Whoppers from the field: J-Talks are self-serving narratives, nothing more.

Fallout from the Field? Nice try.

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Another bullshit J-Talk which is nothing more than journalistic propaganda spewed to try to save a dead profession. It is as honest as a US reporter’s “scoop” on Russiagate, though I doubt the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale is keeping a list of all the lies his fellow journalists told about that.

No chance of that happening.

Or of this talk being anything else but a self-aggrandizing farce.

This is not to say that journalists who covered wars before were more thespian than scribe. Daniel Pearl was a real war correspondent who died on the job. So did my favourite war photographer Dickey Chapelle.


That’s her receiving last rites as she was fatally wounded on the job.

But slowly over time, that changed.

And the poseurs took over.

The PR firms hired to manage the optics in the civil was in the former Yugoslavia set up white tents and handed out press releases.

I seriously doubt that caused any PTSD.

And during the upheavals in Syria, one CBC journalist had the nerve to pretend her and her crew were under siege, all whispering “shh!” in the dark all while they had huge lights on them.

Yeah, the snipers are blind, but have super-hearing. Fuck you, you shitty fibbers. What’s up with that?

And you know this is a big bullshit story.

How so?

Have you noticed that none of these motherfuckers cover gang violence or human trafficking or the South American drug cartels.

So, you will cover the superlative dangerous wars, but not drugs, traffickers, or gangs?


It is a real knee-slapper because you know there are no public relations firms setting up white tents to hand out canned advertising disguised as news; so you know it’s a big, fat lie.

If you fall for any of it, you are a so naive...

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-One: The eye of the storm is the Rosetta Key. If you want to understand how the Left and Right troll the world, look at what they did to Serbia.



When in doubt, go bold, and see what patterns emerge from your bravery.

You have to shake the fabric to see how sturdy it is, but it is the patterns that tell you the code any time or place rolls by.

I learned this as a teenager when I dared challenged the Western media on the vile coverage of the the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia.

If DC Comics’ Wonder Woman mythos is based on the Second World War, mine is based in that Civil War.

Because that was the needle that popped my bubble and jolted me awake.

And I don’t need a lasso of truth to gather facts. I am honed to find them, even if I do not want to know it.

But the civil war there proved to me that the West’s Left-wing players were as corrupt as the ones on the Right.

President Bill Clinton has the blood of Serbs on his hands, but there were too many deals to be made, and Serbs, being stubborn and recalcitrant were an easy target to demonize. They are exotic, non-Western and enigmatic.

Easy to slap a villain label on them and then bomb them back to the Stone Age for being different and unashamed for it.

But the Left in the 1990s were very, very naughty. They made all sorts of dark deals with extremists, and stayed in power for two terms because Americans roll that way with presidents.

Clinton was the exception because H. Ross Perot was a spoiler and fucked up George 41’s second-term coronation.

But Clinton reaped the benefits. The Democrats rolled the way the extremists wanted them to roll for the most part. Serbia is a strategic country. It’s ideas for a united Europe predate the European Union, for instance, and Europe reaped the rewards of that nation, even as they stomped on Serbs and stole their ideas inspired by others like Alexander the Great.

But then the Republicans took over and as they had no deals with the previous extremists who parachuted in the Yugoslavia and caused the most carnage, those extremists got angry, and September 11 was a form of punishment.

They pushed back, and had their own deals with different players, but that was very tense, and then the Democrats crawled back with Barak Obama, and smoothed things over with those irate players, doing what governments do best: do shady things and sell it as middle class friendly morality.

And the Democrats got cocky and thought they could go against the Two Terms Per President Rule, and pushed Hillary Clinton, a member of the regime who caused much pain and suffering to Serbs.

You can tell it was going to be a repeat as NATO — right out of the blue, told Serbs they had unfinished business with them and that they had to be bombed for their own good. Those who want to steal Kosovo were behaving as if it were a done deal, as other members of the Clinton clique, such as former Secretary of State Madeline Albright had very capitalist interests in those wanting to conquer a part of a foreign country, in this case, Serbia.

But then Hillary Clinton was always the fuck up, and Donald Trump wiped the floor with her face.

That meant all of the shenanigans the US Left were planning got fucked up beyond all recognition.

But Trump isn’t a Republican, either.

He is an outsider and a spoiler.

He is bold and unpredictable, and that made problems for both the Left and the Right.

Because he shook their core and proved their arrogance didn’t translate into cunning, he revealed their patterns.

And it was the same pattern in two different colours. One red and one blue.

The problem is Trump’s boldness has destroyed the plans of those in the West who wanted to go back to pillage Serbia again.

Those such as Germany’s Angela Merkel got cut off at the knees because the predictable compliance they hinged their schemes on was thrown out the window because Trump was not the factor they took into their calculations.

And now it is a Chaos Narrative.

Saudi Arabia tried to take advantage of it, but the neophyte got clumsy, and now the US is in a bind.

It is the reason why suddenly, all sorts of things about that fateful civil war are starting to come out.

Those secrets were supposed to be under lock and key.

Like how Serbia was supposed to be sacrificed because who the fuck cares about the Serbs.

We survived concentrations camps in the Second World War, you psychopathic assholes.


Those are Serbian bodies left up to hang by the Croatian Usashi.

Where were you fuckers then?

Where were you when these Serbs were slaughtered during the Civil War?


Oh, I remember, telling me so what?

Where are you now when scores of Serbs have gone missing in Kosovo?


And the Toronto Star has the nerve to pretend to outline Donald Trump’s lies?

What about the Toronto Star’s endless lies?

Fuck you, Daniel Dale for your pathetic gambit at misdirection.

What about the Star’s every false claim about that civil war, and all the press releases you liars used pretending it was an organically discovered fact?

That politics is a shady and filthy business, there is no doubt. Every single one made it there by spewing bullshit stories. Let us not use a confirmation bias to prove a lie.

But journalists were always complicit. They see those mistresses politicians bed and then give patronage appointments to in order to get rid of them. They see the drunken messes. They see the sexual harassment and abuse of power.

They have seen it all for decades and played along, keeping it quiet.

Until someone make a bold movement and destroys the rigged pattern.

Then all hell breaks loose.

Journalism lost its power the day Trump won, and it is the reason you know see moneyed Democrats pour money into partisan outlets to spew propaganda.

That is a pattern of panic.

They have real cash money riding on deals based on a status quo. They have sold their children’s souls to the devil and do not want those things ever coming out.

But all it takes is one disrupter. Trump broke the pattern and we are now in uncharted territory.

The mid-terms mean nothing as they have their own patterns that will no longer work because the machine got broken in November 2016.

Chaser is the chronicler of the fallout of that disruption.

There will be the cowardly old middle class biddies of all ages cowering in the corner screaming so what! so what! like squawking parrots, and they, too, will be fair game to expose.

It is a sucker circus in the West, my friends, and one where the fun comes from making bold moves to turn over the rules to show just how fragile they really are.

It helps that I have Serbian roots and Canadian leaves.

But it is a sucker circus and it is time to show the comedy of it, and just what shit the West has settled for when the world could have truly flourished.

Fuck that shit.

And soon, the show will begin…


Alexandra Kitty,

Author, Artist, Actrivist, Matriarchal Storyteller, and unrepentant angelic hellraiser…

Doug Ford and Donald Trump: Storybombing Canadian media narratives. With ease.

Doug Ford becomes PC party leader despite all of the news media's assurances that it was Christine Elliott's time. And now Donald Trump is again at it, calling Canada "brutal", and making sure his audience knows those wily northern foxes have outwitted presidents before him.

Dale doesn't get it. His decree that Trump is wrong and rambling is beside the point. The fact is that he now has his own narrative, that completely alters the narrative Canadians have spent decades cultivating.

Ford story-bombed the narrative completely: Patrick Brown -- who was kicked to the curb in the throes of #MeToo, paved the way for a woman to take charge of the big mess of the PC Party...

And then Doug Ford won, completely messing up the well-crafted story.

Trump is also story-bombing a longer and more established Canadian narrative where we are the nice guys, good guys, appeasers, and underdogs, and he has experience story-bombing the US media's narratives, starting from the one where he was a joke candidate to the one where Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide to the one where he wouldn't last a year, and if he did, he would ruin the economy. He is America's spoiler, and now he has his sights clearly on altering the perceptions the US has of its Northern neighbours.

His track record for story-bombing shows that he has yet to miss a target. He knows exactly how to interject his spin and when. Nitpicking is not going to alter a thing for the simple reason he has already primed his audience to disbelieve anything those fast talkers have got to say in their defence.

Both men get chaos. They understand that order is a mirage, and they break those paper-thin façades to twist that story to their own advantage. The guy who wins gets a hero's crown, and the press, particularly in Canada, are clueless to what is actually happening. Those so-called diverse and inclusive narratives crumble in the face of reality because you have people who will cross lines and not care about labels other people give them to try and stop them from grabbing the spoils of war.

This is a Post-Progressive world right now. As I said before #MeToo does not have the same meaning in Canada as it does in the US, and Ford's victory is proof of it. He is the internal story-bomber, and he, like his younger brother who handily won the mayoralty race in Toronto despite the media narrative that he'd lose, can override the program to win.

But Trump is the external story-bomber. He is attacking those narratives from the outside. Both men are dismantling the old narratives, and doing it with rapid ease.

Because they are not sticking to scripts and the press always does -- and when you stick to scripts, you can have no idea about the state of reality.