Communist propaganda, Canadian journalism style: Note how the Reality Deniers never have the ovaries to just state bad news.

When I wrote the book OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism, I had in my possession a significant cache of memos staff at the Fox News Channel were issued on how to cover events before they did any work on the stories.

It’s a propaganda rig: how a story played out all depended on the memo, not the actual facts of reality.

But if you think the propaganda is just a Fox-thing, or a Right-wing, thing, you truly are a moron.

We see the same games in Canadian journalism, played out on a mass scale.

Just look at this propaganda piece in the Huffington Post Canada:

The Good News About Canada’s Suddenly Shrinking Economy

If this keeps up, Stephen Poloz won’t be jacking up your mortgage rates much longer.

This article goes beyond being patronizing and stupid:

Some dark clouds have gathered around Canada's economy in the past few months, but that might actually be good news for the country's most indebted households, and for homebuyers, as the Bank of Canada is less likely to keep hiking interest rates.

Dummy, if the economy tanks, people will lose jobs, and the interest rates will be spiked higher. People will lose their homes because when the economy is bad, there are fewer jobs available, businesses shut down, and debts get called in.

There is no good news in Canada right now. None.

When I was a kid, I lived in a cul de sac with brand new townhouses. Both my mother and my grandmother had full-time jobs: my grandmother worked in a factory and my mother was a driving instructor. There were about thirty families living here, and the economy was doing very well, until it didn’t.

The mortgage rates spiked, and all but three families lost their homes in the bargain. My family was one of those three families to be able to weather it out. It was an ugly time, and I still remember it well after all these decades.

So this article is pure bullshit.

Because Canada has too many people on social assistance as well as too many government workers. Both these sectors rely on a tax base for their survival, and neither truly contributes to the economy by producing goods. The provinces and nation are both heavily in debt, and should we get downgraded, that means cuts to the dole, and cuts to the government payroll which been artificially propping up our economy because these are people who are the best paid in Canada — if they lose their jobs, we’re fucked.

When my mother used to teach metalworking at the college level, she had a variety of adult students taking her courses: factory workers (particularly GM), bank tellers, nurses, police officers, professors, office workers, teachers, executives, artists, casino workers, and retirees.

Then came a recession, and by the time the dust settled, the only kinds of students who could still afford to take lessons were teachers who are on the government dole. The other white collar types vanished.

As I was the one who did the managing for my mother’s teaching and jewelry design career, I used to send out emails, and one day a virus caused the email to blast to people, but the number of emails that were no longer active that got kicked back to me was chilling.

They came back because those were work emails and those places no longer existed.

And neither were those jobs.

With investment to Canada dropping, US tariffs crippling our economy, and the Saudis proving their anger has real consequences, things are not looking up — and the weed as economic saviour narrative is proving to be a serious lie.

Journalists are not covering this reality. They are trying to spin shit into a gourmet meal.

No, you are trying to tell your people what a glorious thing it is to eat shit. Shame on you.

Just like the prime minister who made a childish idiot of himself, tweaking the US President’s nose yet again.

The last time you did that like a powerless little boy, you got tariffs slapped on this country. Does this moron have any ability to learn and correct his infantile behaviour?

And you have losers in a dead profession cheer this garbage as if it matters what an incompetent and subjugated bungler calls evidence of his defeat.

Trudeau can call it the Great and Glorious Economic Orgasm of Canada, we are still reduced to a vassal state who is screwed over.

The Canadian mindset is a cowering infantilized one that cannot process the fact that there is such a thing as bad news that cannot be corrected by some They.

That’s what lulled the Communists into oblivion. They were constantly told that eating shit was actually dining like kings.

And then the Americans popped that balloon.

With glee.

We have Reality Deniers who keep trying to spin rot, and the bad news keeps rolling in. Sooner or later those wicked games come back to haunt you — and they are already starting.

Because you cannot have goods until you face the bad — and do something about it that actually takes a lot of effort, sacrifice, grit, discipline — and work

The Liberal government spends lavishly on their own ridings? You don't say, Huffington Post Canada!

As I keep saying, the ruling regimes in power always ignore the ridings who didn’t vote for them, and give the graft and the goodies on those who do.

In this case, the Federal Grits are doing it to the tune of $43 billion.

In one summer.

They used to bribe taxpayers with their own money, and now they do it with borrowed money they can never repay. The regime keeps spinning how they are playing hardball with the US on Nafta, but the truth is they are propping things up with borrowed cash to keep up appearances, with proxies’ sour grapes narrative spinning their bungling for them.

But this game is nothing new, and why ideological voting is a surefire way of wasting your vote. It has always been about pragmatism. Mind you, whenever the government pours money into something, that something merely becomes dependent on government cash, and the second it is shut off, whatever they were throwing money at collapses.

And all the signs of a recession are screaming here. There is no “wrecking” good news, as the deluded Globe and Mail insists, it is bad news that has been downplayed with various shell games: people are tapped out and now the elderly are bailing their grown children out, albeit quietly.

But there is seemingly some sort of perpetual childlike surprise when news like this hits as if this should be a shock. It’s not, unless you are historically and politically illiterate.

The problem is that this kind of electorate bribery doesn’t always work. The Ontario Liberals learned that the hard way this year. Overkill reeks of a desperate government, and that stench alone repels people — particularly those from ridings who weren’t the recipient of the reigning government’s doting.

All it takes is for one unforeseen crisis to knock a house of cards down, and the cascading catastrophe begins, but with no cohesion or deep digging, we have a dead profession not understand the greater problems their own country actually faces…

Beancounter Journalism: Playing with spreadsheets isn't the solution.

You can see the panic in journalism, like the bratty kid who is danger of failing, and then sits up straight for the last month in order to pass.

The problem is the year has been over for a very long time.

The attempt at relevance has become beancounter journalism: throwing numbers to show It Is A Very Serious Problem.

The Toronto Star has a number spew with how Ontario has doctors get a free ride in this province, even if they lost their licence in the US or abroad.

The Star has been carping on this topic long enough that those who are responsible for this scandal have already dismissed it as far back as 2015:

As if we didn't already have enough on our plates, the Toronto Star now wants us to add: serve as judge and jury when doctors mess up to our list of things to do. 

In all that bean-counting, the newspaper isn't see the real problems. The point of journalism is not to throw faceless numbers at an audience. It is to provide relevant facts to them. You have an arrogant temper tantrum from 2015 -- there is a good starting point. Overkilling with facts without questioning the authorities who provided them is anything about journalism.

The Globe and Mail plays the same game, with this article on "femicide".

Again, another nebulous number spew, but nothing that is as thorough as it is presented. No questioning of the facts. No actual context, but a narrative that doesn't align with the reality of the situation.

Gricean Maxims are handy to know in any communications industry, particularly journalism.

And yet they seem to ignore the human element of connection as they count those beans.

People aren't looking to be battered with endless numbers gathered by authorities who have a vested interest in exaggerating or downplaying information. They want a map so they can navigate.

Journalism never got the memo, and they continue to be disconnected without a clue what their purpose is and why they have collapsed...

Memo to Raymonde Saint-Germain: Of course a Canadian Senator wants the government's hands in journalism: You can't move a puppet your way without the strings attached. Dealing with vested political interests in the Age of Propaganda.

Senator Raymonde Saint-Germain's brazen lobbying in Huffington Post Canada is one for the books. She is a government official, but never elected to this position. Not even a fraction of the people decided she was competent for the job. She has absolutely zero qualifications in regards to be being an editor, publisher, journalist, or media owner. Zero.

And yet she sashays right into a media outlet (more than one, making this a lobbying effort) to get the government's strings attached to a source of information.

That is a bad thing. No democratic and civilized nation would allow such a gross conflict of interest. Governments must be watched over, not be the ones who use taxpayer money to build a pipeline into a vehicle that can expose their mistakes, lapses, conflicts, and sins.

Senators have no business in the business of journalism.

Senators are not qualified to do so. We saw what happened when senators from the realm of journalism were put in power.

Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin did a very bad job of things.

The two realms do not mix for a reason.

But Canadian governments live to meddle and make decrees, even when everything is falling apart thanks to that self-serving meddling.

Journalism broke because it is too dysfunctional. It had no discipline. It had no humility. It had no empiricism. It had nothing that would propel it to evolve and progress.

And now the federal government should take advantage by enabling the very things that destroyed journalism, and replace it with what?

What the government decides is right?

Journalists should be the ones who strike fear in politicians, not come running like trained lapdogs looking for a handout.

Once that line is crossed, then we do not have journalism, but propaganda.

And we don't have journalism any more, but propaganda.

Because it is an Age of Propaganda.

We need facts in order to make demands and challenge governments, not nod like dummies thinking we're lucky that we're being exploited and bossed around with the money we worked hard to earn.

I would rather be making enough money to pay for things myself, and not rely on someone else to take a fraction of my earnings to dole it out as they tell me what to do and threaten my well-being if I object.

And that those in the media industry are begging for enslavement shows how far away from truth and reality they have come.

Shame on you, Senator for taking advantage of a void so horrifically and arrogantly.

We need alternatives to journalism, not a regime-sponsored unreasonable facsimile of an extinct profession.

I would rather use my money to create that alternative, and not have the government snatch that money away from me to fund incompetent blowhards who will use it to promote the agenda of their sugar daddy as they lie to me how much more helpful they are to me than what I can be to myself...