Microsoft's Backdoor Big Brother Censorship Scheme: Newsguard as Meta-Propaganda.

Microsoft wants to get into the propaganda game.

Newsguard is meta-propaganda. That is the only apt term to describe it. What “approves” is based on non-empirical methods; so it is pure garbage.

And now they want to filter the news for you.

I don’t need Big Brother nannying me. It is far better to be media-savvy and see that none of the players left or right have a clue, than let a corporation meddle in your knowledge-base.

It won’t work, of course, because it has the same lockstep ideology as Facebook, and we can see how well they did playing the same propagandist’s game…

The Janus Generation: Why a two-faced mindset has an era say one thing, but do another.




2019 is coming in with a very inauthentic mindset.

It is a mindset cultivated by social media that has a subtextual delusion that it cultivates: that people are royalty who can issues decrees without fear of being refuted because you can ignore it.

When a system has a confirmation bias ingrained in it and empirically-based checks and balances, that’s what we can expect.

It is the reason why sketchy “safeguards” such as Snopes and Newsguard can promote partisan agendas without anyone asking for them to prove what they offer is what they offer.

These are inauthentic labels.

Paper crowns.

But we can go to the Troll Scroll to see how a Janus Generation rolls.

It calls for “diversity”, but that’s a Trojan horse.

When it is presented with diversity, people try to shout down and shame diverse thought. It demands homogenization and monolithic thought.

People try to censor unflattering facts and interpretations of their arrogance, ignorance, and tyranny.

People bully as they proclaim they are compassionate. They talk down to people and patronize them as they proclaim they believe in equality.

And the nature of social media doesn’t just reinforce intellectual hypocrisy. It blinds people to their duplicitous mindset that pushes them to think they are seeking one thing, but are, in fact, moving in the opposite direction.

The Internet has devalued information and flooded the marketplace of ideas to the point where all facts and opinions are disposable.

And we see a disrespect for ideas and innovations that go against the grain — except the only way you achieve progress is by offending the masses by destroying their routines and going against the grain.

Progress is offensive to stagnation and complacency.

But in a world where people treat facts and logic as toilet paper, people are still looking for immortality. They seek fame. They seek to control the terms of debate.

You want everyone else’s ideas to be discarded except your own.

What we are witnessing is a grab for illusionary power and control.

They are virtual.

Meaning not real.

Such as the term whataboutism.

People try to dismiss their own hypocrisy and confirmation bias by shooting down the holes in their own decrees.

What we have is a society misuse the concept of morality whenever the facts get in the way of their own self-serving narratives.

That’s why we don’t have any new ideas take root and grow. What we have is a constant rehashing of the old stuff — the patriarchal stuff — thought up by white Western European men in a pre-Internet era.

Because what we have is amateur ideological war that isn’t going anywhere.

The problem with a Janus Generation is that they never face themselves. The obsessive drive for ideological uniformity never works — nor should it.

Your life requirements are not my life requirements, and if you need to badger me into complying to your rulebook, that means you aren’t all that certain of your choices, either.

When we want to confine and constrict others, we also do it to ourselves.

Life is not predictable. It is terrifyingly random, chaotic, unfair, and maddening.

Yet it is beautiful, exciting, enigmatic, eccentric, and feral.

I believe in the arts as it is the emotional language the is the map of how to better navigate through it.

We need emotional literacy, and not buy into the propagandistic fear-mongering of it as legacy media try to spin.

We compete when we should negotiate. We need to observe and break down barriers as we expand thought, not try to control, manipulate, destroy, or confine it.

We waste so much of of our lives as if they were disposable commodities.

And it is a heart-breaking shame.

We waste and ruin innocent people lives as we waste our own in the bargain.

Facing our other face allows us to see just how much in common we have with people we don’t agree with and condemn.


I bet those two think they have nothing in common and are far superior to the other.

And I bet you’re picking a side without have ever meeting either of them.

You already have your smart-ass narrative put-down fortress ready to be built on a moment’s notice.

Because that’s how you’ve been trained and indoctrinated from the moment you were born.

We still know nothing about either. We just make up narratives.

There are so many things happening in the world that are horrendous, but we know nothing about those, either.

We can have two faces, but have all those eyes firmly shut.

That’s the barriers that we create ourselves.

When you refuse to listen or to see, you create a wall.

You have fewer facts and perspectives, and then no solution will ever work.

Because if it works only for you and no one else, it will not work for you, either.

There is no Us Versus Them, only Us Versus Us…

Microsoft contributes to propaganda with Newsguard: they have no qualifications to judge, but decree partisan propaganda is news.

Microsoft’s propaganda continues with making unqualified ratings with NewsGuard.

They have decreed that Left-wing and partisan legacy presses are “news”, even though they have no empirical standards nor qualifications to do so.

We also know nothing whether the “approved” outlets have lobbied or paid for the fake seal of approval.

News coverage regarding Microsoft is radioactive. It cannot be trusted.

This is corporate propaganda, no different than arbitrary “Comic Code Authority” — and it is mere advertising, nothing more…