Canada wants to ban "single-use" I guess our healthcare system will be screwed.

Justin Trudeau is a himbo.

He screwed up his photo-op by declaring that His Majesty will ban “single use” plastic as he guzzles bottled water. That he does not understand how this whole reality thing works is a given. He is an absolute ditz and an arrogant one at that.

But his desperate bid for re-election is short-sighted — who uses single use plastic more than hospitals and healthcare?

Just asking…

What's the difference between Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer? Nothing.

Apparently, Andrew Scheer is an expert on genocide because with no proof, he opined that there is no genocide in Canada.

The same way Justin Trudeau has no expertise on what is feminism, and decides to exploit the label because some white male Hollywood actor decreed himself to be one, too.

This is what this country has: politicians shooting off their mouth without any mastery or expertise.

When we have people in power who never needed to worry about facts or empiricism, they can spew sophistry and opinion with no consequences.

And because both love to play this game, it is the reason they are parity products: you might as well debate whether Coca-Cola or Pepsi are superior or Crest or Colgate…

The Federal Liberals stoop to benign childish tattle-telling. Really, kids? Really?

While Donald Trump does a victory dance on journalists’ faces, Justin Trudeau is not so lucky. He is coming off as a real nerd in this whole SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Not having anything real to smear Jody Wilson-Raybould, one of his minion proxies had to think long and hard with the single brain cell they have in their empty head and tattled that the Prime Minister did not like her recommendation for Supreme Court pick because the person wasn’t politically correct enough and chose someone else.

Wilson-Raybould had this response to the childish swipe:

Wilson-Raybould denied to CTV News that there was any conflict over the Supreme Court appointment and said that the selection of a new Supreme Court judge is ultimately a decision for the prime minister.

“In this process there are typically CONFIDENTIAL conversations and communications -- back and forths between the PM and the AG on potential candidates for appointment,” she said in a email.

“I do however find it extremely worrisome why you are even asking such questions and where you received any such information. Commentary / reporting in this regard with respect to a SCC appointment(s) could compromise the integrity of the appointments process and potentially sitting Justices.”

This isn’t an actual scandal. This isn’t dirt. In fact, this isn’t even an actual thing. This is how my mom and I debate what restaurant to go to for lunch.

This is sad. This is rubbish. Who cares? Governments are supposed to smack each other around and then hammer out a solution. That’s how adults in power roll. What’s wrong with you?

This has to be a leak from Camp Trudeau: who else would think this was some sort of dirt: Ooo! She disagreed with the prime minister on something once! That proves something because the prime minister is always perfect!

Get over yourself, kids, and get some grown-up in there to manage you before people realize just how emotionally-stunted the brats they voted in...

The federal Grits just can't shake the SNC-Lavalin blues...

They tried to razzle-dazzle with a budget, and then Jane Philpott reminds everyone that this little scandal has more to it than that. Prime Minister Jive Turkey denies the obvious, only looking more shady than before.

But the federal Liberal strategy is all about denying the obvious. Rich man Bill Morneau denies there is a recession, but never ask a rich man if there is a recession because for the rich, there never is one.

Canada doesn’t have a government. It has a royal inbred court.

And one that thinks it can do whatever it pleases and issue smug denials.

It is an abusive regime, at best, but you cannot expect anything else with a populace that takes it as they tremble themselves to death in a democracy…

Radicalizing the opposition: How players outsmart themselves.





Whenever we talk about an extreme collective, what we actually mean is an expensive or greedy collective. Extreme Right means rich people hoarding money, but an Extreme Left means middle class and poor people expecting free money to fund everything for them. Both want things they did not earn, trying to frame it in a moral issue of being their “right.”

And for both, it is never enough. They always have a new cause, grief, and shopping list. It never ends.

These bottomless pits of high-maintenance cabals are not worth the price tag. Rich people aren’t rich because they give money: they exploit, throw pennies, make threats, and then think they owe you as they make outrageous demands. I have seen that up close. They pay less than average, and often nothing at all.

But then you have those on the other extreme: they always want, want, want without making any suggestion about how they will actively obtain it. It is never enough — and how many of this ilk call themselves “activists” but the “active” part never seems to materialize. They will mug all sad-faced for the camera because there isn’t enough money in the world to fund everything they want.

I am not a skinflint. I believe in healthcare and pharmacare. I believe in accessible education. I believe in decent wages and functional working conditions.

But I do believe the entire whole has to contribute in order to keep things progressing. I believe in responsibilities that go along with the rights.

So you have two extremists within any given society and both have the identical mindset. They are always on, and they would demand the same money — and you would receive no goodwill for it. Neither would ever say, “Don’t worry; that’s more than enough. I can do the rest myself.” In modern Western society, it never happens, and there is no reasoning: both see themselves as superior and distrust anyone who makes a mere suggestion. How dare you? Who are you to meddle?

The one who you want to stiff with the bill whether you can pay for it yourself or not.

In a political landscape, a cagey strategist keeps a damper on both. These are hard layers of society, very much like a Dobos torte.


Both have a sense of entitlement: the rich think they are smarter and are the ones who are doing the hiring. They are not doing all of it, however. The poor, when they work, do the hard jobs and live in the bad parts of town, unless they know how to use a social safety net, and then they do better than it first appears.

But often, both the rich and the poor use the same social safety nets but for different reasons. Many independently wealthy people know that certain kinds of public transportations can be free and they use it daily, for instance, and they use the same service as the poorest. There are free home care service that both extreme groups use. If you know your way around a system, you can literally save yourself thousands a dollars a year.

These safety nets are meant for the poor, but people in mansions use them, too.

So we have a peculiar system in the West where money is thrown around with noway of knowing anything save for the fact that there is never enough.

And there is no end to demands with a passive entitlement.

Look at this propaganda poster, for instance.


Imagine if parents and students actively went exploring their own strengths and weaknesses, experimented with trial and error, let go of the Zero-Risk Mindset and were willing to fail and learn to find this for themselves.

Imagine having to own up to shortcomings, practicing, failing, and then going back into the ring again.

This propaganda poster literally wants learning by osmosis. Why don’t we just set up an IV and let it drip in your brain as you stare like a dummy on your godphone.

Let some They do all the work for us. This is the reason AI and androids are all the rage: maybe we can just lie on the sofa all day as we get high, sink low, and let someone else live our lives for us.

No one wants to invest. No one wants to take a risk.

But everybody wants something.

And the more, the better.

The political landscape has been stymied because election campaigns are the time where politicians actively bribe people to vote for them. People want those expensive trinkets, and the government promises sunny ways, if only you will give them your vote.

The problem when you bribe for votes, people imagine a Happily Ever After once your are in power.

Traditionally, the class to court was the Middle Class — the soft layer of the Dobos Torte because the hard layers protected them: the poor did the hardest jobs and took the hits, while the rich gave the jobs and took the risks.

So this is the most naive and sheltered class we have — and the easiest to manipulate.

They are the ones who usually do not know about all the social safety nets, let alone exploit them. It is not as if they don’t use them, such as libraries as they are cheaper entertainment, particularly for children, but it is not the same.

Ideally, you want a society with as many Middle Class people as you can muster. They are the most trusting, the least demanding, willing to earn their keep without question, and they are the tax base you have to placate the hard layers as much as you can.

You also want as many rich and poor people to identify as Middle Class as well: it is an obedient mindset that makes people feel good. They make less demands. When you give certain poor graft, you give them just enough to squeeze a reasonable facsimile of the Middle Class lifestyle. It is comfortable enough, and the mindset keeps the peace.

But when politicians are in a tight race, they often get desperate, and they do something strategically off to set off one of the two extremes. For all the talk about Left and Right-wing politics, both sides are the most successful when they place themselves in a centrist position. A Centrist, Middle Class comfort zone ensures the most votes, and the smoothest sailing for any regime. Let people delude themselves into thinking their Left/Right-wing Light means they are informed and out there. Bless their heads.

A panicked politician may often press the wrong button, and then they awaken and mobilize the wrong faction. Kathleen Wynne did this to her own detriment.

The Ontario Liberals were centrist for years, but then slowly drifted increasingly to the Left, where there is already a party in place: the NDP. They are on the edge, and save for one freak term, can never muster enough seats to govern.

Wynne started cribbing from Andrea Horwath’s playbook during the last election, doing very dicey things, such as Basic Income. She did it in NDP territory of Hamilton, and if she hoped to sway votes, it gloriously backfired.

All she managed to do was radicalize the Left in the province, and then they got greedy.

Once emboldened because they got something from the centrist Grits, they weren’t grateful, and they certainly didn’t show respect to the party who gave it to them and suddenly switched their vote: they figured a more leftist party would up the ante and give them even more.

In this case, “free” (taxpayer-funded) dental care.

The Liberals were wiped out, and the NDP surged to become the official opposition. To steer too far into strange territory was a de facto admission that they were wrong all this time, and were swallowed up by the radicalized element.

The problem was that there was not enough votes to sustain a NDP victory: those in the centre who did not become infected with radicalization voted in the opposite direction, and it was the Conservatives who won the majority, and then took away all those gains the left had from the Liberal regime, making them even more radicalized in the bargain, figuring the louder and angrier they are, the better chance they have of forcing people to give them things. So far, it has been a recipe for marginalization. Basic Income was taken away, and the hotbed for cultivating leftist politicians — Toronto City Hall was slashed to almost half.

Had Wynne kept in the middle, she had a better chance to retain power, by trying to woo the hard left, she lost her centrist votes and did free campaigning for her rival as her other rival sailed to an easy victory.

The Federal Liberals are in a very similar bind these days, and this was not the time to have the problem brought on by SNC-Lavalin, a company that cut its Canadian workforce by over half in less than a decade, but threatened to march itself in the UK, even though Brexit is looming over Britain.

The scandal was exploited by the press, which was an odd thing to do: with an election year this year, the federal Liberals promised newspaper owners free money to bail their incompetent asses out of a jam.

But they harped and harped on it, and then the scandal took a life of its own out of their hands.

And with much backtracking, justifying, and misreading the signs, many stories right now are trying to tie things up — the Prime Minister pretended to be sorry as he blubbered another sorry to something unrelated to his own actions, so let’s all calm down.

Too late.

What the scandal has now done is radicalize the right. It is not quite the same as the Wynne case, but a group has been radicalized nonetheless. It doesn’t matter if the press reports on it or not. The Grits let this wound bleed for a month. It doesn’t matter what happens with SNC-Lavalin anymore. It doesn’t matter what the PM says anymore. It doesn’t matter what deceptive propaganda the government tries to spew to pretend there is job growth instead of retraction because housing is tumbling, the bank of mom and dad has run dry, and Alberta is having meltdown. The damage is done.

The right have now been radicalized, but so have those the fiscal far-right — those with money and clout. The Grits did the unspeakable and lifted a curtain just enough for the Middle Class to see that the laws in this country apply to everyone but the rich who write the laws and take the graft.

And they will do all that they can replace that clumsy regime with one that knows how to do things behind an iron curtain will reassuring the jittery middle class that those things will never happen again. They will be greedy about it, too because for the rich, it is never enough. SNC-Lavalin keeps getting in all kinds of trouble with the world because of it, but it never stops them from asking for more than before, and the government happily obliges.

Whoever wins the election, the first order of business being dealing with those who put it out the scandal in the first place.

While the Grits are getting more distracted by other things, the dynamics of this election have altered.

A extremist fringe has been awakened. It will cost them, because contrary to first appearances, Justin Trudeau did not take the Grits to the Left or keep them Centrist: he shifted them to the Right.

He legalized pot, and that is, in theory, supposed to make entrepreneurs rich. Extremely rich. It is the reason why so many politicians invested heavily in those businesses in the first place.

And why we are seeing a push to open the gates to legalized heroin and to lower the age to 16.

Notice how it is never enough.

By demoting a minister to appease corporate interests, Trudeau didn’t help empower a female: he humiliated her on a global scale to let the rich white boys skirt some consequences, even though they have been pulling out of these country and never seem to learn their lesson, no many how many times they get nabbed.

That means the wealthy will push harder, not retreat. The NDP don’t get the nuances and their core is to the left. The Grits are trying to go Right, and while they are willing to play the game, they suck at it, causing scandal in their wake.

It is a hot mess, and one a centrist regime often finds itself in. They are not a radical centre where the point is to foster and grow a core with ways other than electoral bribery. A radical centrist, unlike the garden variety centrist, pushes toward a Complete Risk Strategy. No gambles. No sure things. No status quo. No predictability. Just risk.

This creates an active arena where rigs to keep things static cannot work. There are no hard and soft layers. There are no rights without responsibilities. Rules are turned over until they break, and then they fragments are studied. There is no complacency. While the Fourth Medium — the Internet — is sedentary and encourages in-groups and staying in place, a radical centre seeks media that encourage movement, connection, and exploration.

And no They to beg or Them to blame. It Us. It is Matriarchal. It is not about narratives. It is about finding the deepest truths of the university, getting to know and cherish them with our every revelation, right before we unleash that truth to pave new paths ourselves.

Without fear or anger.

It is a balance, and we need that balance for all people to prosper…

Gaslighting -- Prime Minister Style. Why Justin Trudeau's comments just made a radioactive situation nuclear.

Gerald Butts and Justin Trudeau are using the same sexist explanation to try to salvage a situation.

What the feint is happens to be gaslighting.

I am not going to link to any reference except for one, but place this observation here on its own.

Jody Wilson-Raybould is a lawyer by trade. She did not get her position out of a Cracker Jack box. She has experience, and I would like to point out this passage about her:

Jody Wilson-Raybould has a way of making an impression. Oddly enough, for a politician, she often makes it in private. There was the day in 2011, back when Wilson-Raybould was heading the B.C. Assembly of First Nations, that she ran into former prime minister Paul Martin. He later said she treated him to a “brilliant exposition” on First Nations issues, which led to Martin talking her up in his Liberal circles. 

Smart woman who has an ability to effectively communicate.

So the argument that she repeatedly misunderstood the multiple requests for her to cave in to corporate interests is pure bullshit. The end.

The argument drops dead from her end.

Now, is the Prime Minister and his manservant general Butts implying that all eleven people who repeatedly went to her lockstep with the same request were poor communicators?

Eleven people whose very job is to be effectively communicate?

Didn’t the Prime Minister win his job by communicating during the campaign?

Doesn’t he give speeches? Does he debate in the House of Commons?

Did he not communicate in his memoir Common Ground?

Aren’t every single one of the Trudeau 11 educated complete with one or more universities degrees?

And the problem is some sort of miscommunication, spanning months?

Who the fucking hell is stupid enough to buy that bullshit story?

The world leaders in the remaining 194 countries must be laughing their asses off…

Erosion of Trust? No, just corrupt governmental nincompoopity: The federal Liberal freak show gets more pathetic.

The Prime Minister is puking up a storm, spewing about “erosion of trust” in a sad attempt at deflection and spinning over their corruption in dealing with SNC-Lavalin and their mistreatment and fuckery of Jody Wilson-Raybould, but let’s review the facts here.

The CBC and the Toronto Star, loyal liberal lapdogs, are spinning nonsense about a fake “he said-she said” narrative, which is an out-and-out lie and misrepresentation of reality.

“He said-she said” applies when both parties can speak freely and put all of their cards on the table. It does not apply in this case.


As has been repeatedly said by Jody Wilson-Raybould, she is not allowed to speak freely about the matter. So all bets are off.

This is a rigged case of He-he-and-he (Trudeau, Gerald Butts, Michael Wernick) spin and She (Jody Wilson-Raybould) can only present a bit of the facts unless the Big He (Trudeau) allows her.

And if the board can be that rigged in favour of the Liberal regime, and they still fuck it up, you know there is more than just bad optics: we are talking about some serious illegal bullshit going down. An entire month of this scandal — that had it just been a wacky “misunderstanding” — would have been put to bed on Day One. That shipped sail far away, never to return because the ship is the Titanic.

But the journalist minions keep distorting the facts. The propaganda here is beyond pathetic.

The only person to offer evidence is Wilson-Raybould. The other three spin as they drag their feet.

This scandal is far worse than what it appears.

But as Canadian journalists are cowards to defer to authority, they do not have either the courage nor intelligence to find out…

Jody Wilson-Raybould won the war. There are no do-overs in a political joust.

Gerald Butts and Michael Wernick wasted their words today.

Because whatever bullshit story they puke, Jody Wilson-Raybould has more to say.

And, as she made public, that devastating testimony she gave before was merely a “detailed summery.”

A preface.

Wernick played the same game the last time, and Wilson-Raybould tore it to shreds. She can do it worse again.

The Prime Minister can call off his press conference tomorrow. He waited too long. It is done.

The Toronto Star can go fuck themselves, too: Yes, Ms. Wilson-Raybould is the hero of this entire sordid affair: she took control of the narrative first, she has given details, and she wasn’t the one dawdling for weeks. Anyone who says anything else is trying to spin propaganda.

What we heard today was pathetic excuses, and gaslighting the way abusive men try to pin their crimes on the women they abuse. It is textbook.

The entire world watched this episode and they have chosen sides: Wilson-Raybould’s. It is done. Both Butts and Wernick keep tweaking her nose, and she has said full force that she has far more to offer. Wernick is a patronizing asshole and his condescending bullshit is just prolonging the Grits’ well-earned agony. Not only are they corrupt, they are liars and pretenders who proclaim to be progressive, but when a single woman speaks out, they talk down to her.

Wernick, no one gives one flying fuck that you are “profoundly disappointed.” Get over yourself.

Because whatever feint or ruse you puke, the heroine of this story can trump you. She whipped your skinny ass last time, and she has the proof to do it even worse now. It is over.

The end.

As in, the end.

It is done.

Two of your own ministers have turned against the party.

That is all it takes.

The problem is the Grits are arrogant and are used to scamming and manipulating themselves out of a jam. They have made things even worse by blocking her from speaking again because they have cower in private and fill their diapers. This just makes them look guilty of treason at this point.

The problem is two-fold: Trudeau had pissed off several other nations, and this isn’t the worst thing they are trying to keep clamped down.

All it takes is one more scandal or revelation, and the Liberal brand will no longer be viable. The provincial counterparts lost the Ontario election and could not even muster enough seats to be official opposition.

They are hanging by a thread and Wilson-Raybould has all but said she can drop the nuclear bomb on them.

The bad guys lost.

The problem is that Trudeau and Butts thought they could fool all of the people all of the time, and always be seen as the heroes with smarmy little smirks on their lounge lizard faces.

But those jive turkeys weren’t the heroes. They never were…

It's Your Move: Canadian Federal Liberal Edition!



Justin Trudeau reminds me of Jason Bateman’s character in a 1980s sitcom called It’s Your Move.

Matthew Burton was a teenaged conman, who always got away with things.

But then the mommies complained to NBC that their precious little brats were getting in trouble in school trying to be a real-life Matthew Burton — and the network did away with the premise and then the show lost steam and was cancelled.

A year later, the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was released and became a classic.

But Justin Trudeau seemed liked Ferris Bueller — another 1980s teen idol and the guy who could snow mom and dad, fool the authorities and do whatever he wanted.

He could lip sync feel-good stuff and have all the little people dancing at his never-ending parade. Yay!

But he ended up getting caught like Burton. No Bueller for him.

The Ides of March are coming, and the cutesy PR stunts won’t work.

The script has changed, and it is not going to be the same show anymore…

Macleans' about face. Once the champions of Justin Trudeau, they have changed their tune just a bit...




Boy, has Macleans magazine changed its tune.

From begging Justin Trudeau to run in 2012 to calling him an “imposter.”

Justin Trudeau for PM. No, seriously.

If this guy’s name was Joe Smith, he’d be a no-brainer for the Liberals

How times have changed. A seven-year-itch?

More like a seven-year nuclear reaction. Gracious, what a tintinnabulation…

Memo to the Toronto Star: Don't speculate who is going to replace the Prime Minister. He is still prime minister.




Remember the love affair between Canadian journalists and Justin Trudeau?

Fuck that shit, it’s like, so over.

They dumped the cad and are throwing horse dung at him with reckless abandon.

Like this column from the Toronto Star that has got a jump on things, by speculating who could replace him:

Who will lead if the Liberals toss Trudeau?

How about Ester the Wonder Pig? She has a great reputation, lives in a progressive home, is a great mascot for cherishing flora and fauna — and beat cancer (go Ester!).

Her website has the motto “Peace. Love. Ester" and her security pillow says “Save the world.”

How could anyone go wrong with such a cutie?

No wait; she’s too successful to go down that dreadful path.

We need some sort of etiquette rule here that you have to wait until someone’s actual ouster before speculating who is going to replace them.

He hasn’t emptied his office yet, and there is a good chance he won’t have to do it unless he loses the election.

Until then, cool it, kids…you are making it sound like you are writing his obituary…

The Bandwagon's in town. Get on, get off, it doesn't matter. The prime minister lost his goodwill from those who created him.





Once upon a time Maclean’s openly pushed Justin Trudeau to become Prime Minister.

My, my how times have changed.

The Prime Minister, contrary to the columns, didn’t change. He is what he is, and what he has always been.

It is the press coverage that has made a radical shift. They all got on the same bandwagon after falling off the turnip truck and now are out for blood as they throw their once lovey-boy under a bus.

They deified this very unremarkable man who, if it weren’t for nepotism, wouldn’t be allowed to operate a sock puppet from behind a piece of cardboard. And now they are vilifying the same unremarkable man. He had no business being in politics, but had delusions enabled.

And then thought he was invincible and that the press would always drool all over him because they always did until now. The howling from the press is precious. They reinforced his every bad habit, and now are punishing for learning the rote script.

He lost goodwill and now is getting kicked from all sides. I am sure he has no idea what truck hit him.

It is the reason I never understood why anyone would bother running for politics. No matter what you give, it is never good enough, and people expect you to be their ATM machine and Santa Claus to solve all of their problems for them.

I remember reading the Rod Stewart was a cheap date, always showing the contents of his wallets complaining he didn’t bring enough money to buy any expensive meal. I think that’s the best kind of world leader. Just whip out the wallet, look inside, and warn everyone that’s money for the entire country for the year, so sorry, no graft for you.

And stick a huge red maple leaf on it to look official. Show it to SNC-Lavalin first. Sorry, assholes, put it on your list and maybe the real Santa Claus will get it for you for Christmas.

Or maybe not. There is something called reality. The end.

Trudeau was enabled the way everyone else has been: sold a bill a goods by those who have no intention of keeping promises and will turn on you in a heartbeat.

Had Trudeau been smacked around by the press earlier in his political career, he would not be in his quagmire now.

So let that be a lesson: when some group praise you and beg you to run for office, run the other way as fast as your legs can carry you….

Jody Wilson-Raybould didn't disclose everything...

She warned people before her testimony.

And yet, she made reference to Watergate.

That is ominous. There is more she has to make her case, very likely a smoking gun.

The Prime Minister has made veiled threats in his disingenuous denial speech last night. He all but called her a liar…but never flat out denied her facts, just like Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick. There is a huge difference between denying and disagreeing, and that is the sign that what she said is the truth. He is a word parser, like Bill Clinton. Being smug and slippery is how he thinks he got out of scrapes in the past, but he has one too many global enemies for it to work anymore, and his entourage have no script to get him out. He no longer can use his little trick of smugness to upset people — Wilson-Raybould’s calm demeanour yesterday proved it. She was a lawyer — a Crown Prosecutor — she ate smug players for breakfast.

When the other shoe drops, it may literally kick his backside out the door. His perpetual bungling has brought shame to Canada, and in a Zero-Risk country, that is an unforgivable act….

The Trudeau 11: A cabal that is in the crosshairs of disaster.






Justin Trudeau’s non-response response to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony is tone deaf. He never actually denies any allegations, but “does not agree with”, which is classic word parsing. He used an indirect approach, putting forth questionable “positive” things his regime has done, all in vague and flowery terms that mean absolutely nothing — all irrelevant to the actual substance of the accusations. His little lapdog Chrystia Freeland did the same thing — and their lack of specifics and concrete terminology reveal the Wilson-Raybould is telling the unvarnished reality.

Going by that alone, this is a regime in serious trouble. He should win a Razzie for worst performance tonight.

Wilson-Raybould kept notes. She named names and was precise and specific. Eleven people who hounded her points to a choreographed effort, and a government in the pocket of corporate interests.

Trudeau’s attacking the Conservatives — and accusing that party of bowing to corporate interests was not the smartest tactic to use. They are not “Stephen Harper’s Conservatives” — and even if they were — they aren’t the ones accused of potentially illegal thuggery. Trudeau deflects, which also is not a wise move as she clearly indicated there are things she cannot say yet — meaning she has aces up her sleeve.

Eleven people involved in targeting a single cabinet minister is a serious charge. If the prime minister thinks he can dismiss her, he is sadly mistaken. Ignoring Alberta that is suffering and then claiming his regime is about “jobs” doesn’t fly. This is a corporation writing law and dictating what a government will and will not do. For all the talk about “rule of law”, this is a regime that doesn’t actually care about that one whit.

This is a political death match.

Compare Wilson-Raybould being detailed — while he claimed he didn’t hear what she said, but completely disagreed with it. His flippancy is meant to degrade her — and says something very troubling about his mindset. He will not be able to fluff this off. He has become too much of a liability to the Liberal Brand, and his response tonight proves it.

Saturday Night Massacre, indeed.

For the first time in our history, this is Canada’s Watergate.

And it hasn’t even begun.

Poor, sheltered Justin…

The first message is the one the counts: the Grits in Ottawa dawdled too long. The narrative has already been set.

When war broke out in the former Yugoslavia, I was a teenager who stumbled upon a publication geared toward those in the intelligence community called Intelligence Digest, which is still around today.

There had been a book by a French journalist named Jacques Merlino who had interviewed a PR flak who had crowed how his firm set the narrative of that war, and said something I would test and confirm myself: that the first narrative is the one that counts. Retractions have no effect.

And the latest slap fight between the Prime Minister and his former Justice Minister is an interesting proof of it.

Even though journalists covering it and their quoted “experts” aren’t savvy enough to see it.

Take this silly article from the Hill Times:

Former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould appears to be holding the “fate” of the government in her hands, which gives her leverage over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, says a former top government official, while others say the primes minister needs to offer an “alternative narrative,” backed up by clear facts and details; otherwise, Canadians will draw their own conclusions which won’t be helpful for the Liberals.

Sorry, kids, that ship has sailed. The proxies on Team Wilson-Raybould have already set the narrative weeks ago. She didn’t have to say a word. The PR machine did it for her. The Prime Minister should have gotten ahead, and anticipated it. That’s what cunning strategists do. What he did was take a gamble, and lost the “narrative.”

Because if the Grits had one, they would have put it out immediately. They dawdled, and kept trying to parse their words, and in the meantime, countless meme posters flooded the Internet, enforcing that first narrative. It’s done.

Add that the Grits now want to move the goalposts for misbehaving companies, has confirmed that original narrative. The end.

And considering what an attention addict the PM is — the fact that he did not jump in front of the cameras with a power seflie to prove his innocence is the clincher. He would have been strutting and voguing on the cover of Maclean’s and on The National, flexing his Angelic, But Still Manly Arms of Innocence, and telling the little people Everything Is Just Fine!

He’s been dawdling and dithering for the entire length of this scandal. His dad would have told the press to go fuck themselves, give them the finger, and said something cutting, but brilliant, to put the haters in their place.

But Canada was still not a Zero-Risk nation back in those days, and that’s why everything is unravelling as fast as it is…

Watching the political jousting in Ottawa...

Those who get their positions through being luxury brand items do behave as if they are two feuding lords dispatch their knights to fight their battles for them. It is very predictable. Jody Wilson-Raybould and Justin Trudeau are engaging in a media match that is a very interesting narrative slap-fight.

Proxies are employed to “leak” narratives and drop little bombs to smack around any rebuttals.

The WIlson-Rabould/Justin Trudeau match is interesting in that Trudeau until this point, was Canada’s Golden Boy who could do no wrong, but now, he can do no right no matter how much his minions at the Toronto Star try to salvage his narrative that was contingent on not doing naughty things.

The National Post has dithering ditzes questioning the woman per usual, but they aren’t important players in the propaganda war here. Why didn’t she resign? Why didn’t Raj Grewal? Why didn’t the countless male politicians who did something wrong and stayed put? Wilson-Raybould didn’t do anything wrong — so why should she be expected to step down?

Maclean’s isn’t playing into that narrative, but they, too, aren’t really important here.

What we have is two outlets who are maintaining narratives — the Globe and Mail on Team Wilson-Raybould, and the Star on Team Trudeau.

The Globe painted a portrait of a real heroine here, which was overplayed just enough to hint where they are getting their dirt.

The Star, on the other hand, is trying to spin things to pretend there is nothing to the scandal and things should go back to the way their sugar daddy wants it; so you know who is leaking things to them.

Once upon a time, this would be so transparent. The articles have breadcrumbs as big as loaves. No finessing, no trying to balance that coverage. This is a serious inter-regime brawl.

Because this story is so narrative driven — and one that has a patriarchal structure, there is no wiggle room for balance — one has to be the Good Guy and one has to be the Bad Guy. Hero and villain and the rage is very obvious.

Top that off with the arrogant sots of SNC-Lavalin who are throwing temper tantrums because they are being questioned and challenged as they are not getting their own way, and what you have is a showdown.

Add that to the external threats Canada has been facing lately, this country is in uncharted territory, and politicians too busy micromanaging their image than to notice there are bigger problems afoot and a press too eager to run with whatever PR narrative they hear…

Okay, class, name twelve things Justin Trudeau did wrong: How not to handle a scandal.

This latest nightmare for the Prime Minister is still news in another work week. This should have been fluffed off by now.

The big tactical errors coming from the Jive Turkey are amateur errors. Do not say that a demoted minister is in agreement with you because she is still in cabinet because you have just given her a prime opportunity to upstage you by resigning. Don’t be a nerd.

And the long non-denial denials. Good gracious, if there was nothing amiss, you would have said it right away.

And now your Big Meany press conference trying to paint a wronged minister as a duplicitous villain. If the PM didn’t look guilty before, this last hot mess pretty much blares the opposite.

He is acting like a jilted boyfriend who pretends to be nice about it, until people find out why it happened, and then he gets nasty. How dare she?

She dared, all right, and not everyone is buying the excuses from the PM. She put up and shut up long enough. The trolls at the Toronto Star keep wondering why she didn’t resign or speak out, but it is not a stretch to say that you will endure a lot when you are the groundbreaker until you see the ground you are breaking is filled with toxic waste and you have to cut your losses and leave.

Like Jeff Bezos, the Prime Minister’s own narcissistic insistence of trying to control everything in the optics department is backfiring on him. This scandal has legs because he keeps walking it in circles. In the public eye you have various phases: the breakout honeymoon phase, the positive press phase, and then when you screw up, the give him the benefit of the doubt phase.

When you go one step more, you are entering negative territory. Mark Zuckerberg found this out the hard way. The script doesn’t deviate. The more goodwill you send, the faster you accelerate into negative territory. You will never go back to the honeymoon phase, and you cannot manipulate 7.4 billion people.

But arrogance compels former media darlings into trying to punish the naysayers. It doesn’t work. It is like kicking the car that you drove into a bad neighbourhood. Asshole, you drove it there yourself. Hitting the car won’t make it turn around.

You can take so many hits before you run out of goodwill.


Goodwill is a precious resource and gift. You may have been conniving enough to take it from people, but once it is not appreciated, you are in serious trouble. You can always make a comeback, but that requires contrition, making serious concessions, admitting wrongdoing, and understanding the nature of the dynamic has changed.

Trudeau is stepping in so many piles of horse dung it truly is shocking. The sins keep piling up, and he has taken responsibility for none of them.

October should be a very interesting month, indeed…

Jody Wilson-Raybould resigns from Cabinet. The Wild Ride continues.

She excuses herself from Cabinet, lawyers up with a top gun, and that is a very interesting turn.

The Ethics Commissioner is started to nose in this affair just before, and while the Prime Minister tries to back away from the stench, either way, his leadership is shoddy: you either were a leader a screwed up, or you lied and pretended you were a leader. Can’t have it both ways.

Is the treatment of Wilson-Raybould racist and sexist? Yes, it is, but politics is an ugly beast that will lure you will promises that it is neither. Sooner or later, that reality has to click in.

The decay of this regime has picked up speed and reminds me of Brian Mulroney’s final lap as PM. It is shocking how much sooner these little eruptions have been having for the Grits…

Trudeau pulls a Clintonian word parsing. Jive Turkey in for a rough ride.



Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.40.24 AM.png


If there is any proof that Brand Jive Turkey is a sham, the response to the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

Don’t parse your words the way former US President Bill Clinton did when he denied having an affair with an intern under his charge, because that turned out to be true.

Don’t use the phrase “Rule of Law” as if this country has ever abided by it before, because people will call you out the second you show that you don’t.

The Globe and Mail is hitting back and pointing out the obvious parsing, and having a field day in the bargain. The Grits have tried to paint critics as some sort of lunatic fringe, and now even that card has been taken away from them.

Trudeau never understood how much his pedigree had to do with his success. It was never him. It was the name and his father’s legacy. Nostalgia and clinging to the past’s tried and true got him his current job. Not his talent, brains, or cunning. People indulged him. He had goodwill on his side because of the surname, nothing more.

That, in this country, will take you very far. We are nepotistic by design because this is a Zero-Risk Society. Untested commodities are feared, and hence, we don’t have a feel for how to take risks or assess the situation. Just find the TORTEE and march to the script, following anything that seems to have already been broken in.

The Liberals were floundering because they were having overly-educated men leading them, and people don’t like their Prime Ministers to seem smarter than they are. Trudeau came in, and the Grits went for tried and true, except he wasn’t tried and true. His c.v. was light, to say the least, but he was backed as if he were an experienced political veteran.

It is bad enough there are these accusations, but his amateur responses only seem to confirm the accusations. Do not tell people you did not directly communicate with your minister because a PM works by using proxies.

If Trudeau understood the game — that would not be response he would have given. It is an amateur mistake, and now the stench coming from his office is overwhelming. The gaffes are starting to pile up and it isn’t even a first full term.

He is literally given his detractors all the free ammunition to fire at him, and his supporters are helping them along. Just this deceptive headline from the MTLblog says it all:

Everything You Need To Know About The Emerging Scandal Involving Justin Trudeau And A Montreal Construction Company 

The opposition seems set to make this a protracted political fight.

I underlined the parsing here as well — SNC Lavalin isn’t just a “Montreal Construction Company” — it is a Canadian-based multi-national corporation that owns nuclear energy when they acquired Candu — once a crown corporation.

When you have defenders being as manipulative with their words as you are, the chorus of those off-key notes wakes even the most stubborn sleepwalkers up.

This muck is not going to go away, particularly if there is other scandals and gaffes exposed. The election is still too far away, but the gamble that you get the Premium Pierre Package when you sign up for Junior is proving to be nothing more than a famous bullshit story.

SNC is not just a domestic company — it is a global one with offices in countless countries — and this is will resonate all around the world. Expect China and Saudi Arabia to write this little episode on a stickie for future reference. This brouhaha is a bigger headache than it first appears.

Former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair recently mused that NDP could lose votes to the Greens — perhaps the Grits may face the same fate. In any case, the preset scripts are worthless and we haven’t even started yet.

Who said 2019 was going to be a boring year?


Is Robert Mueller free for a gig in Ottawa? Asking for a friend...





Those sunny ways just got a cold blast of wind. So much for “rule of law.”

It seems like lawyers are a little upset about the rumours that the Prime Minister may have overstepped his authority regarding the illegal deeds of SNC-Lavalin, and stuck his meddlesome nose where it didn’t belong and demoted a capable minister because she has a moral compass.

Maybe if the Grits had a bigger goodie bag to save those tanking newspapers, they may have looked the other way. Maybe not.

In either case, this is not a minor accusation, and when a big pile of manure like this hits the fan, then all the other little scandals start to look more ominous.

Justin Trudeau is not someone who is used to earning his keep or not having good publicity that drools over him. His regime’s treatment of First Nations citizens is shockingly vile, and the list of sins is horrifically long for such a short tenure, but his despicable demotion of The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This is the kind of accusation you usually hear after a second or even third term in office. That this accusation came this early hints that the Grits up in Ottawa are in total disarray.

Sometimes, bad is bad.

There are more dots now, and they can be connected. Middle class people do not like tainted politicians, especially ones who seem to behave as if they are entitled to help corporate interests in such a brazen manner.

This scandal will make the India farce seem like the good old days.

Paging Robert Mueller…

giphy (1).gif

And a silly article in MTLblog is downplaying SNC as a “Montreal construction company.” It has offices around the world, and acquired the Crown Corporation Candu, meaning it controls nuclear power. Nice try, children, but your article didn’t tell people everything they needed to know!