The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Three: Chaser was the Feminist Intercept before the Intercept. Remember that.

Open Democracy once whined that there was no feminist Intercept, which I called out as bullshit because there was Chaser Investigative News Services, that was a feminist-based hard news site that was geared for people under 30 and I ran it a decade ago. It was to bring investigative methods that were superior to the standard of the profession to people through social media. I had a hellacious time with it. I did all sorts of stories that had a common touch of things were relevant to everyday people, from how unsafe schools were to a missing woman who turned up at a Take Back the Night Rally and was accidentally photographed by a newspaper photographer to women who were doing hard time for first offences that were minor, and I even was working on cult recruitment on university campuses.


It got some attention. Not enough, but considering how little resources I had at the time, it did get talked about.


I had even gone as far as to have talks with former 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt, but as I recounted elsewhere, we did not part on good terms.

But it was not its time or place. The ideas of a hard news outlet founded by a woman wasn’t going to fly.

You either give in to male tropes of what women are — or what females idealize themselves to be. Going hard after women in power a certain way is still taboo.

But it is necessary as women do not have any playbooks or war manuals designed with their realities and rhythms in mind. That’s why women are always having to claw and on foreign territory, never ones of their making. It is why qualified women get pushed aside and the ones who appeal to sexist sensibilities often usurp those positions, and then make things worse because they are in over their heads because while their shallow windrow-dressing seems right, they have no deep core to actually see the job through.

And that is why so much of what happens in the world is an enigma. Rex Murphy mused in the National Post wondering why the Brett Kavanaugh hate just vanished.

Simple: because those women were pawns exploited by the Democrats in a game of chess, and they lost; ergo, do not draw attention to that failure, drop what isn’t working, and use another set of pigeons to do your dirty work.

I have wondered for a long time why feminists still bother with the Left when it is more than obvious that alliance is garbage that isn’t doing what could be done in days, let alone decades.

We have professional blunderer Chrystia Freeland make a big, old mess out of NAFTA that — had she had what it took do to the job — would have done it months ago without fuss or muss, all while having it fly under the radar. Instead, she is actually trying to spin this debacle as not a big deal, when it was a disaster of the worst sort. When you turn a nation into a vassal state, you fucked up.

The detractors are not “wrong”, they were wronged. There is a big difference. When you are a child, you always spin and deny responsibility, trying to pull one over mommy’s eyes because you have little respect for her or understanding of your own cunning. Adults own up, and are brave enough to be blunt.

If you can never admit you are wrong, then you are never right.

Just look at Hillary Clinton, who wanted to be president, but never learned to own up to her failings, always behaving like a child who has no control, so she can blame others for her missteps.

Not only did she lose a race where she was the odds-on favourite to win, she is learning now, that the Left see her as a problem.

So, to be clear, the Left were never behind her.

And here she goes, blaming Russia for not winning.

And if you spin a narrative that you weren’t making mistakes, then you never change, and keep doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome.

When I stopped Chaser Investigative News Services, I did so because I wasn’t gaining traction. I pulled back, and then explored and modified, coming up with A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, which I still do as well as publish books with traditional publishers.

But when I decided to resurrect Chaser, I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes.

I did a lot right, but not everything. A lot of external factors not of my own making caused problems, but some worked in my favour, and others had no impact, either.

I like when things are my fault: it means I have the control to right and modify things.

If it is out of my hands, then there isn’t much I can do.

But it didn’t stop me from trying again.

And I can do traditional publishing ADWSS, and Chaser News.

I am not the same woman I was when I started.

I am a far better woman now than I was back then.

And that is reason to celebrate. It will not be the same old story, or the same old escapade and adventure.

Women who have some sort of attitude problem are fairy princesses who always need some man to install them in their position.

Women who don’t have that problem, can create their own worlds on their own. They aren’t fairy princesses, but warrior and philosopher queens who become eccentric and enigmatic empresses who live life on their own terms.

And we need a new generation of women to strive to be empresses who grow and change as they learn and evolve.

Women have no yet unleashed themselves, and this has become some putrid Victorian Age of prudes and judgemental ninnies who never create something new.

I am not playing into that rigged con, and it is the reason I am eager to start something new that pays homage to the old — but always with the future in mind and at heart…