Why so reactionary and regressive? Why an Age of Propaganda fears the future and keeps trying to live in the past.





People who do not have imaginations always crib from old playbooks from the past.

Welp, they think, it worked for some old rich white guy five hundred years ago in a world without indoor plumbing, human rights, or electricity, it’s just gotta work for me, too.

That’s the mindset of this current era.

Like socialism, that didn’t even work for the rich white guys who were rich and powerful through that system.

Don’t you passive motherfuckers have an original idea of your own?

Oh, that’s right. You don’t.

You want to steal bad ideas and pass them off as your own, and then have people you don’t like foot your bill.

What could possibly go wrong?

These days, there are almost no original ideas.

I listen or read the babble-puke of what some They ought to do, and I ask, “Who told you that?”

Because you know it wasn’t their idea, and certainly one that is well beyond the expiration date.

Blech. Rancid ideas stink and are as rotten as year-old eggs.

But when you have a passive generation, they are inexperienced, sheltered, and thus become fearful.

They look for established, Zero-Risk Ideas. That’s the problem when you have neglected and unchallenged Middle Class. They don’t have initiative because they are too afraid of losing their modest standing, but then watch too many commercials and TV shows telling them how special they are and how easy it is to obtain things.

If they follow the script.

People aren’t even consciously aware of it.

The Middle Class are a soft layer sandwiched between two hard layers who, by nature of reality, buffer a lot from this class of people who don’t get the right kind of challenges to see where their theories are off-base. The wealthy are wealthy because they take risks. They have to hustle and use war strategies to be that powerful. That’s why I don’t have any flying fucks to give to Jeff Bezos — he knew the job was dangerous when he took it.

He wasn’t “blackmailed”: he was fighting a war, made careless tactical errors, got exposed as he had his guard down, and rivals struck at him the way he had to strike at bricks and mortar stores and other online competitors to be where he is today.

This is the man who owns Amazon, and remember how well his workers are being treated.

You do remember, don’t you?

And the company doesn’t play nice.

Not even with Washington Post employees who bitched about it in public.

So here is a Titan of Industry who is doing all sorts of below-the-belt things to prevent workers from unionizing — he has vastly more power and money than the lot of them put together.

And I am to feel sorry for him?

Fuck you.

But if you are sheltered and passive without experience of what goes on behind the press release, you can easily fall for that grifter’s bullshit story.

Because you are too afraid to go out on a limb and think, misusing the purpose of the past as you live in the Now, while terrified of the future.

This is a very cowardly era, and it doesn’t see from the cold terror — a fear that has no basis in reality.


The adherence to a less evolved past is evident in journalism. Here is one propaganda piece from the Christian Science Monitor:

Can old-fashioned journalism combat fake news?


The prevalence of misinformation on the internet is legitimately troubling, but could attempts to remedy the problem fall prey to all-too-human biases?

No and, no, you didn’t.

You didn’t write that for any other reason than to try to persuade people to give up their freedoms to come crawling back to you. Shame on you.

But why go back to an old and antiquated model that spread lots of fake news. Go read my first book to get you up to speed how shitty old-fashion journalism was. Give me a break.

Let’s go back to the days of slavery when women were property of their husbands with no right to vote! Three cheers for exposing workers to lead! Yay!

Because we have people who are Zero-Risk, and think they are playing it safe by going for the familiar.

Don’t make me laugh.


The past isn’t some sort of scroll of crib sheets. That is our previous trials and practice sessions. The past is our reference, but one that is less evolved than the present.

Sometimes there are people or events that were misinterpreted and misunderstood because they were pioneers who did things first and were ahead of their time, like Nicola Tesla, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, — or Bettie Page.


There was a collective societal glitch that prevented the past from appreciating what they had and lost, and so some ideas and people are resurrected in spirit to guide us to the future.


But remember: these were rebels and outsiders. They were stigmatized, unappreciated, and exploited in the past. Going for failed concepts that were proven unworkable is not the same thing.

These people are not the safe choice: their ideas and actions are risky, radical, and guarantee to turn everything in the present inside out — that’s why the past saw these people as a threat.

They are bringing with them something different, and they were active-thinking people who chased out in front.

And when we embrace these kinds of people, we begin to appreciate other firebrands and visionaries who live in the present.

Because we not only see the genius of this forgotten gem, we learn the meta-lesson of the past and we aren’t going to do it again.

But that’s not what is happening now.

People want some They of the past with some prepackaged idea that magically proves them right, and gives them stuff without effort.

And it bites them in the ass.


If you want a better future, you have to face the future ready to take nothing but risks.


And that means allowing other, seemingly contradictory risks to be taken by others.

This isn’t a competition. Stop replaying your motherfucking childhood, asshole. Get over your sibling getting an extra cookie.

Weaving with negotiation and cooperation expands our options, improves weaknesses, sparks new paths and innovations, and does not enable tyrants and control freaks who want everyone to follow their self-serving decrees.

When we are active, we weave the chords of time to include the past, future, and present.


And take risks instead of gambles.

So let’s not do the time warp again.


Let’s learn from the past, not recycle its mistake because fear drives us to find refuge in cages…