Globe and Mail's propaganda about the Ontario Premier's propaganda: It's all propaganda, all of the time.

The Globe and Mail is babbling propaganda against the Ontario Premier’s propaganda.

Ontario News Now would never have been a thing if journalism in Ontario had an ounce of competency.

When you look down on people and craft narratives to make your side seem superior, you will alienate those people who will look elsewhere.

And the Globe is not one to talk. People don’t refer to it as the Toronto Globe and Mail for no reason: it serves as Toronto-centric propaganda as the rest of the country are seen as lesser beings.

But the Ford Brothers had their own radio program on Newstalk 1010. They were given unfettered access to mainstream news outlets. When politicians are given those kind of platforms, don’t be surprised when they cut their teeth and then bypass the system the way millions of other people did with social media.

And people are not going to see any problem with it because this is the Age of Propaganda.

When you have news outlets blur lines, they shouldn’t get huffy when people they enabled take full advantage of it.

They sized up the sham of the press, and then build their own in the bargain…

Globe and Mail babbles about recycling...misses glaring point. Recycling is a Middle Class distraction. Just go to the commercial dump.



As our ditzy Prime Minister is desperately trying to deflect attention from his own himbosity by offering the super-rich Vatican Canadian lumber and steel that would be better used to build our destitute shelters, he also wants to play propagandist to scare the Middle Class into voting for him by declaring a “climate emergency.”

This is pure bullshit. If there was such a thing, there are many simple solutions that could have been employed, but haven’t because Canada is a lawless country that runs on the politics of fear and virtue-signalling.

But instead of exposing the manipulations, the dregs left of Canadian journalism prefer to be government mouthpieces.

Look at the babble-fest of the Globe and Mail that offer a very long and rambling bullshit story.

It is all about the problems facing recycling because China decided not to play make pretend anymore.

Recycling, for the most part, is a sham. It always has been. This is how governments play kindergarten teacher to the middle class to get them to, in essence, reenact doing something stupid while spinning it as productive as pasting macaroni on to cardboard and then calling wasting food an art lesson.

Recycling is pasting macaroni on cardboard.

While the obedient and credulous Middle Class spend hours separating garbage and then morally masturbating to their fake friends about it, businesses throw all of their trash in one big heap at the commercial dump.

I know because I have had to throw out a lot things, rented a big truck, and was told that I had to discard it at the commercial end of the dump.

And then saw the building with all the garbage just stacked in a single pile with no recycling equivalent there. I had a lot of glass that could have been easily recycled, but was told to throw all of it in that huge pile.

Think about how much garbage businesses throw out in comparison to the residential, and then tell me about recycling.

And nowhere in this incessant rambling and irrelevant fact-puking does the Globe look at the obvious. The entire article is rubbish because of their glaring confirmation bias.

It is not the only place where they seriously fuck up. Even the usually oblivious CBC gets that Canada allows too much superfluous and non-biodegradable packaging to clog up our dumps. All the government has to do is make excessive plastic and packaging illegal. If the Liberal government actually believed in the line they are feeding people, they would have already done so.

Because the environmental monster tales are just for show.

We have garbage because we don’t actually have a government that puts a stop to it.

The Globe thinks cramming charts and graphs means they are serious journalists. No, you don’t question your government on basic things, so why would you think that?

If two magicians see the obvious, then let’s let magicians inform the public — not the pretentious morons at the Globe and Mail who are too stupid to see that the federal Grits gave millions of dollars to a price-fixing grocery chain that gets free swag — and the epicentre of the kinds of environmental waste that clogs our dumps in the first place…

Federal Liberal Bullshit narrative continues: Gaslighting Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott.

Gerald Butts comes off as a minion butler given marching orders, and he marches like a trooper.

Nothing inappropriate happened! Guess again.

Jody Wilson-Raybould would connect her demotion with SNC-Lavalin! Yes, because one spawned the other. Do not play innocent, Mr Butts. Cause and effect.

You hound her repeatedly, trying to get her to change her answer. You do not understand conviction or morals.

Because when SNC-Lavalin demanded the laws be changed to their favour, your regime fellated them to their exacting specifications.

That is a typical politician. Corrupt. You couldn’t push them around; so you pushed her around, not imagining she would push back.

And this is the same Gerald Butts who worked as Dalton McGuinty’s political butler — the premier who blew hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars in the Power Plant Scandal in order to save two political seats in an election.

But now the federal Liberals are doing something very vile and misogynistic: they are gaslighting both Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott.

Well, you know how it is: these women don’t have political experience, that’s why they resigned…

Yeah, because they have morals and you don’t.

These games are business as usual, and of course the regime doesn’t know what the fuss is about.

There was nothing in Raybould’s tenure that warranted her demotion. You cannot play games and pretend it had nothing to do with your hounding her, and then replacing her with a more obedient minion.

Especially after your regime passed a law through an omnibus bill that allowed for a loophole for a corrupt corporation to get away with breaking the law without consequence.

Your mother may buy your bullshit stories, but I don’t.

And no, Globe and Mail, Gerald Butts did not take down Wilson-Raybould. His subtext was pure misogyny, and he actually offered no refuting testimony, only spin.

Remember, Wilson-Raybould has more information to give.

Gaslighting your betters is a poor strategy, and proves that we have no feminist Prime Minister up in Ottawa…

Stop telling women that they don't need to change to be leaders: Sorry, Globe and Mail, but reinforcing the fairy princess archetype is the Supper of Losers.

Here is a garbage article in the Globe and Mail that is the absolute worst advice anyone can give to ambitious women:

Stop telling women they must change themselves to become leaders

No, fairy princess, get over yourself.

Obviously someone was raised on old patriarchal fairytales and related to the fairy princess rather than the hero.

A fairy princess, or damsel-in-distress is the slot for characters who never grow and change, and hence, always need someone else to rescue them.

The hero, on the other hand, evolves, grows, see his deficiencies, learns the skills needed, makes the attitude adjustment, and changes and transforms himself to victory.

Transmutation is the breakfast of champions.

Staying just the way you are is passive, stagnant, and the Supper of Losers.

Those who don’t change die out. This is basic evolution. Movement is so critical that even physically staying in place causes the body to decay.

Let alone the mind.

To stay in place — physically, emotionally, and mentally — is a freeze response — a sign of both fear and defeat.

Women’s glass ceiling is a two-sided one: yes, men have kept women back, but women have kept themselves back thinking that not to change means decisiveness.

No, it means defeat. It is a form of self-sabotage.

If the lessons and evolution of life has not inspired you to radically change over the years, you are unteachable. Not just in responses, but in personality.

Far from women not changing, they should radically change and frequently.

You should break your routines and habits every so often in order to shake yourself — and your environment — out of slumber.

Because success depends on it.

For example, many people — men and women — stall in their careers and don’t know why.

They have a problem called a panda: there is something real — and defective — in their personality that prevents anymore promotions. They are clinging on to a rote routine or bad habit that keeps them back.

It is not the workplace. It is the person who refuses to look inward, get feedback, and change.

And because women have had less experience in leadership roles, they do not have a wealth of history to draw from.

But men have countless manuals with the common theme of how to adopt and change in order to obtain success.

The power rests within them.

If you are a woman and think you are perfect and have no need to change, motherfucker, you are going to make life a whole lot harder for yourself for no reason at all.

You are not showing strength by staying just the way you are. You are showing a lack of growth potential.

You have to be inconvenienced. You have to have the ability to admit you are wrong and deficient because people are not born equipped to be perfect.

We have an ability to learn, grow, and change.

And it should be something to embrace.

The strong are those who change. Leaders are those who change. They are not intimidated by novelty and learning new ways of being.

Women do need to change. In fact, when they did change, they got a massive improvement in their lots in life. When they sat back meekly, they were their husband’s property who weren’t allowed to vote or have rights.

When they changed first, guess what? So did the laws. Had even more women gotten involved, they would have gotten more rights even sooner.

Had women stayed the same, they still would be their husband’s properties not allowed to be educated or vote or do anything they wanted or needed.

And in order for your actions to change, your thinking needs to change.

And in order for your thinking to change, your attitude has to change.

And in order for your attitude to change, your personality has to change, too.

You turn the leaden shackles in your heart into the golden lasso that helps you climb to the top.

And there is nothing wrong with changing. It is how the brave thrive under any circumstance.

How will you ever reach your potential standing in one place thinking the same thoughts and way?

Deal with it…

The Federal Liberals are obviously not "people persons"...

Bad political strategy is forgetting that people relate to topics about people.

And the federal Liberals, being in hot water over their treatment of one of their own cabinet ministers who is the face of standing up to a bad regime, are trying to move away from their scandal and go to the faceless topic of environmentalism.

A “climate plan” is a wonk’s deflection. It is nebulous, and has no “face” to it. There are no people involved. Climate involves inanimate objects and jargon.

That will make their situation worse.

No one can relate to “climate.” They can relate to doing their job and getting demoted because the boss is a goober who only got there because daddy pulled some strings.

But politicians here in Canada don’t get people skills — Jack Layton did and that’s why he got his NDP’s impossible surge to opposition status.

Chretien understood it as well, but over time, the connect has been lost, and now thinking that “climate thingies” will distract people from a scandal involving well-known people in conflict proves how out of touch the regime is to human nature…

Who cares about the Oscars? The next generation will call you out for your pretentious thinking, anyway.

If you are not smart, refined, or cultured, but want to fake it, bitch about what should have won Best Pictures at the PR event called the Oscars.

On the other hand, don’t use that cheesy hack because it’s transparent.

I am pretty sure the Oscars do what American Idol does: pick the second choice to ensure enough attention and whining in public to give it more free publicity.

And if you are using Facebook and/or Twitter to puke how bad or good the choice was, you are a gullible tool.

But it didn’t stop the Globe and Mail and National Post from wasting their lives whinging about it. And the National Post used a chart! To prove what? That movie studios are strategically spending money on less box office successes in order to make more money in ensure those films are in the black? How naive are you, children?

If you don’t know by 2019 that the Oscars are just a vehicle to make more money on movies, you shouldn’t be running loose on the streets. You are too gullible to walk around without adult supervision.

So what if the comic book movie Black Panther didn’t win? It already made a profit. What’s wrong with you?

And besides, you would think after the temper tantrum people on the Troll Scroll threw over a 1971 Playboy interview John Wayne gave recently, that a little light would go off in those lone brain cells to make people wonder if the next generation would look down on their beloved movies and thespians.

Oscars have given awards to rapists, tyrants, drug dealers, philanderers, thieves, drug abusers, and all sorts of people who are not very nice over the decades — and you think this award means something positive?

In forty years time, the plaudits will be seen as a sign that this was the Stone Age and people were horrible and unenlightened.

So don’t get too worked about that a piece of disposable entertainment didn’t get a lollipop. It’s not a big deal at all…

Watching the political jousting in Ottawa...

Those who get their positions through being luxury brand items do behave as if they are two feuding lords dispatch their knights to fight their battles for them. It is very predictable. Jody Wilson-Raybould and Justin Trudeau are engaging in a media match that is a very interesting narrative slap-fight.

Proxies are employed to “leak” narratives and drop little bombs to smack around any rebuttals.

The WIlson-Rabould/Justin Trudeau match is interesting in that Trudeau until this point, was Canada’s Golden Boy who could do no wrong, but now, he can do no right no matter how much his minions at the Toronto Star try to salvage his narrative that was contingent on not doing naughty things.

The National Post has dithering ditzes questioning the woman per usual, but they aren’t important players in the propaganda war here. Why didn’t she resign? Why didn’t Raj Grewal? Why didn’t the countless male politicians who did something wrong and stayed put? Wilson-Raybould didn’t do anything wrong — so why should she be expected to step down?

Maclean’s isn’t playing into that narrative, but they, too, aren’t really important here.

What we have is two outlets who are maintaining narratives — the Globe and Mail on Team Wilson-Raybould, and the Star on Team Trudeau.

The Globe painted a portrait of a real heroine here, which was overplayed just enough to hint where they are getting their dirt.

The Star, on the other hand, is trying to spin things to pretend there is nothing to the scandal and things should go back to the way their sugar daddy wants it; so you know who is leaking things to them.

Once upon a time, this would be so transparent. The articles have breadcrumbs as big as loaves. No finessing, no trying to balance that coverage. This is a serious inter-regime brawl.

Because this story is so narrative driven — and one that has a patriarchal structure, there is no wiggle room for balance — one has to be the Good Guy and one has to be the Bad Guy. Hero and villain and the rage is very obvious.

Top that off with the arrogant sots of SNC-Lavalin who are throwing temper tantrums because they are being questioned and challenged as they are not getting their own way, and what you have is a showdown.

Add that to the external threats Canada has been facing lately, this country is in uncharted territory, and politicians too busy micromanaging their image than to notice there are bigger problems afoot and a press too eager to run with whatever PR narrative they hear…

Narrative hyperbole, Canadian-style: the Gerald Butts yarn doesn't hold water.

The columnists are marching lockstep, a huge sign that the story told isn’t the real story.

Both the National Post and the Globe and Mail seem to Gerald Butts — aka General Jeeves the Manservant General — was responsible for Trudeau being Prime Minister. Don’t kid yourselves.

As I have said long before this mess, Canadians love their luxury brand politicians. Mom and/or dad was a politician of note? You will be, too. You can mess up, and people will still vote you, at least in the beginning. Zero-Risk dictates that train of thought.

A Trudeau doesn’t need a Gerald Butts to become a Prime Minister. He has the name. That’s good enough.

Much has been made of Butts’ tenure under premier Dalton McGuinty. Big deal: McGuinty also has the name. That’s good enough.

The press has made it sound as if Butts was a visionary founder of a start-up he made from scratch when what he has is a talent for riding in already-established properties.

And what makes him indispensable or cunning? Bitch-slapping critics on Twitter? Sticking close to the ones in power, never giving them any space or chance to see how they function without him? Meddling and keeping people away? “Virtue-signalling” that hints at deliberate deflection because of the idea that offence is the best defence?

That sounds like a crap marriage to a control freak rather than a strategy guru. That doesn’t take any particular brains or skill.

And for all the gushing, McGuinty had to bail. Trudeau’s first lap around 22 Sussex has been plagued by scandals usually exposed during the second or third lap. This kind of bad publicity and in-fighting is unprecedented in a freshman regime here. What the hell?

Butts failed upwards until he couldn’t deliver the goods, which he never really had to do because his overlords had built-in votes.

This passage from the National Post made me laugh:

In 16 years, I have never had occasion to think he lied to me, so I am obliged to take at face value his statement that he has done nothing wrong, and that he quit as Justin Trudeau’s principal secretary on Monday because he doesn’t want to be a distraction for a government fighting to retain its credibility against the background of the SNC-Lavalin affair.

He didn’t do anything right, either. He knew how to name-coast. The end. Big whoop.

And the Globe headline is even funnier:

Where does Trudeau go without Butts?

Maybe if the little brat had to do his own original thinking for once and not listen to hangers on, perhaps he could actually do the job, but that takes guts, not an entourage, and not cheap props like ugly socks, a selfie stick, or culturally appropriated Bollywood costumes.

We tend to forget how much random factors play into our lives. The zeitgeist and ortgeist often make our good timing seem as if there is something more to it. Keep close to power and often people will think you are a cause for it.  Correlation does not imply causation.

A lot of people will be rattled, nonetheless. The Grits blinked, and that’s bad enough. The cracks have opened enough weak spots to strike, and it is interesting to see how easily people delude themselves — and then psyche themselves out as the rest of the world watches…

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 11.01.58 AM.png

Memo to the Globe and Mail: "What happened to our ‘feminist’ Prime Minister?" We never had one.

Silly, silly questions.

The Globe and Mail has a column that seriously asks this question as a headline:

What happened to our ‘feminist’ Prime Minister?

SIllies, we never had one.

This is what privileged boys say to the gullible girlies to get what they want.

They will whisper all sorts of a sweet nothings in your ear, and then, once they get the goodies, behave the way they really do as they openly disrespect you and blame you for being naive. The second a certain cabinet minister stepped out of his line, she was kicked to the curb and brandished as being “difficult.”

But if you were real feminists yourselves, you would have seen the glaring warning signs a hundred miles away.

Even in the article, the blaring warning sign was there, and the columnist still doesn’t see the significance of the statement I underlined:

In September 2017 I was in the audience at the Women in the World Summit in Toronto, and listened to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talk about his feminist bona fides. Well, first we had to watch a video – many clips set to a pumping rock score – on that subject.

…Then he made a very interesting point about how it was relatively easy to recruit women into politics, compared with keeping them there, which he called “a challenge around retention.” Women would be elected, he said, and after a couple of years wonder if this business was really for them, “because of the nastiness, because of the negativity.”

What? Are the womenfolk so weak and feeble they can’t take the heat and we need a man person to make it all nice and comfy for us? We needed Justy to give us all pats on the head and lollipops and balloons?

And you didn’t call him out right then and there? That’s as misogynistic as it gets.

Y’all are so hopelessly oblivious and naive, it’s too funny…

Trudeau pulls a Clintonian word parsing. Jive Turkey in for a rough ride.



Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.40.24 AM.png


If there is any proof that Brand Jive Turkey is a sham, the response to the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

Don’t parse your words the way former US President Bill Clinton did when he denied having an affair with an intern under his charge, because that turned out to be true.

Don’t use the phrase “Rule of Law” as if this country has ever abided by it before, because people will call you out the second you show that you don’t.

The Globe and Mail is hitting back and pointing out the obvious parsing, and having a field day in the bargain. The Grits have tried to paint critics as some sort of lunatic fringe, and now even that card has been taken away from them.

Trudeau never understood how much his pedigree had to do with his success. It was never him. It was the name and his father’s legacy. Nostalgia and clinging to the past’s tried and true got him his current job. Not his talent, brains, or cunning. People indulged him. He had goodwill on his side because of the surname, nothing more.

That, in this country, will take you very far. We are nepotistic by design because this is a Zero-Risk Society. Untested commodities are feared, and hence, we don’t have a feel for how to take risks or assess the situation. Just find the TORTEE and march to the script, following anything that seems to have already been broken in.

The Liberals were floundering because they were having overly-educated men leading them, and people don’t like their Prime Ministers to seem smarter than they are. Trudeau came in, and the Grits went for tried and true, except he wasn’t tried and true. His c.v. was light, to say the least, but he was backed as if he were an experienced political veteran.

It is bad enough there are these accusations, but his amateur responses only seem to confirm the accusations. Do not tell people you did not directly communicate with your minister because a PM works by using proxies.

If Trudeau understood the game — that would not be response he would have given. It is an amateur mistake, and now the stench coming from his office is overwhelming. The gaffes are starting to pile up and it isn’t even a first full term.

He is literally given his detractors all the free ammunition to fire at him, and his supporters are helping them along. Just this deceptive headline from the MTLblog says it all:

Everything You Need To Know About The Emerging Scandal Involving Justin Trudeau And A Montreal Construction Company 

The opposition seems set to make this a protracted political fight.

I underlined the parsing here as well — SNC Lavalin isn’t just a “Montreal Construction Company” — it is a Canadian-based multi-national corporation that owns nuclear energy when they acquired Candu — once a crown corporation.

When you have defenders being as manipulative with their words as you are, the chorus of those off-key notes wakes even the most stubborn sleepwalkers up.

This muck is not going to go away, particularly if there is other scandals and gaffes exposed. The election is still too far away, but the gamble that you get the Premium Pierre Package when you sign up for Junior is proving to be nothing more than a famous bullshit story.

SNC is not just a domestic company — it is a global one with offices in countless countries — and this is will resonate all around the world. Expect China and Saudi Arabia to write this little episode on a stickie for future reference. This brouhaha is a bigger headache than it first appears.

Former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair recently mused that NDP could lose votes to the Greens — perhaps the Grits may face the same fate. In any case, the preset scripts are worthless and we haven’t even started yet.

Who said 2019 was going to be a boring year?


Of gravy trains and ouroboros: Watching the implosion of US politics.




I remember when Rob Ford ran for mayor of Toronto. I predicted that he would win, and that there was going to be a rude awakening from a subset of middle class voters who were truly oblivious to their own reality.

Ford ran on the platform that he would “stop the gravy train.” I knew people in Toronto who were all gung-ho for this platform. I had a very good chuckle because they were all snooty about it, too. They were middle class people who were very provincial and short-sighted in their thinking, probably at Stage Two of Piaget’s scale. They did not see that they were the freeloaders on the gravy train, using the city’s various services to babysit and entertain their children on the cheap, and if it weren’t for that blessed gravy train, they wouldn’t be middle class, but poor.

They were subsidized lower class people who got to pretend to be higher up the pay scale because of the gravy train.

They had their sights set on the city’s poorest people and thought those icky unwashed welfare moms shouldn’t get any ride on the gravy train. There was no pointing out anything because when you say certain things, people talk over you very loudly as if that was going to prevent the inevitable.

Ford won. They cheered.

Then the gravy train no longer made stops to their front door.

And then the requisite howling. The outrage! The tyranny!


Yeah, just because you were on this amazing “gravy train” and got your ass kicked off, doesn’t mean anything. You damn well know what city services you need to keep yourself at a certain economic level — what did you think the “gravy train” was made for?

People who are just out of reach of middle class status, and getting them on board secures their votes.

You forget that it is not your brilliant strategy that got you where you are: it is government graft that gives you just enough to squeak into a higher standard of living so you don’t have to count your pennies. That is the reason governments bribe people during elections because when it comes to those voters, a little goes a long way.

Even people who weren’t on the razor’s edge had to tighten their belts and the incessant whining about the Big Meany Rob Ford annoyed me, and I did not sit there in sympathy. No, he isn’t a monster. You were just a little too full of yourself and let it all go to your fat head. So you can brag a little less, get over it. That’s not on him; it’s on you and your grandiose sense of self.

The funny thing was when it was the election, I was the one warning people about the consequences of a Ford vote, but once he got his fabulous victory, I didn’t slag him, and kept challenging his naysayers.

Stop throwing a temper tantrum. Grow up. Get rid of that obnoxious chip on your shoulder. Learn to look at your situation using reality, not fantasy because if you think I am buying it, here is the memo: I’m not.

But the electorate in Toronto never learned. They abandoned the Liberals in the provincial election, and went with the NDP who couldn’t win, burning their bridges and losing their stranglehold of the cabinet and the ruling party.

You cannot afford to go more left when the tide is turning right, and your province is in serious debt. What you can do is size yourself up, feel the winds of change, vote strategically as you negotiate and lobby for your interests.

Hamilton never learns a thing, either. The city has a mayor who throws tantrums and doesn’t know his place. The city just has one MPP in the ruling party, and the mayor hasn’t spoken to her once. Even the city’s newspaper is howling at him to grow up, but he has wasted six months in not pushing the city’s interests, and now as the government’s agenda has been set for its reigning term as Doug Ford did not waste a minute of his own victory, Hamilton once again is shut out. It is not about your ego or holding childish personal vendettas. It is about doing your job.

But the city didn’t align its municipal rulers with the provincial one, and, as usual, the city is on the bottom rung just as Basic Income is coming to an end. You can pout for the CBC all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t actually know how to vote in your best interests.

Ideology is a feint and a ruse: it is just the misdirection used to gain votes. It is meaningless. What counts is momentum and the ability to negotiate with blocs to ensure your interests are met.

We can see the implosion on the federal level in Canada. Justin Trudeau made the worst series of tactical errors in the worst place. He was voted as a luxury brand name to show off on the world stage. He was supposed to impress the world leaders of Canadians’ various homelands and make the world green with envy. That, and legalize weed so wayward children of middle class parents wouldn’t shame the family with arrest records.

The cannabis is legalized. We don’t need Grits anymore, but when the Prime Minister made a fool of himself in India, he broke a spell with the electorate. Lots of luxury brand labels become passé and go belly up. And now that the list of foreign countries who detest Canada is growing, he is no longer a source of pride, but shame. Everyone seems to think the NDP won’t eat away at the left’s voting base, but there are always the Greens.

Or anyone else who isn’t going to humiliate the national interest.

Shallow voting nets you shallow leaders. The Globe and Mail see Trudeau as someone who injected life back into the federal Liberals, but that’s too generous. It was merely the name and the people thinking they will get the same kind of leader through familial osmosis, and then the left-leaning electorate plastering Pierre Trudeau's son’s face on their fantasies, making wild assumptions that had a snowball’s chance of coming true.

Because when you have an electorate that thinks image and ideology has a place in governance, they will never see the bottom line, and misdirection can be used time and again to manipulate the vote.

When you lobby for specific things, you get specific things and you know exactly how much there is, how much you are entitled to get, what you may need to trade off to get it, and competing interests that you may have to negotiate with to ensure your own interests are met. When you lobby on lofty self-romanticization, you get sweet nothings and empty promises, nothing more.

When the electorate is always posturing and looking for some They to do their bidding, they do not have the centre of gravity. They are the suckers to be played, and there are countless ways to play them.

The Silent Political Meltdown in Canada came when the trauma of the ill-fated India trip happened and the rest of the world caught wind of it. Journalists are desperately trying to spin it, knowing full well that if the Grits are voted out, there is no free money for them, but it is only getting more desperate. When the situation is this bitter and volatile, no one has control, or can use predictable tricks to get back on track.

You can’t unsee one narcissistic act of cultural appropriation.


You had a middle class electorate vote by using The One Rule That Explains Everything that is the key to Winning At Life, and it backfired spectacularly.

It is not as if people won’t make the same structural mistake, but the content of the rule changes, and when you were voted in as a Luxury Brand Candidate, and you proved to be defective, the updated rule will be rigged against your hack.

But that’s already underway in Canada. The Grits in Ontario tried to rejig things by taking a hard turn to the left, which meant bribing people, but all it did was radicalize the NDP vote and they cancelled out the Liberals.

And remember, Andrea Horwath wasn’t a contender prior to the election. She wasn’t much better off than Jagmeet Singh at the time. All it takes is one pleasing policy of “free” something, and the NDP are back n the game. For the provincial NDP, the magic phrase was “free dental”. The left cannibalized itself in Ontario, pandering to the shallow, and it cost them their power base that won’t be so easy to get back.

But the US left is having their own cannibalization, and like the Ontario NDP, it looks like it is a winning strategy.

Too bad for them that feasting on yourself feels like you’re getting somewhere.


The Left in the US have been having conniptions ever since they thought they figured Americans out. A Middle Class Mindset is a Zero-Risk one, always looking for (a) a simple, convenient, and easy solution that has TORTEE they can memorize, (b) a moralizing and patriarchal fantasy-based script to stick to in order to shut out any facts or logic that refutes TORTEE, (c) a They who will come up with all of the answers and do all of the work.

This Sophistry Triad will never deviate.

If you can sell these three lies, you are in business.

The only difference between the US version and the Canadian version is that in the US, the candidate who looks like he’d be the most fun at the cocktail party will win the White House.

That also is a given.

But the political left had the shock of their lives because they thought they had it covered with Hillary Clinton, who is (a) not fun at parties, (b) is not comfortable with facts that refute her theories, and her strategies always suffered from a fatal confirmation bias, and (c) she never gave goodies to the electorate: she wanted to be the first woman president, and that’s not the right answer.

I’m running for the people!, on the other hand, is the answer people want to hear. Don’t be a nerd.

This I’m-Doing-It-For-America angle doesn’t just apply to politics. Bill Cosby got away with truckloads of shit because he was “America’s Dad.”

I used to teach business communications, and one of the first rules is Know Your Audience.

The problem is that the audience never bother to Know The Messenger. This is why con artists keep getting away with anything and everything. The Sophistry Triad is the shackles that imprison collective thought.

And you can be educated and still shackled to this thinking. The Guardian doesn’t get it when they got all giddy with this headline:

'This is about saving capitalism': the Dutch historian who savaged Davos elite

Rutger Bregman never intended to take billionaires to task over tax at World Economic Forum

You can tell off billionaires, but you better be schooled in their strategic thinking before you speak. They want globalization so they can have an entire planet rigged for their monolithic hamster wheel, and it is the left who are helping that happen.

The Democrats seem to think they can bribe voters with socialism, and spew nincompoopity every chance they get:

Rep. Ilhan Omar calls for sharp tax increases on the wealthy: 'We've had it as high as 90 percent'

As if the wealthy are just going to sit and take it. With a planet of 195 nations, they can negotiate with one open for business. They can just automate everything, and there will be nothing to tax. Tax avoidance isn’t hard.

You have a jealous generation who think they are going to get all sorts of free things. They don’t think what happens when the super-rich and the measly millionaires have the freedom to literally up and go: who will be defined as wealthy then?

The Middle Class.

The people cheering the loudest are the ones who will be footing this bill, and see nothing for it. The government will squander the money. There will be no goodies, because once you start taxing the super-rich, you are signalling to your country’s creditors that your source of income has just dried up — and those collectors are going to start demanding repayment of those trillions of dollars. The people who are being beguiled by the come-ons, ironically, have the most to lose.

We have a gross inequity of wealth because the rich thought ahead and the middle class, being the Zero-Risk people that they are, refused to be more political active because they thought they or their children would become one of the “super-rich.”

Don’t deny it. I don’t do drugs and my brain isn’t fried. I have a long-term memory and heard the bragging in the mid-1990s. I had acquaintances try to psyche me out, first saying they were going to make me eat their dust along with their parents, and then when that didn’t happen, their kids would vindicate them and I would eat their children’s dust.

Considering I wasn’t in any race with anyone, the trash talk wasn’t just rude; it was stupid.

Well, their kids didn’t give me dust to eat, either…so now, let’s all demand that super-rich people give us free money and we do nothing to earn it because we are special!

When I was pointing out income disparities, people were abusive and laughing at me, making sexist comments, but when it actually kicked their own backsides, it is a different story.

I think it was an episode of Matt Houston in the mid-1980s that had a one-off character who, with $75 million dollars, was America’s Richest Man.

Now, that’s laughable. In thirty-plus years, the Middle Class fantasied and let the sharks circle them because they imagined they, too, were sharks.

The ship has sailed. The rich aren’t rich because they follow a Middle Class mindset. They can walk out of any trap.

There is an interesting book on Internet trolls.

And they remind me a lot of the goons during Machiavelli’s day. They are seemingly unrelated and have no vested interest, but are organized — and an organized mob is a sign of a paid mob used to intimate critics and threats, make it seem as if there some sort of genuine and natural swelling of public opinion, and trick Zero-Risk followers into falling into line.

Who organizes them? How much do they get paid?

And who has the money to pay them?

Twitter gives a false impression of genuine public discourse. It has been co-opted years ago. Any PR firm can spew bots and pay people to post, bully, and gang up on the naive who still think that cesspool is real.

It is why I don’t buy the “socialism” narrative. It is also why I don’t buy much of what I read on Twitter. It’s a sham.

If you are taking your cues from Facebook memes and Twitter rants, you are deluding yourself. Tweets have ghostwriters and paid instigators.

It is also the reason why the Internet is not as powerful nor enduring as the hype leads us to believe.

What matters is facts.

People want free things, without asking how would this money get there, what about national debt repayment, what strings are attached, what alternatives are out there, or anything that would show the reality that there is no such thing as something for nothing.

People want a gravy train all to themselves as they want to kick off everyone else.

And they are fighting over fantasies as they cannibalize themselves.

There is no sensibility out there right now — aside from this space, that is.

It is quite the tintinnabulation.

Because Ouroboros is a symbol in alchemy — but alchemy isn’t about taking, but giving.

So we have a desperate party trying to bribe people with other people’s money.

And when they fail to deliver, because there is no other conclusion, things will get ugly because people would have been ungrateful and demanding even more if the promise was kept.

And it won’t be kept. No creditor would allow other people to get a dime at the creditor’s expense.

If that happens, there will no Middle Class America because they do not realize how dependent they already are on others for their lifestyle. All it would take is one pissed-off creditor, and the house of cards crumbles, and then the Middle Class can bitch to their heart’s content in the gutter: no one will hear them nor want to, either.

The Middle Class still think some They will give them free things because they are special. You have to fight and steal your knowledge, and then go test it under various and rigorous conditions.

I have had Middle Class people turn up their noses in horror when I suggest that they take their children and grandchildren to city hall to meet their local representative.

You’ll take them to a movie or an amusement park where they get nothing, but think you’re too good to take them to see their elected official who has control over your life?

Are you serious?

And maybe if you didn’t post propaganda posters on your social media accounts, you’d find the free time to improve your part of the world.

Life is too short to expect other people to live your life for you…

Sanctioned Opinion: What you are allowed to spew at cocktail parties has always been a forced choice.




Ivo Andrić was a sage writer and the only one in the former Yugoslavia to win a Nobel Prize in literature. He was Croatian, and he is Person #30 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.

Because he knew what he was talking about.


“He is not the greatest fool who cannot read, but the one who thinks that everything he reads is the truth.”

In other words, think for yourself.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 8.47.44 PM.png

And don’t keep your opinions confined to what babblers at the Globe and Mail decree.

Sanctioned opinion has always been lacklustre and simplistic in modern times and it always fits a narrative: What I desire is good and perfect. Implement it, and we shall all live happily ever after. Those who disagree are evil, stupid, and insane Nazis. The end.

Opinions remind me of a magician’s card tricks where the magician forces the choice on the volunteer. There is no actual choice. You seem to have infinite choices, but really just comes down to The One because there is a rig that dictates there be no freedom of choice.

The same with public opinion. Newspapers issue those force choices and then imply that you are an uninformed moron for not parroting it.

It explains why we have an impasse on so many things. Fake choice, and the choice doesn’t actually work.

It is just making some dumbass rich at your expense.

It is a way of creating detours that steer away from the site of gross incompetency and injustice.

It is why the Internet has failed in many important ways: folksy opinion is neither fact nor reality: just a pacifier used to hide from real problems that grow bigger and stronger until they become unleashed.

Being primed to see reality as it is can be done, but it takes a certain mindset of bravery and independent thought.

Not looking to others to do the thinking for you…

Temper tantrums aren't saving Canada. Let's try something that actually gets results.

The Reality Deniers of the Toronto Star are at it again, using irrational and oblivious chest-thumping in lieu of actual reportage:

China needs to pay a heavy price for its treatment of Canadians

Are you serious? Are you truly that stupid? Canada stepped into dog shit without thinking about something called consequences.

Canada has no cards to play. Our economy is tanking. Housing is crashing. The few quality jobs are being lost. We fucked up USMCA because the Arrogance-Obliviousness Disease the federal regime has. We pissed off the Saudis as we are tweaking their noses as they can still make damage.

But China is another matter. They can, for instance, recall all of their university students studying in Canada. That can screw up our post-academic viability in a heartbeat. Canada can recall all of their students studying in China, and…that regime will not feel a thing.

Or, China can decide to stop all exports to Canada. Canada would collapse. We don’t have factories that can pick up the slack. We don’t have the workers who are trained. From medical equipment to food, most of our staples come from China.

And you asshole think that China gives one flying fuck about your threat? We put all our eggs in one basket, and then dropped the basket.

China is now throwing every single word we threw at them back in our faces, and this has been a long time coming.

Grow up, children. You have been nannied and sheltered. Stop making a mockery of this country with your moron hick schtick.

This reminds me of a horrible tragedy that happened in Toronto in 2003.

It was a ten-year-old girl named Holly Jones. She was grabbed by an adult male and dragged away to her death.

She was a lithe and dainty girl, and I remember the case very well. I have always had issues with adults who prey on children. There is cowardice, but that kind of cowardice is vile.

But I remember one columnist who basically opined that had young Holly taken self-defence lessons, somehow, that would have saved her.


A grown adult male and a child fighting. He has a plan, and she doesn’t.

Self-defence is not some sort of magical cure-all.

We could train a 10-year-old to box and then put the kid in the ring to fight the adult male.

You wanna place your bets on who would win that bout?

It takes a special kind of stupid not to understand that kind of grossly unequal fight, but it broadly hints that Canadian journalists have not gotten very far on Jean Piaget’s Four Stages of cognitive development.

That they have not reached Stage Four is not a surprise, but they are struggling through Stage Two — the Pre-operational Stage where they have yet to master this key concept:

Children at this stage tend to be egocentric and struggle to see things from the perspective of others.

They also have serious issues of Stage Three’s Concrete Operational Stage where children:

[B]egin to understand the concept of conservation; that the amount of liquid in a short, wide cup is equal to that in a tall, skinny glass, for example.

There is no logic. None. It is just anger control issues and temper tantrums. How does Canada go up against China? With irrational vendettas, wasting thoughts, money, and resources with childish tweaking? By making alliances where they have to enslave themselves with odious and costly favours? China can do to Canada whatever it pleases. They can literally hit us with such economic force that we will not be able to recover for decades.

And they know it, but we don’t.

But the Star column is as privileged white bread as you can get — sounding like some rich snot who becomes enraged because the foreign nanny spoke out of line. How dare she? I’ll show her! Do you know who I am?

Oh, get over yourself, you morons, and take some racial sensitivity courses.

Or didn’t you get the memo that this is the Woke Generation?

If China were to call Canada’s bluff, we’d be screwed, and royally.

The Globe and Mail also is making silly remarks: yes, Canada was in a weak position, but we have already lost that war. We lost it when the US knocked us off that pedestal. We got cocky and like our housing market, we vastly overestimated our value and power.

So is the National Post who are oblivious: China doesn’t need to “frighten” Canada — they can just fuck up the economy. They can flood the market and undercut us. They have intelligence they can use. If it comes to a brawl of might, Canada is cooked.

And once again, Canada had to go crawling to the United States for help because we are not an actual power.

Anger is not Canada’s friend. We can roar, and then get stomped on by someone who’s power is bigger than our own.

We don’t need propaganda sending us down the wrong path. We need an accurate picture of reality. We need strategy based on our own unique circumstances. This storm was brewing for months. We ignored it, thinking some They was going to make all better. It has gotten worse.

So instead of petty and vindictive rage puking based on nerdy revenge porn, we need a plan that actually works, given Canada’s deteriorating circumstances. Use wit, not a shit fit.

Because the longer this drags, the more incompetent and weak we show ourselves to be — and no temper tantrum can hide that bottom line…

When you have a Jealous Generation, learn to appreciate its comedy.







It’s my Christmas today. I am Eastern Orthodox and it is Serbian Christmas.

Христос се роди. Ваистину се роди.

But you already knew that…

Or not.

Perhaps you know how to make Toronto a bad city.

Maybe you know how to make France an angry country.

Maybe you don’t know how to stand up to babble puke mobs on Twitter and think a piece of paper will make your troubles go away.

Or maybe you know that you are doing sketchy things and then having to deny them.

Unlike the other Christmas that ends the year where it is all about showing off and getting things, the one that starts the year isn’t about getting gifts. It is about reflecting on your own self.

But while Western thought is me-centre, it never looks at the core.

Because if it did, it would realize it has a problem: that it is very jealous and the green-eyed monster is out of control. That is the real reason the Left hate Trump. They are jealous.

They are not just jealous of him, but he represents living life to the fullest on his own terms.

But as per Alinsky’s rule #4:

"Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."

The Left cannot admit flaw or that they themselves are not living up to their own book of rules.

And hence, we got an Age of Propaganda and an neo-Victorian Era.

All used to hide the fact we have jealous people who are just jealous.

They are not moral, intelligent, smart, compassionate.

Just jealous.

People liked the self-indulgent once upon a time when they weren’t so jealous.

They watched shows with characters who said and did outrageous things who made no apologies.

All before the Internet made promises that with no effort, they would be stars.

But for a generation who actually were dumb enough to buy that bullshit story, they never learned to struggle, or understand the importance of failure and self-correction.

Let alone self-reflection.

Or knowing their place.

Sometimes your place is not at the top.

Because life is not a pecking order.

Their jealousy got out of control, and they began to spin their jealousy as morality.

And it is not. It is just a green-eyed monster.

When you realize that everything is a sham because people are jealous of everything and everyone one, you see they are constantly conniving and scheming to find ways of ensuring no one ever gets to live their lives to the fullest.

And it is pure bullshit.

When you are someone who doesn’t get jealous or envious, it is beyond easy to see it.

The only factor is whether you see it as a comedy — which is the way you are supposed to see it — or a tragedy.

After getting pummelled in 2018 like nobody’s business, I could see the comedy, but not feel it.

2019 is a different story.

I can’t stop laughing.

You have jealous politicians. You have jealous CEOs. You have a jealous press. You have an extremely jealous Middle Class.

When you can look at yourself and reflect maturely and not competitively, you can easily live your own life on your own terms.

But when you are always wasting time on jealous games, you can’t see why your ways are the real cause of your own misery.

If I have one wish for the world in 2019, it is for people to own up to their own jealousy, and see it for the farce that it is.

You are not fooling all of the people all of the time. Face it. Face the fact that you have become a petty shit.

And get over yourself.

If I can have a year where I faced ovarian cancer as I was looking after a mother with her own cancer, and come out of it ready to take on the world without becoming conniving or bitter, then what’s your excuse?

How is it that I am not jealous or self-pitying?

If you are going keep comparing yourself to others, start with someone who isn’t jealous, and is having a very good laugh from the heart.

If you can do that, you’ve given yourself the best present you could possibly get.

Merry Christmas..

The Chaser Solution: Epilogue: おもいやり, baby!


Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 8.18.33 PM.png













Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 9.19.50 PM.png


Omoiyari. What a quaint notion. The idea of altruism. It is a not a notion taught in j-schools, but it is one I abide by because if you are in the business to teach and/or inform, that has to be your guiding motive.

Because knowledge is one of those things you give without losing it yourself.

So long as you understand that it is something without strings attached.

Too bad journalists never learned that lesson.

The Toronto Star never did, judging by this article with the link stating this:

Donald Trump has made at least 3,924 false claims so far in his presidency. The Star's Daniel Dale counted

How many lies did the Canadian PM make? How many did the Star?

How many secrets did the federal regime keep from the public? How many did the Star?

They both had a mutual secret that got exposed recently.

And it is a very treacherous one that is, in fact, scandalous.

But both the Star and the federal Grits are in serious trouble. That magic weed isn’t doing its trick, and the gullible rubes at the Globe and Mail think they know something, but they are morons.

Journalists failure to understand おもいやり has cost them their clout.

A profession thrives and progresses so long as it has innocence and idealism, from education to medicine to journalism.

When you allow psychopaths to infiltrate a noble profession and use sophistry and logical fallacies to cover up their wickedness, the profession becomes corrupt, rotten, and eventually FUBAR.


Canadian journalism is the best example of that rot that turned them into propaganda tools. The CBC doesn’t get it. They are speculating about Trump’s government shut down and how it could backfire. They do not understand military strategy, and hence, don’t see the big picture.

When I wrote OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism, I studied The O’Reilly Factor very carefully. I drew maps all over the place. I read every single transcript of the program from the first to the very last one before I could no longer update my book. I broke down his methods and strategies and treated them like military operation plans.


For good measure, I used my Britain’s toy soldiers to recreate five of his most effective gambits, with each soldier representing his arguments.

There was no wonder why he held full control for almost every debate save for one, which I wrote about at length that pretty much came off like this:

But Trump has a natural instinct that surpasses O’Reilly. You cannot interview a couple of “experts” and think you have figured him out.

Because journalists are so isolated from the world, that they have no idea who they are covering. They live in a psychic bubble and have less and less connect with the public.


No おもいやり.

おもいやり requires you to give, not to take.

It requires you to have respect for the past, nurture the present, and be a guardian for the future.

That’s not journalism.

Not anymore.

おもいやり guides me. I feel おもいやり and am grateful that I do.

I see things from the heart. I have emotions that give me as much information as my mind. It gives me the courage to face reality in order to find the truth.

Journalism could have been reinvented and stronger than ever. Instead of seeing problems as puzzles to solve, they decided they were going to brainwash 7.4 billion people and trick them into giving up their free will and liberties. Enough already.

Deal with your own rot first. Write exposés about the wickedness of your own profession. Once you see how far you have sunk, then you’ll understand how you got there and why people walked away from you.

Instead of scaring people, you should be making them brave.

That’s おもいやり.

That’s what is at heart of everything I do in my life, including a little resurrected site called…


The Chaser Solution: Chapter Eleven: The script doesn't play in the real world.








I talk a lot about war propaganda here. I also mention a lot about the board game Go.

I also talk about something called emotional literacy.

And all three of these threads are overlooked, particularly by those people who are conniving, but think they are smart.

Lying is an interesting dynamic. You have to feel like a complete inferior failure when you lie because you know the truth: that you either not as as great as other people, or you have no other advantage.

But to lie means you also have a conflicting superiority complex in that you think you are the smartest one in the room because you think no one will see through the lie.

If, as Sun Tzu noted, war is deception, then it stands to reason that war is a form of this kind of incompatible thinking. We know psychopaths lie to get their way, and they have no feelings towards others.

War is a collective psychopath.

We know one more thing: the more emotionally healthy and literate a person is, the more spontaneous, confident, secure, and unpredictable they are. The more unemotionally unhealthy a person is, they more scripted, rote, insecure, and predictable they are because they cling on to scripts to guide them.

In order for a psychopath to “win”, they have to rig boards and create rules for others to blindly follow. They have to make their lies look like reality. They have to gaslight people. They have to bully and shame them into following the script.

They have to ensure that people are selfish and self-obsessed so they are too busy trying to cover up their own defects that they don’t see how badly they are being manipulated.

They also have to create false narratives, find an enemy who stands out, and then get people to be equally focussed on the misdirection so they don’t see how they are being exploited by the real villain.

But there is a problem: the script doesn’t play in the real world.

Sooner or later, someone comes in, laughs at the script, and then ruins your production.

This is the reason the Left despise Donald Trump. They spent decades cultivating a foolproof script, shame anyone who opposed as being stupid, evil, crazy, primitive, and immoral, and rigging the board as they became the Establishment.

They pushed for “globalization” which was meant to ensure the entire world dutifully followed their script, and were spinning bullshit stories about fabled family “dynasties” instead of just admitting they were all for nepotism and keeping the spoils all for themselves.

And then Trump spoiled their script.

He is making strategic things that are fucking up the system. The moment the Democrats got control of the House, the rules all broke. The Democrats thought the strong economy was going to work for them and give the monies to try to fix the narrative, and now they know they are in a depression game board.

That means they are now in serious trouble. They cannot bribe voters because those voters are scared shitless trying to keep things together. All their rich friends are now in meltdown mode, meaning the billions they were banking on are now gone.

And all the game plans are worthless. It is truly remarkable.

Trump has no problem shutting down the government. For a long time. Over Christmas. Everything is going against the script.

Things that the Left have spent decades trying to tell the little people that Are Just Wrong. They drew a line in the sand, and bank on people not crossing the line.

I am not unfamiliar with being silly. When I was a kid, when I did something naughty, my mom would decree that I was punished.

There was no punishment. It was a loss of face, and a horrible mark on my honour. It worked like a charm until my uncle heard an instance, and then asked “What’s the punishment” before the little light went off in my head. Mom lost an effective racket, but I learned a lesson.

And I kept on learning from it.

Journalists have not learned a thing.


Canada hasn’t learned anything, either. There is a silly piece in the Globe and Mail that shows how clueless it is:

The Chinese government needs friends – people who are a lot like the Canadians it has detained

No, they don’t. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear to everything else in Canada, the World’s Factory produced it. If China refused to sell us anything, we’d be seriously fucked.

China doesn’t need Canada. We are not even a pimple on its backside. We could be wiped off the map tomorrow, China wouldn’t even feel it.

China has citizens with solid gold toilets, while our citizens cannot afford a dinky 10K gold chain. Cash for gold didn’t take off here if people were doing well..

The scary thing about all of these troubles is that Canada’s global scandals are exposing just how weak and inconsequential we are — and no one seems to notice because they are following scripts that do not play in the real world.

So let’s be frank with the Canadian public. China is the stronger power. They don’t need us, but we are completely dependent on them for our survival. You have people here whining about not getting free government money through Basic Income anymore: do you think they are going to go to a trade school, get educated, and then go work full-time in a factory to pick up the slack?

They found some script about how they are special and are hence entitled, and are now following it and believing it.

So, what has Canada done in 2018? Arrogantly alienated the US, Saudi Arabia, and China. We cannot take any moral high ground or have any virtuous airs by now throwing the sins of these nations in their faces because we put up with it when it suited our own lazy asses.

We decided to throw some non-existent weight around and talked down to all three of them, pretending to be superior. This was a bad mistake.

Because the script doesn’t play in the real world.

But only emotionally illiterate scrip- followers buy propaganda and get surrounded and sunk in a game of Go.

Like journalists did. And the federal government in Canada.


I don’t buy scripts. They are misdirections, not guides. And 2019 is going to show just how those scripts do not play in the real world. It will be a horrific year for those people. It will disillusioning that scripts aren’t good when you are in the chaos of anarchy and bad things come at you from all possible sides.

For people who do not follow scripts, 2019 will be a wonderful year. It is going to be one of those years where things take a strange shift. A few years ago, age was the factor: suddenly people over 40 were the hip and coveted ones, while the young generation were duds who played it safe. You can thank social media for turning over the old rules.

2019 will be a watershed year for a different reason. The architects of the old script are going to be in for a rough ride, and once the spell is broken, their flocks will turn on them. The scripts will be fodder for bonfires, and with that light, other things will be illuminated.

The stones on the Go board are turning into dominos.

And Chaser will be ready.

I don’t do scripts. I don’t panic. I don’t scare. I have proven my mettle in 2018. 2019 is going to be a fun year for me.

Get ready.

And that is your message from…


Living in a Zero-Risk country: It isn't as safe as you think. Nepotism, no regulations, just big promises, and then that big drop.



NPR had a dumbass story about how regular citizens are now completely helpless because the newspapers they weren’t buying or reading anymore were gone.


If those papers were useful, they would have read them, but journalists don’t see how much of their selfish bad attitude makes their work unusable.

For example, Rodney Stafford did not look in his local newspaper to find out that both of his child’s killers were transferred to Healing Lodge and Easier Jail. He found that out all by himself, and I commend him for it.

But the CBC’s response was very cruel, but disguised it well. They had this slap at him:

Why even the 'worst of the worst' criminals get transferred to medium-security prisons

Read: it happens all the time, and your kid isn’t that special.

The piece was an outrage, and an absolute spit in the face to the Stafford family.

And the reason why we need to appreciate and respect the Rodney Staffords of the world a little more.

Because he is living in the same country I do: the Zero-Risk Nation.

And it is the reason why one of his children was snatched away from him through no fault of his family, and then gets disrespected by a media outlet that has the nerve to pretend their ilk have value.


A Zero-Risk Nation gambles in the name of safety. A Zero-Gamble Nation builds by employing a series of risks. The goal to any utopia is to build on risk, know there is no such thing as a “sure thing”, that citizens may be cared for, but not nannied into passivity or self-entitlement, and not stoop to taking gambles, especially not those based on wishful thinking, arrogance, or folksy Middle Class logic.

Citizens are not nannied because should a threat come from the outside, citizens are active, vigilant, and capable enough to hold their own. That threat is unlikely to be an invasion, but there is economic downturns, natural disasters, grifters, and the like.

True journalism requires a Zero-Gamble Mindset. Canada is a Zero-Risk Country. Our journalism has collapsed, and the mindset of the profession holds much of the blame.

When you appeal to authority, you are taking a gamble, but when nepotism brings you those authorities, you can be sure the reason is (a) people are familiar with the name, thinking there is no risk, and (b) they are taking a gamble assuming one relative is a reasonable facsimile for the other.

And Canada, like Serbia, has a serious nepotism infestation. If we look at the names of the current roster of politicians in play: Trudeau, Ford, Mulroney, Blair — what we see is people in power who have built-in name recognition and had careers predicated on their relative’s name.

It is seen as “safe”, and even if it is proven to be a bad strategy, a Zero-Risk society still uses the same formula because it requires risk to alter it.

I find the brouhaha over OPP Commissioner a telling sign of Zero-Risk: Ron Taverner is a friend of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, and despite the protests, various levels within the province did not stand in its way — that is, until the interim Commissioner Brad Blair (no relation to Bill Blair in a shocking twist) wrote a letter urging the province to stop gambling with its choices.

Mind you, if Ford were a Liberal, the press would have remained silent. His victory threw a monkey wrench in all the Left-wing nepotistic games, and now they are merely drawing attention to the Right’s versions, hoping that the misdirection will draw attention away from their own. If it sucks when the Right does it, it sucks the when the Left does it.


A Zero-Risk Mindset is an unnatural one: it is a lie and a con, and all lies and cons require a narrative to lure in prey. A Zero-Risk Society breeds nepotism, but to keep the racket going, you need to groom people to be happy with having no real upward mobility because the real glass ceiling is nepotism.

Because the leaders have an expectation of entitlement, they are passive by nature: people give them things. They do not actually have to go out and earn them. Their mindset is passive. They gamble because they think they are innately entitled and fortunate.

And that means they do not struggle. They do not understand strategy — a form of thinking where you cannot rely on any script — nor do they understand risk.

They follow the script that worked for their predecessors. They are misaligned with the times and the places, meaning they are removed from reality.

And when you have regimes who do not understand the nuances of failure, defeat, pain, loss, or suffering, they are not intellectual alchemists.

They have suffered no spiritual death; hence they cannot turn lead (defeat) into gold (victory). They assume people will just give them gold because of who they are or that they have a Midas touch, which they cannot.

In Canada, where the Middle Class embrace Zero-Risk, we see how their perpetual ignorance has harmed them. They are as passive as the nepotistic leaders they elect. They make no demands because that would draw attention to their own slumps and problems, going against their sunny Facebook posts.

Because no one wants to draw attention to problems, those problems are never confronted, and it is the reason why Canada has so many people lose their life savings in various scams, and the news media covers it only after it is too late.

Like the Globe and Mail’s piece:

Inside the fall of Fortress

Fortress Real Developments raised $920-million from 14,000 Canadians who thought they were getting low-risk, steady income. Now, as the company comes under the pressure of an RCMP investigation and faltering projects, some face the prospect of devastating losses.

The Globe had the nerve to label this under “Investigations”, but that’s bullshit: investigations means cutting it off at the pass, not when bankrupt people come crying to you.

But the mindset of the victims of Zero-Risk is very telling:

Four years ago, Mr. Narciso was framing a roof in Toronto when he fell several metres, breaking his spine and leaving him partially paralyzed. Confined to a wheelchair and unable to work, the now 58-year-old received a $500,000 insurance settlement to help support himself, Ms. Cortes and their daughter, now five years old.

The couple wanted to put the money into a safe, income-generating investment but had little experience with investing. An acquaintance introduced them to an adviser well-known in Toronto’s Portuguese community, who suggested one of their best options was to invest in a so-called syndicated mortgage, a pool of funds that would help finance early-stage real estate projects.

We have hit every single benchmark of Zero-Risk thinking within the first paragraph: they wanted “safe.” They trusted an acquaintance, not someone they researched. They went with a “name”. They went within their own ethnic group.

But it goes on:

“He said that the only way it could go wrong was if the real estate market collapsed, which was extremely unlikely at that point,” recalls Ms. Cortes, 35.

In 2015, the couple agreed to hand over their whole $500,000 settlement, joining 600 other investors who would collectively pool $36-million for the Collier Centre project.

What Mr. Narciso and Ms. Cortes didn’t know was that Collier Centre was just emerging from bankruptcy protection and that a group of earlier syndicated mortgage investors still had not been repaid the $16.9-million they’d put up back in 2012.

“If we had any warning of risk anywhere, we wouldn’t have put all our money into this,” says Ms. Cortes, who is expecting a new baby in the spring.

To avoid risk, they took an enormous gamble with their entire investment, which has gone to money heaven. They worked on trust, not on finding out something about the Centre that turned their gamble into a sure-fire money-sink.

To avoid risk, they gambled a painfully-earned half million.

But they think the trouble was risk. It wasn’t.

It was the gamble on a “sure thing.”

But it isn’t just about the money. Let’s go back to the reason why they had that much money to give to grifters: the husband did work that crippled him.

How come?

It wasn’t his doing: we live in a country that has no rules or regulations because to have them is an admission that things go wrong and that people do bad things. You use tools that do not work and malfunction. You have jobs with no real security or safety. You are playing Russian Roulette every time you go to work, and the government’s solutions have businesses howling, even though those measures don’t actually address the problem.

As a college instructor, I had to watch online videos from the Ontario government about workplace safety.

And it was total unhelpful bullshit.

But in a Zero-Risk Society, that’s what you can get: simple and simplistic answers because it is too scary to admit there are real dangers that can be catastrophic and permanent.


The worst problem with a Zero-Risk Mindset is that level of conniving manipulators who pollute societal function. They play mind games, try to shame and sabotage genuine talent not just ot break them and prevent them from achieving what they can and should — but in such a way as to trick them into becoming their servants in order to make them look good.

Sooner or later, people stop trying, and then begin to sabotage the saboteurs.

The latent anarchy is neither good nor bad — it all depends on the filters used to see it.

A moral and constructive group in anarchy can turn it into paradise where no one is exploited, ignored, abused, or impeded.

An immoral and destructive group in anarchy can turn it into the place below hell where everyone exploits and abuses everyone else.

It depends on whether the collective take risks or gambles.

Canadian journalism is defined and entrenched in a Zero-Risk Mindset.

To rebuild, it takes a Zero-Gamble Mindset, but too many people have made careers on gambles, but no risk because they praised the very scripts that destroyed them, and as they do not want to admit flaw or fault, they will cling on to the script until their last breath.

It is the reason an alternative to journalism requires to completely bypass the old wreck with the mindset that Risk is optimal.

It also requires Utopian Scholarship.

Utopian scholarship, she says?

What is that, you say?

Something to discuss at a later date and time, but suffice to say, I am a Radical Centrist, and to be one means to be an active risk-taker whose genre of empiricism is utopian scholarship.

2019 will be a very interesting year for me.

Stay tuned…

The Chaser Dilemma, Part Five: Perceptional Filters can be hazardous to your health.


Canada just cannot orient itself with its spat with China.

The old scripts do not apply, and yet those collective perceptual filters keep getting in the way.

The US President has essentially said he will bail us out of this mess if it secured a trade deal.


But the Globe and Mail doesn’t get it:

Trump should be more careful not to cast doubt on his administration’s commitment to the rule of law, said Roland Paris, a University of Ottawa international-affairs expert who was Trudeau’s first foreign policy adviser.

“The president’s remark was troubling,” he said. “Canada is acting in good faith, responding to a U.S. extradition request in accordance with the law.”

This spectacle has nothing to do with those fucking rules: it has to do with showing Canada that they do not have options, and that their leader is the junior partner who is less capable than the senior one.

Senpai and kōhai and unfortunately for the kōhai, senpai noticed us.

Macron made the fatal error of talking down to Trump, and now he has no backing from his own people as the fires of discontent are spreading to other parts of Europe. It is not as if French citizens have any love for the US president or are marching directly because of him, but now that the global rigs have been torn down, the old playbooks no longer apply.

Any world leader who has coasted on memorizing rules, and then functioning on autopilot is going to crash and burn.

Memorizing rules is not the same as being intelligent. You can memorize the scripture, but it works only if everyone else sanctions those rules, and there is no one whose will can turn over and break the rules to challenge that scripture.

Using adlibtures — following your own strategies based on critical and lateral thinking as you assess your environment and are aware of its unstable nature — is what true intelligence is, but when society follows a script, they focus on the rules, not the environment. All it takes is someone in an Establishment position to snatch that book, piss on it, and then slap you across the face with it, and reality of the chaos is revealed behind that façade of order.

Canada is a nannied vassal state that doesn’t see its leaders have been making tactical errors because the old rules no longer apply and they haven’t been able to think.

Both former prime ministers Stephen Harper and Jean Chretien were adept at active thinking in very different ways. Both were excellent strategists who could read not just the signs within their borders, but understood the US, and could navigate and negotiate with those stronger powers.

The current prime minister is not of that ilk. He coasted on his name and jeunesse, and isn’t a strategist. Vanity is an optical strategy that is contingent on everyone agreeing what seems flattering. Wearing weird socks and taking selfies is cute and all, and works in a Sanrio world, but the global genre has suddenly changed, and now it looks like childish incompetence.

Canada’s problem is that the other two party leaders are of the same ilk. All three look like middle managers at some mid-level marketing company.

And the US has a bonafide Titan of Industry who has decades of experience.

What you have is a federal regime who do not have survival skills up against a shark who has been slowly luring the bait into an ocean filled with angry sharks. Within a span of a year, Canada has stepped in dog shit after dog shit, thinking everything will somehow magically turn around.

There is no magic to the turnaround. Step one is to stop stepping in dog shit. Step two is to look at your feet to see where you have been going until now, and face that reality. Step three requires to admit that you keep stepping in dog shit, and there is no benefit to stepping in that dog shit, and that you have developed a habit of stepping in dog shit because you do not seem to have an ability to look where the fuck you are going because you have stuck your nose in a rule book because you are too afraid to exercise your brain without someone else telling you how to think and what to do.

The other steps require you to learn from your mistakes, know where you truly need to be, and then turning around on your own as you learn to be vigilant and careful not to step in dog shit again.

The end.

You do not try to lie as you argue that it is the master plan to step in dog shit. You do not try to fib and say there are benefits to stepping in dog shit, or go so far as to deny that you stepped in dog shit.

You are not fooling anybody, not even yourself.

Those who have the ability not to step in dog shit in the first place use their brains and are aware. That is A-list leader material. The ones who avoid it, but unleash the hounds to make piles for others to step in are more devious, but if they know how to avoid it, they are still competent leaders.

The B-list are the ones who step in it, but admit it, clean up the mess, and prove to have a learning curve.

The C-list keep stepping in it, knowing they do, but don’t seem to know how to correct the problem, but at least can figure out that there is a problem that someone will have to correct.

The there is the D-list who keep stepping in it, and deny everything as they keep stepping in it because they do not want to admit they have flaws and make mistakes. They have no intuition, emotional literacy, or gut instinct, and it shows.

Canada has had A-list prime ministers from both the Left and the Right who have taken care of this nation, but now we have a D-lister whose dog shit-stepping has become a serious liability.

Just as I have pulled out from under a mountain of rubble and I can still stand and still have the drive to get on with my goals.


If I were a character in a well-known fairytale, I would be the little impudent brat who called out the Emperor for not wearing any clothes. “Hey, the dude is naked!” I would be shouting because I have no filter. Fuck politeness, fuck fear, fuck the rule book, the loon is running loose on the street without wearing anything, and he if doesn’t know he’s naked or that he was taken in by a couple of hucksters, then what else doesn’t he know?

In the story, everyone had to acknowledge the obvious — except the Emperor who keeps marching. He is the D-lister and it has finally been exposed.

These days, half the town would say it is a grand and glorious thing to march naked, never mind how it came about: because the leader trusted the wrong advisors who swindled him. The kid would be accused of being some Russian troll, and citizens would be flaming each other on Twitter.

And the fact remains that there was a breakdown in the leadership.

So how do you begin?

You point out a trouble spot — you show where a problem is naked for the world to see — and what it means.

Sure, you will have people agree with you — assuming that you also agree with their filters that allow them to see certain things, but not others.

But what happens if you don’t wear filters, or at least the same filters, and you point out the rot that they don’t like?

Brett Kavanaugh veered off a script, and now you have former supporters accusing him of betraying them. This is the level of tolerance you are dealing with these days. March lockstep every step of the way — or else.

This kind of brattiness doesn’t give any incentive for marching at all. I mean, if you are going to be a tyrant, then go march by yourself. Fuck you.

When you do not adhere to a sanctioned ideology, you are not mainstream, but when you are Radical Centrist who is in the the core of a spectrum, but are still considered to be an outsider, it makes for an interesting, but still uphill battle.

In a world of impossible demands, to be sensible is radical. When you believe that different people have different life requirements and that there is no need to be competitive, but cooperative and tolerant, even of people you do not like — all while everyone pulls their own weight and don’t hoard resources just because they are selfish — you are seen as either naive, stupid, or strange.

And that’s where I begin. I do not have the last name of an iconic prime minister. I would not want it, either, because it would only get in my way. I am not someone who panders.

But I am someone who speaks from the heart. I do not wear blinders or filters, and even though the world is filled with scary, cruel, and mean, I believe there is a better way than hatred, anger, and fear.

I am also nobody’s fool. I have had people say seemingly mean things to me, but I adore them because they are being honest, and what they said is true. I have had people give me seemingly big praise, and I know they are playing a game with me because it is not real praise, but a secret insult.

I don’t chase praise. I am not trying to impress.

I am informing. I believe that nothing liberates individuals and collectives more than facts.

I don’t want Chaser to become some sort of ideological hub. I want it to be the place where you get facts, and then use them in the way you need in your own life without Alexandra Kitty meddling.

It is no different than going to the hardware store and buying a hammer and nails. You might be building stairs, and deck, or a dog house. You might be boarding up an old house, or building a new house.

But this will be the intellectual hardware store for your building needs.

I will leave the projects up to you.

This will be a Dog Shit Free Zone, at least in the intellectual sense, anyway…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Nine: We don't need another hero because we're overcrowded with villains as it is.



Now the ugly truth about disgraced Liberal MP Raj Grewal is coming out.

Too little, too late, assholes.

You always wait until it’s too late.

You hang out in those hallways and you hear everything; so this wasn’t news to anyone in the press.

The Toronto Star tried to spin his basketball obsession as a good thing, but sports and gambling go together, and shows you the incompetence of the reporters who did not grow immediately suspicious and start to dig deeper.

The Star was amused by it all, which was patently racist. People are people, and it is not cute that I am a fan of boxing just because I am female and used to engage in the sport.

But the press has a serious problem of wanting to manufacture heroes and using archaic templates to do it.

All it does is encourage villains to wear the mask, and when they get caught, they often have a victim mask ready for back-up.

I will not be indulging in that bullshit. You want applause, shotgun, go pay an entourage.

I am just interested in the facts, not stroking egos because the world is filled with vain and selfish villains, and we don’t need to make any more of them…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Eighteen: Journalists are neither saints nor martyrs. They have hidden too many sins.

Journalists have no reasoning skills whatsoever. Overprecise and overconfident, their ability to see reality has always been nonexistent because they have no formal training in it and it shows.

But they sure as hell love to tell the little people how moral and superior they are.

We died for you! they shout as if they were Jesus.

Dear Globe and Mail: foreign journalists have gotten themselves killed. Fuck your moral masturbation, and worse, hitching your ride on someone else’s murder.

Which is the complete fault of the profession because like everything else, they have devised a sum total of zero strategies and zero standards.

You ride a motorcycle without a helmet and drive it off a cliff, and you then complain about the hazard?

And it is a drop in the bucket to the number of First Nations women in Canada who get slaughtered so again, fuck you.

No one at the Globe can ever claim to be of the moral ilk of Chauncey Bailey, Daniel Pearl, or Dickey Chapelle (Person #15, Person #16, and Person #17 of the List of People Everyone Should Know) who were going against the grain of their profession, and it was their employers who failed to give them the adequate protection they needed. Blame corporate incompetence and negligence for their deaths. They were all rare gems in a profession that would rather speculate about celebrity boobies than do real work.

This is a profession that has no common sense.

Take a look at this propaganda piece, filed under “Midterms”:

Restoring The Moral Compass

You mean, Make America Great Again?

Memo to News and Guts: you not only are cowards, you are plagiarists ripping off Donald Trump.

And here is another memo: there never was a moral compass; so you have nothing to restore.

The Hill Times wonders why the federal Tories don’t like journalism.

Answer: because you spew liberal propaganda because you always gravitate toward whatever political party at the time pretends to be holier than thou so that you can hide your sins and act indignant should anyone call you out for your lies.


That issue of Time was a turning point for me. Not only did that issue imply that mass Serbian graves were Muslim, they ran that cover without ever mentioning to their readers that a German reporter noticed that the wire was on the wrong side; and that those people in the picture weren’t fenced in, giving a completely different context. (I had interviewed that reporter for a story I tried to do, but was axed at the last second because the editor was frightened off when the worst offending PR firm thumped its chest and he caved).

I wrote to Time outlining every lie and contradiction in a four page letter; they violated my moral rights, publishing a one paragraph and highly-altered version without my permission.

The late Pearl was one of the few journalists covering the war who did not fall for the PR firm bullshit stories against Serbs. The others did, and it should be no surprise that the one who was rational and objective was killed in another war, and the other stenographers all got cushy jobs as talking babblers.

I had said from the beginning of the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia that journalists lied, and knew they were lying.

And now they are starting to admit to their deceptions in a very interesting way, and thank the mess Saudi Arabia has gotten itself into for the slip.

This BBC series on the House of Saud says it all: the war was not started by Serbs but by radicalized Sauds. They parachuted in, caused bloodshed, lived in Bosnia — the land they stole from the very Serbs they maligned, and then did damage on 9-11 in New York City.

And journalists knew this tidbit all along.

They are changing their tune because they are exploiting the dead and hacked up body of Jamal Khashoggi, a partisan and dubious “reporter” with questionable ties to various groups: but they are remaking him as a saintly crusading reporter who died as a journalistic crusader…

But to make this lie seem as if it were a truth, they are now having to demonize the Saudis as they are forced to admit to certain truths about the former Yugoslavia in the divine passive, trying to hide the fact the (a) they kept this crucial piece of information back as they were making glorious careers for themselves and selling newspapers, and (b) they were complicit in war crimes and war propaganda.

Most Western journalists covering that war should be rotting in The Hague.

The number of journalists getting killed pales in comparison to the number of people who were slaughtered thanks to their ignorant propaganda.

If you believe a word a reporter says, you are a fucking moron who settles for shit.

This is a profession without instinct or insight. They have no empiricism or innovation. They spew garbage as they virtue-signal and plagiarize the same playbook as the Catholic church.

You’re not gods, you miserable assholes.

Chaser News was created to create a humbler and saner vehicle for information.

Chaser is coming back, but it is going to be different in many ways.

It will provide news about propaganda. It will be news about reality. It is not going to tell you what to think or how to think, but it will make you question your own thinking.

Like Harry Houdini and James Randi, it will show precisely how journalists have scammed and continue to scam the public. It is not like Project Veritas, however. They have the wrong mindset in dealing with those narcissistic knuckle-draggers.

It will first build a scaffolding. It will be serious for a short time.

And then it will be unleashed as halos are revealed to be nothing more than a tin-foil hat…