Goodbye journalism. Hello F.R.E.E.D.

What a vile and dirty week for the dead profession of journalism.

Time magazine plasters its covers with a little distressed child they exploited for propaganda purposes, only it was revealed she wasn't separated from her mother.

Pick the child who fits the bill, Time. How hard could it be?

CBC cancels their little show On the Money because they don't have the money to fund it.

Vox just discovers that misogyny is still rampant in journalism, as "serious" male reporters who cover Important Political Stories completely ignore women who address them on Twitter.

Tell me something I don't already know, fellas. When I hear from a Serious Male Journalist, he fires a terse email to me with some complaint or directive on how I should think or write on my website.

But apparently we need a "study" to prove something anyone can eyeball all by themselves.

The New York Times is charging $300 dollars for a plain t-shirt babbling about truth, as if the Times would know about that.

It comes off as a silly culture-jamming hoax a la Joey Skaggs, but then again, becoming grifters to make a cheap buck is real possibility for those hucksters, too. To say with a serious face that you are "fighting fake news" with an overpriced rag to fund your other overpriced rag shows just how misaligned with the Truth the Times has always been.

Then Columbia Journalism Review is whining because the Washington Post won't write about the big bad warehouses of their parent company Amazon, but want their overlord to "share the wealth" and sink money into their scuttle ship.

But the worst came from the Village Voice with the writer who broke the Brandon Teena murder all those years ago trying to backtrack because she originally reported the reason the late Teena "became" transgender (not my implication) was that he was sexually abused -- but, what's this? -- because this is not the accepted narrative, somehow it was wrong to frame it this way, using the excuse that because the author was self-identifies as a "cis queer" individual, that somehow placed blinders on the simple act of gathering facts.

No excuse, cis or otherwise: you either found verified facts that flat-out showed that Teena identified as transgender because of sexual abuse -- and in that case, activist narratives are obviously not all-encompassing and hence must be bravely challenged because no one is above being called out on the carpet for PR-driven stereotyping -- or the author just drew the conclusion herself to put forth some sort of fantasy narrative to spin a yarn -- and if that is the case, she is guilty of something far worse than guessing the motives of someone wrong -- but of putting narrative above truth.

If you made it up for the sake of a riveting yarn, then your entire story was deceptive and dishonest. You didn't do your homework and you peddled lies instead of finding facts, hiding the lack of research with colour. That is still cowardice.

And if you had people who would be in a position to know tell you an inconvenient fact, then that has to be presented as it is, even if you have special-interest groups howl because it doesn't fit their own narratives because they think all in their group think alike and walk lockstep. We often lump different groups into one big one because we want TORTEE, when the truth is these factions are very different, even being at odds, and one is being sacrificed for the sake of the larger group who forces a harmful misinterpretation on that smaller group.

If we had facts and let go of the narratives, we would actually be in a position to know, but here we go, as usual -- a journalist babbling a narrative of virtue-signalling, while the rape and murder victim, whose life was nothing but heartache and oppression -- winds up as the footnote. People won awards and made careers on the back of Brandon Teena. He deserved better than that. Enough of the self-serving do-overs. Someone was molested with no justice, discarded, and then was abused again with no one to save him before getting slaughtered.

How many times was this one young person abused with impunity? How many others are out there still being ignored because we have reporters more obsessed with how they came off in retrospect than with normalized torture?

That's what happens when a profession is rotten to the core.

They implode, and then try to destroy every beautiful thing in the world, trying to kill truth with lies, bravery with cowardice, and love with hate -- all while pretending to do the opposite.

It has become sick.

And I have chronicled this sickness for most of my adult life.

Journalism used to be a thing. It used to be a good thing and a useful thing. It used to be a strong thing.

My book explains why it is no longer a thing.

In the book.

I have more to say about other things on this web site, but Project Chapter Three is coming when the time is right, but suffice to say, while I will promote my latest book, I am saying goodbye and good riddance to journalism. 

And I am saying hello to F.R.E.E.D.

It will be fun. It will be silly. It will be exciting, positive, unpredictable, eccentric, enigmatic, and wild.

But it will be tackle serious topics, but not in the traditional sense.

Stay tuned!