The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Seven: Watching the idiots walk is a very tricky business. So is listening to that little sound that compels you to act.




Politico is an idiot’s outlet.

This idiot article says it all:

Goodbye Nonpartisan Journalism. And Good Riddance. 

Disinterested reporting is overrated.

No, idiot: what you had was uninterested reporting, as in, you never bothered being disciplined and understanding empirical objectivity.

I wrote about objectivity in journalism. I wrote about how problematic it was because its origins were not empirical, but capitalistic, it was never truly tested or defined — and, it made no room for emotional literacy.

Not that journalists should be partisan propagandists.

Because partisan reporting is vastly overrated.

It’s just junk. Trash. Garbage.

You weren’t supposed to take sides because you were aware that all sides were little connivers and manipulators out for power and were exploiting the press. You called bullshit on both sides because it was bullshit.

The End.

So if you choose a side, you are decreeing one side’s bullshit is less bullshitty than the other guy’s — and that’s bigger bullshit.

Because once you hit bullshit, it’s over. It’s not a little bullshit.

It’s just bullshit.

So here is Politico trying to make the case that journalists should bullshit and be open about it, but in such a way that they justify being bullshitters and bullshitting isn’t bad.

Nice try, idiot.

Now take a walk.

We do not need another bullshitter.

What we need are facts.

We need to see how, when, where, why, and how we are being bullshitted, and by who.

And we do not assume what is presented as the opposite is an actual opposite that right by default.

No, no, no.

Because we can look at content, but if we ignore structure, we are ignoring a big clue.

So if you have two sides and one side uses a personal attack to hide the fact that they have no facts…but then so does the other, then they are both the same in structure, meaning the content is just a façade and a ruse to lure in suckers.

The structure of thought has to align with the content, or it’s bullshit.

True objectivity is actively comparing and contrasting and not favouring one side and then rigging the coverage to make them look better than they are and/or the other side worse than they are.

Because rigging is a form of lying.

So you just give facts and the facts reveal the reality to show the truth.

But that requires listening to that inner voice that tells you not to lie to yourself or other people because you can never find solutions if you rely on lies.

So Politico is a garbage publication. It openly says lying and cheating is a good thing.

It is far better to define, test, modify and refine objectivity than to lie.

Chaser is not going to lie. It will present facts in an empirically objective way.

And the bonus is that it will be a living laboratory where the experiments are shown as well as the results.

And that’s how changes go round, as that lovely old INXS song once mused to the world.

You find the centre of gravity and become a scale, measuring things without thinking it is about the left or right.

It is about balance and recording not just your measurements, but how accurate your scale happens to be…