Memo to University Affairs: J-schools failed. Your article can't put a sunny spin on academic incompetance.

Canadian journalists cannot deal with reality.

It doesn't matter if they write or broadcast, or if they work for trades or mainstream publications, reality is something they do not know how to cover because they do not know how to see it.

It is why the profession of journalism collapsed and did as badly in Canada as it did.

Take this rambling article in University Affairs about how journalism schools are struggling:

Journalism programs struggle to adapt to changing times

As news media navigate a time of unparalleled disruption, training the next generation of journalists has never been more of a challenge.

They have more than struggled: they have utterly failed.

But no Canadian journalism story can function without trying to put a positive spin on failure or tragedy. It is cowardly and deceptive, but that's the Canadian journalism way.

The article tries desperately to find the silver lining in tornado clouds the destroyed an entire profession -- nor does it bother to consider how j-schools contributed to journalism's collapse. They never made the changes in structure. It never took the Internet's liberation from gate-keepers into consideration.

It never brought discipline into the profession. It never conducted studies to help it along. What is being cheered on in the piece is mere window-dressing, and the hypothesis that bashing Trump is going to save journalism is, quite frankly, ignorant.


Ask the New York Daily News how well that strategy worked for them.

No one in Canadian journalism has the ovaries to admit that the calvary have better things to do than rescue a group of bumbling villains from themselves. University Affairs should get rid of those rose-coloured glasses and deal with reality because their ignorance of the depth of seriousness is shocking...

July, 2018: The Summer where Reality Roared.

Toronto's uppity attitude is finally being revealed as a cover trying to hide a very dysfunctional mess.

Just this morning, another shooting.

Leftie America, you may be surprised to find out that despite our very strict gun control laws, we have people shot to death in Canada.

A lot of them.

And people in Toronto having officially having meltdowns about it.

Worse, The Drudge Report is talking about it for days, won't he just shut up?

Foreign newspapers, such as the Guardian in the UK are all over it, too.

Toronto wondering if their city is "unravelling"?

Kids, you were undone years ago. You just thought picking on Hamilton by calling it the "armpit" of Canada was enough of a misdirection to make yourselves seem superior in the bargain.

Remember Jane Creba? Or Georgina "Vivi" Leimonis? How about those two little girls shot in the playground in broad dalylight? Ephraim Brown? John O’Keefe?

The Eaton's Centre in Toronto had that 2012 incident of having a gunfight right in the mall.

How about  Anne Marie D'Amico? Dorothy Sewell? Renuka Amarasingha? Munir Najjar? Chul Min "Eddie" Kang? Betty Forsyth? Sohe Chung? Andrea Bradden? Geraldine Brady? Ji Hun Kim? You know, all those people hit by a van this year?

Every time some big implosion happens, a sunny spin is put on it by the press, always looking for the "positive" while glossing over the negative that gets more serious over time. It's okay, little people of Toronto! You still live in a World Class City! Your siblings are still jealous of you!

Reality is roaring a very different message, and one that is becoming impossible to ignore.

But Toronto isn't the only place where delusions are being trampled on.

We have the cult NXIVM being more than just being unmasked as a misogynistic enslaver of women: it is one where little Judas fairy princesses were appeasing their man and enslaving their own gender and now facing charges of being an criminal organization, with Rich Thanks To Daddy's Money Clare Bronfman getting charged for drooling over some loser and doing his sketchy and disgusting bidding instead of, you know, being productive on her own merits.

If men can be feminists, then women can be self-loathing of their own sex.

So for all those knuckleheads who think throwing a woman in front of their gynophobic enterprise has some sort of patina of legitimacy has their lies being drowned out by that roaring reality.

You can't just prop up some chick up and think you have shut down opposition.

Journalism's denials are being tore away from those reality roars, too. The destruction of a former big titan, the New York Daily News is the biggest blow to their hypothesis that it will all magically turn around, and shows that their woes are even worse than what was originally reported.

Reality is roaring. It has messages for a lot of people who got off easy for a very long time.

Toronto is not a safe city and it hasn't been safe for years. It was racism that helped fuel the denials because deep down, those rich white folk just figured it's gangs killing each other, and it will never hit them.

And then bullying billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey got slaughtered in their mansion in their posh neighbourhood and the killer is still unknown and uncaught.

Then a van rams innocent bystanders.

And now a shooting in a nice part of town where innocents were snuffed out just like that.

Now that it is starting to hit to those privileged backsides because when they could have done something for the city's dispossessed, they ignored it because they thought they were superior to everyone else.

Good luck with that.

Not all women are created equal, and to those who run after men like faithful little doggie as they clean up their messes and do their vile bidding, are also finding out being maids to sexist pigs will serve as no protection when their house of cards get blown down -- and for those lazy boors who employ their female moral equivalents and think you can build a fortress with those scummy broads, you are not as smart as you delude yourselves to believe.

But for journalism, the gutting of the New York Daily News is pure trauma. It was bad when those little yokel-fest small town papers folded. But a New York City newspaper? That is serious business. The whining how journalists are victims in some vast conspiracy theory of "class warfare" is pure nonsense.

Journalism was blind to reality for a very long time, and reality roared the truth.

But the worst thing of all, they still refuse to face it.

Reality is not finished roaring. Not by a long shot.

In never does, but it all depends on whether you have respect for reality or not. Reality can also sing love songs to you, but only if you choose to respect reality and truth.

Not always, but even with the fiercest roars, there is always truths to be learned along with the lessons.

And reality does roar solutions, even when it is its angriest with you.

Delusions are no protection. Neither are lies or excuses.

Why people keep choosing to ignore reality's messages is a very peculiar mystery.

Because had these people paid attention, their fortunes would be far better than they are now...

Memo to Deadspin: Using profanity in your nerdy sophistry doesn't make it right or real. The New York Daily News is a victim of reality.

The Concourse (part of Deadspin) are using nerdy logic and think that peppering sophistry with swear words in this bad article and hope the profanity makes it sound angry and full of gravitas.

No fellas, it's wrong, and quite frankly, silly.

And you sound abusive.

They do not understand why The New York Daily News imploded. It is the small town boy's worst nightmare come true: you try to run away from your small-town roots by running away to a big city, such as New York City, and then you found the passive hack to Win At Life. Those big city slickers know everything, and are the grim and gritty Promised Land where there are cool coffeeshops, and hip bars and nightclubs where you can rub the noses of the rubes you left behind that you are Very Special, Talented, and getting high with sophistication and edginess.

Take that, having to grow up next to a cow past! I won!

Reality doesn't care about your inferiority complex. Truth knows you are a scared little boy who mindlessly follows other people's scripts to scrape by.

And here we are, with a Big City Newspaper that imploded.

And Deadspin doesn't understand why.

It is not "class warefare." That is some knee-jerk temper tantrum used by unoriginal and passive thinkers who do not actually know what happened to journalism in general.

But simpletons looks for simplistic answers, or TORTEE.

Or answers that put the blame on everyone else but them.

People who go into journalism, on the whole, come from wealthier backgrounds than the general population. Yes, the pay is lousy, meaning you need to have someone financially be able to support you to be in that job.

Not everyone, but a lot.

So what happened to the New York Daily News?

As someone who covered the business of newspapers, I can tell you:

1. The industry had the monopoly on communications. When blessed capitalism rigged the board to their favour, journalists fawned all over it. Deadspin's temper tantrum is self-serving and hypocritical as it tries to pander to Millennial who prefer their own selfies to someone else's hissies that do not mention their selfies.

2. The Internet came along and took away the rig, and hence, the monopoly. Media owners did not change their strategy. Journalists didn't change their methods. J-schools didn't study how the new landscape shifted and how to keep the industry alive in a new form that took the new reality into account. THE END.

3. The profession thought it was So Superiorly Special that they thought people would still use their product by acting more arrogant and aggro than before. People began to find their information elsewhere because they did not need a media outlet to disseminate their information and opinions.

4. The industry did not change its tactics or structure and lost audiences, but more importantly, did not hook in a new generation of news consumer who grew up with the Internet. Their inertia prevented any renaissance from happening.

5. The new breed of owners saw an opportunity. They knew that journalism was dead, but there were still assets, such as real estate to make a profit. This is not sustainable profit. This is one-time smash-and-grab profit. When you begin to attract the vultures who feed off a carcass, your profession is dead. There is nothing left to do.

6. The asset-squeezers muscle in and squeeze those assets, selling them off. It is not as if that money can be re-invested in the product or "spread around" your employees who you start letting go with no need to re-invest or replace. That's now a black hole. The companies make money selling off the assets and then go elsewhere.

7. The A-list asset-squeezers sell off to B and C-list asset squeezers who do the same with the less profitable assets.  

8. Eventually, there is nothing left to squeeze and the outlet shuts down entirely or is merged with a slightly less decomposed carcass. Sooner or later, there is no profit in squeezing a corpse, and it closes up shop permanently.

The temper tantrums journalists are throwing are rich. When they still had a pulpit to spew nincompoopity, they ignored the problems, because hey, their backsides weren't in the crosshairs. The angry white boys didn't care because they could strut as they issued World According to Me decrees.

And now that it is their backsides getting the boot, the howling begins, and suddenly, this whole Pinko "Let's blame it on the Man and capitalism" is being co-opted by them.

Memo to Deadspin: Shut up about the Man. You knuckleheads are The Man. Now that it's your balloons getting popped, you are having childish fits. When capitalism gave you that cushy platform, it was glorious, but when it is your turn to be stymied, there is outrage?

Yes, what is happen is more than "legal": it is the inevitable consequences of not being aware of your reality, ignoring warning form people who do not look like you, and losing a monopoly.

Journalism has been antiquated for about twenty years. It cannot survive in its current form, and capitalism is not responsible for your incompetence.

The laid-off staff of the New York Daily News are not "victims" of "class warfare." Homeless people are victims of class warfare, you arrogant twits with graduate degrees.

Those laid-off reporters at the Daily News are as culpable for their implosion as the rest of the profession. Nothing prevented any of them from making bold moves forward, but when you follow scripts thinking you are stealing someone else's ideas, and you are passive, making changes seems tantamount to admitting that you are flawed and what you did in the past was -- gasp! -- wrong.

And just what would those small-town boys and girls you walked away from think?

Grow up, little boys, and stop blaming everyone else for your incompetence that destroyed a profession. You wanted the drooling adoration and the power to persuade people who really have their own lives, hopes, dreams, and ambitions, and they don't have to listen to you.


And Memo to the Daily Beast: your article "Tronc Exec Tells Daily News Staff to Their Faces: We Have No Strategy" is as oblivious as it is myopic.

Are journalists really that unfathomably stupid?

The reason Tronc brass told their staff that they do not have a plan is simple: because no plan can work for animate a dead profession.

When you see that circulation is going down with no way to rejuvenate it, people will not read your junk even if you give it away for free, and advertisers are leaving in droves, it's over. There is no plan because none is needed.

Got that? I doubt it.

It is that willful ignorance that killed journalism.

It is why you are seeing irrational Trump-bashing, and all the civil war-mongering: wars usually were a boon to journalism, and if it takes a war to bring it back, they will do it. Even if it kills you.

Except it won't. Social media changed the world's thinking, and no war is going to save it.

A day late, and a dollar short.

And instead of trying to incite the masses, the profession could have just did what it needed to do: make changes that kept up with the times, pulled itself together, and improve its methods.

It is a lot less violent, and a lot more helpful...