Canada's federal propaganda panel taking hold...journalism is still dead.

Canada’s so-called Media fund panel — more realistically Canada’s Federal Propaganda Panel is playing games.

But that is because you have two patriarchal and patrician entities playing it like it is the 1950s, but that’s Canada for you.

Taxpayers are going to fund outlets that will puke and spew about the Raptors as they sunny spin rot, just like the Communists did in the USSR. There is no difference…and the Commie model didn’t work for them, either.

And it won’t work here, either. The Grits are desperate to cling on to power because people that incompetent are never going to find that kind of job ever again. Summers brings lulls, but the election is looming, and it will not be pretty for them — or the sugarbaby press here.

But the lies will keep coming out, and apparently, you need tax dollars to keep those lies rolling…