversight:

Dean of the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade Professor Dr. Dragan Simic told Prva TV on Monday that a truly big scandal had occurred in Paris when it comes to the seating of the invitees. 

As he added, this is in some way a revision of history, because in 1918 "some other victors were sitting in the front row." 

"When it comes to the First World War, Serbia deserves the first row, along with France, Great Britain, the countries who won the First World War. And maybe three, four countries in the first row, and then everyone else. Maybe there was no place for anybody there. Some really did not exist as a state at that time," Simic said. 

In other words, Serbia lost the most people and fought along Western European allies, and they are treated as nothing.

And just to be clear: the “excuse” is no excuse. You cannot try to find some sort of loophole and then pretend it wasn’t. This is Armistice Day where the seating counts — you do not have wedding parties where the bride’s family is placed in the back of the room because of some clinical categorizing arrangement. It is pure, cowardly and psychopathic bullshit.

This is bigoted, disgusting, disrespectful — and a sign that Serbs are being deliberately marginalized as a revisionist history is being spun by France. This act is a willful ruse of deceit, propaganda, and fascism.

And the nationalism Macron pretends to abhor. You are not fooling everyone, you arrogant asshole.

A French Ambassador tried to smooth this spit in the face with acknowledging just how horrific the gaffe was and why:

"We are very close to Serbia. Serbia lost almost a third of its population in the First World War, 62 percent of all men. I don't know what happened (in Paris.) I say it was a regrettable mistake and we plead with President Vucic and the Serb people to accept an apology," he said. 

And you did that to the Serbs on Armistice Day.

Fuck you, France.

Fuck you for treating Serbian life as unimportant.

It is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. This was a cowardly act meant to demonize and degrade Serbs, and there are people like me who will neither forgive France nor ever forget what they did.

Trump mocked Macron for his empty words and virtue-signalling, and good.

That makes Trump the morally superior leader in this bout. 

And memo to the Guardian: fuck you, too. You get all huffy that Trump didn’t take the dog and pony show seriously — and yet where the fuck were you ignorant sleepwalkers when Serbs got bullied and degraded once again?

Trump did not have a meltdown: he just knows what dumb fuck incompetent leadership Western Europe has, and has no respect for Eurotrash.

All the Guardian does these days is fellate people in positions of power as they beg their readers for money and ignore real stories.

Scum defending scum, and completely missing the bigger story of a Western European country humiliating an Eastern European one for political gain: Serbs are being told in no uncertain terms that whatever valiant things they did in the past are not respected, and that they will be forced to abide by whatever political gang rape Western Europe decrees with regards to Kosovo.

France showed their true colours, and how worthless they are as allies. If one third of your family was wiped out saving another, and those others relegated you into the broom closet, you would not be happy, either.

This sin is unforgivable and shows just far down the gutter Europe has fallen… and no, Mr. Macron, nothing you say against Trump can hide your own lack of decency and moral compass…


The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Three: Chaser was the Feminist Intercept before the Intercept. Remember that.

Open Democracy once whined that there was no feminist Intercept, which I called out as bullshit because there was Chaser Investigative News Services, that was a feminist-based hard news site that was geared for people under 30 and I ran it a decade ago. It was to bring investigative methods that were superior to the standard of the profession to people through social media. I had a hellacious time with it. I did all sorts of stories that had a common touch of things were relevant to everyday people, from how unsafe schools were to a missing woman who turned up at a Take Back the Night Rally and was accidentally photographed by a newspaper photographer to women who were doing hard time for first offences that were minor, and I even was working on cult recruitment on university campuses.


It got some attention. Not enough, but considering how little resources I had at the time, it did get talked about.


I had even gone as far as to have talks with former 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt, but as I recounted elsewhere, we did not part on good terms.

But it was not its time or place. The ideas of a hard news outlet founded by a woman wasn’t going to fly.

You either give in to male tropes of what women are — or what females idealize themselves to be. Going hard after women in power a certain way is still taboo.

But it is necessary as women do not have any playbooks or war manuals designed with their realities and rhythms in mind. That’s why women are always having to claw and on foreign territory, never ones of their making. It is why qualified women get pushed aside and the ones who appeal to sexist sensibilities often usurp those positions, and then make things worse because they are in over their heads because while their shallow windrow-dressing seems right, they have no deep core to actually see the job through.

And that is why so much of what happens in the world is an enigma. Rex Murphy mused in the National Post wondering why the Brett Kavanaugh hate just vanished.

Simple: because those women were pawns exploited by the Democrats in a game of chess, and they lost; ergo, do not draw attention to that failure, drop what isn’t working, and use another set of pigeons to do your dirty work.

I have wondered for a long time why feminists still bother with the Left when it is more than obvious that alliance is garbage that isn’t doing what could be done in days, let alone decades.

We have professional blunderer Chrystia Freeland make a big, old mess out of NAFTA that — had she had what it took do to the job — would have done it months ago without fuss or muss, all while having it fly under the radar. Instead, she is actually trying to spin this debacle as not a big deal, when it was a disaster of the worst sort. When you turn a nation into a vassal state, you fucked up.

The detractors are not “wrong”, they were wronged. There is a big difference. When you are a child, you always spin and deny responsibility, trying to pull one over mommy’s eyes because you have little respect for her or understanding of your own cunning. Adults own up, and are brave enough to be blunt.

If you can never admit you are wrong, then you are never right.

Just look at Hillary Clinton, who wanted to be president, but never learned to own up to her failings, always behaving like a child who has no control, so she can blame others for her missteps.

Not only did she lose a race where she was the odds-on favourite to win, she is learning now, that the Left see her as a problem.

So, to be clear, the Left were never behind her.

And here she goes, blaming Russia for not winning.

And if you spin a narrative that you weren’t making mistakes, then you never change, and keep doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome.

When I stopped Chaser Investigative News Services, I did so because I wasn’t gaining traction. I pulled back, and then explored and modified, coming up with A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, which I still do as well as publish books with traditional publishers.

But when I decided to resurrect Chaser, I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes.

I did a lot right, but not everything. A lot of external factors not of my own making caused problems, but some worked in my favour, and others had no impact, either.

I like when things are my fault: it means I have the control to right and modify things.

If it is out of my hands, then there isn’t much I can do.

But it didn’t stop me from trying again.

And I can do traditional publishing ADWSS, and Chaser News.

I am not the same woman I was when I started.

I am a far better woman now than I was back then.

And that is reason to celebrate. It will not be the same old story, or the same old escapade and adventure.

Women who have some sort of attitude problem are fairy princesses who always need some man to install them in their position.

Women who don’t have that problem, can create their own worlds on their own. They aren’t fairy princesses, but warrior and philosopher queens who become eccentric and enigmatic empresses who live life on their own terms.

And we need a new generation of women to strive to be empresses who grow and change as they learn and evolve.

Women have no yet unleashed themselves, and this has become some putrid Victorian Age of prudes and judgemental ninnies who never create something new.

I am not playing into that rigged con, and it is the reason I am eager to start something new that pays homage to the old — but always with the future in mind and at heart…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Seventeen.

When the Canadian regime decided to legalize cannabis, journalists were all giddy in their narratives about it. None actually asked tough questions in the beginning.

We have many high-profile politicians and former politicians who have invested in such companies.

And that is a conflict of interest, but no one really cared about it until the US let the Canadians know those involved are still seen as drug traffickers and can be banned for life from coming to the US.

Now the panic is starting to set in, which it shouldn’t have if we had a press that asked the hard questions and did not treat the middle class people’s pacifier of choice as if it were some cool, edgy thing to consume. The myth of drugs as a recreational activity instead of it being realistically seen as a form of self-medication always skewed both the narrative and the perception.

But there is no critical thinking that has come. Everyone is assuming that legal cannabis will generate big money for Canada, and in the short term, it will.

When casinos were legalized in Canada, there was an initial boom in those cities that had it. People were employed and Americans came across the border to gamble.

And then the crowds were gone, and jobs were lost, especially after the Americans opened superior rival casinos and kept their people at home.

It did nothing to stop illegal gambling. The people at the casinos are all pensioner who come to gamble, listen to some legacy band, and eat at the buffet.

The young crowd do not bother with such middle class geekiness: they gamble illegally, and it did not curb the practice one bit. It is not as if casinos are not bringing the government any revenue; it’s just siphoning off disposable income that could have been spent elsewhere, helping small businesses. The initial rush is gone, and now it is merely a voluntary tax with no product to show for it. No factories to build it; no stores to sell it.

But illegal gambling is still alive and well here. It changed nothing. The young gamblers aren’t going to granny’s casino to blow the pension: they are underground because they are attracted to high stakes games that involve risk and the criminal element who can afford better lures because they have been doing it for decades, and they don’t card you, either. The government casinos are a boring G-rated version of it for the wild and crazy geezer.

And what has been the learning curve here? As usual, none. The plan is that plan must work because everyone is just dying to smoke pot.

People who smoke it are already smoking it. They have their loyalties to their dealers who don’t just sell pot, but hard drugs, weapons, girls, and anything else that’s illegal. They are the original pop-up stores, kids. The only people I actually see excited about this are seniors, who are already smoking the stuff, and some who are now sad because their medical condition prevents them doing it just as it is made legal.

The middle class – the ones who actually need it to cope with their loveless marriages, disappointing children, and dead-end non-rock star white collar job now feel the granny rush of going to the casino. They are middle-aged, past their prime, and have nice houses and good cars because they follow the rigged nonsensical rules they hate, and now can medicate their rage and bitterness without worrying if the cops are going to nab them and give them a stern lecture.

But the illegal trade isn’t going anywhere and will greatly benefit from this move.

Because the feds made no effort in handling this thing, it is a wild west, and as a rule, the only people who benefit when anything goes are criminals. They are uninhibited, and they are not going to let the little mom and pop shops from flourishing. They will terrorize and chase out the stores and take them over. They will wage war, taking one naïve middle-class person’s dive after another, and mark their territory, using the legal stuff as a front as they continue their illegal operations with a patina of protection.

And that is assuming, of course, that a foreign company doesn’t take over, and given Canadian’s disgusting history of being careless, this is the most probable outcome. Our Beer Stores are foreign-owned. So is our wheat board. And British Columbia’s casinos were co-opted, but those are not exceptions. Once foreign interests – particularly criminal foreign interests – swoop in, Canada will not see very much profit.

It could be an Albanian mob, a Chinese one, an Afghani one, or a Russian one.

Politicians have been so certain of their cash cow, that many have bought stakes in cannabis companies – but none of these politicians were ever actual businessmen.

And if the border states move in, that’s the end of that gravy train. Canada has been babbling about this for so long that plenty of other players already have a plan in place, and no our regime is helpless to stop it. If there is money to be made, it is not going to be in Canada. We are a country who has absolutely no history of original enterprise of industrialism, save for steel, which is no longer in Canadian hands, and Blackberry that saw its fortunes drop and get push aside by the US’s Apple and Japan’s Samsung. The factories are American (or British), the goods we buy are from China, and the innovations come from other countries. The people who make money these days are teachers, civil servants, and real estate agents, and even the latter group is seeing their returns diminish.

Pot is a drug, not a magical wand that can turn mediocre entrepreneurs into titans. It is not a knight in shining armour. The undisciplined laws that Maclean’s laments about are the least of the problems. It is not a moral question, nor a medical one. It is not Reefer Madness that is going to sink this country into an abyss. None of that actually matters.

The problem is when you place all your faith in a product, and nothing on the competency of the sellers, your luck only goes so far. Trust this country to make a mess of this and gloriously so, and probably lose money on the entire gamble. We will see lawsuits and plenty of them because now people can sue and have class actions against the sellers. Auto insurance rates will go up, as well as premiums for house insurance and life insurance because that’s what insurance companies do.  

But most importantly, the illegal market will thrive for one reason: their clientele – the ones who are coveted will be underage to buy it. The legal stores will have to ask for ID. The illegals ones have no such confines, and they will keep their clients because they will have first crack at them. Legal shops will be for the old fogeys who think bragging about eating gummy weed makes them look young and hip, not old and nerdy, except they are old and nerdy and no amount of weed is going to cover up their dweebiness.

I will not be surprised once those realities hit the legal stores in their wallets, and they begin to lobby hard for across the board decriminalization of all drugs and to lower the age of consumption.

They will make money from it, but not enough, and that will be a serious problem because they have already spent what they projected. It is why they are dragging their feet on NAFTA and insulting and sassing off to world leaders without regard to the consequences. They honestly think they have found the answer to life, but they should remember what happened to the Ontario Liberals who were permissive and were repaid by getting turfed by other parties. Do not expect a grateful electorate. Once pot is made legal, they’ll have no more use for the Liberals who have no second act.

It will be the casinos all over again. Our government is Seinfeldian in nature: never learning or having a moment of reflection as it indulges and lives in the selfish now.

Had journalists been real journalists, they would have immediately started thinking of every angle. It doesn’t have to be an illegal thing made legal. It could have been any business that brought something new to the social fabric, such as social media, or online retailers, such as Amazon.

But they never do. They don’t want to sound like killjoy nerds, even though they are. If a government has no plan, there is no control.

And what if other countries decided to ban Canadians for life? What if organized crime starts muscling in? We are already seeing brazen daylight mob and gang wars here, and yet no one questions why.

Those were the questions that should have been asked: demanding the government spell out their plans in detail was key. If you are going to do something, then you have to do it right.

An alternative would be looking into every facet to see the potentials benefits, risks, and dangers. False positivity hides troubles that destroy lives later on because no one thought such cataclysms could possibly exist.

But they do. There will be money made, but more money lost, and if cannabis doesn’t save Canada from itself, we have no Plan B to fall back on because the government and our press have no memory of the past or understanding of the future. They only live in the now and never think about tomorrow…

The Cry of the Dead: Canadian Journalism screams, but no one can hear a ghost.

Journalism is one of those professions where people in it do the very opposite of what they should be doing. When they should look at themselves with a critical eye, they applaud their every boneheaded move, always sunny-spinning rot.

Take this propagandistic babble trying to justify allowing a foreign publication to dictate how Canadians ought to think:

Along the way I witnessed a disturbing trend: after years of industry cutbacks, the ranks of Canadian reporters in Washington have been gradually depleted. The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star are now the only two Canadian newspapers with a full-time reporter in Washington. 

This is a civic challenge — potentially a crisis — that demands an innovative solution.

It’s time for a new approach. What if Canadian journalists joined forces with the largest politics and policy newsroom in Washington, DC in helping cover policy developments for Canadian audiences? What if a team of experienced Canadian reporters teamed up with 200 of Washington’s most expert policy journalists, whose sourcing networks reach across Capitol Hill and the White House, and deeply into federal agencies and regulatory bodies? What if they could add to that a network of reporters in state capitals?

At POLITICO, we believe this approach would create a must-have source of intelligence for Canadian decision-makers in government and industry. That’s why this September we will introduce POLITICO Pro Canada, a cross-border policy intelligence service for readers with a stake in the Canada-US relationship. 

No, Canada should not be roped into the bad marriage of Left-wing Americans and the Right-wing Americans. Leave us alone. Our journalism collapsed because people in the profession could not tell the difference between fact and spin. We don't need a partisan publication dragging us into their would-be street brawl, especially as traditional legacy US mainstream media are very stupid and clueless when it comes to their own politics by their own admission.

Just how clueless are journalists?

Look at their own little J-Talks -- babbling in public the very concepts they should have had in the bag by now. A stage is not the forum to pontificate. The laboratory was the place, but then again, you cannot mug for a crowd squirrelled away trying to uncover the atom of truths.

It is more than a mess.

It is a disaster.

And their cries do nothing but reveal their own ignorance of their own profession.

They are ghosts trying to scare a populace, even if it means creating war and killing the very audiences that abandoned them.

It is truly mystifying.

But that's what happens when you do not listen to those audiences who shouted first, begging for their voices to be heard...

This is how journalism died: It chose narrative over reality. It chose lies over truth.

Watching two hours of 60 Minutes tonight reminds me how far journalism declined: it is a news program that is nothing but pure advertorial for various interests. Slopping an academic study or two as a visual is no substitute for actual research. They no longer can question anything in a STEM-based field. They never question academic institutions. They defer to authority. They always position their own nation as morally superior to anyone else's.

There is no difference between 60 Minutes and a late-night informercial. Vince Offer might as well be a correspondent.


Which brings us to the travails of the Denver Post and the misleading article about their woes in Politico.

I covered the newspaper industry over a decade ago. The game hasn't changed. The ignorance of those in the industry hasn't changed.

Newspaper circulation has been going down for decades. The article ignores this -- and the fact that ad revenues have been also in a free fall. If fewer people are reading and fewer advertisers are using newspapers to sell their products -- then the newspaper isn't profitable.

Unless you squeeze the assets of the newspaper -- which is what is happening.

The Politico piece completely ignores how modern-day newspaper owners are making money -- not with the actual product -- but by dismantling it piece by piece. It is a smash and grab method -- and there is not much more room left.

So what does it mean to squeeze assets?

You may notice how many newspapers have moved from their once large and prime locations to smaller venues -- selling the building and the land is an example of asset squeezing. In Canada, the Globe and Mail once had a large and prime sprawling building -- which no longer exists -- the condo market is far more lucrative, and the parent company made a profit -- not with the newspaper, but by squeezing an asset.

The problem is now there isn't much more assets left. Once you hit the physical building, it is the end of the road.

Newspapers are profitable only by squeezing assets -- so the Politico piece paints a very deceptive picture. It makes it seem as if there was life or hope left in the product -- but it is the opposite: if assets weren't being squeezed, there would be no profits. That's why vulture companies buy several newspapers, squeeze assets, and then sell them to the lower-tiered vulture company.

But the article is a perfect example of why journalism got destroyed: it chose narratives over reality. All you have to do is look at the bottom line of how companies are actually making a profit, and the reality is asset squeezing has been the method for as long as I have been studying journalism -- and longer.

But narratives are a form of dishonesty, meaning people are being given lies over truth.

Had journalism dealt with reality and truth, they wouldn't be throwing self-righteous temper tantrums.

They wouldn't be cheerleaders for businesses. They wouldn't be demonizing their owners because they would understand why their property was acquired in the first place.

The narrative did the profession in -- and it was a demise so richly earned...

Memo to Politico: There is no more "trusted" journalism sources anymore. Including you. Why a dead profession is still in denial about reality.

Politico -- like other journalism outlets -- has no concept of reality. None. It is all about spinning narratives that paints them as perfect. Their latest delusional rambling dressed up as a "special report" has a the same blinders journalists have had since November 2016:

Trump thrives in areas that lack traditional news outlets

Relentless use of social media and partisan outlets helped him swamp Clinton and exceed Romney’s performance in places lacking trusted local news media.

Yes, of course. If those yokels only had a "trusted local news source", they would have been properly indoctrinated with the correct propaganda and the Great Unwashed would have followed the decree issued by the people who are given the right to do everyone's thinking.

Are you serious?

Journalism squandered their "trusted" status long before that. I even wrote a book about it in 2005.


Social media took off because it was a real Information Emancipation. People were liberated from the shackles of the old guard gate-keepers. They had no choice but to get their information from the press. They had no choice but to rely on the press to tell their stories.

Social media changed the landscape. People wanted the freedom to speak their piece without getting edited.

If journalism had the sensitivity to understand that deep truth, they would have reflected on their deficiencies, and realized the rigs in the system gave them a platform -- not that they were actually an essential service.

Then they would have seen how to change their methods and mandates. There would be experimentation and empiricism.

But that isn't what happened.

Just one angry temper tantrum after another with propaganda campaign after manipulative propaganda campaign how people need journalism.

And people are not buying it.

They are still a dead profession.

People do not need stories telling them to go crawling back to journalism. That's not news.

Trump won because people were sending a message to journalism: stop meddling. Stop telling us what to think and what to do.

In other words, shove off.

Journalists want things to go back to the old ways, and that ship has sailed.

You cannot unring a bell.

And dreck like this "special report" is not going to make it happen.

You lost the war.

You completely lost the war.

Trump saw it, and he took advantage of it.

He saw what you still do not have the courage, sensitivity, morality, or the intelligence to see.

Move on.