Facebook moderators see horrific things...so did I. Except I wasn't making a quarter of a million dollars a year for it.

The Verge has a sob piece about the horrible “working conditions” of Facebook moderators.

Yeah, they see graphic things.

So do police, soldiers, firefighters, social workers, and doctors and nurses every day.

I did, too.

First during the war in the former Yugoslavia. I got my hands on video footage of Serbian soldiers and civilians being tortured and killed by Croat and Bosnian forces, as well as the Mujahideen who were dispatched there.

I saw soldiers getting roasted on a spit. I saw eyes getting gouged out. I saw horrific and traumatic things and I was in my late teens.

And then, when I called editors and producers to tell that their coverage was skewed and that there was footage of atrocities being committed against Serbs, I was told “So what.”

I didn’t become a conspiracy theorist. I didn’t become broken or hardened. It just realized journalism was a sham, and decided to do something about it.

I couldn’t help those dead people. All I could do is promise them I would fight for truth and peace until my very last breath, and ensure that I built a foundation that would carry it on long after I died.

The second time I saw disturbing coverage was when I had to shot list wire feed a few years later. It was disturbing, but not as disturbing in comparison.

I was still sad at what I saw, but my job was to ensure that someone in the newsroom would run the story so that people would know what was going on in the world. I learned how to list things in such a way that the most disturbing information would get an editor’s attention and would run with it. I had a very good batting average.

If you retreat at injustice, you are a very me-centred person.

If you push forward and do active things, you are a very you-centred person.

I take no pleasure at looking at disturbing images. I avoid it, but reality can be very ugly, and we have far too many people with sick ideas and no impulse control.

And they are putting their work on Facebook in an attempt to normalize their destruction. It is very deliberate. Once they shock and create an unnatural habit, then they have a foot in the door and try to lure people to see what they are doing as normal, moral even.

I was a teenager, and I never saw it as moral, just, or normal. Those people are bullies, and even they don’t believe it, either.

They want to control other people, and be on the top of a fake pecking order, and this is the only way they know how to do it.

If someone did to them what they do to others, they would be hollering the loudest.

It is a vile game.

If Facebook wanted to be of service, they ought to record the names and addresses of all of these people, and then publish them in a list along with what sick thing they did.

And then call up their mothers and fathers to ask them how proud they are of their children — in a public forum.

Maybe the parents are proud. The world has a right to know.

People get upset at a John Wayne interview from 1971, and never ask what sickos live next door.

I never cowered, back down, broke, or justified the human trash who tortured and killed Serbs.

I moved forward as I live my life to the fullest, happy to be alive, and grateful for all of the wonderful people in this world.

You are neither going to taint me, corrupt me, or destroy me.

Because people like that are weak, and they try to steal the life blood of the strong.

No dice.

To have to bother with the hopelessly wicked can be draining, but there are ways to deal with them without becoming lost in that wickedness yourself…

Memo to Journalists: Google and Facebook aren't responsible for your problems. You are.

Here is a headline of a piece of propaganda:

Media layoffs bring heat on Facebook, Google

Here is what it should say:

Journalists throw temper tantrums and blame others for their incompetence.

You want to know why journalism collapsed?

Read this book.


Journalism did not keep up with the times. They were irresponsible. Their damsel-in-distress act is not going to save them.

Isn’t funny that they cannot decide what contrived role they are?

Remember in December when Time painted them as valiant heroes?

And the world ignored it.

Now they are pretending to be victims.

They reported on Kardashians and ignored real abuses in the world. They reported on who got an Oscar nod instead of all the human trafficking going on. They glamourized the Beautiful People who are in bed with the criminal element, and then you wonder why your talents and hard work don’t pull you out of poverty — and then have to nerve to lie how great the economy is doing.

They act as if they are trained to verify information and then just spew partisan opinion.

And then want to force people to use a very bad product.

Facebook and Google liberated citizens by allowing them to find things for themselves and express things for themselves. Their whining is like a mobster whining because he can’t shake down people in a city because they have found a way to bypass him.

If any profession needed an invention and psychological intervention to deal with their toxic delusions, it’s journalism…

Propaganda and the Jealous Generation: the Right had their Tea Party. Now the Left have their Pity Party.



I am a Kintsugi artist who has taught it to others, and I have people who send me articles about it. I have done it for years as well as Picassiette. I have a fascination with refurbishing the broken to re-invent to be better and more valuable than it was before.

It is not the way of Western thinking. I am someone who can either land on my feet, swim across the shore dig through, or soar. I owe no one a thing, and I expect nothing from others. They cannot take credit for my successes, nor can they dictate the terms of what I can have and how. I am a rare and true independent free spirit. I create opportunities where there are none, and I can read the signs much quicker than most others I have met.

I am not a jealous person, and I am certain part of that reason is that I was an only child. No competition. No sibling rivalry. No unresolved issues.

Being an only child had another influence on me: it made me hyper-aware of the jealousy of people who felt they should have gotten all of their parents’ attention all of the time. Jealousy is an extreme form of selfishness, and it is something I always found very off-putting. I had all of my mom’s and grandmom’s attention, and yet I can easily share attention, a spotlight, and accept that others can do things better than I can. I have my own specialties and talents, but I am not athletic, for instance, and yet I have never begrudged people who were. I have no interest in cooking, and yet I can marvel at those who are extremely good at it. I don’t go around making up lies that people who cook are losers and athletes are just a bunch of stuck-up jerks.

Why would I?

And yet, there are no shortage of people who hate people who are thinner than they are, richer, or more talented in some significant way.

Get over yourself.

You cannot always win. People who do win should be congratulated, not destroyed. People who win and have different ideological ideas than you are also to be congratulated and not called stupid. Don’t be a petty shit.

But the US is in a very jealous vortex and has been for a very long time where we have two jealous and petty squabbling siblings called Left and Right. They are horrid siblings, a gruesome twosome who hate each other because they are terrified one just might Win Forever and Forever Win.

We see traditional media jealously spinning new media negatively because Baby Brother is now the people’s favourite, but it is not just journalists who are petty and vindictive, it’s politicians, too.


When Barack Obama won two elections for president, he should have been congratulated, and people should have gotten on with their lives because a president’s power over the personal is in fact, very limited. You can’t blame the president for the majority of your personal failings. That’s on you. You cannot memorize a little rule and hope the world is static and never evolves. You do have to think and be resourceful.

But the Right during the Obama regime became very jealous of the Left. The Tea Party was the movement where the ignorant and the jealous were sold a bill of goods that everything would be perfect and paradise if that no-goodnik Barack Obama just went away.

Eventually, that movement fizzled because life still sucked even though Obama was no longer the president.

The Left thought they were so cunning and naturally superior that they honestly thought they would be in power forever, except Hillary Clinton was Jeanie to Donald Trump’s Ferris Bueller, they reacted in the same way: they threw epic temper tantrums because they were not really superior or special at all.

And that tantrum behaved no differently than the Tea Party: except you can call it the Pity Party.


The Pity Party are, in essence, Left-wing hicks and hillbillies of the North. They are not cultured in reality, but in jealousy. That’s their space on the ideological plane. The spin is about morals, but it doesn’t wash. It is all about hissies because Billy is mommy’s favourite, and he gets away with making farting noises.

The problem is the Internet makes the Cycles of Discontent that much faster and that much more fierce. When the empty promises collapse faster than you can swipe a smartphone, people will turn on the Pity Party.

We have one knucklehead of the Pity Party promising to impeach the president as if it was a simple affair. How old is she? Five? And how old are the people buying her bullshit story? Two?

And we have the other knucklehead promising to tax the rick 70%. Yeah, good luck with that, motherfucker. If you are historically illiterate here’s the memo: the rich are rich because they can think. They are not going to fund your goobery. They scram for a new place that will be more than happy to have them. You lose all the money that you will burn in five seconds, and you don’t have a host country who will fund you.

And when the two-year-olds throws fits demanding champagne socialism, and you’ve got negative shit to give them, they’ll gladly take it out on you.

Because this is the Jealous Generation: the ones who thought the Internet would make them Forever Rich, Famous, and Right to rub the noses of everyone else of their self-imagined superiority.

It didn’t happen, and now, let’s all feel sorry for ourselves for having to have a fucking job and earn our keep.

People who are members of the Pity Party elevated the hucksters who fed them a bullshit story how everything would be paradise if they made them billionaires.

And they got burned because they are impossible people with no sensibility.

Jealousy does that to your brain.

But they are falling for the same bullshit again, and like before, they will get burned even worse.

Any asshole who buys what the Pity Party is selling so gloriously earns their comeuppance.

For those of us who are not jealous by nature, we make our way through life on our own as we push through those barriers, and make our own path to paradise without falling for the propagandists and war-mongers who make empty promises to the empty heads who are always looking for shortcuts and the promise they are better than those who create their own worlds in their own ways…

The State of War, 2018.






The target this year was Facebook. Journalists and media owners finally realized that they could not exploit it to resurrect their profession. Politicians realized they couldn’t control the message of billions, and grains brought together say things that are just as powerful as a single entity that holds all the cards. Corporations couldn’t compete with the guerilla tactics of amateur feeds. Facebook is chaos and when Establishment types cannot impose their rigged order, they try to trick people into relinquishing their power in some sort of Luciferian bargain: if you give us your power, we will look after you. Yeah, you’ll take care of us, all right.

Facebook was ill-prepared. It bought its own hype. The problem was Mark Zuckerberg was Pavlovian conditioned in his early twenties, and his mindset is frozen there. He got away with shit, and thought he was cunning. Smiling for the cameras made it seem that he got away with things, and for years, he did.

Facebook’s business model is unworkable. How does it make its money when it gives everyone their own website for free? When it became a publicly-traded company a few years ago, it was struggling because a lot of investors couldn’t see it and didn’t like the odds.

It bounced back, but the truth is Facebook makes money by selling data from its users to people who are willing to pay for it. As an intelligence-gathering tool, it is personal, commercial, detailed, current, and extremely effective.

Media owners would benefit from the level of detail and signed up, but it didn’t actually work for them because their product really stinks. You can know every thought and movement: if I don’t want your product, I don’t want your product. It is out-of-touch and incompatible with today’s technology.

So Facebook got pummelled with a leader who made it far, but was sheltered from the real world. Anyone will make it far if they are fawned over and protected because they have something everyone wants. Once those guardians realized they couldn’t exploit Facebook for their own ends, they turned on the lamb who always thought he was some sort of wolf.

Facebook didn’t know where to turn because it got kicked into unfamiliar territory. It was linked to Russians because the Left were livid that their propaganda failed to secured dud candidate Hillary Clinton a presidency.

Julian Assange knows that one.


The problem is that in this War of 2018, it is not Left at war with the Right, or even Left at war with Trump.

The Left is targeting itself. Zuckerberg is on the Left. So was Harvey Weinstein.

This is the reason why #MeToo was so effective for so long: it was people who hedged their bets and went with the Leftist cabal. They thought they were safe.

When they Left went after Brett Kavanaugh, their winning streak came screeching to a halt. The Right were prepared for this battle in advanced, and they fended off the siege. Weinstein didn’t think his own fellow soldiers would turn on him, and neither did Zuckerberg who was floating around the idea of running for president not that long ago.

This is a war of in-fighting.

The Left will continue to cannibalize itself in 2019. The Alinsky playbook is working against them for a single reason: that manual was meant for poor people fighting against the rich. Not rich versus rich, or rich against poor. It is poor against rich. The end.

It was not meant to be effective for limousine liberals and champagne socialists. It backfires, and deliberately so. Alinsky didn’t want rich and powerful people to use it. It is rigged against it. It is a situational manual, and crafted for that very purpose.

So Facebook was the target of 2018, and it got blindsided by the ambush of its own side. I wouldn’t count out the company nor its founder. Some behind the scenes deals can always be made if they are of use. It won’t have the same power or clout, if even if does. The old guard want something they can no longer achieve because digital is the present and has been for the last twenty years. Brains are wired differently, and the old playbooks don’t apply.

2019 will bring in a different war, and I’ll be covering it right here…

A system with a thousand things wrong with it: journalists shouldn't be fact-checkers for Facebook. Facebook shouldn't be in the fact-checking business, either.

The Guardian has an oblivious article about how journalists who “fact-check” their own by working for Facebook are upset with Facebook.

First of all, Facebook is a Middle Class, amateur vanity press release site. They have no business being any sort of “fact-checkers”. They know zero about news. They are not structured for it. Facebook fact-checking news is like Victoria’s Secret fact-checking news.

Or Harley Davidson.

Or Walmart.

Or Wheel of Fortune.


So right off the bat, the entire idea is ludicrous.

Facebook should have just put a disclaimer. We see it in broadcasting when they tell you the following is paid advertising or for “entertainment purposes only.”

That was the answer: to let the Middle Class people know that the pink spongey mass inside their motherfucking skull has a purpose, and they should use it themselves. Fuck the hell off. Facebook gave the stay-at-mall moms a platform to post pictures of their brats in tutus and superhero costumes, what the fuck more do they want?

For all Facebook knows, that’s not even their kid.

But Facebook wants to be an authority; so they gave in and hastily cobbled together “fact-checkers.”

Journalists should not have been the fact-checkers because that is a conflict-of-interest, and if you are going to do things differently, then you have to be more scientific about it, and not drink from a poisoned well.

Get fresh eyes and expertise, not the same old guard who cannot be trusted to get quotes in the proper context. The end.

And now journalists are griping that Facebook isn’t being responsive to them.

Why would they? They are not a news outlet. That is not their mandate. They just stuck your ass in that chair to appease the jittery classes who have a Zero Risk Mindset. You messed up your own profession, let Facebook mess up their own. They do not need your worthless input.

They needed to tell the little people that Facebook is like chewing gum: it’s a sweet distraction you can favour as you chew, but don’t swallow it…

Who is Canada's Journalist of the Year? Rodney Stafford.

Canada had no shortage of scandals, but one of the big ones was that child murderers can get transferred to healing lodges and medium security prisons in less than a decade of their sentences.

You have people who lure, kidnap, rape, torture, terrorize and murder little girls, and then play the system and get to go to easier jails.

Who was the persistent journalist who exposed this practice not once, but twice?

Rodney Stafford.

The father of the late Tori Stafford whose killers got breaks.

He used Facebook to the break his stories.

It wasn’t the CBC or the Globe and Mail or the National Post or the Toronto Star.

It was a grieved and wronged father using social media.

He had to be his own investigative journalist to get something resembling justice.

He should have been Time’s Person of the Year for his persistence and never-ending battles against a system that tried dodges and feints to hide that information from him, because they knew it was horrific.

Those who draw pay checks from the government through taxpayers’ money — including Mr. Stafford’s — ran interference on behalf of his child’s murderers.

Think about that.

And that all of those connivers were no match for her father who was looking for truth and justice.

So it is an easy call as to who is the most dogged and intrepid reporter in Canada in 2018…

No sex please, we're Facebook: how social media has turned into puritanical enemies of free speech.

Ladies, break out your sheeple cosplay!


You all want to be sheep, and march lockstep as you are made into bland and sexless subservient beings? Facebook is gearing up for the slaughter of free speech.

Tumblr is living up to its name by having its user base take a serious tumble after banning adult content because they see people as children who need sheltering.

Social media is committing the same slow dance of death that journalism did to itself.

Memo to social media: you will always have people complain about something. Always. You cannot please all of the people all of the time.

I doubt Facebook is going to be in for the long haul. I also doubt Tumblr will, too. Social media promised freedom, and now that it was spooked, it is retreating to another millennium.

One where there was no indoor plumbing, electricity, or human rights.

Facebook should not fool around. Look what is happening in France and Greece. People are ready to snap and revolt against governments. Collectives, as a general rule, do not like when the rich and powerful break the very promises that made the rich and powerful in the first place.

Facebook will not end well. They are trying to contain the damage by taking it out on the very people who gave them their power in the first place to placate various governments who are losing their own clout and authority. It is a recipe for disaster, and Facebook doesn’t seem to know what to do — or not to do — to survive…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Eight: We think we like funny characters in the real-world until we re-create them in the real world.




Someone had posted a link to a very interesting article from The New Statesman:

Is Facebook’s leadership incompetent, or malicious?

It is increasingly difficult to say with a straight face that Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are fit to run a company with as much global power as Facebook.

I would say neither. The leadership is spoiled, but you cannot blame either Zuckerberg nor Sandberg for it.

They were rewarded as young adults, as they got everything too easy, too young, too fast, too big, too much, too everything.

The world created a Ferris Bueller out of Zuckerberg, and he learned that was they way to behave.

And now when the baby fat is gone, there is a problem.

It is just a narrative shift where this time, Bueller is the villain rather than the hero of this story.

People loved Boston Legal’s Denny Crane, until he become the president of the United States in the real world, and then people just had meltdowns.


Don’t you like the monsters you created?

You named a hospital after Zuckerberg, and now you want to remove that name?

Does he get back the money he donated for it?

Children in adult bodies and their imaginary narratives and figments.

You enable people by slobbering all over them, and when they aren’t perfect, you want to tear them down by spitting on them.

Chaser is not playing that rigged game.

It is about the facts, not the narrative…

Jealous hyena clowns with vested interests feast on "frat-boy billionaire": Is anyone actually buying their calculated and choreographed bullshit story?

Boo hoo, the overlords don’t like competition, and they are kicking Mark Zuckerberg when he’s down.

Virtue-signalling with very hammy acting, fellas.

You are overdoing it, though, poseurs, because it’s as cheesy as it is hammy.

And very, very fake.

Oh, your bitchiness is making you sound like jealous and petty hypocrites.

Because governments play dirty tricks, scheme, conniving, lord over people, destroy lives, use propaganda, fuck up

You get the idea.

This is just a charade where governments are salivating at the thought of co-opting Facebook for their own opportunistic propaganda, and since they are so incompetent that they are incapable of running a successful business, and must stoop to being wonks, these wankers are trying to hijack Facebook, except they are fuck-ups, and they will fuck up Facebook the way they fucked up their own nations.

They know nothing about democracy and are just seething, trying to wrest control of an alternative that has weakened them.

In fact, this dog and pony melodrama is an actual conflict of interest, and no one should take these hyena clowns seriously.

They obviously have too much free time on their hands and as they have no idea what to do with themselves in a democracy, I say we put them under trial as every one of their dark deeds are brought to light and exposed as they are forced to justify their bullshit.

Canada is no position to have any virtuous airs. The scandals the federal regime alone is racking up as well as their fucking up USMCA is enough for them all to resign and be fined for being tools.

Zuckerberg was enabled by a fawning press who got jealous because he became more powerful giving people a selfie platform than they did with their fawning over garbage celebrities.

The grown ups are behaving like jealous little children.

It is another act in the Sucker Circus, kids: jealous hyena clowns puking faux outrage as they are voguing.

It’s an act with no class, and should be treated as such…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Eight: Journalism lies. Social Media lies. At what point do we just stop wanting lies?

Just as journalists have been creating monsters under people’s beds, Facebook tore a page from their playbook, and now the New York Times is pretending to be outraged:

Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis

And other media outlets are treating this story as if it were some sort of big shock.

Only if you are an oblivious moron.

Facebook has been falling out of favour even before the 2016 US election. Facebook skews older, and that is the demographic that is overly cautious and jittery to begin with. Most of the people on my Facebook list are my age or older, but I am also on the vastly superior Ello where it skews much, much younger.

But Ello has a professional purpose: it is a venue for artists and some writers to showcase and sell their work as well as submit to various galleries and publications. Facebook is just for bragging and killing time.

But Ello was never the media darling. Facebook was. It was the special one and the Chosen One, more so than Twitter or LinkedIn. Journalists fawned all over Facebook for the majority of its existence, but then are surprised when it bought the hype:

Jonas Kron, a senior vice president at Trillium Asset Management, a US investor which owns an £8.5m stake in Facebook, last night called on Mr Zuckerberg to step down as board chairman in the wake of the report.

“Facebook is behaving like it's a special snowflake,” he said. “It's not. It is a company and companies need to have a separation of chair and CEO.”

Of course he is behaving like a special snowflake.

Journalists brought Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook there.


So, let us review reality:

The news media built up this kid and gave him a free pass, never asking hard questions because they were too busy fawning and drooling all over him and his company, portraying him as a Great Man and Titan of Industry, a hero and a winner.

And now he is the Bad Guy.

People were becoming bored of Facebook and disillusioned once they saw that their fake lives they bragged about weren’t as cool as other people’s fake lives, and they weren’t becoming rich and famous on social media as their business page wasn’t making them into breakout successes.

That’s why Facebook fell out of favour. The narrative that there was lying and invasion of privacy was just an excuse.

Because Facebook got called out on the same stuff for years, but everyone, including journalists ignored it because people were still counting on Facebook to give them exposure where they could razzle dazzle the world and everyone would fall in love with their genius and give them money.

Including journalism outlets.

When their fortunes sank even lower, that’s when their rose-coloured glasses got yanked off their face by the repo man.

But journalists were lying all along by kissing up to Mark Zuckerberg. They drooled all over him, and now they are spitting on him.

It’s your own damn fault.

You did it with Donald Trump,

Now you are doing it with Mark Zuckerberg.

The New York Times story does not make a whole lot of sense, but the Times never works from reality or facts.

The Blame Russia scam is silly: so what if Russians were lying on Facebook?

They weren’t the only ones doing the lying on that platform.

All the lying cancelled each other out.

Why people walked away from Facebook is that it was no longer a magic solution to their obscurity problem, and then it was a slow slide until the fall gained traction and everything imploded.

Facebook will never go back to its glory days because it was all predicated on a greed scam.

The press bought into it trying to seem in the know and cool.

Now that we know that you aren’t going to be famous liking nonsense on the Facebook, people are looking for something else, and will continue to lie about why they left just as the press lied why Facebook was the Promised Land in the first place.

It would be nice if the lies stopped, but that won’t happen any time soon, either.

When I started Chaser News, Facebook was in its infancy.

And I had a Facebook page for it. It was populated mostly by people who knew me, and with regular readers.

It never expanded my base, and I knew it within three months of going through the trouble of setting it up.

I still have my page for A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, and while I have over a hundred people following it there, it does even less for me, and I have very little maintenance. I did things differently, but the outcome was as useless as it was the first time.

Chaser is relaunching, but there will be no Facebook page for it.

There will be no Twitter page for it, either.

Or Instagram or whatever else is out there.

If you are interested, you will come here.

And that one place will suffice…

We are entering a "Post-Facebook Era?" You don't say, Forbes!

Forbes seems to be slow on the uptake:

We Are Now Entering The Post-Facebook Era

Memo to Forbes: that happened a long time ago. We are beyond the entering point. Facebook lost clout; that is the reason they had all the scandal. The rats jumped off the sinking ship because much of what was presented to the public was a strategic bullshit story.

And, of course, I saw this coming

Calling it in January.


But trust journalists to be oblivious to reality even after the mushroom cloud littered the sky…

Journalism lived in the present, and never evolved. F.R.E.E.D. pays attention to all the chords of time.


This is an ignorant tweet.


No, it’s not where the US is "at.”

It is in the 1990s when Democratic President Bill Clinton was accused of having truckloads of people whacked on his climb to the White House as if he were Tony Soprano only with a saxophone and a Southern accent, according to Republicans with their various vast and diabolical conspiracy theories and the Democrats correctly thought that the GOP were hysterical loons who were just reaching.

We just flipped the roles now where it is the Democrats who are the conspiracy-spewing hysterical loons saying the same childish thing about Trump that the Republicans said about the Clintons.

It is just sour grapes.

The middle class live in the now. The wealthy live in the future. The poor are stuck in the past.

And as journalism always pandered to the middle class, they stuck themselves in the now.

But never actually saw that obvious truth.

Prey live in the now. Predators think steps ahead. Prey and predators who were taken down are stuck in the past.

But when a predatory profession such as journalism emulates prey like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, and begins to assimilate to whom they are pandering, they lose their advantage and get hunted down.

And in this case, the wilier predator was Big Tech.

They bamboozled credulous journalists who live in the now that the future was strictly “video.” They took this decree to be Divine Truth and changed what they did to be hip, with bad results, and Nieman Labs honestly asking stupid questions:

Did Facebook’s faulty data push news publishers to make terrible decisions on video?

Publishers’ “pivot to video” was driven largely by a belief that if Facebook was seeing users, in massive numbers, shift to video from text, the trend must be real.

And then recalling the fateful moment when the profession got played:

“It will probably be all video.”

In June 2016, Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s VP for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, spent several minutes of a panel at a Fortune conferencetalking about how Facebook was witnessing video overtake text.

“We’re seeing a year-on-year decline on text,” Mendelsohn answered. “We’re seeing a massive increase, as I’ve said, on both pictures and video. So I think, yeah, if I was having a bet, I would say: Video, video, video.”

“Wow,” the moderator, Pattie Sellers, responded.

“The best way to tell stories, in this world where so much information is coming at us, actually is video,” Mendelsohn continued. “It commands so much more information in a much quicker period. So actually, the trend helps us to digest more of the information, in a quicker way.”

I also recounted this very episode in A Dangerous Woman Story Studio essay entitled Word in 2016:


I called it out as bullshit then, and in other places as well.

But journalists didn’t call it out as anything but the gospel, and dutifully followed someone else’s decrees, even though Facebook is hardly an honest corporation.

And still, the Associated Press gives them yet another journalistic free pass with this piece of PR baloney:

Facebook’s election ‘war room’ takes aim at fake information

As if they were qualified or credible. They throw money and algorithms at the problem, never considering their shoddy methods will do nothing but provide some ineffectual window-dressing to make their PR problems go away and have proven to be as credible as the now defunct journalism profession.

My favourite part of this photo op is the picture with the photocopy sign of “War room” taped on the wall. Gee, that makes it real if you post the sign on the door.

And you buy what they are selling yet again? Are you teachable?

When you live in the now, you have no purpose or meaning in your individual or collective existence.


Here is another ignorant meme, this time on Facebook:


Yes, there are plenty of gay animals. One of my cats, Davy Jones, is one of them. He has never had any attraction to female cats, but the male who doesn’t reciprocate. They are all fixed, but it doesn’t change the fact that many animals in nature are gay, or that Davy Jones is the kindest, most responsible, loving, and well-behaved cat I’ve ever known.


But the second part that animals do not practice religion is bullshit.

It is a real phenomena, and one I studied as a psych student. We do not know what goes on in the hearts and minds of animals; so do not speak on their behalf.

But this meme is classic middle class logic: there is just black and white and we assume that we have to have 100% occurrences for it to be real and definitive. This is primitive and patriarchal binary rote thinking or The One Rule That Explains Everything.

No intelligent person would say no animals have religion. That would be to ignore a wealth of data that says otherwise.

An intelligent person would say, it is more than possible, but probable, and look for confirming and refuting proof.

But in order to do that, you cannot just live in the now.

You have to be living in the past, present, and future simultaneously.

In other words, you have to be in tune with reality.

So no, religion is not only not “against nature”, it is a biological drive.

It is innate and natural.

Even atheists treat their atheism as a religion without a god with their incessant need to preach and hold on to their unscientific beliefs as they create pecking orders and using othering to separate themselves from those who do believe.

They have not found the loophole that places them higher on any real intellectual pecking order. They are just disguising their primitive thinking.

Because religion occurs in every single nation and civilization. Neanderthals practiced it. Animals practice it.

So what we have is a lie and a piece of propaganda spewed by atheists who want to rig public opinion to force everyone to think just like them, and they will lie and ignore facts to do it.

Just like a religious fanatic. No difference in structure or motive to control others, but just choosing different content of thought.

So atheists spew untested and unscientific garbage just like those who use the bible to try to control people.

People hedge their bets going for whatever seems posh or safe to believe and follow it with no regards to past history or the consequences of their actions.

They way people who live in the now operate.

The way so-called “middle class avengers” are throwing temper tantrums in public, beating up on people who have different beliefs than they do — but try to spin a narrative that their violence and aggression is moral.

No, it isn’t. You’re just an air-headed thug who is morally masturbating in public using misdirection to hide your own wickedness, except you are doing wicked things.

Just like those who burned women at the stake at Salem and said they were doing a public service.

But when you live in the now, whatever garbage someone else pops in your empty head seems great and glorious.

These are not anarchists: these are spoiled and sheltered followers who were trained by social media to throw tantrums and do nothing but complain when things do not conform 100% to their sheltered and unscientific beliefs.

People are using ideology to use virtue-signalling as a Trojan Horse in order to gain control of other people.

But when you want 100% compliance, not only do others spit in your face and do whatever they want to do, but reality and truth do the same thing.

The middle class can never grasp it because the past and future are foreign concepts to them. Whatever they see on television or online is what they are thinking.

It reminds me of one of Nora Dunn’s classic skits when she was on Saturday Night Live (which I have mentioned before, but here it is again):

Well, you caught me doing my favorite thing -- reading a good book! You know, I like to think of my mind as a big, empty bucket, just waiting to be filled with pictures and words and...whatever. Surprise me! That's why Vogue is my favorite book...and you know, I have my own library -- volumes and volumes of Vogue. You know, I can just refer to them. What was I thinking last October? Well, I can look, and it's right her, between September and November!

Except there is no library of previous thoughts.

But not only does the middle class not think about tomorrow, let alone yesterday, journalists are the same, as this ridiculous and arrogant Think Progress drivel spews:

As ‘news deserts’ widen across America, communities and civic engagement fray

A new study has researchers worried about the future of our democracy.

Not at all, and a bad study with no context proves nothing.

The myth of a “news desert” is just that — a myth. It is no different than the myth that animals cannot be gay, that animals cannot be religious, that religion is unnatural, or that the president you did not vote for is a real-life Vito Corleone.

Get a grip, children.

Social media has replaced journalism for now. It is the place holder, and what is happening is the same thing that happened during the Pre-Penny Press Era, when everything was partisan and there were many newspapers shilling and manipulating people trying to gain dominance, destroy the competition, and gain patronage appointments from those in power.

This article is just another way of trying to scare people into going back into their cages where it is journalists alone who tell them what to think and how to think it.

The 1980s had more honesty, not just from Nora Dunn, but from Diane Sawyer whose Letterman film short from 1986 is also worth repeating.

That was always journalism’s default goal: to do or say whatever they want, and the crowd they called their own all happily marched behind them, cheering them on.

Now that they lost their grip of tomorrow as they forgot their past, other like-minded people are trying to cut in on their bit.

That is why future generations will call this era the Dark Ages where sophistry and temper tantrums were coming from everyone, including those with doctorates.

Because they all chose willingly — and willfully — to live in the now.

That is the reason the middle class are jittery by nature: because they are not visionaries. They follow whatever an Establishment tells them to do, even when they try to “do their own thing.”

Instead of Vogue, they scour the Troll Scroll or Liebook for clues.

Because the majority of people in the Western world identify as middle class, they are the ones trying to break out to be the next intellectual dictator and messiah, giving the impression that things are unravelling, when the opposite is happening.

If they are all behaving alike, there may be content incongruity, but not structural incongruity.

Meaning they are all walking lockstep.

And sooner or later, that lockstepping will trip up their plans.

Big Tech will not be able to do anything about it. Journalism won’t, either.

But when you have an alternative to journalism that can do something none of the other structures can do, that’s when things begin to change.

And that something else is not to merely live in the now with no respect for yesterday or tomorrow…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Fifty-Two.

Facebook made some very big decrees and the press bought them all hook, line, and sinker. A few years ago, they had haughtily declared that the printed word was obsolete, and that videos would be all the rage, and media outlets dutifully created disposable videos that everyone was watching.

I didn’t buy that logic, and my latest book goes into why. Symbolic communication is innate, but with the wild numbers of hits Facebook proclaimed, people in the news media were all gearing up to be cool kids or something.

Except advertisers realized there was nothing hip about it.

The news media now has egg all over its face, and Fast Company is in a pouty mood about it:

Why media people are furious over Facebook’s bad video metrics

A more insightful article would be, “Why does this dead profession keep believing Corporate American carny yet again,” but that would actually require admitting they were in the wrong about something, and that is just too scary for them:

Now advertisers are suing over the company allegedly cooking the books and not disclosing this miscalculation. And media people are fuming about this development. Rightfully so: The media industry over the last two-plus years has been punctuated by an awful euphemism known as the “pivot to video.” With traditional digital advertising revenue flatlining, Facebook managed to convince online publishers that video would be the next media goldmine. The company jumped headfirst into the medium–changing its algorithm to favor moving images, while convincing both advertisers and publishers alike that a long-term, video-first strategy would be the answer to their revenue woes.

I could have saved them the trouble. Just basic logic and a rudimentary understanding of innate human behaviour would have been enough to be skeptical enough to do their own research to see this was hyped up nonsense.

The press went on the unproven say-so of a company that had a vested interest in touting the Next Big Thing. My book goes into detail about those flaws, but where there should have been skepticism, there was credulity.

And why are you believing Facebook’s cocky press releases? Do you not question why they are saying what they are saying?

Facebook was never supposed to be an outlet for news — and it still isn’t. It is middle class DIY press release. It is about spying on your ex-flames and rivals as the stay-at-mall moms and trophy husbands scour their friends lists to see what they should be jealous of and what they have to one-up as their gullible children babble about politics they know nothing about as they airbrush their selfies until they look like a creepy barbie doll who is sucking on a lemon.

That’s Facebook. It is a low-rent hybrid of the National Enquirer for the middle class to make them feel like celebrities as it is also Jerry Springer so they can get into ignorant slap fights with people over who is the most politically ignorant just so they can also indulge in some trailer park mud wrestling.

It is not built for actual news.

Not when you have memes of silliosity cluttering the walls.

Magnus the Spoiled Brat.jpg

The alternative to journalism doesn’t change its trajectory just on the say-so of a corporate or government entity.

Proof and a feel for the world is essential.

And if you are chronicling the world, that feel should be well-honed and refined.

Journalism became stenography of the Establishment and the Mob, and it lost its way.

It never learned to resist.

It never learned to question.

And you can never find an answer unless you learn what the purpose of a question is — not for others, or yourself…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Thirty-Six.

Being partisan is admitting you are not aligned with reality, meaning you don’t have an interest in truth, let alone Truth.

You are all about issuing decrees to the little people, all of whom you see as deplorable, regardless if they puke ideology from the Left or the Right.

Facebook is having a meltdown because one of their vice presidents showed support to a lifelong friend, Brett Kavanaugh.

To expect everyone to mindlessly lockstep with what your decrees are is tyrannical, and no, you cannot use the pretence of morality to strong arm people into it. They have their own life requirements, and true morality is finding an optimum balance that ensures competing interests do not clash or interfere with the needs of others.

The Left are floundering because of their arrogance that they are superior to everyone else, and their alienating misconception that to criticize them means you are some Right-wing whack-a-doodle.

No, I am not on the Right. I am a Radical Centrist. Everyone has equal footing with me as I examine things on a case-by-case basis: I will not be bribe, bullied, or blackmailed. I was not be rushed or manipulated. Forget about shaming me or arguing with me with sophistry. If you were secure, you wouldn’t be trying to convert me.

Politics in the West has become religiously fanatical. Politics is now God, and all of the old tricks that religion used to keep the little people in place are still in play.

To be a Radical Centrist means being a Political Atheist. No, I am not impressed with your political appropriation of Eastern European socialism.

The Left have turned the Environment into a Doomsday cult. The end of the world if you do not assimilate with their decrees and solutions.

Sorry, padre, not buying what you are selling. While I do not believe in destroying the environment, I am not just going to take your self-serving decrees at face value, either.

Politics is not some sort of sneaky loophole to practice religious oppression.

Journalism fell into this game and lost its soul, and then its existence thanks to it. Here is a propagandistic rag, The Nation, kvetching about the “lies” of Kavanugh, while never bothering to look at the lies of the judges and politicians they shill. How very convenient.

And that is what broke journalism’s credibility: it thought it had to be partisan to pander to an established base, and then, it kept creeping into ideologically extremist territory in order to one-up competitors: if one publication or outlet pointed out that some ideological rivals were shifty, then you have to prove you are even more bold and wise by stating that everyone in that group were baby-murderers and rapists. It turned into a melodramatic farce, with outlets trying to fear-monger by predicting the end of the world if people didn’t use their products.

Journalists are talking about the Left at a “rage edge”, which is utter nonsense: what you have are a group of pampered and wealthy people who have a fantasy scenario where everyone applauds their every decree, and treat the middle class as their servants to be outraged on cue. People think these celebrities know something, and are getting incited, but that only goes so far: a few leaked scandals showing the hypocrisy, and the spell breaks.

And who are your minions? People trolling Twitter in their basements and taking selfies with placards at Starbucks using filters for vanity purposes? People who knock the military for being violent, and are now going to get their own way through illegal violence?

That’s the fantasy? Burn down something that took your ancestors hundreds of years to build because you were lazy and didn’t go vote or campaign, or run?


You with the lippy slap away answers for all of your own shortcomings and sins?

You who has no idea of the candidates running in your neck of the woods, or what level of government is in charge of what?

You who gets your talking points memo from viral videos on Facebook that you have no idea who cobbled together, who paid for it, or why?

You who mistakes advertorial writing begging for money as some sort of truthful journalistic article?

I see.

We are in a stage of anarchy in an Age of Propaganda. We try to mask our fear and ignorance by issuing angry and bitter decrees on things we know nothing about.

That is the state of the world.

Always looking for a villain to pin our own failings, as we try to spin a narrative where we are the hero victims.

We have never read more in the history of mankind as we do now, and never have educated people been more ignorant.

And the more ignorant a person is, the more they try to mask it by making big decrees.

We need an empirical and rational core of information, and one where those in it understand the atom of truth and reality.

We need a core that understands war games, and bypasses them without stooping to playing them or sympathizing with any one side.

We need a core that is Matriarchal where there is no creating false heroes, victims, or villains, where it is not about narratives or shaming or morally masturbating in public.

Fact delivery without the self-applause or egotism is what this world needs. Not some nag telling you what to think and how to think about it.

It is about finally getting the middle class into the realm outside of placating fantasy and into reality where they understood they cannot be ignorant or passive, or reply on scripts and narratives as a hack to fit in or fly under the radar.

It is about breaking the hard and soft layers, and moving away from pecking orders to First Among Equals.

It is about creating an alternative structure to thought that turns over the rules to break them.

And it is about time…

EU, Copyright, taxes, and social media: A protectionist idea that will not save journalism.

An excellent and thorough discussion on EU’s “snippet tax” can be found here on Baekdal, but I would like to add something to the discourse.

If European media outlet think they can punish Google and “reclaim” ad revenue they erroneously blame Google and Facebook for “stealing”, they are sadly mistaken. Google can create or buy up a wire service or outlet and then just bypass having to bother with the press entirely. They can drop any links to media outlets, and it will be outlets — not social media — that suffer by the shut out. Like cable channels that ran re-runs of network programs until they gained enough money and audiences to create their own, Facebook and Google no longer are dependent on news outlets.

Western European news outlets are playing chicken and it is a game they will lose. It is too little, too late. Western Europe sticks to old patriarchal traditions, looks down on change, and when they do not adapt, they lobby the government for nonsensical laws that never solve the problem.

This was a problem that should have been addressed about twenty years ago when Yahoo, Netscape, and MySpace dominated cyberspace. Google and Facebook can vanish and be replaced with another breed that can bypass the old system with a different method.

Media outlets are at a crisis globally, and judging by their Mommy Government solutions, they are incapable of solving a thing on their own…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Nine.

We are now at the stage of the evolution of social media where people have become disillusioned that they are not world-famous by now.

An excerpt interview in the Idler has social media declared a scam, which is not quite true.

It delivered, but made no promises. People overestimated what social media could do.

It cannot force people to think the way you do.

It cannot turn you into a wealthy, rich god or legend.

It does not make content providers rich.

It cannot ensure your business was do well, especially if people do not have money to spend.

It will not change people's political affiliation.

So the perceived over-promises thanks to the bombast and carny isn't the fault of social media, but people's desire for an easy and effortlessly. It is not the path to the Promised Land.

There is one other thing social media cannot do on its own: stop corruption.

Tony Blair's wealth from Saudi patronage all as he conveniently shills for their interests should set off alarm bells.

He was always the war mongering hawk, yet always got sterling Western press coverage while he served at UK Prime Minister regardless.

The press never bothered questioning him, and it cost people their lives.

The ideal of the Internet was all of this would be exposed, and in many cases, it has, but the apathy was never factored in.

But it is apathy created by an over-focus thanks to the misdirection of an implied over-promise that social media was going Fix Everything Forever And Always.

Everyone is so intent on making other people think just like they do, they do not see their own ideological flaws, or that not everyone's life requirements would thrive under that political regiment.

They miss anything that does not fit into their own narratives, meaning corruption either is ignored, or becomes accepted as people are immune to the never-ending rage puke.

Journalism used to be able to shine a light on scandal because there were are fewer streams of communication. These days, everyone is following that antiquated script, and it is not working anymore.

The alternative to journalism cannot rely on those same bag of tricks, nor can they hedge their bets on a single medium doing all of their work for them.

We have now relied too much on the vehicle, and nothing on the destination, the drivers, or what the messenger is bringing us...

People are using Facebook less now? You don't say, Pew!

As I have said repeatedly, Facebook was great until people got bummed out that their fake exciting life and airbrushed selfies were not as great or received as many likes as other people's fake exciting live and airbrushed selfies.

And now people are self-reporting to Pew they are not using it as much.

Facebook isn't cool anymore, and always had a "Wal-Mart" feel to it. It great when mommy and daddy didn't discover it, and couldn't sign up. Once the luddites started going on Facebook, it wasn't fun anymore.

Facebook was the cool kid who hung out with you until you discovered they were just using you, and you weren't getting "discovered" by the other cool kids. It lost its lustre. It got sent to the principal's office a lot this year. Your relatives weren't converting to your politics no matter how many meme posters you plastered up on your wall. It wasn't fun when people de-friended you, and you had fewer friends than your sibling whom you were always insanely jealous of.

People under thirty were made to feel depressed because of the competitive rigs of Facebook, and if you can't dominate, you tune out. It was never raw, real, or brutally honest.

It is amateur self-promotion, and when it fails to deliver after a decade, people do eventually clue in.

And to be exploited in your misery by the cool kid changes your perceptions of what cool really is.

Memo to the Internet: cool isn't corporate. It is not Establishment.

And it isn't 2018...



Facebook, social media site with credibility issues, issues "trust" decrees on their customers.

They track your movements, sell your data to sketchy players, and otherwise meddle, but now they are deciding they are qualified enough to create some Big Brother-esque "trust ratings."

All in the name of policing "fake news."

Drudge is having a field day, dutifully reminding people how Communist China is playing the same game with their citizens.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 12.00.08 PM.png

Facebook is pandering to special interests who have hijacked the narrative. I can very easily see class action lawsuits against Facebook, because they are seriously overreaching, potentially slandering people, affecting their careers, social standing, privacy, and reputations.

How do I know, for instance, if I put in a resume to a multinational company, that they can't pay Facebook to see what these unqualified grifters think about my posting habits?

What I a post dubious articles for the express purpose of warning people of its weaknesses? Will that affect this elitist pecking order?

What empirical evidence does Facebook have that their ratings do what they purport to do?

They don't. They are flying by the seat of their pants that have been on fire for a very long time...

Memo to Facebook: You are not capable of revitalizing journalism. You have been infected by the same disease that destroyed journalism.

Although they are now denying their arrogant lecture, Facebook is not going to save journalism:

...Campbell Brown, Facebook’s head of news partnerships, told a group of more than 20 broadcasters and publishers that she wanted to help media companies develop sustainable business models through the platform.

“We will help you revitalise journalism … in a few years the ­reverse looks like I’ll be holding your hands with your dying ­business like in a hospice...”

No, you won't.

Only people in a weakened position try to bluff by making stupid and empty threats like that.

There are many reasons why Facebook will not save journalism. The most important reason is they are built on an egotistical me-centred propaganda model completely clashing with actual information dissemination.

Facebook is amateur DIY public relations and propaganda. This is the place where you brag about your vacation and your kids getting an award for graduation. People who write those cloying end of the year letters now have Facebook to do it all year round.

This is the place where you take highly-filtered selfies, not the place for actual, serious news. If Facebook spewed that garbage, their days of influence are a lot shorter than it seems.

Because people are abandoning Facebook because they get depressed that their fake lives are not as exciting as their friends's fake lives.

Facebook was also about keeping the façade of adolescence artificially going way past high school. Facebook is actually a vanity yearbook where you are the editor and the subject matter. You get top billing and your friends may pop in with likes, comments, or being tagged with a photograph or two.

It is about preaching your political views and airing billions of animal videos.

Not news.

It is too vanity-centred for that to ever happen.

So if Facebook is holding some delusions, they hint that their success comes from conniving dumb luck more than actual cunning and business savvy.

The problem is that Alex Jones is proving you don't need Big Social Media.

I know that most of my traffic doesn't come from Facebook or Twitter. Not even Google. I am seeing definite shifts in the landscape, that's not a bad thing at all.

An alternative to journalism cannot be tethered or dependent on the medium. It has to be able to adopt to technology changes and their implications at a moment's notice.

Because the Internet is too unstable for it to be able to dominate. I do believe that a Fifth Medium will take over, and it will be in my lifetime.

Social media is not stable, and it is more of a tumbleweed -- a medium with no roots.

It has become the place where people just gripe and make demands over trivial things, and ignore the deep issues and problems as they want simple no-brainer answers that other people have to do for them like servants so they do not have to put any effort into it.

It has been corrupted by the same vanity that destroyed journalism.

Another couple of scandals, and social media as a force is done.

But people aren't going back to journalism.

That's not happening.

The love affair with journalism has been over for years, and the love affair with Big Tech is also about to sour, save for Apple.

Something new is coming on the horizon, and when that happens, a new information era is free to begin...


Fort Wayne News-Sentinel lets go all but one news staff employees. You want to still tell lies that journalism is still a thing?

There lots of thick heads of human ostriches who love to stick their heads in the sand.

Eight news employees were still standing, but seven got their walking papers.

You have partisan vultures such as ProPublica play make pretend while their unreasonable facsimiles to journalism that require funding from the well-heeled partisan Establishment who think they have figured a sneaky way to fool the masses by means of a blind, but there is no money in news anymore.

The model is dead. Done.

The pseudo-journalistic models are not doing well, either. The "public" model of journalism is funded by wealthy dilettantes who have money to throw into tax shelters and write-offs because they think their money gives them intellectual sophistication and superior culture to herd the sheep.

Sooner or later, even those numbskulls will figure out they are coming off as the unteachable and barbarically ineffectual antediluvian nerds that they are and go fund something else that makes them look hip and smart without having the blessing of being either.

Go lobby to make fake cocktail party laughter an Olympic sport or something.

But we have a void. The quality of information that is present on the Internet has gone done to dreck.

I remember when I used to go online twenty years ago: web sites were not as elegant, but there was no shortage of quality information. I could email experts directly and have meaningful discussions with a total stranger hundreds of mile away.

Now, so much as been shut off. Access to actual people has been shut off in many ways. Tweets with blue checkmarks are more often than not done by someone who doesn't have that checkmark by their name.

There are forms to fill online and it all goes into a black hole, replaced with animal videos, and other life sinks. Companies have no trouble asking for personal information or even taking it from you without your knowledge or approval.

Minimum wage jobs with lousy hours and no benefits demand credit ratings, doctor's notes, letters from your insurance company, criminal checks, and even driving abstracts at the candidate's expense without telling employees what are the hours, wages, or conditions of that job.

The Internet has been rigged and skewed, and it is the reason it is not built to last. Facebook's usage has taken a nosedive, for instance, and it is not surprising in the least.

Because when a medium is as blatantly rigged to favour one side over another, and it is dependent on the goodwill of the party getting screwed, they can just up and walk away.

As traditional media relish the idea that the likes of Facebook cannot control the monster they made, people aren't crawling back to the old guard. They certainly no longer have an impact on where people flock for their dose of partisan fairytale spinning, even if they Big Brother  ban it.

But legacy media's reaction reminds me of an old Serbian anecdote of a man's cow dying and his neighbour celebrating because while he never had a cow, but at least his neighbour won't have one, either.

So the decline of the Internet is not paving the way for the old model of journalism to resurrect itself.

There is a growing black hole, and the toxic combination of arrogance and ignorance are just making it bigger as we need more information in uncertain times...