How the federal Liberals are handing the Tories a campaign hook.




When Donald Trump ran for president, he had his mantra aside from Make America Great Again.

Lock her up.

And Clinton made that fairly easy for her rival to use that hook to radicalize his base.

But the federal Liberals are making that hook for their rivals.

This commentary has got it all wrong:

ANALYSIS: Biggest peril for Team Trudeau is that Liberals are at war with each other

No, the biggest peril is for a rival to campaign on a promise to open an investigation into SNC-Lavalin if he is elected. Lock him up.

The Tories or NDP can promise to open up what the Liberals keep shutting down. The Grits are leaking everything else but won’t be open about their SNC-Lavalin fuckery.

This election can get very nasty very fast, the more the Grits try to contain it, the more people will want to open that vault of sins to see what’s so exciting in there, giving the Tories the perfect hook to set off their first grenade…

Memo to Dawna Friesen: Journalism no longer is a pillar of democracy. It is actively trying to destroy it.

It is very common these days for journalists to misuse their outlets to run little propaganda campaigns to instruct the little people how they cannot live without them, and Global News’ Dawna Frieson is playing that same arrogant and deluded game with this propaganda spew:

I’m going to take advantage of you — my captive audience — if you’ll indulge me for a few minutes, to talk about journalism.

So right off the bat, Frieson acknowledges what she is doing is unethical. Wonderful.

Just like the war propaganda movies Hollywood churned out in the 1940, people are being asked to listen to a narrative how they would be moronic savages who did not know right from wrong if it weren’t for people parading as journalists.

Canadian journalists have no right to consider their profession part of democracy.

Media concentration in Canada was always abnormally high; so where Friesen gets her bullshit ideas from is anyone’s guess. Torstar and Postmedia are just about it in print, and Torstar’s recent acquisition of iPolitics has resulted in layoffs because a diversity of voices is too democratic a concept for media owners.

Yet she spews on:

You know that journalism is a business, too. And it’s a business that is seriously under threat. The business model of the traditional newspaper, radio and TV station is broken. Advertisers are going elsewhere — mostly online. The way we consume news has changed rapidly.

Journalism was never under threat: they fucked up their own fortunes by thinking they were perfect and in no need to change or bring in fresh and innovative ideas. You alienated yourselves from your audiences, what else do you want? This paranoid ideation has no basis in reality. Journalism isn’t a damsel in distress: it is an obnoxious spoiled brat that never listens to reason or thinks reality applies to them. You made your bed, sister, now lie in it.

And now the arrogant delusions become unleashed:

But here’s the thing about journalism. It’s more than a business. It’s a pillar of democracy. Journalism underpins every free society. It informs, it uncovers truth, and it holds power to account. Without knowledge about what’s happening in your town, your province, your country, you can’t be an informed citizen. And if you aren’t an informed citizen, you can’t make informed decisions about the kind of community you want to live in, and the kind of political leaders you choose to represent you.

No, journalism has proved to be anything but a pillar of democracy. People found alternative modes and bypassed the gate-keepers.

Journalists were given special powers of having access to communications — that is far from having democratic underpinnings. Now that everyone has the same access, you should have reinvented yourselves: instead, you are asking people to give you more credibility and powers than other people. That’s vile.

You have no standardized empirical methods to do your jobs. You are not licensed, nor have any governing body to investigate your transgressions. You are not doctors, teachers, or lawyers who have to go through hoops to get those letters after your name. You spew a few snippets: that’s not information people can actually use.

When I was asked to speak at a book club yesterday, the complaints I heard about all the things journalism didn’t know was rational and true.

I can personally attest to journalists cribbing from press releases without disclosing the information because that was the impetus for me becoming a journalist in the first place.

The propaganda continues:

Right now, journalism is under assault not just because the business model is broken, but because there are political forces actively working to undermine it and discredit it. An army of online trolls and activists question the veracity of stories they don’t like, attack individual journalists they don’t like, and ridicule institutions that for decades have been trusted sources of news.

State-supported trolls from places like Russia and Saudi Arabia seed our news feeds with false stories and conspiracy theories, and actively work to undermine western liberal democracies.

Paranoia and fear-mongering trash. So Friesen openly decides to scare people into maintaining her job. She is being a troll, and not a classy one to boot.

Journalism isn’t under attack: it made its own messes by being willfully irresponsible. I have written three large and well-documented books on how they did this to themselves.

Do not buy the lie. Journalists have told so many bullshit stories, that they should all be held legally accountable.

And the shameless and vile manipulation goes on:

I think we are living in a dangerous time. We live in Canada, not America, but we’re not immune to the rancour and the division and the political dysfunction that we’re watching unfold in the United States.

It is journalists who are causing that division because they are livid that Donald Trump unrig their chess board and outsmarted them. They fellated him in their outlets for decades, and then, when he realized he could win without those losers and proved journalism is dead, they were going to destroy their own country to prove a point.

It is journalists who are inciting war and making a mockery of justice. You people played games in the former Yugoslavia. You played games in the Gulf Wars. You played games in countless countries in my lifetime, and the psychopathic machinations are unforgivable.

Yet she continued to write babble because no one thought to hold an intervention:

So here’s my message to you. Be an active part of the solution. Don’t be drawn into partisan ugliness that paints political opponents as traitors and the enemy. Support quality journalism. Think of it as a public service.

Yes, just take the partisan Left side of the press and give them lots of money for them to tell you how to think. Lovely.

Journalists used to be seen as the public watchdog. Don’t fall for the line that we are the enemy of the people. That’s the talk of a dictator who wants to silence those who question him.

No, Ms Friesen, you are the enemy of the people. You were once the almighty ideological dictators who destroyed lives. The fact that you people use press releases to cover international hard news stories convict you of the charge. The traumas I have witnessed thanks to Western journalists are shocking. Stop pretending to be moral. When I had procured videos of Serbian soldiers being tortured by enemy sides and offered Canadian news producers the chance to see them so they would stop presenting Serbs as Nazis who weren’t being victimized in the war, they said So what?

I wrote countless letters to news outlets — including your Global News, and was dismissed no matter how much evidence I had to flat-out counter the lies told night after night.

And I would discover that Serbs were hardly the only ones.

Then a real knee-slapper:

A well-functioning democracy requires free and diverse news media capable of keeping people informed, holding powerful people to account, and enabling informed public discussion of public affairs. It is not elitist to value the truth.

Perhaps, but none of your practice what you preach; so enough with the moral masturbation.

And then, the sales pitch.

Quality journalism increases public knowledge, political participation and engagement. It helps reduce corruption, expose the nefarious. Just look at the power of the #MeToo movement, which was driven by strong women who came forward, and journalists who told their stories.

And here’s my most important point. Don’t expect to get quality journalism for free. It’s not a giveaway. You need to pay for it.

The big failing of the internet — which gave us access to the world — is that we expect to get it for free. Unless news organizations are owned by a billionaire like Jeff Bezos, that’s not sustainable.

So pay for news, subscribe online. Demand quality. Consider the source of what you are reading and watching.

Don’t get sucked in by clickbait. It just panders to sites which thrive on viral video.

Read and listen and watch a variety of sources. Keep yourself informed. Learn to recognize a bad argument, a false equivalency, and a poorly sourced story.

Give us money!

Are you throwing a free Slap Chop if we do?

This isn’t an article.

It is an advertorial.

Notice there is not a shred of proof of anything in this piece. No hard evidence of what journalism has actually done: she merely rambles and takes it as a truism without coughing up the goods.

Notice not once does she ever entertain the notion that journalism should look inward to see how they can change and improve.

Nope, it is Trump’s fault.

Uh-huh. Likely story.

A lousy journalism outfit.

And even worse salespeople.

At Donald Trump knows how to sell, and he knows what your lot is truly worth…

The Ethics of Journalistic Narcissism: When you're a journalist, it really is all about you.

When journalists talk about themselves to the public, they all say the same thing as they all walk lockstep with each other.

And it has nothing to do with reality.

That is one of the biggest reasons the profession collapsed: it is too self-absorbed to see anything else because those big egos keep getting in the way.

I have written books about the reality of journalism since 2005, and I worked as a journalist doing so. I was working as a scientist and observer, looking at the dynamics of the newsroom as I studied those in the profession.

It was like watching someone running toward a cliff with a steep drop and missing all the signs, completely convinced that nothing bad would happen to them because they were just that special.

And they fell off the cliff.

They fell off a cliff even when people like me were writing books warning them that there was a cliff that did not have the same rig of ground there to prop them up.

Matt Gurney's goofy commentary is a case in point. It is a rambling and babbling piece of drivel that completely misses the point of what happened:

I am consistently amazed by how many literate, well-read people genuinely have no idea about the economic Armageddon crushing the industry. Maybe it’s because we don’t talk about this publicly outside of dry business reports about ad revenue and debt burdens. Is it out of embarrassment? Privacy? Denial? I couldn’t say. But I’m not always sure the modern journalist’s determination to keep a stiff upper lip is doing us much good in the long run.

Journalists don't talk about their economic woes? Are you serious? You make dire threats about what will happen to democracy in your rags every chance you get as you shameless beg the government to bail you out. You have your little Fear and Pity tours that are thinly disguised as "j-talks" -- and this web site had chronicled the endless whining and temper tantrums journalists have been throwing for months.

Like the Denver Post whose few remaining scribes have been throwing loud and self-pitying fits because they are losing their jobs.

You don't talk about it?

It is the only other thing journalists babble about beside Donald Trump rightfully calling the profession fake news.

Journalists are one of the least trusted professions that also happens to be one of the top professions that attract psychopaths.

Do we see how the two are related?

The more journalists talk about themselves, the more people they turn off with their narcissism and the constant dire threats that the world will collapse without journalists. That is the ethics of narcissism: you thump your chest and then make threats to the little people how they need you.

No, they don't.

You are not suffering for your art. You are all hoping this whole Internet thing will just go away, people will dumb down and settle for losing their voices, and all come crawling back to you so you can do the same thing that you have always been doing: shilling skewed opinion as news as you cover the beautiful people hoping to get a patronage appointment.

That is not how one keeps an industry alive and thriving.

It is about questioning every atom of your profession, criticizing it, and them experimenting and improving it.

And that requires shutting up about your boring old war stories, and thinking about something other than yourselves.

If journalists did that even ten years ago, your fortunes wouldn't be in a pine box.

And people like me weren't screaming from the top of our lungs because we wanted a profession to die.

We did it because we wanted it to thrive.

The mortal wounds journalism suffered were self-inflicted.

But that's what happens to people with a selfish mindset: they never see reality because their filters never allow any fact that proves their grandiose theories about their invincibility and superiority wrong....