2019: The Year of the Independent Woman -- literally.

Two federal female politicians decide to run as independents with one more moving in that direction. They had options, but they took a risk.

This is how politics should be run: no safety in numbers marching lockstep to a script. Who are you, what can you do, what do you stand for, and what is your plan?

Being Justin Trudeau groupies was the narrative the Prime Minister cultivated so he could stroke his own ego as he pretended he was enlightened. It always repulsed me. I never could stand those kind of misogynists who think they are smarter than women who they will trick into singing in their chorus as he gets the spotlight all to himself as they do all the work. Nice try, you little pantywaist.

If I were in any of those ridings, I’d vote for any and all of them. It is about time. I still believe in a democratic conscription where twerps such as Trudeau and Sam Oosterhoff would never get anywhere near the place because no one would actually hedge their bets on them when the high was the limit and they weren’t confine with bad choices.

But this kind of change is step in the right direction, and for those of us independent women who are happier than you realize — it is not surprising they are doing it this way…

Federal Liberals banking on old patriarchal ruses: Put up or shut up? Nice try, but on a rigged board, go for another option.

When you have bootlickers and minions, you think you are always in the right and when you have a board rigged to reward your noncompoopity, your perceptions of reality can get in your way when some who does not fall for the rules and script decides to play a different game with you.

So here were have another Liberal MP, Judy Sgro, try a very transparent strategy based on the sink or swim logical fallacy: She is telling renegades Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott to “put up or shut up” by going on a booby-trapped rigged board of Parliament to divulge everything they know.

This is a equivalent of murder mysteries where someone is given an anonymous note and told to meet the killer at a certain spot without telling anyone of the meeting — and to bring or destroy the note. Duh.

They should not actually fall for this ruse for many reasons, mostly because the other Grits would have already formed a counter-plan and are ready to undermine them through optics and other political strategies because they know the rigs and the rules and have more political experience than either of the first-terms MPs.

And they should call it out as a poor-man’s ruse, and decline it. It is a set up, nothing more.

And Sgro’s pathetic and misogynistic narrative how this is somehow some sort of personal vendetta against the Jive Turkey is laughable. Do try not to waste taxpayers’ money being so primitive, Ms. Sgro.

The Grits are dysfunctional and are turning on each other, trying every old trick in the book to salvage their operations. And you know how bad it is when they have to drag the old guard out and try to clean up the mess. Maclean’s magazine misreads the signs, however:

Enlisting the longtime Liberal party loyalist as a ‘change-maker’ offers yet another example of a government losing its optics mojo

They never had the mojo: what they had was a press primed to follow the old scripts for them. They thought the Prime Minister would be an ally to them, forgetting that during his most impressionable age, both of his parents were torn to shreds in the press for different reasons. He played them, plain and simple, because they were playing him. He set up the narrative of equality for all races and genders, and then when it came to practicing what he preached, he choked while the press dutifully followed the script, and everything became misaligned.

He was never that clever. Neither was Gerald Butts. Everyone was merely following the script until two female MPs went against its structure. And then people’s true intellectual shrewdness was exposed. Nothing more.

The Grits are in trouble. They know it. If the opposition parties were in better shape, they would be wiped off the map on election day.

But it can still happen. All bets are off, except that the old narratives are backfiring, causing nuclear light shows in their wake…

The federal Grits just can't shake the SNC-Lavalin blues...

They tried to razzle-dazzle with a budget, and then Jane Philpott reminds everyone that this little scandal has more to it than that. Prime Minister Jive Turkey denies the obvious, only looking more shady than before.

But the federal Liberal strategy is all about denying the obvious. Rich man Bill Morneau denies there is a recession, but never ask a rich man if there is a recession because for the rich, there never is one.

Canada doesn’t have a government. It has a royal inbred court.

And one that thinks it can do whatever it pleases and issue smug denials.

It is an abusive regime, at best, but you cannot expect anything else with a populace that takes it as they tremble themselves to death in a democracy…

Jane Philpott resigns from cabinet...

Speaking of changes, Liberal cabinet minister Jane Philpott does something you do not see everyday: someone who walks away from a coveted position when she disagrees with her boss, the Prime Minister.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 3.38.47 PM.png

The game within the party ranks breaks from every script imaginable. This is serious business.

And it hasn’t even started yet…