The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Three: Journalism never learned to asked the two most important questions: Who is paying for this spectacle, and what's in it for them to do it?

Machiavelli’s The Prince is must-reading if you are ever to make yourself into a real information-gatherer. Unless you are willing to question your reality, you are only going to find rubbish and not the truth.

Let’s take the Antifa movement, for instance.


This is not some sort of organic grassroots movement. I have seen their pricey, professionally done recruitment posters at universities. It is too polished to be some ragtag group of sour grapes hooligans. You know there is serious money backing these groups and some rich white Leftist pampered brat who is intimidating Right-winged rivals by proxy.

My feelings on the propagandist Fox News Channel was made amply clear in my book based on the documentary OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism in 2005; so my views are out there and unequivocal. I do not like the FNC, but Antifa is worse because while the FNC is open about partisan games, Antifa hides behind veils and trick mirrors.

They went after Tucker Carlson, and that thuggery is a rapist’s tactic. Antifa is openly Machiavellian in that to them the ends justify the means, but whose ends are justified?

Certainly not the paid minions who thump their chests. Those peons are for sale. They are faceless, disposable, and gullible cannon fodder who serve their masters, thinking they are going to get something for compromising themselves.

They are radicalized, but not civilized or rationalized.

This is a war tactic and it is nothing new. My family’s roots are in Socialist former Yugoslavia where games like that were often government-sanctioned. None of those minions ever ended up well.

In order to recruit, revise speeches, strategies, make ephemera, write text, placards, organize, get willing bodies, find the addresses, coordinate, and intimidate is not cheap.

You need labour and a chain of command, and none of it comes for free.

The big story is not that Tucker Carlson was threatened.

The big story is what rich white dickless motherfucker is a psychopathic coward who is bankrolling this war propaganda campaign.

Antifa is a scam the way cults are a scam: they make big promises of the Promised Land, but it’s all bullshit, the way the Right’s Tea Party was bullshit.

Follow the money and you will discover this has nothing to do with liberation or human rights, and has everything to do with rich bastards rigging and manipulating to line their own coffers as they sell bullshit stories to gullible youth who think they are clever and cunning.

No, just conniving. I have seen this game many times before.

They follow scripts and wear masks as they hide who they are really working for. They are given marching orders, false promises, and like dutiful little soldiers, they march.

If the West had actual journalists doing their jobs, Antifa would be exposed for what it truly is, and there would be no war games: we would know which assholes were trying to fuck with the lives of people and they would be cut off at the pass. There would be no recruiting and no spectacle.

But this is an Age of Propaganda, and pseudo-journalists such as Rachel Maddow are organizing protests with their partisan bullshit spectacles themselves.

That isn’t the way of a real news-gatherer. That is partisan propaganda ruses that are as Machiavellian as all of the ones before it.

It is all optics, and optics are always a lie.

When I did Chaser News, I had started to do preliminary work for an undercover story about cult recruitment at university campuses, but I had to drop out — not because I was afraid or threatened, but because my personal circumstances took a hit, and then I had to pull back.

When I was a university student, I knew of a few fellow students who joined cults who recruited them right on campus. I found their brochures and kept them.

But those brochures were not as snazzy as the ones coming out now.

Nor were those cults as well-organized, literate, or politically focussed. This is now a sophisticated operation that runs very much like a dirty tricks political campaign.

And for the record, I have been keeping tabs all these years because I still want to do the story; so I do have a baseline to compare and contrast.

Some control freak who comes from fabulous wealth got ideas seeing the true grassroots variety of student recruitment, and used real money to jazz things up. I have no doubt.

I will be going back to this story under Chaser, but the how I go about it will not be the typical way most reporters or even undercover agents do it.

The dumb ass university students aren’t questioning the ridiculous level of sophistication of this game — if their education was worth a fuck, they’d use their critical thinking skills to see how someone wants to exploit them, use them, and then discard them should they get arrested, crippled, or killed.

There is a game afoot. A few someones are keeping their hands clean while they try to scare people to distract them from seeing the ruse by using their ideological servants and maids to do it.

Will it work? No, all it takes is a few broken promises you made to spoiled brats who realize they are nothing special, just dupes who were used as toilet paper, and then the scam unravels.

But there will be a lot of minions with shit on their faces who will fuck up their lives fighting for ideals that are just too wicked to exist in reality.

If you want to change the world, change your mindset first, then do something kind for others without looking for applause or attention.

There are children whose druggie parents are whoring them out as we speak. There are homeless people with schizophrenia who need help. There are people with cancer who can’t pay their bills.

There are people in your own fucking family whose lives are falling apart — start there, and stop looking for that non-existent They to do it for you…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twelve: Your children are not more informed than you are. Informational ignorance is not a problem you can fluff off. This means you.



People have short memories, and the press often takes advantage of the collective amnesia to bury the endless blunders they committed. Remember the Hunting for Bambi Hoax? Or when Andrea Mitchell cut short an interview about the NSA to report about Justin Bieber?

Most likely not, but there people such as me, who do, and make a career of finding, cataloguing, analyzing, and keeping track of those blunders.

But the middle class live in the Now. They don’t think about yesterday’s errors or tomorrow’s consequences. When people hear me talk about how serious the troubles in journalism are, there is a list of mental denials they try to pull:

  1. It can’t be that bad. I then rattle off not just the errors, from the WMD to Stephen Glass, but then mention some very disturbing things the press doesn’t report that is happening in their area, such as what foreign governments own what in their own country, to how some countries get their weapons and tanks. As the middle class are notoriously squirmish about bad news, this starts to make them feel uneasy.

  2. There must be some outlet out there that is doing good reportage, right? They ask for a list. I mention the Intercept and when people in Canada ask what are good outlets here, I say none. The end. When there is corruption, killers who are walking the streets, rights being eroded, and the like, this is not positive information.

  3. Yes, but the new generation are a lot “smarter” and “more informed”; so no one has to worry about anything. Wrong again. What makes them smarter? We know universities have diluted their content, inflated their grades, and we also know that if the adults with more experience are without information, their children are, too. When I ask what those children know, it becomes obvious the answer is not very much, especially as mother is doing all of the kid’s homework assignments so the family’s financial investment in that education doesn’t go down the drain.

  4. There is something being done, right? No, there isn’t. Journalism reform and revolution isn’t a thing. You pretty much have me and a few other lone wolfs, but unless there is a breakthrough, it just gets worse.

  5. It’s hopeless. No, it’s not. People with cancer lived through war zones; what’s the middle class’s excuse? That there isn’t an app for them to shit-post?

We have generations who have been lulled into a Pollyanna mindset, even when they think they are savvy. They aren’t.

Some people do sense this black hole.


They know that deep down, education that is shallow doesn’t allow citizens to question the information they are hearing. The trouble is that we drill narratives and scripts into people who then expect reality to bind by their worthless urban fairytales.

And life doesn’t play by the rules followed by the middle class.


The fall of Yugoslavia snapped a lot of people out of their fantasy slumber. You had the breakaway regions such as Croatia who worked themselves up and had a fantasy delusion that all the Serbs — whom they blamed for every single one of their deficiencies and troubles — should be wiped off the map, and then Croatia will flourish and become a Promised Land filled with a superior ethnic group.

It didn’t happen, of course, because Croats are just people like any other people. They are not special or superior. They are just people.

Just like the Serbs.

Serbs, too had their own fairytales: the first was that the country wouldn’t fall apart. Then it was that people would see how distorted the media coverage was and see the truth. Finally, they thought Russia would roll in and rescue them.

Every single one of their fairytales turned out to be bullshit.

But one young Serb didn’t hold any delusions.

A young boy named Spomenko Gostić, who is Person #11 of List of People Everyone Should Know.


He was a young Serbian boy in Bosnia whose father left, and his mother raised him until that civil war killed her. He then lived with his grandmother, who was also murdered in the conflict, and he was left an orphan in the middle of a war.


And so, he became a soldier in the Serbian army. Underaged but an adult before his time.


He fought for his people because he had nothing left to lose. Those fairytales were nothing but lies.

He was mortally wounded when he went home to bake bread for soldiers.

He died at fourteen.

He was also the youngest decorated soldier in the Serbian army.

And we have people in the West who honestly think their children know something.

They know nothing because those patriarchal fairytales keep them stupid.

As an educator, I had moronic mothers enable their equally moronic adult children, telling me how their little snowflake cannot do homework because it is so hard.

They should have been introduced to Spomenko and then run that bullshit story with a straight face again.

And worse, that same ilk of snowflakes are pretending to be resistance fighters because they didn’t vote in 2016 and the superior candidate won.

Fuck you.

But the Establishment certainly banks on middle class brain rot when we have NATO head Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said to Serbian university students in Belgrade that NATO bombed Serbs to save them.

No, you didn’t bomb children to protect them. You bombed them because you are psychopaths who get off on murdering on a big scale. (If you are wondering about the origin of the links, it is not as if Western sources are literate or vigilant enough to have even noticed the significance of the speech. The speech happened and it happened as described — but more about that in another post).

Fuck you, too.

And Nato stated its intentions in 2017 to meddle in Canadian affairs to make sure the only propaganda spewed is of their own specifications, and I do not hear those two knuckle-draggers Justin Trudeau or Chrystia Freeland doing anything to stand up for the Canadian sovereignty they blithely gave to Donald Trump.

Fuck them both.


Chaser News was based in knowing that lying is the default in larger organizations: the bigger the organization or institution, the easier it was for grifters to slip in and use the establishment as a cover to do horrible things undetected.

Journalism — had it been a real profession — would not have been spewing press releases or appealing to authority: they would have gone in knowing that the mandate was to expose not only those grifters in that collective, but also their enablers and those who had things to gain by staying silent.

There is no such thing as a “good bombing.”

And I find it interesting that all those limousine liberal Democrats who had bombs sent to them were having conniptions, but when those same Democrats lobbied to have Serbia bombed, were all righteous about it.

So yes, fuck them, too.

They are no Spomenko. Just a cabal of cowards wearing paper crowns and soggy underpants.

They have to endanger other people’s lives protecting their worthless asses.

Some leaders they are.

An orphaned teenaged boy had more morals and courage than the lot of them put together.

So if they run away at the first threat, they cannot be competent leaders.

So why are they not being called on the carpet for their cowardice?

If the middle class honestly think the wealthy will protect them, they are in for the shock of their lives.

They are even bigger milksops than they are.

Coward Central MSNBC would rather cover the boring antics of Justin Bieber than ever acknowledge the Spomenko Gostićs of the world. They do not want to admit their beloved Leftie president has blood on his lecherous hands or could they ever be wrong about the people they drool over, nor do they want to show those minion classes how timid they really are next to them.

Spomenko had the chance to be adopted by a Serbia couple living in France.

He turned it down.

He knew full well going in that he was likely not going to make it.

And if he did not, the odds would have still been dismal.

He could have run away and looked after his own backside.

Or he could make the most with what little time he had.

He chose altruism.

Unfortunately, the region where he lived was taken over by religious extremists who were aided and abetted by the very cowards who have bricks in their pants that some extremist lunatic could easily send them a bomb.

You reap what you sow. You enabled one set of extremists to take a town hostage to their own whims, and then you set off the chains of events for it to hit you.

But that cycle has got to stop.

Violence doesn’t solve problems.

Truth does.

Journalism are not honest brokers or truth tellers.

They are fairytale spinners, nothing more.

It is why after careful deliberation, I decided to resurrect Chaser.

I will know where I stand by the first week of November. There is a lot going on. I will discuss it when I know the score.

And then world, get ready…

Cable Networks spew partisan propaganda? You don't say, The Intercept!

I love how Glenn Greenwald's piece is passionate about exposing the obvious.

Cable News is mislabelled. It should be Cable Propaganda because it is all about telling ghost stories to bored and clueless middle class people who want to sound informed, but think watching television is how one becomes informed. 

I wrote a book on the Fox News Channel's shenanigans, but had my publisher Disinfo asked me to write one about CNN or MSNBC, I would have done it because their structures and motives are the same -- it is just their content of assumptions that are different, meaning they are just as partisan, only for the other side.

You can't actually have an "all-news" channel because that would be too expensive to fill the airwaves with enough real news. You have to fall on opinion. It is cheap filler.

That's what cable partisan channels are doing right now. Ronan Farrow made a mistake of trying to put some real news on NBC's airwaves, and they shooed him away for bringing in some facts about how a mean old Left-wing Hollywood guy was preying on women. It didn't fit their narrative that people on the Left are as virtuous and perfect as Catholic priests were seen in the 1950s.

No, no, no. Middle class people do not want to take any risks: they want a sure thing with guarantees that they will not have egg on their face for hedging their bets wrong so their older siblings can laugh at them and feel good for all the wedgies and noogies they gave to their nerdy sibling. They want TORTEE: truisms that sound right and will get them trinkets without fuss and lots of envy.

The cable partisan outlets must pander and shamelessly so. The more opinion they have and the more melodramatically they present it, the fewer audiences members will leave them.

Because even that gambit is not actually working. Those in that genre are becoming desperate because people prefer their own ignorant opinions on Facebook than the ones on cable. There are people who do nothing but post propaganda posters on their social media sights, trying to force everyone to think and act like they believe they are thinking and doing.

North America has no journalism. The Intercept is probably the last little flicker of it.

The problem is society actually needs drama-free information that is in your face. People want to run away from reality, when they, in fact, cannot actually do that. Reality is everywhere and if you don't deal with it, it will deal with you.

An alternative to journalism has to take that into consideration, and not worry about pandering to a broad audience. It has to be the place where those who have courage to face reality can get informed so they can find the truths that will help improve their reality by having a better understanding of it.

It must be absolutely frustrating for an educated man such as Greenwald to see those partisan outlets seemingly get away with garbage. It used to bother me, too.

But not as much anymore. It is not as if I am resigned to it, but I know there are people who think sticking to a pseudo-morality script will chase all their problems away and don't see that the script does not play in the real world.

And that's their lives to waste.

But I have my life, and I don't play those games.

I can create something new. I do not expect adoration or mass acceptance, just as I never expected mass acceptance with my fiction writing.

Yet it still needs to be done, and I am doing it without a script, but with enthusiasm.

Because there is something liberating when you don't follow a script, and are willing to experiment, explore, and create.

You learn to embrace reality and truth before you realize when both flourish under your care, they repay the favour with interest...