Memo to Vox: "no-platforming" doesn't work because no one is reading your bullshit, either.

Vox is a moron’s publication that is filled with sophistry, and mostly just motherfuckery.

They don’t get reality. They are Reality Deniers, Left-wing Edition, Subsection, Millennial Ass-Kissers.

They are gleeful that professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos is broke, and speculate the reason is that “no-platforming” (i.e., collective demand for censorship) is to blame.

No, it isn’t. That is an illusion.

Imagine you not having cancer, and then someone gives you a pill, and says you are now cancer-free.

Did the pill cure you?

That’s bullshit: you were never sick to begin with.

That is the delusion these Reality Deniers cannot face is one: they are bitching and kvetching on the Troll Scroll, banning people who no one was ever actually reading.

What people like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos did was court media attention by being obnoxious trolls and assholes. The press, who are lazy and have no idea what this “news” thing is, gave them loads of publicity, never noticing their own ratings and circulations plummet.

Then these hucksters, who have all sorts of carny tricks to seem as if they have social media followers, get one of the now Sister Five to pay them big bucks for a book deal. They get paid as pundits — and that’s how they make their money.

It is hype, aided and abetted by journalists.

Then these grifters push their luck and keep going for the gutter, trying to keep in the spotlight, and they push one step too far, frighten a jittery press who all run away because they are looking for a safe and sure thing with zero effort, trolls on Twitter rant like idiots, and then the scheme collapses.

The outlets who paid thinking they had some sort of find or get, stop footing the bills, and the house of cards collapses.

But the numbers aren’t really there to ever justify the lavish attention.

Not even the hate watchers.

Everything is inflated. No-platforming doesn’t work because there is no real platform to begin with.

It’s a sham.

You have people play up to the press, buy fake followers, and put on a dog and pony show, and then they are somehow “celebrities” or controversial newsmakers.

And Vox ought to know it is all a shell-game considering they aren’t a very popular publication.

I have a small, but stable readership here. I had a much bigger one a decade ago with Chaser News, but even back then, I could see the writing on the wall. You don’t have much to work with given the climate and the me-focused population who would rather look at their own social media feed than get genuinely informed.

And now they are even boring themselves as they are also abandoning their own outlets.

I don’t try to drum up business for myself. I spend nothing on advertising. I post links on Tumblr and Twitter automatically, but the bulk of my audience come from searching for something on a search engine, stumbling on me, looking at the “Who is She?” section, and then sticking around.

And to these people, thank you. Thank you for being your own thinkers and making your own decision to stay.

That’s the audience I want: the ones who think for themselves, and arrive here absolutely on their own volition.

Tomorrow, some trolls may target me and have Twitter and Tumblr censor me.

It will not make a dent because I don’t “work” those sites.

This is my base of operations, and I am in a good place with that.

Alex Jones gets sued.

I am surprised this suit didn't happen sooner. Proffering a conspiracy theory that children who were gunned down were actually actors who faked their deaths is horrific.

No proof. Not a grain. Just opinion.

And that is not ethical.

People are not supposed to outlive their children. They are not supposed to be haunted by their children's final moments, and their helplessness to protect them. When you do everything right, but everything goes wrong for one cruel moment that can never be undone is a lifetime curse. You are never the same again.

For Jones to repeatedly exploit this kind of torment is unconscionable...