The Chaser Solution: Chapter Twelve: Months in a year, hours on a clock, it all comes up to a dozen. We mark time, but never make the most of it.


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Petty shits.

Who was worse this week?

The New York Times for publishing family gossip that was unsubstantiated, or NBC for not correcting the record when they knew they were wrong?

Even the Washington Post is cautioning them to be careful of not spreading fake news.

Should anyone care about the Times’ story? I don’t recall too many modern presidents being soldiers or enlisting. They still got voted in. Canadian universities still have those Left-wing American draft dodgers as professors, and no one is getting upset about that.

The same people who were marching in anti-war protests are bitching about someone who didn’t fight a war? You assholes didn’t, either; so just shut the fuck up.

The middle class don’t care about much.

Not even if the news has no connect to reality.

Take CBC here in Canada. They puke bullshit how the Canadian economy was “resilient” in 2018, but for whom? We had a lot of stores closing. We had factories closing.

We have a homeless crisis, and in traditionally middle class safe havens such as the Golden Horseshoe. Real estate is rapidly cooling off, and household debt is at very bad levels. We have an opioid crisis, and that’s not a sign of prosperity.

Yet like a dubbed foreign film, the voice over doesn’t ever match up with the moving lips.


So what’s going on?

On the one hand, it is a confirmation bias: choose a self-serving narrative, and look for evidence that supports your narrative as you ignore evidence that refutes it. In the US, the press is anti-Trump all the time. It is pure insanity because they had power to be kingmakers until the day they weren’t. They are mad at him for showing them the reality of their situation.

They should have been grateful.

They should have seen what happened and how to re-invent their profession. Instead, they veered into rank propaganda and haven’t stopped as their fortunes go further down.

They hate Trump. They also hate Facebook for the same reason. They hate “populism” — again, for the same reason. They got mad at poor people for expressing themselves, using social media to do it, and voting for the only candidate that spoke to them during the election.

Once upon a time, journalists wouldn’t be hating those people: they would be writing about them and speaking to them, but then they got full of themselves and got lost in narcissistic fantasy.

You used to inform these same people. You used to publish their letters to the editor. You used to get outraged when they got hurt in life, and the Establishment tried to screw them over.

What happened to those people? Where did you go wrong?

In Canada, the press betrayed the people, but in a different way: they lied to them, but are lulling them into thinking things are better than they actually are. They mimic Soviet-style propaganda where the news told citizens how great the economy was, and it was in the toilet. People laughed at the news because it was bullshit and they knew it.

They believed it for a while, until they imploded. Regions broke away, and the fragmentation spelled the end of that system of governance.

It happened to the Soviet Union. It happened to Yugoslavia.

Would it happen to Canada? It depends how badly things go. Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta would leave. Toronto would, too. The US would greatly benefit because they could gain access to natural resources easily and quietly. It is not as if Canada would be a match for the US, but why do it loudly, when you can do the same thing silently without fuss?

But Canada was always an impossible country: it is too big with too few people spread out too far apart.

What holds them together? Fairy tales.

The kicker is that if this country could face reality, it would leave other countries in the dust.


The US is in the same position. There is nothing wrong with their president. He is no worse than his predecessor. You cannot fault Donald Trump for seeing reality that you can win a presidency by stumping and going directly to the people in person — and by using Twitter. Kudos to him.

He exposed that the media has no teeth. They have been gumming at him for so long that you’d think they’d get tired of their own temper tantrum.

The press should have just stood back and saw their own arrogant and oblivious childishness.

I remember talking to one US reporter about Trump before November 2016. He thought Clinton would win it. I said no way. He was absolutely certain, citing polls. I said look at the polls for Brexit, and even for Toronto’s mayoralty race where Rob Ford handily won. He said it was an apples to oranges comparison. I said it was apples to apples.

Trump won.

I could see what Trump saw: a dead media. The model was no longer aligned with reality. If the strongest of the media — the US — couldn’t do it, then neither could anyone else. People can get offended all they want, but no other country had the journalistic muscle saved for the UK. They are having the same problems, and there is no relief in sight.

And what you have is a hamster wheel that marks nothing.

What you don’t have is news anymore. North, East, West, South.

No one minding the times. No one minding the place.

For example, child exploitation is a serious problem in Canada. So is human trafficking. We have a serious problem with First Nations women vanishing and being murdered. Lots of child pornography and prostitution going on here.

And the laws here are a joke.

With a press that aids and abets these people.

And in the US, the hate on Trump is so out of control that the US will pay for it for decades to come because no one is paying attention at the things that are actually important.

How many people can live well? How many people die needlessly?

What are the dangers?

That’s news.

It is not a fairytale. It is not campfire story.

It is a clock. It is a compass.

You know where you are right now and where things are going?

When you know, you are F.R.E.E.D.

What should you be going after?

That’s Chaser.

The strength isn’t in the One.

It is in the Infinite.


And, darlings, that is your message to ponder very carefully, courtesy of…


Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Twenty-Three.

Canada is debating ghettoizing women in the name of feminism.

The demented logic goes something like this:

Global News first reported back in June that the Liberals were considering the creation of an ambassadorship for feminism and gender equality, and saw it as a means to boost women’s involvement in peace and security around the globe.

Memo to the Liberals: women are people, too. So is it an ambassador for people and then one for women?

What kind of sick and sexist logic is that?

Bring up your ambassadorship up to code, so that we do not need that kind of degrading virtue-signalling and moral masturbation, thank you very much.

You bring equality with every position, not just one.

But government-based propaganda is nothing new. Set up a post with a snazzy and trendy title that all the middle class people are nattering about, and then point to the title whenever you are accused of not doing anything substantial as you raise taxes.

It is the Age of Propaganda, after all.

And these days, it is not just the government in the act of duplicity for amoral ends.

Journalism enabled a lot of government propaganda over the decades. The Chicago Tribune openly wondered about it with this headline:

Reporters used to bury the dark secrets of powerful men. Why it's different now.

Because social media won’t let you play that game anymore. The press came into it kicking and screaming.

They even hid their dark secrets from the public, as we are now well aware of NBC’s antics.

But there is still no transparency in that dead profession.

Once upon a time politicians and tycoons would manipulate the press with their operatives who would leak out damaging gossip about their opponents in order to rig the outcomes.

These days, as there is no journalism, only propaganda, those rich tycoons are openly paying for partisan operatives to spew.

Take a look at this article:

News Site to Investigate Big Tech, Helped by Craigslist Founder

It is not journalism. It is partisan war games of agitprop The operatives are those mislabeling themselves as “journalists”, always with the false halo of doing “public good.”

The way they covered up the sins of Great Men in the name of “public good.”

It is the same game, just mashing up the operative propagandists with journalists.

There is always a spin, never facts, let alone context or logic.

And even when something begins from wanting to know the truth, it can quickly spiral into competitiveness for ratings and exclusivity.

The alternative is not one that is co-opted and relies on a single wealthy benefactor to create a propaganda-machine to sling mud at rivals and opponents as a form of misdirection.

It is about the facts.

Liberating them from lies, spin, propaganda, and being in the hands of those who already have fooled people into thinking they have all the power, wealth, and answers…

Chuck Todd's Atlantic Fiasco: When the bad guys pretend to be heroes, their own deeds call them out.

Chuck Todd's propaganda piece in The Atlantic is something I recently discussed here, but recent events have proven his deluded diva tantrum to be just that.

Journalists have been "fighting back" with their non-stop monomania hissies ever since they told the little people to vote for Hillary Clinton and the people did what they wanted without reading the memos because those memos do not serve anyone else but a few billionaires who made their dough manipulating and exploiting people through journalists for far too long.

And it is not working. Newspaper editorials recently had their own Let's Bully the President Day about a month ago, with hundreds of paper marching lockstep with the same melodramatic meltdown...and it didn't do a thing.

But Chuck Todd isn't one to talk. The Meet the Press babbler works for NBC, which has been trying to shut down Ronan Farrow for over a year: first by killing his Harvey Weinstein exposé, but when they were exposed for shutting down Farrow's well-researched piece, they tried to shut him down again, by claiming that his work was not up to snuff.

Andy Lack's memo tried to deliver the death blow in a memo, which has now spectacularly blown up in his face, especially now that their own Megyn Kelly contradicts that entire sketchy narrative.

NBC News is a hypocritical outfit, and had they been honest and truthful, they would have owned up to it all, but no, they are arrogant know-it-alls who keep making excuses as their lies become exposed.

So when you have an oblivious call-to-arms when your own sins are there making faces behind your back, you are the bad guy who is trying to pretend that you are some sort of valiant hero who will fight back.

No, you are not just the villains, but the defeated villains; as in, it's over, fellas, and you lost the game, the battle, and the war in November 2016.

You lost because you covered up your own sins as well as the sins of your little buddies.

Game over.

With NBC News in nuclear meltdown mode, Todd's nincompoopity in the Atlantic is a hilarious tone deaf spewfest. It is a complete humiliating disaster.

You don't want to meet the press because they, quite frankly, are a repulsive bunch of trolls who think if they babble loud and long enough, people will give in.

It is a pathetic piece in a pathetic publication, all while the sucker circus continues its macabre show while the world communicates with each other without the middle man...

NBC and CBS under scrutiny: just who watches these watchmen?

CBS is investigating the behaviours of their own little generals.

And now NBC is under fire over Ronan Farrow's work -- with more revelations to come.

It is not a good time for network news' carefully staged images.

Journalism reminds me a lot of the Catholic Church -- once the final word of all ideological matters in Western thought and always portrayed as the avatars of morality.

Then came those who were abused by those authority figures, and while the church was rocked, it still had clout, and now the clout is dwindling as people no longer see the institution as being superior in moral affairs than they are -- and a lot lower.

And we are strictly talking about abuse of children. If we were to put other dark deeds of the past on the table -- such as their aiding and abetting the fascists who slaughtered Serbs during the Second World War, as well as other dubious dealings, their image would be much, much worse.

But the networks are now in the same boat: looking sketchy and deceitful. It would have been easier if their ratings and hold on public mindsets were stronger, but they aren't. 

No one actually ever to bother to watch these watchmen. They got away with things because like the Wizard of Oz, they managed an air of mystery as they made themselves look larger than life. They had gravitas, glamour, and mystique, and that brought them decades of clout.

Today is a different story. Even the Fourth Medium we call the Internet is fragmenting and losing sway on many fronts, but the Third Medium television is in far shakier ground, and the reason these stories are emerging, which is miraculous, given the nondisclosure agreements that are typical in network television...

Have you ever noticed that it's only "Great Men" who get Open Letter Groupies defending them?

Steven Galloway did.

Al Franken did.

Tom Brokaw did -- with the added playing both sides of the issues with this story.

But we don't have open letters supporting women who were abused with all sorts of D-listers chirping in their defence.

The Brokaw petition is particularly demeaning: that a grown man is seen as helpless and incapable unless a group of Stepford colleagues come running lockstep to save their poor little boy.


How very sad.

And no, ladies: you are not supporters of #MeToo if you play manipulative games like that. Name one woman for whom you did the same thing for with the same zeal.

You didn't?

That's right. You are the dutiful little maids of the Great Men, cheerily cleaning up their messes as you spit in other women's faces because they have less power and clout that you can exploit. 

If you truly thought he was a capable man who had honour, he would be more than capable of defending himself without your obnoxious mommy meddling, and you'd stay out instead of riding on his coattails trying to get a little free publicity at his expense.

Nice try.

But intelligent people aren't buying it.

Memo to NBC -- a lie detector test isn't worth the paper it is scribbled on. Yay, someone else passed a polygraph other than Patrick Brown. As if that matters.

I have written about how journalists are willfully ignorant when it comes to using cheap stunts, in this case, NBC News letting the world know that a porn star passed a polygraph. Murderers, rapists, and disgraced politicians passed them, too just as innocent people failed them. For example, Gary Leon Ridgeway, otherwise known as the Green River Serial killer passed the polygraph with ease. It is flat-out quackery that has long ago been proven to be wanting. But lie detectors make for sexy pseudo-science, and while there have been news programs that exposed the fallibility of lie detectors (when 60 Minutes was still good, they had an actual exposé on it way back in 1986), they also turn around and then try to use them to prove something.

No, dig up facts because a lie detector is a cheap hack and stunt that proves nothing.

Journalism has always been a sucker circus, and this "report" is meaningless, but it takes skill and intelligence to find facts and evidence, and the dead profession didn't die from hard work or diligence...

Memo to NBC: "Big Tech" is facing a backlash, but not that you will benefit from it. People left the horse and buggy for cars for a reason.

Journalists have now gotten a silly idea that if they keep slagging "Big Tech", everyone will run back to the traditional media where they will tell people what to think and how to think it, being the centre of attention once again. 1503698254877

They do not see they are a horse and buggy and social media are cars. If people become disenchanted with social media, they will be looking for something more advanced, not less.

But NBC is trying to whip up the hate for social media, and it is laughable.

To illustrate how clueless their logic happens to be, take this passage:

Those changes are now the subject of growing skepticism from politicians, academics and that same media.

This is classic appeal to authority. If authorities don't like it, it is bad for you!


These groups may hate social media, but the reasons are for self-interest.

Governments do not like it because people can find alternative information, and can register their protest. The flow of information goes beyond a government's control.

Academics do not like it for the same reason: people can find out more information and can challenge accepted academic dogma. Information is more accessible, meaning non-experts do not have to rely on academics to dole it out to them.

That leaves us with the media.

Of course they hate social media. It is direct competition. They cannot be gate-keepers. They cannot dictate who is a star, or who is to be seen as hero or villain.

But none of those reasons are why Big Tech is experiencing growing pains.

The first is simple: Big Tech had a two decade plus run of positive press. Sooner or later, you are not going to be young and adorable; so that is not a big deal.

The second is the reason why social media will fall: because the promise of getting everything you ever desired cannot be kept. People had fantasized that all they had to do was plaster a picture of their special child online, and people would make the little brat a star. All they needed was a platform to be "discovered."

That didn't happen. It was a serious let-down for a lot of people who call themselves "YouTube Stars" they way people in dirty movies are never porn actors, but "porn stars."

The Internet was cheap entertainment that offered as many Bejeweled permutations and free porn you could possibly want. You could show off your lunch to amaze the world at the kind of amazing food you ate, and silently stalked the woman you should have married, though she would see it as a bullet dodged.

It didn't prove to make people fall in love with you, or buy your music or hand-made teddy bears. It didn't make everyone an instant billionaire with millions of followers.

That's what is at the heart of social media's declining fortunes: not the lack of privacy (if you want to be famous, why do you care about privacy?), or Big Data, or anything else. From Bitcoin to Kickstarter, not all dreams came true.

And that is what is eating citizens. They got the platform, but the results were lacklustre. They would be even more lacklustre if they went back to traditional media; and so, they won't come crawling back.

It is a challenge for Big Tech to overcome, but their fortunes are still large more solid than the predecessors. NBC has nothing to gloat about.