STEM-education doesn't have the same problems as the why isn't j-schools moving over to STEM?

My alma mater McMaster University does not get back to me when I give them proposals to transform journalism education, but they are hiring for the following bird course:

Date of Posting: 15 Nov. 2018 to 29 Nov. 2018 (inclusive)
Department Contact: Shelley Anderson, Program Administrator
Arts & Science Program, LRW-3038
Course Name/Number: ARTSSCI 3IE1/ Interdisciplinary Experiences:
A Celebration of Winter as Place
Term: January 2019 to April 2019
Number of Section(s) Available: 2 sections (C09 & C10)
Number of Units per Section: 1 unit
Location (on/off campus): Central Campus
Projected Enrollment: 30
Projected TA Support: N/A
Start time and Duration: To be scheduled, Winter term
Wage Rate*: $2,469 (1/3 of $7,407/3 unit course) as per Schedule
A of the CUPE, Local 3906, Unit 2 Collective

Course Description
Winter is the misunderstood season. This module will explore winter as a fundamental expression of Canadian identity through the lenses of history, geography, and literature. While travelling by snowshoes and skis, and of course sitting around the fire, we will examine key stories and characters in our Canadian understanding of winter, including Franklin, wendigos, Sam Magee, and Grey Owl. This exploration will also include the “idea of North” and the Norwegian friluftsliv approach to winter outdoor life. The central goal is to embrace the winter season as a “place” in our personal psyche and Canadian consciousness.

A long, rambling sentence, kids.

A celebration of winter as place?

Really, Mac?

What kind of job can students get trying to positively spin the deadliest season that is heartless to the sick and homeless?

You cannot be serious about this opening.

Though I understand that one of your Commerce professors was doing his job so badly, students filed a petition and he was removed.

Where is that innovation Mac was once renowned for?

Is it hiding under your bed and you have mistaken it for a monster to fear?

Come, come, you are home to the Marauders, live up to the ferocious name, please.

You used to be very innovative. Once upon a time you were trail-blazers.

And now you are giving away degrees by offering garbage like that.

I do not want to knock my psychology degree, but if you don’t listen to empirical reason, that’s what’s going to happen.

But it isn’t just McMaster that does very foolish things when it comes to the Humanities, that has become the sewer of academia.

STEM-disciplines may have their numerous faults, but it is about having reality-based goals that confront problems, not avoid them.

Journalism education was more Humanities, than Social Science or Sciences, and it is the reason it imploded.

I feel like the lone sane person who is trying to bring change to the way universities deal with how they teach young minds who lack the experience or the savvy to know how their thinking is being restricted and not expanded.

Yes, it is a shameful waste of resources of both the taxpayers, donors, and students, but the waste will blithely continue until enough people put their foot down and demand that Humanities begin to show STEM-like discipline and revolutionize their archaic and frivolous ways...