US Media concentration is as bad as Canada's, and is getting worse.

Gannett and Tribune are thinking about merging.

We long ago have had a media dictatorship. In Canada, that dictatorship in print is in the hands for the federal government who now gets to control them with their strings-attached money.

There is no free speech when it comes to journalism, and Big Tech is getting in on the act. For those who worry about their rights and freedoms, your fears are grounded.

We are not living in a democracy. We are living in an illusion of it, and even that delusion is fast fading…

GateHouse Media acquires New Jersey Herald...

We are seeing the kind of media concentration in the US that Canada has pretty much always had.

While Gannett and Digital First are duking it out, neither are heroes in this narrative. People still don’t realize that in having no true independent media, we have no real information, meaning bad things are getting more corrupt and emboldened.

I have a lot more to say about those consequences, and will sometime today…

Journalism's hot mess continues.

Not all crap is in the Western press, as “the sightings” of dead person Muammar Gaddafi in Chad is proven to be a hoax. Apparently, the Senegalese media outfits cut and paste from parody sites. Good job.

A Vice Canada’s former editor’s legal woes over this whole drug thing continue. Yeah, they don’t call it Vice for nothing, kids!

The noose around Gannett is tightening as the Asset-squeezers are not letting up so easy.

Newspaper printing has been outsourced at big dailies…as a part of asset-squeezing.

We have Reality Deniers at the New Yorker talking about Trump’s “shrunken presidency”, when his approval ratings remain unchanged. You truly live in the Land of the Stoned and Bladdered.

Oh, the the chicken littles at the New York Times are scared of AI reporters. Don’t worry, darlings, they’ll be just as shitty at the job as you are now.

And that big push how journalists are the guardians of the universe seems to be fading as circulations and ratings continue to plummet…

Memo to Poynter: Just how many journalists have to be fired before your profession faces reality?


Gannett is slashing jobs and Poynter is whining about it. When all those people in the Rust Belt lost their jobs, journalists didn’t make a big deal out of it, just labelled them as idiots and fascists for voting for the presidential candidate who was the only one with a job platform.

Now that journalists are being discarded like used toilet paper, they act as if they were wronged in some horrible way and it is a national tragedy.

The press are acting as if a political cartoonist losing his job was akin to him being murdered.


Not even close.

You have journalists who keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

Wrong answer, kids!

Rats and pigeons being trained to modify their behaviour pick up faster than you are…

Gannett in the crosshairs of Asset-Squeezers. When the vultures come in, the body is already cold to the touch.

For all the Trump hysteria, journalism is still dead. Gannett is in the crosshairs of asset-squeezers, and that is the sign that there is nowhere to go but down…about six feet.

Gannett has been slashing jobs for years. Journalism is incestuous by nature, and very isolationist, and that the numbers in the business keep dwindling reinforces their dysfunctional narcissism and cult-like delusions that they are martyrs and superior to those they report to and those they are covering.

This situation was entirely avoidable. When you are arrogant, conniving, and ignorant at the same time, certain realities do not compute. Stenographers are not saviours.

The profession doesn’t get it, and that they are now being taken over by companies who have no media experience says it all. The ship has sailed, but expect more wallow puking in the weeks ahead…