Globe and Mail's propaganda about the Ontario Premier's propaganda: It's all propaganda, all of the time.

The Globe and Mail is babbling propaganda against the Ontario Premier’s propaganda.

Ontario News Now would never have been a thing if journalism in Ontario had an ounce of competency.

When you look down on people and craft narratives to make your side seem superior, you will alienate those people who will look elsewhere.

And the Globe is not one to talk. People don’t refer to it as the Toronto Globe and Mail for no reason: it serves as Toronto-centric propaganda as the rest of the country are seen as lesser beings.

But the Ford Brothers had their own radio program on Newstalk 1010. They were given unfettered access to mainstream news outlets. When politicians are given those kind of platforms, don’t be surprised when they cut their teeth and then bypass the system the way millions of other people did with social media.

And people are not going to see any problem with it because this is the Age of Propaganda.

When you have news outlets blur lines, they shouldn’t get huffy when people they enabled take full advantage of it.

They sized up the sham of the press, and then build their own in the bargain…

Memo to the Globe and Mail: Ontario News Now is not a sign of Doug Ford's Insecurity. It is a sign that Canadian journalism is dead.

The Globe and Mail is an arrogant rag. They lost their grand building, and had to downgrade, and yet, they think they are still a viable and relevant entity in the modern world.

This childish delusion rages in this silly column that completely ignores the reality of what has happened in Ontario:

Twitter news outlet Ontario News Now speaks to Doug Ford’s insecurity

No, it doesn't. Not at all.

Why would the Premier -- who won a decisive majority because he knows how to effectively communicate with an audience -- bother with an obstacle course that people no longer flock to, when he can do it directly himself?

What, is he stupid?

No, not at all.

Ford gets it.

If you do not need a press to get out a message, then why bother? Why play a game on a rigged board when you can bypass it entirely.

Why put up with the abuses, when you do not have to put up with any of it?

It is akin to saying a child who is being bullied on a playground is insecure because they joined a sport or extracurricular activity. No, they just decided they weren't going to waste their lives and nerves putting up with garbage. They meet like-minded people, become productive, and let the loiterers on the playground have one less prey to torment.

Trump won a presidency without degrading himself to being abused by the press, and having to appease them to win. Ford saw that Canadian journalism collapsed, and that bypassing the news media is more than doable: it is better to go directly to the public and control the message, than be at the mercy of partisan narrative-spewers who will always insult him and find fault with his every breath?

Canadian journalism has been irrelevant for a very long time, besides, why shouldn't the provincial government do what countless organizations do every day -- produce their own in-house articles that are a constant on Facebook and the like?

Sotheby's and Christie's do it. Every museum and art gallery of any note does it. This is 2018, and the practice is nothing new.

And it is nothing new to the Ford Brothers who cut their chops on News Talk 1010 with their own radio program.


Because journalism is replaceable.

When journalism had a monopoly -- which was never a divine or innate right -- people had to endure abuse to get a public audience.

The Internet liberated people who could now bypass the press entirely.

And they do. All of the time.

They are not insecure.

They just had enough, and decided to exercise the power the Internet gave them...