Memo to the Toronto Star: Don't speculate who is going to replace the Prime Minister. He is still prime minister.




Remember the love affair between Canadian journalists and Justin Trudeau?

Fuck that shit, it’s like, so over.

They dumped the cad and are throwing horse dung at him with reckless abandon.

Like this column from the Toronto Star that has got a jump on things, by speculating who could replace him:

Who will lead if the Liberals toss Trudeau?

How about Ester the Wonder Pig? She has a great reputation, lives in a progressive home, is a great mascot for cherishing flora and fauna — and beat cancer (go Ester!).

Her website has the motto “Peace. Love. Ester" and her security pillow says “Save the world.”

How could anyone go wrong with such a cutie?

No wait; she’s too successful to go down that dreadful path.

We need some sort of etiquette rule here that you have to wait until someone’s actual ouster before speculating who is going to replace them.

He hasn’t emptied his office yet, and there is a good chance he won’t have to do it unless he loses the election.

Until then, cool it, kids…you are making it sound like you are writing his obituary…

Temper tantrums aren't saving Canada. Let's try something that actually gets results.

The Reality Deniers of the Toronto Star are at it again, using irrational and oblivious chest-thumping in lieu of actual reportage:

China needs to pay a heavy price for its treatment of Canadians

Are you serious? Are you truly that stupid? Canada stepped into dog shit without thinking about something called consequences.

Canada has no cards to play. Our economy is tanking. Housing is crashing. The few quality jobs are being lost. We fucked up USMCA because the Arrogance-Obliviousness Disease the federal regime has. We pissed off the Saudis as we are tweaking their noses as they can still make damage.

But China is another matter. They can, for instance, recall all of their university students studying in Canada. That can screw up our post-academic viability in a heartbeat. Canada can recall all of their students studying in China, and…that regime will not feel a thing.

Or, China can decide to stop all exports to Canada. Canada would collapse. We don’t have factories that can pick up the slack. We don’t have the workers who are trained. From medical equipment to food, most of our staples come from China.

And you asshole think that China gives one flying fuck about your threat? We put all our eggs in one basket, and then dropped the basket.

China is now throwing every single word we threw at them back in our faces, and this has been a long time coming.

Grow up, children. You have been nannied and sheltered. Stop making a mockery of this country with your moron hick schtick.

This reminds me of a horrible tragedy that happened in Toronto in 2003.

It was a ten-year-old girl named Holly Jones. She was grabbed by an adult male and dragged away to her death.

She was a lithe and dainty girl, and I remember the case very well. I have always had issues with adults who prey on children. There is cowardice, but that kind of cowardice is vile.

But I remember one columnist who basically opined that had young Holly taken self-defence lessons, somehow, that would have saved her.


A grown adult male and a child fighting. He has a plan, and she doesn’t.

Self-defence is not some sort of magical cure-all.

We could train a 10-year-old to box and then put the kid in the ring to fight the adult male.

You wanna place your bets on who would win that bout?

It takes a special kind of stupid not to understand that kind of grossly unequal fight, but it broadly hints that Canadian journalists have not gotten very far on Jean Piaget’s Four Stages of cognitive development.

That they have not reached Stage Four is not a surprise, but they are struggling through Stage Two — the Pre-operational Stage where they have yet to master this key concept:

Children at this stage tend to be egocentric and struggle to see things from the perspective of others.

They also have serious issues of Stage Three’s Concrete Operational Stage where children:

[B]egin to understand the concept of conservation; that the amount of liquid in a short, wide cup is equal to that in a tall, skinny glass, for example.

There is no logic. None. It is just anger control issues and temper tantrums. How does Canada go up against China? With irrational vendettas, wasting thoughts, money, and resources with childish tweaking? By making alliances where they have to enslave themselves with odious and costly favours? China can do to Canada whatever it pleases. They can literally hit us with such economic force that we will not be able to recover for decades.

And they know it, but we don’t.

But the Star column is as privileged white bread as you can get — sounding like some rich snot who becomes enraged because the foreign nanny spoke out of line. How dare she? I’ll show her! Do you know who I am?

Oh, get over yourself, you morons, and take some racial sensitivity courses.

Or didn’t you get the memo that this is the Woke Generation?

If China were to call Canada’s bluff, we’d be screwed, and royally.

The Globe and Mail also is making silly remarks: yes, Canada was in a weak position, but we have already lost that war. We lost it when the US knocked us off that pedestal. We got cocky and like our housing market, we vastly overestimated our value and power.

So is the National Post who are oblivious: China doesn’t need to “frighten” Canada — they can just fuck up the economy. They can flood the market and undercut us. They have intelligence they can use. If it comes to a brawl of might, Canada is cooked.

And once again, Canada had to go crawling to the United States for help because we are not an actual power.

Anger is not Canada’s friend. We can roar, and then get stomped on by someone who’s power is bigger than our own.

We don’t need propaganda sending us down the wrong path. We need an accurate picture of reality. We need strategy based on our own unique circumstances. This storm was brewing for months. We ignored it, thinking some They was going to make all better. It has gotten worse.

So instead of petty and vindictive rage puking based on nerdy revenge porn, we need a plan that actually works, given Canada’s deteriorating circumstances. Use wit, not a shit fit.

Because the longer this drags, the more incompetent and weak we show ourselves to be — and no temper tantrum can hide that bottom line…

Child-like innocence gets a rude awakening: GM is closing up shop in Oshawa, and there is no happy ending.

GM is closing its Oshawa plant, and to realists like me, it is no surprise.

But the temper tantrums from both the press and the NDP is truly mystifying.

You have an anti-car nation such as Canada, and now you have dopey columnists who think that Canada has what it takes to have its own car-maker.

That ship has sailed a long time ago. That had to be done decades ago.

Canada has always been lazy and resistant to change and innovation, particularly if the innovators happen to be their own citizens who have to be innovation refugees and flee to the US to get a fair shake.

The US have been the future-thinker active doers who have encouraged innovation and progress with their industries, entertainment, and just about everything else.

You have jealous countries try to plant seeds of jealousy to sabotage that one nation by having them make apologies and second-guess themselves, but the bottom line is that Americans would have been wiped off the face of this Earth and we’d be still sitting in the dark with old sexist regimes fighting thousand-year vendettas unless the US wasn’t so focussed on an empirical model of admitting errors, thinking ahead, and improving on the status quo.

Journalism could learn a lot from that spirit of innovation.

And so could Canada.

But it was easier to follow scripts and have the Americans do all of our heavy lifting.

And now we are paying the price.

The NDP babbling about how Doug Ford should have fought for a foreign corporation to stay here is childish. If GM could be induced to stay, they would have put out feelers and gotten money from the province and the country.

They way they did in 2009.

The fact that GM just announced it without prior warning should be a huge clue that they had no intention of staying in Oshawa, and, as Ford said, the ship had sailed.

I remember when my grandmother’s factory closed in Stoney Creek to move to Mexico: the federal Liberals had a program specifically for those woman of a certain age to be given a full pay check until they turned 65, and my grandmother was a recipient. The factory was unionized, and Canada was a different place back then.

There was no sunny-spinning rot back then. The factory was closed, and it was seen as a bad thing.

No new factories sprang up to take over the slack with the same high wages and benefits. The federal and provincial governments still had money to weather out the recession, but we now have both provincial and federal regimes that are broke and in serious debt with a serious depression moving into the nation at an increasingly faster rate.

As the 2009 bailout proved, throwing money at a problem doesn’t solve it.

Our prime minister may have his father’s arrogance, but none of his cunning, and he stepped in dog shit by not taking the US president as a serious adversary, and not heeding him the proper respect. Do not underestimate the US. Do not overestimate Canada’s importance to the world economy.

It is the reason why Canada, more than any other country in the world — needed a strong and realistic press that was empirical, innovative, and not dependent on handouts. Our place is always fragile, and somewhere along the way, we bought our own hype.

The union declaring some sort of war on GM is pure stupidity. It is their company; they were generous enough to give you jobs, and now that they aren’t in the mood, they have the right to up and leave. That this country’s governments and media have been sleepwalking and leeching off the US doesn’t change the reality of how lackadaisical Canada has been to its own self-interests.

Our universities have failed to create innovative spaces because they go for the cheap and worthless “safe spaces”. We are thrilled that our weak currency is now politically correct as we completely ignore that it is going in the wrong direction, and when it is worthless, it won’t matter who is on the currency because it won’t buy you anything, regardless of how you identify yourself.

The job of a government is to ensure strength and prosperity for all of its citizens equally. You don’t pat yourself on the back for doing what you are supposed to do. You are always vigilant and on alert. You don’t babble about straws to save the environment, you ensure people have homes and can pay their bills.

Or the environment they will be living in will be on the streets.

We talk about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, but the government’s job is to always secure the bottom and primitive base of it: the physiological and the safety needs. The love, the esteem, the self-actualization is not their mandate.

It’s ours.

We want to sound special and brag, but without the basics, we cannot achieve any of it, nor is it the governments place to meddle in those higher levels.

And Canada’s base has always been on rotten and cracked foundation.

It is starting to cave in, and we have a sheltered generation who are already too arrogant to understand that no one owes them fame and fortune, and think they have suffered because they are frustrated and depressed about their mundaneness.

One day, they will look back and cringe at how they took their lives for granted. It will be too late for them.

Canada is in for a rough ride: not for everyone, of course. Some have already factored in the worst and made plans and counter-plans.

Those pragmatists will weather the storm and thrive.

But to those whose child-like innocence shackles them, the worst is just around the corner and no temper tantrum is going to make things all right for them any time soon…