The Journalistic Paranoia Narrative continues...

Ronan Farrow is playing a very interesting gambit.

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What he thinks will happen, is anyone’s guess. It most likely will not work.

Lara Logan repositioned herself and got a downgrade after her own version of it, and the press merely dismissed her.

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Jill Abramson did it, too, but it didn’t work for her, either, and the last we heard of her, she was quoted in a very whiny and paranoid Washington Post column.

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Google News failed you?

No, it didn’t.

This is the same Journalistic Paranoia Narrative that the press is trying because telling people how brave they are for reporting on Kardashian ass isn’t working.

The fact that reporters are blaming everyone else for their deficiencies says all you need to know. They accept zero responsibility for the calamitous fortunes.

It is not Google’s fault. Media outlets shamelessly scrape and flat-out steal each other’s scoops and stories — and then have the nerve to accuse other people of playing those games.

There is no magic narrative that will alter reality. Journalism is flawed beyond belief, and the reason they got away with it for so long is that they had the monopoly on communications. When Big Tech opened up those lines and anybody and everybody could broadcast their thoughts, it was game over. They became archaic and unnecessary because the Internet took away their special status.

They didn’t reinvent themselves — not their methods or business model. They would have had to differentiate themselves from the rest of the white noise, and failed to do it.

Google News didn’t take anything away from journalism, but they took away people’s voices and reputations with impunity for decades. They shut out people as they made fun of others.

Now that this power is gone, the press has been hard at work trying to find that magical narrative that will turn back time. It’s not happening.

Yet we have those within the profession attacking elements of it. Logan, Abramson, and now Farrow. The first two did not actually gain much, and lost more in the bargain. Logan’s lofty 60 Minutes spot was as high as a journalist could go — so it is downhill from now on. Abramson didn’t get much out of it, either.

The jockeying for a position in a dead profession doesn’t make much sense. Creating an alternative would be more authentic, but when you play gambits instead of blazing your own path, you are always hoping to get back in — even if there nothing more to get…

Lara Logan says the things I have been saying for years. And writing books on.

I went into journalism to find out how and why it wasn’t doing what it was proclaiming it was doing.

In 2018, my book When Journalism was a Thing came out outlining it.


The book was ignored by the press. I did three interviews in total, and it isn’t as if my publisher or me didn’t put it out there to be discussed. I had similar problems with OutFoxed and Don’t Believe It! back in 2005, but I still had more interviews for those than I did for this one.

Because I back up what I say with facts. Just look at my reference section if you want to play mind games so that you can knock it off.

Jill Abramson went after her old profession, but then got pummelled immediately.

Lara Logan is the next one in line, and she too is getting thrashed for it. Even in Variety, they cannot just report on her comments, they have to bullshit, too:

Logan’s “Hannity” comments come on the same day anchors at MSNBC and CNN, as well as prominent Democratic politicians, were found to have been targeted by a Maryland Coast Guard lieutenant after he was arrested on a firearms charge. CNN’s Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and Van Jones and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Chris Hayes and Ari Melber were among the media figures cited in a computer file that prosecutors believe was a list of public figures targeted for racially and politically motivated attacks. 

So do actors, politicians, police, teenagers, and regular citizens all the time. The US doesn’t have regular school shootings because you don’t have that kind of garbage going on. You have a loon who was caught. Get over yourselves and stop avoiding the criticisms.

How many people has the press made targets because of their reportage? I noticed the Variety article didn’t spew about the $250 million dollar lawsuit filed against the Washington Post or all of the outlets that treated the Smollett hoax as if it were real. Very convenient.

While I agree with Logan that Western mainstream media is overwhelmingly limousine liberal, the bigger problem is the umempirical methods the press uses. Your plumber could have radically different politics than yours, but the leftie and the rightie will still fix your plumbing problems in the same way.

If there was true discipline in the profession, it wouldn’t matter: it would not be able to creep in and taint the product.

But notice it is women who are standing up to the profession’s horrific and entrenched problems. This is the reason why we are seeing those kinds of attacks. The profession is a misogynistic one. France’s journalistic garbage is being exposed, but they aren’t in isolation by any means.

The profession is pure garbage. It shouldn’t be garbage. There is no logical or inevitable reason, but when you have undisciplined brats allowed to take control of the playroom, that’s what happens.

Change will not come from the profession. It will not come from universities. It will come, but not from the two places that should be doing it.

The Smollett Debacle is proof that the profession just spews propaganda and lies, not truths or reality. It is pure lunacy, and Logan’s critique truly doesn’t go far enough or deep enough…

Jill Abramson getting pummelled by corrupt hypocrites: Just another day in the trash can called journalism.

For a profession that criticizes people viciously, journalists certainly do not like when people criticize them.

Oh, what a shock.

They either suppress information or try to tear into someone if their profile is high enough.

So when former New York Times editor Jill Abramson dissed on the corrupt and dead profession of journalism, the book couldn’t be ignored; so journalists went to attack her credibility like a rapist attacks the victim, blaming her and saying she deserved it.


Make no mistake: the level of vitriol has more to do that a woman dared call them out for their sins than the actual content.

Also note, it was the white boys who instigated this very coordinated hit.

So before discussing the guts of the allegations, let me point out that Jill Abramson made it all the way to News York Times editor.

A very lofty position in the profession. That’s as prestigious as you can get. 60 Minutes correspondent or head of a network news outfit possibly trump it.

Back then, she was doing the basic same things she did for her entire journalistic career, and she was employed and got promoted.

And that was just dandy keen for years.

But then she was a cheerleader on Team Journalism.

Now she isn’t.

I wrote a book on journalism’s ethics last year and that book was exhaustively researched.


I had no assistant. I did the entire researching and writing all by myself up in a cottage in Selkirk right on Lake Erie in the winter in the middle of nowhere because it was always my dream to write a book that way.


For five months, that is what I woke up to seeing every morning while drinking Turkish coffee. I wanted absolute solitude, but The Fabulous Ladies drove up every Sunday for brunch and mischief, and I am grateful. I did take some time out to go to Chicago to get semi-precious stones for my jewelry-making. I stayed at the fun and posh Virgin Hotel and dined at Miss Ricky’s and The Gage, but still brought my laptop to work on my book. I still have my little shower lamb from the Virgin Hotel


My book was ignored by journalists in public, though people are still buying it, despite the shut out. So much for free speech. As usual, word of mouth can break through any blacklist.

I still did an interview here and a funky one here.

But journalists couldn’t do that with Abramson. They had to stomp on her and stone her to discredit her work.

You cannot discredit mine, however. I did not go into journalism with stars in my eyes, and then turned into a bitter and disgruntled failure. I went in knowing exactly who they were, and wanted to study the profession by being a journalist for real. I conducted unprecedented and exhaustive experiments. My beat was the business of journalism and my audience were people in the profession.

When I had enough information to write an informed and empirically-sound exposé, I walked away.


I also wrote one on Fox News, and then over a decade later came When Journalism was a Thing.

Abramson was in deep, and as much as she knows about the people in that sketchy profession, those in the profession know all about her.

So those trolls knew where to look and how to strike.

And then went batshit crazy on her in a frenzy tirade, hoping to nullify her revealing of their disgusting dirt.

They nitpicked on a few facts, but even that is under debate. Journalists fuck up on facts all the time. They do not use empirical methods.

But then came the “chargeofplagiarism! Oh, no! Run for your lives! Don’t listen to the scary woman with the book that exposes us!

giphy (2).gif

It is a pathetic ruse.

The poseur “journalists” at the garbage publication Paste really overplayed the melodramatics:

Jill Abramson Is a Disgrace to Journalism

Yeah, as if you grifters know what this “journalism” is. You are not fooling anybody, you twits. Stop using the movie Reefer Madness as a guide on how to behave. You come off as disingenuous nerds.

The only publication with any sense here is the National Review that has a more accurate take:

Jill Abramson Is a Hack, Not a Thief

I am currently reading the book. She knows who she is dealing with. It is kind of a stretch to call it “plagiarism” because the writing for both are so banal and unoriginal, that really, it is like writing, “Bob likes his new job” and then someone else writes “Robert has positive feelings toward his most recent career” and then make some over-the-top tirade because you both are writing about the same damn thing.

Seriously, no winners here. I would not classify it as a “sourcing error”, either. I would classify this as typical journalism nincompoopity, and it needs to be replaced with a more responsible alternative.

Vice is pure garbage. Sexist pretentious trolls with one who got nabbed for being a drug dealer, and Vice got Canadian government money to boot. What does Vice know about journalistic ethics?

I wrote about Vice in my latest book. They are to journalism what a soiled jock strap is to journalism.

And they’re ranting about Abramson?

And other outlets are parroting their meltdown?

I can tell you straight up my book is exhaustively researched, and I didn’t plagiarize. I don’t need to because my writing is superior to Vice hacks or anyone else in that dead profession. It would be a serious step down from my own abilities.

So yes, the pot is calling the kettle black, but who is the pot and who is the kettle is your choice.

If you want to read a book that tells it like it is that doesn’t pull any punches and fears no angry mob of hacks, read When Journalism was a Thing.

You can even read while enjoying a cup of Turkish coffee — because you haven’t lived until you had a cup…

Champagne Socialist Devolution!: Journalism was always bad science. One does not make a revolution, children.

Journalism actually has no grasp of reality. They cannot do math. They cannot do science.

They also do not know politics, sociology, psychology, social science -- or anything else.

They speak with no context or perspective, and in an Age of Propaganda, facts are willfully ignored with people who have no clue or expertise babbling how their fantasy means something.

The US has no clue what this whole "socialism" thing actually is -- especially those who slap that label on their empty heads.

Socialism is a parasitic system of trying to bleed the rich by taking their assets. It works for about five seconds before the money runs out. Then you have to depend on bigger countries as you have people with no sense of industry running state-run things with employees who think the fun will never end because They will look after them.

When that doesn't work, you have borrow heavily, and then the country falls apart.

Ask anyone from a socialist country -- people are too crooked for socialism to work. It is a pyramid scheme with a moral patina, and a rotten greed core.

In the US right now, you are hearing about not actual "socialism", but Champagne Socialism.

Bernie Sanders is a classic Champagne Socialist, pulling in a seven figure salary as he depends on government money to fund him. Nice racket if you can get it, but as soon as you have too many people trying to get it, the system collapses.

You have one Champagne Socialist win something, and suddenly, the intellectually-limited press thinks there is a "revolution."

Nice try. You have a commercialized version of it: rich mommy and daddy funding your delusions and giving you stuff without you having to work or think is not socialism.

It is a big nothing. You have one. Not a trend.

You have middling former New York Times editors slamming the current regime for not getting excited over a Champagne Socialist.

Nah, you're all alike.

Journalism is so desperate to get back at Trump, they are not only willing to throw half their citizens under a bus, but they are willing to back any destructive and already proven to be toxic ideology.

We already know socialism doesn't work. Ask people in the former Yugoslavia, but we have many other countries that exploded. It appeals to people who like someone to guarantee everything as they put absolutely no risk, investment, or work into it. It goes against human nature, and at its core, is the equivalent of a political scam and Ponzi scheme.

It would have been infinitely simpler for journalism to look inward, admit openly to their own flaws with humility and have a genuine willingness to change, and then try again.

Instead, they are having a real and collective mental breakdown and are grasping at dead straws.

You have trash propaganda such as the Nation babble without a coherent argument or a modicum of common sense.

You want a better way. Work. Earn. Fight. Modify. Change. Grow.

Independently, as in, not expecting Mommy Government to bail you out because not everyone can be a rock star.

Rock stars can't be rock stars, either.

It is a devolution of a pathetic sort. People want change? No, they want guarantees. They want sure things. They do not want different. They want someone to do all the dirty work so they can go bragging to their siblings how much better they are doing and how Divinely and Eternally Right they were on top of a delusional and non-existent pecking order.

The seeds of this began when journalism decided covering deceptive starlets and con men grifters was easier than actual real and hard digging.

It has gone down hill from there.

Imagine a new generation that actually has contributed a sum total of zero new political theories, ideas, or anything -- they are literally contributing to the stale and static climate by rehashing old lemon politics that messed up the lives of millions of people before them.

How did this happen?

Because Millennials are neglected and feral, yet sheltered -- they were starved for facts because the journalism during their critical years ignored them, giving no facts or context, just showing them some fake celebrity bosom and bubble gum celebrity gossip, and then those expendable celebrities babbled about politics they knew nothing about, and then that's what passed for information.

And you cannot expect evolution of thought when you retreat. That's Western journalism's legacy. Narrative, propaganda, lies, and fantasy.

F.R.E.E.D. is needed to counter those fillers. We need a rational voice to tell us that you do need boundaries, reasoning, facts, and an understanding of reality -- countering the greedy notion that you can have everything, but contribute nothing in the bargain.

We are seeing a dead profession grasp at straws. If there were to be a Civil War in the US tomorrow, the Left would lose. As in, get wiped out in a matter of a couple of months. You have soft and sheltered people who think they are part of a nonexistent "resistance" who have no clue about strategy or fighting -- or even recognizing defeat from victory going against veteran realists who are cunning and control more power than they ever let on, let alone being the side who thinks they are entitled to get things without knowing how to earn them in earnest. Words are empty, and in an Internet Era, cheap.

It would be different if you had starving people who had to claw to survive and were tired of oppression. This is a generation who had helicopter parents hassle teachers to inflate marks, pulled strings for their kids to get jobs, paid for mortgages, bills, and other trinkets, and paid lavishly for music and art lessons as they drove them around and gave in to tantrums. It is a completely different mindset with too many buffers blinding a generation to the real dangers that exist. It happened in the former Yugoslavia and the results were disastrous.

But the signs of sheltering are everywhere because there has been no genuine breakthroughs where there should have been. There should have been new political schools come out by now. We should have had alternatives to journalism, too. The Left dragged their feet, staying in a narrative holding pattern, and honestly thought they could shame, bully, and intimidate everyone to walk lockstep with their decrees. You cannot be a dictator if you have no power or control.

In an Age of Propaganda, there is no perspective. There is cheering when there is defeat, and illusions of change because a Champagne Socialist won in a game of chance.

We have no journalism.

That is reality number one.

And when you realize that is the first reality, everything you think you know begins to reveal themselves to be lies as they all laugh in your face...