A fake expert was quoted in multiple media outlets as being legitimate? You don't say, Gizmodo!

A fake expert was believed and quoted without anyone asking questions?

You don’t say!

Remember the Lying Dutchman? The social psychologist who made up his studies, and then the press believed them, for like, years?

They didn’t learn from that episode — and in fact, got even worse because they didn’t even double-check the new champ’s creds.

I wrote the book on these kinds of things, and it is common enough that one wonders why journalism never had a vigorous screening process on their so-called “experts.”

Did you read their studies? Their books? I have done so, and I have even had people who wanted to interview me make sure that got and read the book before interviewing me.

I may be eccentric and not fit any simple and sanctioned label, but my credentials are sound, verifiable, and above reproach.

And I have had people interview me who had no clue who I was at all. I have turned down interviews because I wasn’t the one who could or should speak on the topic.

So not only is this not surprising, there are a lot more fake experts being quoted even now, and nothing ever changes…