Investing in Al Capone's Vault: Betting against Trump does have its price.

Banking on Robert Mueller unearthing dirt on Donald Trump was the way many talentless hacks got a lot of attention. They leeched off the president’s abrasiveness, hoping a bad disposition would automatically mean that he is a villain.


Guy Gardner is still one of my favourite superheroes, even if in his heyday he was a sexist jerk who really liked Ronald Reagan and earned the punch in the face Batman gave him..

Adulting would be a very good idea right about now, and people creating jobs for themselves based on something other than dining on hoping someone would get caught.

It is the reason why progress is so slow: everything becomes a slap fight, and people become bullies. I never cared for the brutes of the Fox News Channel, but MSNBC and CNN are no better.

And it is a crying shame…

Al Capone's Vault: What a Trumpian victory looks like.




The hurt of the empty vault still hasn’t quite hit the press or the Democrats. They all banked on Robert Mueller enabling their narrative.

Except the vault was the Al Capone model.

And that empty vault gave Trump his victory.


Mother Jones is in full lunacy mode with this propaganda piece:

Trump Aided and Abetted Russia’s Attack. That Was Treachery. Full Stop.

The scandal may not be a crime. It’s a betrayal.

No, it is not “full stop,” you bigots. You are all coming off as Claude Robichaux from A Confederacy of Dunces — It’s the communists!

You were wrong. Full stop. You hate the fact that vote-shaming as a political strategy isn’t working.

Sore losers with an empty vault. They have nothing to show for their irrational hate.

And with that, the game board radically shifts and changes, and we are now playing a brand new game — one where the victor doesn’t go in with the disadvantage this time…

Watching Canada jump into the rabbit hole: It is a long drop down.

Listening to Newstalk 1010's babbling bimbos on Moore in the Morning is instructive. Sheltered lethargy from the well-heel white trash isn't worth repeating too much; so let's take something silly from a silly and gullible politician instead.

In this case, NDP House Leader Ruth Ellen Brosseau proved that savvy is no requirement for the job of being a politician:

While Canadians stand together, President Trump stands alone. 

Are you serious?

Are you actually grounded in reality -- or is it all fairy princess narrative with you?

To explain how self-absorbed this comment is, let me bring you back to my late teens when the Civil War in Yugoslavia was going on.

It was a scary time to be someone of Serbian descent in Canada. Newstalk 1010 were bashing Serbs to an irrational extent -- having their hosts openly talk of rounding up all of the Canadians of Serb heritage and put them in camps.

Fascist fun on the radio! (And this was before Bill C-51 where you can lose your Canadian citizenship. Justin Trudeau, as usual, made the empty promise to repeal it and hasn't. That wasn't on the table then, but it was no less terrifying to be targeted because of your nationality).

I wrote letters to people in the media. Hundreds of them, as well as politicians. I didn't just babble without facts: I found out which PR firms were controlling the media coverage and how the were doing it, and telling those in the press that there were people who knew they were just cribbing press releases and doing no actual research.

This wasn't the days of the Internet where I could just post everything up, and provide information where I obtained my facts and how I verified them. I had a fax machine that worked over time sending me documents and reports at all hours of the night because I was writing and calling people all over the world to find out as much as I could, all while going full-time to university, and in my final year, part-time to college as well.

I also went on marches to protest what was happening, even though I knew it was an exercise in democratic futility. I picketed daily outside of them MP Shelia Copps's office in Hamilton, the US embassy in Toronto where someone slashed my tires, and even drove up all the way to Ottawa to protest on Parliament Hill.

There were CSIS agents marching along the protesters, keeping close tabs on a bunch of frazzled Serb-Canadians who were pleading for rationality, not causing any damage, and just shouting "Stop the bombing now!"

The protesters weren't any threat. They were terrified for relatives at home. They were terrified of getting their rights revoked over here.

But just how peaceful were the protesters?

More than once, there would be a group of Croatian Canadians coming to taunt the Serbian protesters, rubbing their noses in how everyone was taking their side, ha ha ha and all that jazz. It was not very mature, but if the provocations were meant to incite a brawl, it never worked. As in ever. If those protesters wanted to be violent, they would be blowing up things like ISIL or going over back home to take up arms and harm.

But it didn't mean that Serbs weren't shouting back, and those exchanges were very interesting to me.

What they shouted to the Croatians was the word Ustashe!

Which is the equivalent of calling Germans Nazis.

In the Second World War, Croat soldiers were called the Ustashe, and suffice to say, they were very happy and proud fascists, running concentration camps -- the one is Sisak was made specifically to starve, torture, and liquidate children, and these soldiers photographed all of their atrocities against Serbs, Jews, and Roma with happy smiles on their faces.

This fact is not up for dispute. There is photographic evidence and plenty of it -- all taken by the perpetrators. My Serbian grandmother's family -- parents, siblings, and others twenty-seven in all, all died in various concentration camps during the war. The only reason my grandmother was alive was that she was a nurse during the war effort working on a medical train. My family's demise by the Ustashe is also not in dispute. There are records of their deaths and where they died, with my grandmother's youngest sister Rada being a child when adult male soldiers ganged up on her and slaughtered her.

So here you had Serbs calling the wannabe provocateurs Ustashe, to which the Croats said proudly, Yes we are! We're the Ustashe!

What was meant as some horrible insult was seen as a badge of honour. Serbs never grasped that reality, constantly shouting the very word that brought no shame to their enemy, only glee and pride.

Unlike the Germans, who were forced to face the fact that being a Nazi was a bad thing, the Croats got a free pass after the war -- and still do. My grandmother's entire family may have been wiped off the map by the Croats, but after the war, she married one, saying she that he wasn't like that -- and he wasn't. Granddad was horrified by it to the point that he converted: from being a Catholic to becoming an Orthodox Christian. 

If you are keeping score, I am of mixed heritage. Remember that before you make some bigoted comment that I cannot see reality because I am of Serbian heritage.

But the futile exchange would happen every time -- I would say to my fellow protesters that calling people who are proud to be Ustashe Ustashe! doesn't do a thing, but they never got it.

I got it, however. It would be like a bunch of privileged rich white men calling me a feminist as an insult.

Yes, I am a feminist. I am not ashamed of being one, no matter how many times you call me one. Your tone and facial expressions mean nothing to me.

Which brings us back to what Brosseau said...

While Canadians stand together, President Trump stands alone. 


Do you actually understand anything, sheltered little girl?

So what?

For people who have the attention span of gnats, let me keep you up to speed with recent history:

When Donald Trump first decided he was going to run for president, he did it through the Republican party. They did not welcome him with open arms as everyone from Mitt Romney to John McCain had epic fits. The Old School faction had their golden boy Jeb Bush who had over two hundred million dollars in his war chest at the beginning of this rigged little race put on for the benefit of the little people. Old money wanted the guy who had no less than two first degree relatives hold that job before him. Everyone already decided Jeb was the Chose One. The End.

The Tea Party faction had their boy Ted Cruz. They didn't want Trump, either. They had the guy with political experience who managed to forge ahead with his own little posse.

Those Republicans all stood together united. Donald Trump stood alone.

Who won?

Excuse me, Ms Brosseau, I can't hear you.

And when Trump won the nomination, he went up against Hillary Clinton, the one whose husband was president, and she was a senator and Secretary of State. The Democrats and media all stood together with her while Donald Trumps stood alone.

Who won?

Was it Clinton?

No, it was the man who wins by standing alone Donald J. Trump.

By now, if Canadians were the observant type, they would notice a pattern, and make plans. Trump wins by standing alone. He is that good of a strategist.

(And Ivanka Trump is probably the greatest female strategist of our generation. When her father's campaign was floundering, she came on eleven days after giving birth and turned that campaign's fortunes around without any previous political experience -- square that with Caroline Mulroney, whose daddy was Prime Minister, and who ran for Ontario PC leader at the height of #MeToo, and came in third out of fourth on the first ballot -- all that, and the fourth place noob helped propel Doug Ford into top spot. Caroline snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and couldn't even play king-maker because she couldn't even answer softball questions from the press. To say Canada is ill-prepared for the next leg of the Chaos Narrative is a gross understatement).

Trump has mastered his own country, and now he has upped the ante and is absolutely ensuring that he does the same on the world stage.

There is no contest, Trump wins, and that should put Canada on notice.

Trump created more than just chaos.

He owns the story and it is The Chaos Narrative. He is the magician and narrator.

And Justin Trudeau is too conniving to be able to stand up to him. He needs minions applauding and uniting with him, and that is the sign of an ineffectual and impotent leader.

I was listening Newstalk's squares babbling propaganda on the Round Table -- completely clueless as they were waxing nostalgic when Yesterday's Man Barak Obama had the photo op bromance with Trudeau on his goodbye tour -- and how Obama was "mentoring" Trudeau.

Let me get this lunacy straight: you elect a leader who needs mentoring? 

You think having a leader who arrived without having an ability to deliver is a cute thing?

Have you all lost your minds? That is not cute: that is insulting.

No wonder Canada made itself a target. It is ignoring history of other countries who have found themselves in the crosshairs after enjoying decades of solid relations, is throwing blind fits after real tactical errors were made on their end, not being prepared for a crisis, and not considering the possibility that there is a very good chance there will be something damaging released that will be used as proof that the narrative is true. Something very careless and specific has happened behind the scenes that set this game of Go in motion, and it isn't the press conference.

All that has to happen is Canada's -- or even just Ontario's -- credit rating get a downgrade just as the tariffs hit, and we are so weakened, that the US can buy us at a fire sale price.

And Trump knows it. He has done business here, after all.

He is already paving the path to opening the Korean market -- an untapped market with more potential than keeping business with Canada. Trump has already said as much.

Canada jumped into this rabbit hole arrogantly, thinking just because the US had use for us yesterday, they will have use for us tomorrow. Serbs were convinced that both the US and Russia were going to take their side in the conflict, and it never happened.

It was a shock to Serbs. Not me, though.

I had done too much research as a One Woman fact-gathering centre to think all Serbs had to do was just show facts and explain. There was too much at stake, and there were financial and political reasons to bring the former Yugoslavia to its knees. Germany benefitted the most -- and even now, they are starting to circle back to have another go at the region because their Oaf in Chief Angela Merkel made enough blunders to cause grief to the country, thinking it is the same easy con as it was before the War.

It's not. Too much has happened, and the climate has changed. If they thought they can play the same tricks, they are in for the surprise of their lives. NATO is making silly threats that there is "unfinished business" in the region -- but too many other players -- such as China and Saudi Arabia -- have entrenched themselves and built up too much equity in the area to let NATO thump their chests at the Balkans's expense, not to mention that too many ex-pat Serbs have congregated in places such as the UK where they can wield enough political clout to make a difference. That route is already firmly shut, and Trump is a strategist who doesn't fool around. Europe's old tricks are about to turn on them -- but as they are unteachable, they are going to play this the wrong way to the end like the overly-confident Serbs did in the 1990s.

Canada is beyond clueless that once you willingly enter the rabbit hole, you lost control of not just the narrative, but your role, your perceptions, and your footing. There is no getting out of that hole because your own kicking of dirt shuts the hole up.

And it does not help when the federal Tories are booting each other out and calling each other "back-stabbers." Well played, children. And we accuse Trump of having tantrums? And we're not?

Thinking that Canada can just "stop provoking" Trump is National Post's wishful thinking as is the idea we can "ride out" this story. Trudeau must have done something very bad and very, very stupid regarding Trump, thinking he is clever. He thinks he is a Trudeau, but he is a Sinclair: he understands optics from a shallow point of view. He has no idea how many people have cleaned up his messes for him and paved his way because of his name, and they won't stand behind him for long because their investment in him is about to tank.

Nor does he see that Trump is not just a man who can stand alone: he is a man who has a plan. Canada's role in this plan has no semblance to its previous roles in the past. It is more than plain, but the denial factor is making matters worse because we don't have a plan -- just politicians who blindly stand behind a leader who does not know how to lead.

Jean Chretien had a recent interview that puts much into perspective, and is worth adding here:

Chretien also used the Le Devoir interview to slam Quebec separatism, in particular the notion that an independent Quebec could separate with its current borders intact.

“By what right would Quebec become indivisible? All of (Northern Quebec) was handed over in 1911. It’s not the French who claimed that. It was the Hudson’s Bay Company, the English,” he said.

This is a highly ironic comment. If Quebec were to separate -- they couldn't take the entire province as their own...

Except when the former Yugoslavia broke up -- Canada and the rest of the Western world precisely allowed that to happen, even if the Serb minorities in different regions did not want to separate from Serbia. It was this geographic rigidity that actually cause the bloodshed.

I remember writing letters to various international politicians as a mere teenager, making this very case: what you give to one side, you have to give to the other. Not everyone wants to be part of Croatia just as Croats did not want to be a part of Yugoslavia. Serbs got thrown under a bus, and then labelled as war aggressors and ethnic cleansers. They never knew what hit them as they kept going back to an old narrative and role that was yanked away from them.

They were ill-prepared when Croatia had the improbable plan of breaking away and got Bill Clinton's stamp of approval. After firms such as Ruder Finn got their marching orders, there was no using the old labels or narrative anymore. It was a different narrative, and Serbs kept trying to go back to an old story. It never worked because too many other nations had too much on the line to allow any competing narrative to potentially impact their bottom line.

It was all about the Benjamins, nothing more.

So Chretien's interview proves beyond dispute that the West always knew this little fact of divisibility, but ignored it back then because they had other plans for the region.

And Canada should remember that: Trump has other plans -- and they don't involve keeping Canada to reap the benefits of the status quo.

We are now in that rabbit hole because we passively allowed a very poor quality leader to drag us there. We are a country with a sparse population who never lived like kings and queens, despite all the natural resources we could use to create a paradise. We either pull a pay check from an American company, or from a debt-ridden government, and now we have provoked someone who is a magician who can pull the carpet from under us in a blink of an eye. 

Do not look to US celebrities for validation because they are just talk. How many of those brats actually moved to Canada after vowing they would because Trump got elected?

That's right. None. Zero.

The number of the Fool.

Canada is about to grow up in the place on the other side of the rabbit hole: one that professors, politicians, and the middle class have no idea exists, let alone how to function, negotiate, or even survive there.

Canada is not the only one put on notice: the usual gang of idiots in the G7 have also been shown to be incapable of basic strategy when one of their own deviates from their script.

One man. All it takes is one in the Chaos Narrative is to set the series of events to forever change the story.

And Canada has no control over what will happen on the other side of that rabbit hole...

Watching Canada run head first into their Villain role in the Chaos Narrative.

Canada is, at heart, a nanny state. There are too many people who work in the sheltered environment of the civil service, and our politicians are usually the sheltered and spoiled children of people who were also once politicians or came from money, and the same can be said of journalists.

For decades, our oblivious ways didn't place us in danger as we were too inconsequential for any power to notice us. We wisely flew under the radar, and we had a few savvy street-fighters who had to earn their keep pull us out of scrapes we found ourselves in when our foolish disposition got us in trouble. We had their love and loyalty, but somehow, everyone forgot to keep notes on what they did to keep us in the game when things went haywire.

We were in the strongest position when Jean Chretien was Prime Minister. He prevented the country from falling apart during the Quebec referendum, something I covered as a student in j-school, interviewing various editors and journalists about that nail-biter -- and those notes formed the backbone of a later article I had published in Skeptic magazine years later as a working journalist.

I remembered Chretien's blanched face that night -- he barely scraped a victory, but he saved both Quebec and the Rest of Canada from absolute ruin. Break up Canada, and we get swallowed up by the United States.

But beginning in the early 2000s, there was the beginnings of peculiar rumblings started by the George Bush regime. I saw one in person. The American organization I worked for as a Canadian correspondent for the journalism trade magazine held its annual convention in Toronto -- the first time they ventured out of their home country. There were two keynote speakers over two days: Vice President Dick Cheney, and then the late journalist and anchor Peter Jennings who was Canadian, but was an icon in the US.

I was there for both speeches. The Vice President's speech essentially spelled out that yes, natural resources may be running in short supply in the US, but they can just raid Canada's. No worries.

The next day, Jennings's speech was a real pushback to that notion and a powerful moment that reminded me how hard it was being a Canadian who had to push through in a foreign country to make a name for yourself. It was something to see.

It stayed with me, but I knew whatever the rumblings, Chretien was a silver fox who could dodge the traps.

And then came 9/11, and Chretien's regime wasn't playing ball with the Bush regime, and things got very sticky. Fox News was floating about boycotts and sanctions against Canada, and I discussed it at length in my book OutFoxed.

Again, I wasn't worried because I knew that Chretien was an adept strategist who literally could take care of himself. It was like having Batman as your Prime Minister. 

There was no war of words. There was no missteps or diplomatic quagmires. Everything blew over with most Canadians having no clue about the gravity of the situation or the potential for trouble. That's what a good leader does. He makes it seem seamless and doesn't bring attention to himself.

I saw both those close calls as a journalist. I knew that the threat coming from the US was real, but I also knew Chretien alone could handle it because he understood the big picture.

Fast forward to 2018.

We have a sheltered little boy masquerading as a Prime Minister along with his haughty kid sidekick -- both who are not strategists, but oblivious divas who are obtuse to nuance.

Truth be hold, they are obtuse to big, honking signs of a cataclysm.

Unlike the the other two times, I am not shrugging off what is going down.

Trudeau has made things worse with his arrogant attitude. Kid sidekick Chrystia Freeland is equally dense.

They are both throwing temper tantrums in public -- having zero cards to play, going on and on how "insulted" they are that the US is not giving in to their demands, as if Americans care about what Canadian politicians are feeling.

Really, are you serious?

You are not being paid to be offended. No one cares how you feel or whether or not you are offended. This isn't a first-year Humanities course where your prof holds your hand and preaches about micro-aggression as he tell you that you are Gifted.

You were elected to get results. That's it. You go in, get dirty, get mud slapped all over your Botoxed face, but you get results that are beneficial to your country.

That didn't happen. They failed. The end. As in, The End. Drudge is chronicling all of this for posterity, of course.

This is now a serious crisis. Canada did well as long as they flew under the radar. We are like the rabbits of Watership Down: so long as the Elil are not on our scent, we are free to have our little warren just the way we like it.

But Trudeau is acting like a self-entitled brat who thinks his ego means anything. It doesn't. If he were competent, this should have been resolved months ago. You can whine about being bullied all you want, but you showed signs of weakness, and now the Elil have been primed to go after you.

And the campaign is breath-taking. It goes beyond tweets from Trump: the chorus of people who have instructed the flock to see Canada as liars is growing, and instead of dealing with this threat directly -- because once you lose credibility, you lose it all -- he and Freeland are repeatedly babbling about being insulted.

So here is the memo to those two bimbos: You have been repeatedly saying how "insulted" your majesties have been. Did it change the circumstances? Did it resolve a single thing?


So why are you aping your ineffectual script? Are you really that vapid and unteachable?

Do you not have someone with intelligence and experience dealing with Americans on your staff to advise you?

It's probably too late, but the immaturity of the Trudeau regime is disheartening.

And repeating the word "retaliation" is playing right into Trump's hands. That's what villains do when the hero stands up to them.

But do not expect the Canadian media to clue in. They are cheerleading Trudeau, not having the courage to see what is actually happening. My local television station CHCH is run by a group of five-year-olds sitting at some Disney On Ice show, spewing childish drivel that makes me wonder just how bad is our educational system has plummeted since I graduated.

Some American politicians disagree with Trump? Who? The inert Democrats who have been floundering in the polls because the economy is doing too well for them to build a credible argument to be voted in?

Other Canadian politician support Trudeau! Whoop di do, what can they do, but tremble in their boots knowing if Trump cuts off Canada, the tax base, such as it is, goes up in flames? They are too afraid, and they have little choice, but even that facade of unity won't last long.

The US can easily ride out the tariffs. Going after Hershey chocolates? Do you think there isn't a Plan B? Canadians look like petty little meanies...and then Americans will rally together to buy a lot more chocolates and stick it to those chocolate-hating Canadian villains.

If that is the very best hand you have to play, you already lost the game.

And Trump does have a plan. There is no doubt. There is a plan, and it involves breaking and humbling Canada, particularly Trudeau, who has a long history of being a spoiled little boy who cannot function if he is not the centre of attention. There is bad blood between him and the previous Prime Minister Stephen Harper. There is bad blood between him and former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.

He is sticking with the same script, but the difference is Trump is not Harper or Mulcair. He is far more feral, cunning, and powerful than Trudeau whose entitled temper tantrums are about to come back to haunt him.

Let us not forget he cannot contain himself when things do not go his way. He loses his nerve.

Canada cannot afford this kind of childish games. Our federal debt makes us vulnerable, and just Ontario's debt alone can upset our ecosystem to the point that Trump does not have to do very much to throw us into disarray.

Because we had close calls with the US not that long ago -- less than two decades ago. It is not as if the thought never crossed their minds. Chretien cleaned up that mess beautifully.

We are now in Chapter two of the Chaos Narrative, and we are being set up for a real salvo by Chapter three. It is already set, and once that happens, there is no going back.

And our politicians are completely unprepared, and our journalists are weakened and clueless to the what is in store. Just months ago, there was threats of big red buttons and nuclear war between the US and North Korea.

Now, there is a summit that, if it has gone well, will give the US an alternative market for their chocolates.

Canada has been blinded by arrogance and cockiness, and it can make more trouble than we can handle. We are not used to being seen as villains and foreigners to the US, but it may be a label we may end up wearing for decades to come...

The Chaos Narrative makes a big leap: Canada now officially a Villain.

As I have repeatedly stated here and my old website, Trump is positioning Canada to be a villain in a narrative -- something that completely deviates from past presidential scripts that either saw their Northern Neighbours as benign and unimportant milquetoast, to friends and junior partners. It was either neutral or positive, even when Pierre Elliott Trudeau was leading Canada and tweaking the noses of whoever was in the American driver's seat -- or Jean Chretien who defied the US during 9/11's aftermath, but was cagey enough to prevent a diplomatic crisis, even if talking heads over at the Fox News Channel were clamouring for a boycott against Canada (something I chronicled in my book OutFoxed).

But his son Justin is not his daddy. He is his own little boy, and he is no match for Trump.

I will say now that I have no idea whether Prime Minister Pantywaist tried to pull a conniving little stunt to tweak the nose of his intellectual superior, but if he did, he has created an epic crisis that he is ill-prepared to deal with.

As I said in an earlier post, Trump wrote the first chapter of this new Chaos Narrative, painting Canada as a deceptive people with agreements from the leaders of India and The Philippines (though the latter actually thought Canada was just "stupid").

Canada, being Canada, laughed it off thinking no one is listening to Trump and Americans are our friends.

Trump has half his country approving of his job, and that is more than enough willing ears he needs to control the narrative. The economy over there is kicking it like nobody's business, except for bricks and mortar retailers who didn't keep up with the times -- and journalism, which collapsed for the very same reason.

Chapter one set up the narrative, and now we are deep into chapter two, where Trump increases the interpretation of Canada, but now has others agreeing with his assessment. 

This is the latest charge:

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro lit into Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday, saying there's a "special place in hell" for a world leader that double crosses President Donald Trump.

"There's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad-faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door," Navarro told Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday." "And that's what bad faith Justin Trudeau did with that stunt press conference."

The FNC is the highest-rated all-news outfit in the United States. It has its devoted flock tuning in, and though it is a partisan propaganda mill, it is no accident they are the ones who are sanctioning the narrative.

From Trump to Navarro to the FNC, the narrative is beginning to spread.

Oh, and before I forget, there is this swipe, too on ideological rival CNN:

President Donald Trump's chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Sunday accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of undermining the US and its allies with comments he made at the G7 summit.

"It was a betrayal," Kudlow said on CNN's "State of the Union."

Canadians may be banking on the American Left to rescue them, but the Dems have bigger problems, and for all the griping about Trump and the cheap pot-shots of late night talk shows/celebrity advertorials, they are not managing to translate Trump-bashing with actual votes.

This is not mere trash-talking. This is an effective military campaign with the express purpose of isolating Canada and priming people to approve of any sanctions or retaliatory punishments that have a specific purpose. The swipes may seem personal, but I don't think they really are: there is a plan, and it requires Trudeau, and his country by extension, to be villainized enough to justify some sort of severe and sweeping punishment that goes beyond tariffs.

I will not be surprised if economic and political sanctions are in store. Military intervention is a stretch, but if you reach sanctions, the next level up is not as far of a stretch as they seem now.

And as usual, Canada is thinking it will all blow over. Trump doesn't need universal approval. He needs just enough, and by the looks of things, that is precisely what he is getting.

How chaos defines the narrative: The G7 Debacle.

People who are not talented or good thinkers stick to scripts. They love pecking orders and try to keep it in place with arrogance and patronizing gambits. These are the people who impose order on others in order not to come up with a situation that is not part of the script so they are not exposed as being intellectually unremarkable and incompetent.

People who can think thrive in chaos. They don't care what happens: they can find an opening, ignore the ruses and rules, and succeed.

Journalists should be those who can navigate through chaos, but that breed is no longer around. They are the ones who cling on to scripts and cannot function when someone does not fit a label or is predictable.

Journalists fear Donald Trump. He is their monster because they are throwing nothing but accusations and vitriol, decreeing that he is a Very Bad Man because they cannot tell him how to behave, and everyone should just make him go away so they can go back to the scripts so the reporters can pretend they can predict people's behaviour.

Trump has repeatedly revealed the extent of journalistic incompetence. If journalists were actual journalists, they would see this as a relished challenge to redefine and resurrect the profession.

It is still the same old tired script. Angela Merkel can stare down Trump all she wants, she just looks like an ineffectual middle manager who has no control of the workplace she has been put in charge in -- and the rebel just ditched that popsicle stand for a more important and lucrative position. Well played, yesterday's woman!

Merkel's gambit has been used by control freaks, such as Charlie Manson, and it doesn't actually work, given that Manson control-freaked himself to a life sentence and died in jail. Looking down on someone is a feint and a ruse, and a very poor one at that.

I study Trump and his methods. They are utterly fascinating. He is living chaos. He can create chaos and disrupt order.

Hollywood used to revere that kind of character. An anti-hero who flouts the rules and rebels against the Establishment, and he is the first president to be an actual rebel.

But journalists hate rebels. They cannot handle someone they cannot predict or control.

Watching Trump at the G7 Play Pen is quite humorous. He is older than Canadian pantywaist Justin Trudeau, and it is Trudeau who is acting like a stodgy church lady who could use more fibre in her diet, and Trump the swaggering punk.

Trump is among a bunch of stodgy old Establishment types who are arrogant and used to telling the little people what to do.

And here is Trump, who is Sid Vicious playing at Buckingham Palace. It is pure gold.

He is living the fantasy life of people who wish they could tell off the Establishment and do their own thing.

But the press covering the event are having fits because he is more than just a spoiler: he is a culture jammer. 

And the Left had some sort of idea that they have the monopoly on it.

Culture jamming is something I discussed in my first book, and they are the graffiti artists of the media -- except they are not as good as the one who managed to get himself in the White House.

There is no place that is safe from the rule-breaking ways of Donald Trump. Even when he is angry, he is having fun. 

And much more fun than Trudeau.

Trudeau has become a boring old dud of epic proportions, revealing he was just using tricks and techniques to seem hip or something. He is just a geezer who got elected just because he promised to legalize pot. Once that happens, he is banking on the country being too stoned to notice how badly the country is being run.

It should be Trudeau who upsets the Establishment, not Trump. But Trudeau has totally lost control of the narrative, and has no outlaw appeal to him.

Trump had flings with porn stars while married to a model! He is accused of hanging around with badasses and he ran casinos. He breaks rules and is not afraid to tell people off -- people who are leaders of First World countries.

Trudeau looks like a guy who peddles Metamucil on television. Gotta get in more fibre!

But with Trump, there is method to the madness. He ditched the Play Pen early because he has more important meetings to attend to -- namely going to an unprecedented summit where he has top billing, ditching the has-beens slumming it in Quebec. To be busier than six other world leaders?

That is the mega-sized version of the American Dream. It's huge.

And the timing of these two events is not a coincidence.

But that's not the most instructive thing about this dog and pony show.

Trudeau is trying to impose order. The other G7 kids are also trying to impose order because they are not good at actual strategy. They know how to talk to their people back home who all have been broken in by their leader's silly rules, but none of those old tricks are working on a man whose professional life comes from business, not politics.

They do not know how to deal with a character who is not in their script.

They are trying to stick together, but European leaders have a horrible track record of getting along. Too many egos involved with too many cultural divisions, let alone all that history of bad blood.

So it is going to take a lot more resources to not only deal with an unpredictable element, but also having to work with each other even though they all want to be the leader of leaders and are not used to be being told by someone else what to do.

All of their resources are taxed and there is no focus when you have a united front.

It is far easier to have focus when you are by yourself in chaos.

And Trump has been very focussed. His sights are now squarely set on Canada.

For months, he has been carefully setting up a narrative where Trudeau is the evil bad guy to be defeated.

And now, the next chapter of this narrative has been taking shape with the faithful flock digging up proof of the villain's sins. This flock makes their debut in this chapter, but Trump has already upped it a notch by accusing Trudeau of being "meek, mild, and dishonest," "dishonest and weak," and "giving false statements" as journalists decree this meeting has been a disaster, throwing it into "chaos."

You don't say!

These "meetings" are nothing more than canned events and photo ops. I have seen these events play out on wire services where there is no editing, and you can see how choreographed these things are.

Except this time, someone is deviating from the script.

You have two separate plays collide, but the second play created to cause chaos with the first.

Trump has shown the Old World Order cannot function with a single -- and frivolous -- rewrite.

And if they cannot handle Trump after this long period of time, it raises questions about their own competency. Their electorate will notice that their leader is incapable of getting ahead of a foreigner.

They have already lost face to their own people after this debacle. They are supposed to represent their people with results without losing face.

Trudeau coming off as the peeved teacher who cannot maintain any control over a recalcitrant student sends a message to others in the classroom: the person who has control is not the one at the head of the class.

And most importantly of all, Trump lobbed the opening salvo with the Trudeau as Untrustworthy narrative.

It is the first narrative that sticks. Retractions have no effect.

At first, it was just confined with North America. Now it has expanded globally.

Canada is in the crosshairs right now. It is in the crosshairs and I am the only person in the country who is addressing it for a prolonged period of time.

As usual, Canadians are hoping They will make it go away and are not dealing with this problem.

But Canadian journalists are also not thinking about this as the early stages of a serious crisis.

And it is a crisis. If the United States is now isolating us, what is the motive? Why is it important to villainize us?

Chaos has now defined the narrative. Trudeau has completely bungled this crisis by not dealing with it directly.

The escalation has picked up a notch -- and it should have been confronted the first time Trump said Canada was "smooth." It was laughed off.

Now, a G7 meeting has been thrown into disarray and shown to be less important than focussing on the Koreas -- and this was a meeting hosted in Canada.

A host that has been called weak and dishonest, not just smooth and spoiled.

Trump is carefully building an effective and plausible narrative -- one that has now taken root and grown.

Leaders are expected to deal with threats. The G6 have just acted indignant and upset that their little egos have been bruised.

With a single move, these leaders have been relegated to the B-list. The 6 have to stick together because none of them is strong enough to stand their ground alone.

They are all stepping in every cow patty in the field. 

Chaos has now defined this narrative, and what happens next will be more fascinating and instructive to those of us who shunned the shackles of scripts and wish to be prepared and competent whenever the predictable happens...

The Misadventures of Smooth and Spoiled and the Prisoner's Dilemma.

Canada is in uncharted territory -- uncharted for Canada, but not unprecedented. The trade tiff has unnecessarily spiralled out of control, and it says a lot about this country's maturity and savvy.

Donald Trump must think dealing with Trudeau and Freeland is like shooting fish in a barrel, and he has read them and marked them perfectly: Smooth and Spoiled, respectively.

Both have no common sense, and the temper tantrums are mystifying. Freeland throwing fits on US television is not a bright move: an angry foreigner blaming Americans is not going to persuade anyone of anything.

Powerful homicidal terrorist masterminds made threats to destroy and enslave the US, too, and Americans responded by marching into desolate and hostile nations before they dragged those same masterminds out of their caves. If the threat of annihilation does not phase your average American, a silly threat of adding duty to chocolate bars isn't going to phase them, either.

They don't scare easy.


And they don't care about Canada: they care about their own wallets.

And a foreigner making threats is going to be seen as an enemy.

But Spoiled isn't just stepping every manure pile in the field: she honestly is clueless. 

Do not think Americans care if Canada slaps tariffs -- because Canada is not the only game in town, and it is more than obvious that there are other plans afoot. It is a competition, so to speak, and everything has been shaken up in order to re-gig things, meaning some nations will gain at the expense of others. No one is safe.

Canada can be easily replaced, and there is no shortage of replacement nations. The US has signalled that they want change in deals, and there are numerous options.

The US can easily pit Mexico against Canada, and smooth things over about the whole wall thing by increasing trade at Canada's expense. It is a Prisoner's Dilemma, and it is likely that an alliance can be easily disrupted.


If Mexico strikes a deal with the US, Canada is left out.

But the US can replace Canada as a trading partner with other places, from Saudi Arabia to Israel and a few willing European nations that would be more than happy to oblige to score brownie points with the electorate.

Not to mention there is a certain summit around the corner, and there is a market ripe for opening.

And Trump can easily change his mind and say he was kidding -- Canada cannot say the same. Bad feelings have been created.

If Spoiled thinks she has any cards to play, she doesn't. Ontario was a Liberal stronghold provincially and federally, and this week, it will fall out of the Grits' hands, and all of the debt they kept juggling will be exposed as it explodes under new and less experienced management who will have fewer connections who can keep the façade intact. It was simple for the provincial Liberals to use sleight of hand to make it seem the province was in strong shape -- it borrowed money it didn't have as it lavishly paid the civil service sector to boost the illusion of good wages and a healthy economy. Once the extent of the debt is exposed -- and the credit rating is dinged, the true troubles will begin here.

Had a bottom-line wonk like Stephen Harper or a silver fox like Jean Chretien done the negotiating, Canada would have already had a deal without disrupting the economy, but that's not what is happening. It is amateurs at the wheel who think it is all about them.

But it's not just Spoiled making trouble: it's also Smooth, who has no idea how optics work if it does not involve taking selfies. The Prime Minister's Meet the Press interview reminds me of an old journalism war story: when Lesley Stahl was a correspondent for the CBC Evening News during the 1980 US presidential campaign. She did a television report on how Ronald Reagan's campaign was propaganda, and she used campaign ads showing American flags and all those other patriotic triggers. According to Stahl, after the report aired, one of Reagan's operatives called her to thank her for doing the report because it was free advertising: no one would pay attention to her words. 

They would see the glorious images and his sales pitch to the American people.

She conceded that he was right.

And he handily won the election.

The Meet the Press interview had the same chasm between message and optics -- but not one that worked in Canada's favour. Trudeau used the wrong trigger words: soldiers, national security, insulting, and the like.

Antagonistic and angry words from a foreigner as he patronized Americans.

The Trumpian base have now been primed to see Canada as a threat. Their man warned them about Smooth and Spoiled, and for many Americans, that's all they know about Canada -- and now those two proved Trump's thesis to be correct as the duo are making threats to economically harm Americans.

The base are not going to get mad at Trump -- they will expect him to put those uppity foreigners in their place.

And he can do it. Americans have an uncanny ability to dump a mediocre partner in order to find a vastly better one against all impossible odds.


Canadians are the ones who stick to a status quo as they fly by the seat of their pants.

Americans are an ambitious lot who think big and have a plan.

And they are also rugged survivors who relish comebacks, resurrections, redemptions, and revenge.

The federal Liberals have made a toxic mess and are making it worse with their entitled narrative. They do not know how to deal with Trump. They do not know how to deal with Americans, many who are mystified at Canada's extreme reaction.

That tantrum hints at something very disturbing: if Canada was in solid economic shape, they could fluff this hiccup off.

But they aren't. Spoiled and Smooth are having an irrational meltdown.

There is a reason for that: they know the Canadian economy is a house of cards and Hurricane Donald can blow it all down in a heartbeat.

For all the cheery talk of sunny ways, a bad storm is on the horizon.

Trump can back off, but the damage has been done because Spoiled and Smooth have no clue how to behave in public, or how to think a single step ahead.

They are sheltered. They are not pioneers. Their actual experience in high-stakes deals is nil.

And you do not bring children to a high-stakes card game played by the adults.

Because you have to have a poker face whether you have a winning hand -- or a losing one.

Had this been done by the likes of Stephen Harper or Jean Chretien, for instance, this wouldn't even be a thing. Both leaders had vastly different styles and strategies, but both could read a situation and work with it. Both knew how to negotiate with the US and then just shove off without drawing unwanted attention to Canada.

I find it very interesting that Chretien made the comments on how Canada should have gone into it -- and that he made them in public. That says something significant about the true dynamic between him and the current Prime Minister. It is a very ill omen.

We are starting to see an acceleration of a shift where Canada is not getting their own way -- and there is some sort of insult to the injury. It has been one misadventure after another, and we have politicians snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The Grits have always been known as the Government Party because they have a knack of knowing how to stay in power, but now something has gone horribly wrong in their calculations.

What happens next remains to be seen, but expect more injury -- and insults to hurdle directly to this side of the border...

Doug Ford and Donald Trump: Storybombing Canadian media narratives. With ease.

Doug Ford becomes PC party leader despite all of the news media's assurances that it was Christine Elliott's time. And now Donald Trump is again at it, calling Canada "brutal", and making sure his audience knows those wily northern foxes have outwitted presidents before him.

Dale doesn't get it. His decree that Trump is wrong and rambling is beside the point. The fact is that he now has his own narrative, that completely alters the narrative Canadians have spent decades cultivating.

Ford story-bombed the narrative completely: Patrick Brown -- who was kicked to the curb in the throes of #MeToo, paved the way for a woman to take charge of the big mess of the PC Party...

And then Doug Ford won, completely messing up the well-crafted story.

Trump is also story-bombing a longer and more established Canadian narrative where we are the nice guys, good guys, appeasers, and underdogs, and he has experience story-bombing the US media's narratives, starting from the one where he was a joke candidate to the one where Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide to the one where he wouldn't last a year, and if he did, he would ruin the economy. He is America's spoiler, and now he has his sights clearly on altering the perceptions the US has of its Northern neighbours.

His track record for story-bombing shows that he has yet to miss a target. He knows exactly how to interject his spin and when. Nitpicking is not going to alter a thing for the simple reason he has already primed his audience to disbelieve anything those fast talkers have got to say in their defence.

Both men get chaos. They understand that order is a mirage, and they break those paper-thin façades to twist that story to their own advantage. The guy who wins gets a hero's crown, and the press, particularly in Canada, are clueless to what is actually happening. Those so-called diverse and inclusive narratives crumble in the face of reality because you have people who will cross lines and not care about labels other people give them to try and stop them from grabbing the spoils of war.

This is a Post-Progressive world right now. As I said before #MeToo does not have the same meaning in Canada as it does in the US, and Ford's victory is proof of it. He is the internal story-bomber, and he, like his younger brother who handily won the mayoralty race in Toronto despite the media narrative that he'd lose, can override the program to win.

But Trump is the external story-bomber. He is attacking those narratives from the outside. Both men are dismantling the old narratives, and doing it with rapid ease.

Because they are not sticking to scripts and the press always does -- and when you stick to scripts, you can have no idea about the state of reality.

Playing Go, not Chess: why the US news media is incapable for deciphering the man who defeated them.

The little pantywaists never did understand Donald J. Trump. The Hill is one of those publications that has it wrong, as usual.

The headline in question is amusing:

Robert Mueller is playing chess, not checkers

The problem is Trump is playing Go, not chess.

Chess is the small man's game.

Go is for the smarter ones.

There is a misconception that knowing chess makes you some sort of strategist.

What it makes you is a drone who memorizes rules as you become boxed in by your own rote skills.

Go ups the ante, and makes certain the game is not about getting crowned.

But surrounding your enemy by removing liberties.

But chess is the method of Patriarchal Storytelling: you two two levels of characters: the ones with titles -- and a king -- and then the second level of faceless pawns that are, in essence, cannon fodder.

Chess is not a game. It is the structure of Patriarchal storytelling.

Go is superior in that it is about pure strategy, without the confines of a narrative.

So if Mueller is playing chess, he is out of his league, as he helps Trump clear a path, and is given enough leeway to turn the tables.

But the US press lacks the deep intelligence to see what is happening.

Mueller would easily best conniving Canadians. There have been many Canadians who pulled stunts in their home country -- where there are lax, if any, rules, laws, or regulations. They get cocky, and now think they are brilliant, but the pickings here are slim as people do not have the money they pretend to have.

So, emboldened, Canadians go to a bigger pond, trying to pull the same stunts on Americans.

And then the Americans promptly arrested them, divest them of their ill-gotten booty, and throw them in the slammer.

Because it is easy to overestimate your cunning when you are being thrown softballs.

Trump is no stranger to scrapes. What fells most people, doesn't work on him, and he usually ends up besting the seeming victor.

Let's take Spy magazine.


Spy was a very smart and gutsy publication, and unlike the mainstream press in the 1980s, it did not drool all over Trump. It didn't gush that he had nice teeth, or was a brilliant businessman.

They made fun of him, and the had scathing, well-done articles to the like. They even proved that he'd cash a thirteen cent check.

He wrote complaint letters. They pinned it on their wall. He said they'd never survive, but when his luck seemed to run out, it looked like Spy would have the last laugh.


Except Trump recovered.

And Spy no longer exists.

He was right about him.

They were wrong about him.

They played chess with a man whose natural inclination is to play a game of go.

The press is confined to chess for one reason: it is the game with a built-in narrative.

Go bores them because it is beyond the journalistic paradigm.

Had they been more empirical in their methods, this wouldn't be an issue. You can see bigger and more covert games when you are not always in search of a story, but of facts.

But that was never the way reporters operated, and their deficiencies are more than apparent in their work.