Hamilton City Hall's whining about "efficiencies." Please someone introduce them to reality.

This pissing contest between the brats at Hamilton City Hall and the Ford regime is one for the books. The only representative the city has in the government is Donna Skelly, someone the mayor has publicly dissed and treated patronizingly before she became an MPP.

Skelly is telling the city that they can trim their fat. She is absolutely correct. You see the nepotistic hires twirling their eyes in the bullshit jobs. Skelly had a short stint as a councillor in City Hall — and she would know.

Hamilton always shoots itself in the foot: they stick by the NDP no matter how they aren’t getting anywhere by it. When the city was a Liberal stronghold, its fortunes were far better. This last election showed that doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome truly was bonkers.

And now the expectant temper tantrums. The city lost Basic Income by voting NDP, and then having to bend to Conservative overlords. The city owes Kathleen Wynne an apology.

They also owe one to Skelly. She is the lone voice — and they keep spitting in her face. The mayor should do whatever it takes to make nice with her because things are about to get a lot worse for the city. The US tariffs may be lifted, but companies have had a chance to go elsewhere for their steel, and the delay was long enough to show that there are plenty of alternatives. There is nothing to cheer about here.

But while Hamilton whines how they have no fat to cut, they find all sorts of money to waste.

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 2.25.16 PM.png

Those utility boxes do not need to be beautified. There is a perfect example of waste, just as the city spend money in a stupid no-starter bod to woo Amazon to the city, as if.

A forensic accountant looking over the city’s books would be a great way to test the city’s theory. It is long overdue, but with its uppity attitude when it has no cards to play, shows just how clueless the overlords in town really are…

Memo to Andrea Horwath: Even "tapping" someone on the shoulder is considered intimidation. People have lost their jobs for it.

Ontario NDP honcho Andrea Horwath is not behaving very professionally lately. PC MPP Donna Skelly has accused Horwath of pushing her, and I am not certain what possible motive she would have to lie about it, but Horwath’s excuse is as pathetic as it is ill-informed:

Horwath denies accosting the PC MPP for Flamborough-Glanbrook and claims it was Skelly who "went ballistic" when she tapped her on the shoulder.

I have known people who lost their jobs because they literally tapped an underling or colleague on the shoulder. It is considered intimidation, and you do not touch people at work, regardless of the circumstances.

Skelly had every right to be livid even if it were a “tap.” That is workplace harassment and bullying, and Horwath should know better. That is a form of intimidation, and Horwath may be the head of her party, but she still ranks lower than an MPP whose party formed the government. Skelly is the lone Hamilton-area PC representative, and no one in the Opposition party — or anyone else — has the right to touch her. That is a schoolyard tactic and Horwath owes Skelly an apology at the very least, but the offence is serious no matter if it were a push or a tap.

That is poor form, and there is no reason to touch anyone in that manner in the workplace — none

I will update this entry rather than add a new one: the Speaker may have “cleared” Horwath, but it is interesting how rules do not apply to politicians as they do to the plebs. Tapping is a fireable offence, and I know someone in a management position how tapped a coworker on the shoulder with a single finger — and he immediately knew the second he did it that he was going to get sacked for it (and he was). Horwath’s temper tantrums have not done a single thing to impact any policy, and I doubt the ineffectual boorishness will be toned down…

Donna Skelly's very bad day. No feather in that cap, just bad press.

Donna Skelly was a journalist for CHCH for years in another life until she embarked on another career of running as a candidate for the PC Party. She finally managed to win as a city counsellor, and now she is a provincial candidate in the latest election.

She had a long career in journalism; and optics and research is something she should know extremely well. 

And yet she has made a blunder holding up a cap of a website group that is very partisan.

Her excuse was that she had "no idea", which is very surprising. With smart phones that have fabulous data plans, vetting is takes a few moments. 

And as a politician, she should have her ear to the ground and know the ideological landscape.

When you live in the public eye, there is no shortage of people angling to snap pictures of you as they push their own agendas.

And with a single photograph, one ideological group captured an image of her essentially validating their venture -- as another polar ideological group use that same image to incite their own flock. 

As a former journalist and anchor, Skelly has no excuse. She knows the game, and has now positioned herself as some sort of hapless pawn -- not the sort of image you want to cultivate when you are vying for a position with power...