There are companies paying people to scrub Wikipedia? You don't say!

No shit, Sherlock:

Facebook, Axios And NBC Paid This Guy To Whitewash Wikipedia Pages

And it almost always works.

Wikipedia has no standards. They are horrid, and they have no trouble giving slanderous labels to people citing evidence that supports what they say. They have labelled people genocide deniers when multiple official reports have stated there were war crimes, but no genocide (something I will discuss in another post when I am ready).

So on the one hand, they make certain people look like evil loons, and you have others who pay to manage their Wiki page, which they have made a big stink that they don’t allow that to happen. Bullshit.

Of course it happens. Most of the entries read like press releases, meaning it is rife with all sort of propaganda, from celebrity propaganda to war propaganda. It is a vile website, and yet people read that and Snopes, and then think they know something.

No, you don’t. You know fuck all.

And as there are no standards whatsoever, and a million loopholes, you have a false sense of security, nothing more…

A fake expert was quoted in multiple media outlets as being legitimate? You don't say, Gizmodo!

A fake expert was believed and quoted without anyone asking questions?

You don’t say!

Remember the Lying Dutchman? The social psychologist who made up his studies, and then the press believed them, for like, years?

They didn’t learn from that episode — and in fact, got even worse because they didn’t even double-check the new champ’s creds.

I wrote the book on these kinds of things, and it is common enough that one wonders why journalism never had a vigorous screening process on their so-called “experts.”

Did you read their studies? Their books? I have done so, and I have even had people who wanted to interview me make sure that got and read the book before interviewing me.

I may be eccentric and not fit any simple and sanctioned label, but my credentials are sound, verifiable, and above reproach.

And I have had people interview me who had no clue who I was at all. I have turned down interviews because I wasn’t the one who could or should speak on the topic.

So not only is this not surprising, there are a lot more fake experts being quoted even now, and nothing ever changes…

Redundancy Tidal Wave hits the Huffington Post.

Layoffs at the Huffington Post to no one’s surprise.

It was always a money-loser. It got purchased by Big Tech over the years to keep it going the same way Vice did.

Neither really have the gravitas, innovation, or teeth to actually survive on their own.

What is being hidden in the current narrative is that outlets that never had a Legacy Media Stink are in the same trouble as the old guard.

Huffington Post was to be the Left’s answer to Drudge. It never worked out that way.

Journalism has bigger problems that do not respond to a healthy economy, and that is the big red flag that what we have is an obsolete industry that has outlived its mandate and usefulness.

Most times, when we talk about things being “obsolete”, we usually mean technology, but what we have now is a different kind of obsolete: an ideological structure.

And journalism is it…

Denver Post's meltdown out of control: Journalists still trying to issue decrees they do not have the authority to make.

The Huffington Post's manipulative spin on the Denver Post's temper tantrum is extraordinary:

In An Extraordinary Act Of Defiance, Denver Post Urges Its Owner To Sell The Paper

That's the propagandistic headline, and it is worth tearing apart to illustrate just how out of touch the profession has become.

They want to issue decrees. They want to be social engineers. They want to meddle and tell the world what to do.


The temper tantrum is no "defiance", extraordinary or otherwise. A owner can do whatever she wishes with what she owns.

But journalists are still smarting after November 2016. They told people how to vote, and they didn't listen. Then they told people it was all Russia and Facebook's fault and people should immediately delete their accounts. People kept their accounts and ignored them.

The Canadian media then demanded their government give them money so they could continue to do whatever they wanted with someone else's assets. They didn't get what they wanted.

Trump is still in power. Facebook will recover. Russia is making fun of their paranoia.

Now journalists are demanding that their owners do what their employees want, never mind those employees were actively destroying their own profession with their incessant arrogance.

They looked down on readers. They were covering garbage instead of real news. They were issuing opinions instead of facts.

Audiences were disgusted and walked away, and now what? Their owners are supposed to keep funding a dead profession. You do not own the paper -- or do you understand the political system you live in?

Or do you expect the rules not to apply to you because you'r what? Superior to everyone else? Get over yourselves.

Memo to the Denver Post: you lost the war. You can make no demands. If you do not like what your bosses are doing -- quit and walk away. You do not own that newspaper.

I walked away from journalism because that industry was broken beyond repair. It was people like you who destroyed the profession because you were willfully oblivious. You issued your decrees and thought the Great Unwashed would be impressed with your self-serving sophistry.

They abandoned you on the battlefield.

Do you understand what that actually means?

You lost the game, the battle, and the war. You are prisoners of that war, and the victors can do whatever they want.

If you were a little less lazy and arrogant, this wouldn't have happened. You ignored people who warned you repeatedly what was happening. You thought you were smarter.

Well, you're not.

Stop throwing your temper tantrums. Start writing your letters to apology to everyone whose lives you ruined. Then write to those audiences you talked down to because you wanted them to abandon their freewill to do what you wanted.

This is the reason why journalism is no longer a thing. The profound lack of respect had its consequences, and those consequences was the destruction of a once noble profession.

That's the truth and reality of the situation. Now deal with it without telling other people what to do.

You want change? It starts with losing the arrogant attitude and changing your own behaviours first.

Otherwise, shut up and deal with it.