If you do not know how to handle a crisis, you are not fit to govern because that's what governing is about.

Sometimes you have to wonder just how clueless people are. Judging by this quote, I’d say, way too oblivious for comfort:

“They’re [MPs] not sure how to deal with this,” said one former senior Liberal who spoke to The Hill Times on a not-for-attribution basis. “They’re unsettled, you’re seven months away from an election, and things are not rosy. Things are not unfolding as they had expected.”

Life never unfolds the way you expect it, either.

This is a regime with a Zero-Risk Mindset. They do not know how to deal with the unexpected, which is the hallmark of an inept regime. Anyone can rule when everything is predictable and has no problems. Very few can do it in the face of a crisis.

And that is troubling because you are attracting people looking an easy job, not one that challenges and offers new rewards if you conquer those challenges….