Matriarchal Storytelling is the reality of sound.




When I began A Dangerous Woman, I had more than just a vision, but also a plan: to reflect the structure of reality in my stories. Much of my life is in those works, but not always in obvious places: Verity Lake’s area of study was my undergraduate thesis, and her stage “act” in the beginning of the novel Dr. Verity Lake’s Journey of a Thousand Revelations is something that happened to me in real life that served as more than just a personal revelation about the nature of reality, but became the backbone for Matriarchal Storytelling.

When I was fifteen, I had my ears tucked. They stuck out just enough for my mother to make comments for me not to wear a ponytail, and then I took the dramatic route and went for cosmetic surgery. I had to wear a huge bandage on my head for a few weeks, but when they came off, something strange happened.

Sound didn’t sound normal. Voices sounded staccato, broken, bouncing off the walls, tinny, and filled with echoes.

For about a minute.

And then suddenly all these disjointed chords pulled together and it sounded normal again.

This shocked me. I never thought about it before.

What if “normal” sound wasn’t reality? What if that abnormal sound was the reality — and the real thing, and our brains “trick” us into pulling them together?

It stayed with me. My undergraduate thesis was in psychoacoustics, and eventually, Dr. Lake’s signature act to prove that how we perceive reality isn’t the actual reality.


After I became a journalist, I realized that revelation extended to my chosen profession. You read a novel and it is smooth, like the sound you perceive, but that smooth flow is something you read in a newspaper article, too.

But that is not unfiltered and raw reality. That is constructed reality.

When I write a news story, for instance, that’s not what I am given.

I have to interview people. I have to corroborate what they say. I have to find evidence, research, context, and a bunch of other things that I have to dig for, such as court transcripts, high school yearbooks, eyewitnesses, memos, transcripts, and social media feeds.

And then after piecing things together, you get that nice, easy, and smooth story.

But if I were to replace the writing with the information I got in order to write it, it wouldn’t be so smooth and obvious. There would tangents and other things mixed in. There would be irrelevant information, and even contradictory information.

When I did Chaser Investigative News over a decade ago, I included the raw information — and told readers what I was doing and going with it.

In other words, I presented the raw reality of the story as I showed the process of harmonizing things.

Like sound. Your brain filters out the extraneous and irrelevant parts and harmonizes it so you don’t get too distracted.

But people take that process for granted, and then become stupid little motherfuckers who think the reality is the smooth, not the fragmented.

And when you do that, you are lying to yourself. Unless you are aware of the harmonization, you get lost because all of your calculations will be off, and you always miss the mark and not solve the problems because you take off the table the one thing that has to be on the table: that there are things that you are overlooking or taking for granted.

You have to account for the differences between reality and the perception of reality.

Before I launched the original Chaser, I wrote an anthology of short stories called Consumer-isms in 12 Easy Steps.

And many of those stories were told in an epistolary style — no narrative, but through voice mails, emails, memos, and raw data where the reader had to piece together the story.

They way I had to do it as a journalist.


That book and my web site would eventually inspire A Dangerous Woman Story Studio where I would have both the smooth perceptions of individual stories, but with the raw reality of having intersecting stories. Supporting characters in one series were main characters in another. Passing references in one novel where the focus on a short story elsewhere.

Just like real life.

It mimicked the reality of sound as well as our perceptions of it.

The chords can be fragmented or sing in harmony, depending on what you listen to and how you pull those chords together.

Magnus Lyme is the root note, while Holly Lake is the melody note, and third character is the third note. It all depends on what you hear, and what notes you happen to catch.

And we see Magnus through different eras of her life that come in waves. These stories do not have to be read in order, and there are advantages to not reading them in any particular order. You are putting together a literary jigsaw puzzle, and the pieces come from all over the place.

It doesn’t matter which piece you pick up first: sooner or later the big picture emerges.

That is the advantage of the Matriarchal: you don’t have to be a slave to linearity or order. Chaos will get you there just the same, with greater advantages that teach you how to break the shackles that serve as blinders by learning to develop other senses.

That is the triumph of the Matriarchal, and that is the reason I write my stories in any order my heart feels a need and want to express…

The Chaser Dilemma, Part Ten: Rules are such fragile things...turn them over, and they break.










The original Chaser evolved. It started out as one thing, turned into many more.

There came a point where I could get messages such as, “I have no idea what’s going on or what it means, but I love it.”

I had all sorts of strange things. There was always a purpose.

And then I walked away.

I had reasons, and many, but I was becoming complacent, and then I snapped right back to my senses.


There was a saying I used frequently, and it is the title of this post. The biggest mistake the Middle Class make is that they seek rules and follow them, never actually testing them, questioning them, or turning them over because they think they mean something, are real, and endure, which is just lazy and cowardly bullshit.

The moment you stop turning over rules is the moment you become complacent. You found the lies you are comfortable in obeying as you indulge your cowardice.

Turn over those rules, and they break wide open.

So, what rules will this site play by? None. It is going to be anarchy.

It will challenge the secret rules of anarchy as well as part of something beyond the alchemic. It will be the lab for experimental utopian scholarship.

No rituals, no rules, no signs, symbols, or omens.

No games of chess or go.


So to all those rules followers, you are going to dislike 2019 very much.

To the motherfuckers of the UK government who are bigots that once again blame Serbs for wanting peace in their homeland — and you are even encouraging war — don’t forget, you are going to have your every rule tested.

Do you think you lazy trolls can exploit Serbs to save yourselves from fuckery of Brexit?

Remember: you have your own Kosovos within your own borders.

You know the UK is going in for a crash and burn. They have a violence problem that is out of control, and meddling in Kosovo is not going to save them.

It will merely bring the same thing to their borders. This isn’t the 1990s.

The humbling is coming for a lot of old school players.

But for me, the party is just beginning.

I just have to think about how I will turn over rules, other people’s — and also my own…

The Chaser Dilemma, Part Nine: Where has all the fun and funny gone?





I think Saul Alinsky would not be happy seeing the rot in the world. He would see that no one is living up to their own rules — not the Right, and certainly not the Left. Much of his theories were blown to bits by Twitter. There can be no rule about ridicule anymore because everyone is trying to prevent everyone else from laughing.

I had a laughing fit today thinking about something silly my grandmother once did: mom called her once and she said angrily, “Who is this?” before her own daughter ever had a chance to say hello. I was in stitches, but my mother seemed to steam at the episode to even be able to crack a smirk.

My grandmother was both intentionally funny — and funny without even trying. Her logic was eccentric to say the least. I miss her.

But I can still heartily laugh.

When I did Chaser News the first time, I was unrepentantly silly.


I used the now-defunct Meez animations of myself constantly.


Those were ones that had a life on that platform. I change my hair constantly; so it was always a reflection of my current look, or one from the past.


They were meant to poke fun at the world as much as myself.


They were popular enough that people who read the site went to get their own Meez, but I had a lot of people use mine because of the silly things I thought up.


I was often surprised where I stumbled upon them. They eventually got spun off in another even more eccentric venture of mine, developed into characters, and then while the animations were gone, they became central to A Dangerous Woman Story Studio.

But even though they took a life of their own, they were cryptic messages. They were fun and funny, but they were secret code for other things.


These days, people get too offended that someone is fun and funny. They want everyone to be as angry and miserable as they are.

They put every word under the microscope and make up bullshit why this joke is wrong.

No, you’re just not self-actualized.

But I am self-actualized. I was self-actualized back then because I could poke fun at myself with ease.


But I still had serious and important things to say.

15301983_bodyshot_300x400-43 copy.gif

And still do. More so, even.


I don’t need the Meez, even though I bring the ladies back every once in a while here.

Because watching empires fall is an interesting thing to observe.

Everyone talks about the diminishing clout of the US, but the dirty little secret is that all empires are falling. China, Germany, UK, all of them.

And it isn’t just countries. Big Tech is falling. Legacy journalism fell already. Hollywood is falling. Companies are falling. Political parties are falling.

And that should get you thinking. Where are the resources? Why is everything teetering?

The era of the empire is falling.

Socialism, communism, fascism, none of those fake alternatives are coming into play because they need traction they do not actually have.

Something strange is happening. There is a huge black hole, and no one sees it; let alone venture inside to see what has happened to things, from wealth, power, resources, fun, and funny.

The question is do I want to venture into another vortex?

Or do I want to create something else that blows it away without having to bother with it in the first place…?


Online journalism's dirty little secret: it was never truly profitable. It relied on sugar daddies who are starting to wise up to their snarky charms.

Online journalism was always a sham in that they never did the journalism differently, even though they could have, and easily.

Now investors are starting to balk at giving more money to these snarky and swaggering leeches.

Crunchbase is an interesting hub to see which online publications got money, type of rounds, how many rounds, and the like. While businesses raise capital as par for the course, the idea of bootstrapping never crosses their minds.

Bootstrapping is a superior way of doing things. For one, you live and die by your own investment. There is no cushy delusions that you are doing well. You are beholden to no one, and that means your outlet is your own lab to connect to audiences to see what works, and what doesn’t.

Bootstrapping is for the honest folk. It takes longer to grow your business, and it is slower, but that an advantage: flash in the pan is fad-driven, and it doesn’t work in the long-term.

But people who would to brag and gloat don’t like the idea of earning their keep. They want to crow about their success, even though it isn’t real success.

Journalism should have always went by means of bootstrapping. I did Chaser News that way, and had life been reasonable, I could have weathered it out. I pulled back, but now I am re-inventing it…but through bootstrapping. A Dangerous Woman is the same way, and I am now actively experimenting on business models through the theory that bootstrapping is the superior way for an alternative to journalism to find the grit of traction and grow.

You can’t keep pouring money into a venture that is not producing income without the help. It is the reason I do not believe in donation or government-funded journalism: if you are useful, people will buy your product. You buy aspirins. You buy gasoline. You buy food.

You will buy information that is relevant to your progress and survival.

I have more books on my shelves than I care to admit. I have books in mountain of boxes right now, on shelves, and against a wall. I have read almost every one except the ten I bought just before I moved, and I will read them all. I have a Debrett’s manual. I have DSM 5. I have books on Clarice Cliff. I have books on educational psychology. I have a manual on cultivated plants. I have a book on aerogeology. I have a book on the genocidal mentality. I have a book on the history of jewelry. I have a book on scientific fraud. I have encyclopedias on games, philosophy, famous authors, weapons, and fictional characters. I have a book in Japanese right on my desk, and it is hardly the only one. I have books in German, French, Serbian, and even Latin.

I have an atrociously vague Serbian cookbook whose instructions are knee-slappers:

How to make Blueberry Jam:

The same way you make strawberry jam.

Gee, thanks a lot!

It never tells you what temperature to crank up your oven, or how long to cook, let alone the amounts for various ingredients, yet my grandmother used it, and made fabulous things from it because it was for people who had an innate feel for cooking and baking.

Those books I bought for the most part, from Amazon, bookstores, library book sales, church sales, the Re-Store, and some I got for free at one campus library that was giving away books, sized me up as a book lover as I stumbled in to look for a reference, and then the librarians grabbed a bunch of bags and then ordered me to take as many books as I could, even though I insisted on buying them, but you don’t argue with librarians.

My mother thinks that I am a book addict, but I love learning. Tsundoku is not a word to describe my habits. I read my books, and remember things from them, and when I do research for the books that I write, those books are heavily used. Some are not even obvious.

For example, when I research on deceptions, I read my books on stage magic, and method acting, looking for the scaffolding in order to look for the nuances of deception.

I just bought a book an hour ago on Amazon.

I use search engines, and databases, but I pay for books. I pay for information.

So what the hell happened to journalism?

Why can’t they get people to pay?

Simple: there is nothing there to buy.

That’s the real problem in democracy: the legacy media is horrid, and so is the online versions.

And that’s where my journey into bringing an alternative to life begins…

The Chaser Dilemma, Part Three: A little F.R.E.E.D. would have gone a long way. But there is always another path if you choose to take another step.

Chaser News had an ongoing story about this missing woman on the right who turned up at a rally, but no one at the rally seemed to know the truth about her.


I found out a lot about her that other people missed. Someone who was supposedly out of her life knew a critical, but hidden detail (hidden from even me) that could only be known if the person had contact with her after the night she vanished.

There were sightings of her, once at a bookstore. I interviewed that person, the photographer of that fateful picture, her mother and brother, former classmates, people who had been at the rally, and a former boyfriend.

It was a slow, long-form piece, but when your operating budget is next to zero, you can go so far.

Nevertheless I got much further ahead than one would expect of someone who was doing a full-time investigation on her own dime.

But even so, I should have realized that the traditional methods of journalism were too clunky. Of course it is very expensive to do it: I am going about it in an inefficient way.

I will pick up this story again once I get to the F.R.E.E.D. part of Chaser.

And let’s see if we can’t resolve this one this time…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Five: I was a girl scientist doing strange things in the name of science. I still do the outrageous, but in the name of truth.

When I was a little girl, I was precocious.


I skipped grades. I was in my high school’s gifted program. I won awards.

I was also very much into science, even as a toddler.

I was a girl scientist and girl inventor, and I did very strange things in the name of science.

I poured orange juice into the television set to see what would happen (it makes a popping sound before it explodes and black smoke comes out of it). That experiment was a failure.

But I had many successes. I took apart the stereo, fixed it, and put it back together working better than before as a kid in grade school with no help.

I still got punished for it, but it went down as a victory in my science journal.

I made little contraptions. Some worked, some really didn’t work, and some really, really did not work as intended.

When I hit university, the nature of my experiments radically changed from basically engineering to psychology.

Experimental psychology opened up a whole new world for me, and suddenly, I found myself doing a very different kind of science.

I still conducted outrageous experiments. At first, to test whatever theories I was learning in my classes, but then when I got a hang of it, I invented my own.

No one ever knew it or figured it out. Not the quiet ones, and not the surreal eccentric ones.

Then came the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, and I decided to put my peculiar talent to good use by conducting experiments as a journalist.

Those were instructive beyond my most optimistic expectations, but sometimes I pushed the limits, like the time I struck up a conversation with a Secret Service Agent when then Vice President Dick Cheney was giving a speech in Toronto to journalists.

I thought someone was going to have to bail my ass out of some sort of secret jail, but the shocked and jittery agent indulged my questions without overt incident.

That is how far I was willing to go to find out the reality of a situation, and my books are empirically solid enough to be used in academia and have been repeatedly.

When I began Chaser News the first time, I upped the outrageous factor of my online experiments, and found out a lot more about people than I had ever expected.

Then when I stopped Chaser, life focussed my energies on far more serious matters, and I had no time or mindset for them.

Until 2018 and then my life was thrown into a place below hell, and then suddenly, those old ideas transmuted and came roaring back with a vengeance.

So I started conducting even more outrageous, but empirically sound experiments. From tweaking noses of social media moderators by creating such a tangle of fine lines to make a spider’s web and see their increasingly angry responses as they have no clue how much I am tweaking their noses just to see how much Big Brother information that have on me as their user (throwing bricks to get jades, kids — and you would be shocked how even dinky little sites have big data on you), to other more subversive experiments, I am gathering data, and the Internet allows it on a global scale, but I am not lying, hacking, cheating, or stealing.

I am just doing something small, subtle, and peculiar.

My latest invention is something I dub mind wild: mix in Mission: Impossible, experimental psychology, culture jamming, Candid camera, military strategy, Spy magazine, and Just for Laughs Gags.


Chaser is going to be hard news, but by the summer, it will be hard news with a twist. The F.R.E.E.D. will be added to this blend by the fall, and it will not be like anything you have seen before.

It will be scientific. It will find new information.

What it won’t be is the same old way of doing news. While the old ways of academia try to observe, but can never really get it, Chaser jumps into the eye of the storm to do something to turn over every rule to break them.

The girl scientist grew up to be an inventor of an alternative to the way we have been doing journalism, and she is excited…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Eight: Journalism lies. Social Media lies. At what point do we just stop wanting lies?

Just as journalists have been creating monsters under people’s beds, Facebook tore a page from their playbook, and now the New York Times is pretending to be outraged:

Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis

And other media outlets are treating this story as if it were some sort of big shock.

Only if you are an oblivious moron.

Facebook has been falling out of favour even before the 2016 US election. Facebook skews older, and that is the demographic that is overly cautious and jittery to begin with. Most of the people on my Facebook list are my age or older, but I am also on the vastly superior Ello where it skews much, much younger.

But Ello has a professional purpose: it is a venue for artists and some writers to showcase and sell their work as well as submit to various galleries and publications. Facebook is just for bragging and killing time.

But Ello was never the media darling. Facebook was. It was the special one and the Chosen One, more so than Twitter or LinkedIn. Journalists fawned all over Facebook for the majority of its existence, but then are surprised when it bought the hype:

Jonas Kron, a senior vice president at Trillium Asset Management, a US investor which owns an £8.5m stake in Facebook, last night called on Mr Zuckerberg to step down as board chairman in the wake of the report.

“Facebook is behaving like it's a special snowflake,” he said. “It's not. It is a company and companies need to have a separation of chair and CEO.”

Of course he is behaving like a special snowflake.

Journalists brought Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook there.


So, let us review reality:

The news media built up this kid and gave him a free pass, never asking hard questions because they were too busy fawning and drooling all over him and his company, portraying him as a Great Man and Titan of Industry, a hero and a winner.

And now he is the Bad Guy.

People were becoming bored of Facebook and disillusioned once they saw that their fake lives they bragged about weren’t as cool as other people’s fake lives, and they weren’t becoming rich and famous on social media as their business page wasn’t making them into breakout successes.

That’s why Facebook fell out of favour. The narrative that there was lying and invasion of privacy was just an excuse.

Because Facebook got called out on the same stuff for years, but everyone, including journalists ignored it because people were still counting on Facebook to give them exposure where they could razzle dazzle the world and everyone would fall in love with their genius and give them money.

Including journalism outlets.

When their fortunes sank even lower, that’s when their rose-coloured glasses got yanked off their face by the repo man.

But journalists were lying all along by kissing up to Mark Zuckerberg. They drooled all over him, and now they are spitting on him.

It’s your own damn fault.

You did it with Donald Trump,

Now you are doing it with Mark Zuckerberg.

The New York Times story does not make a whole lot of sense, but the Times never works from reality or facts.

The Blame Russia scam is silly: so what if Russians were lying on Facebook?

They weren’t the only ones doing the lying on that platform.

All the lying cancelled each other out.

Why people walked away from Facebook is that it was no longer a magic solution to their obscurity problem, and then it was a slow slide until the fall gained traction and everything imploded.

Facebook will never go back to its glory days because it was all predicated on a greed scam.

The press bought into it trying to seem in the know and cool.

Now that we know that you aren’t going to be famous liking nonsense on the Facebook, people are looking for something else, and will continue to lie about why they left just as the press lied why Facebook was the Promised Land in the first place.

It would be nice if the lies stopped, but that won’t happen any time soon, either.

When I started Chaser News, Facebook was in its infancy.

And I had a Facebook page for it. It was populated mostly by people who knew me, and with regular readers.

It never expanded my base, and I knew it within three months of going through the trouble of setting it up.

I still have my page for A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, and while I have over a hundred people following it there, it does even less for me, and I have very little maintenance. I did things differently, but the outcome was as useless as it was the first time.

Chaser is relaunching, but there will be no Facebook page for it.

There will be no Twitter page for it, either.

Or Instagram or whatever else is out there.

If you are interested, you will come here.

And that one place will suffice…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Six: Alchemy is the sport of detectives, magicians, authors, and victors. Bringing the lost philosophy into a new mindset.







When you have two bickering sides of the same basic entity, it is only the in-group who see their differences and think that there is a pecking order as the two fight for who will be the victor with one being decreed right and good and the other wrong and bad.

But outsiders see one big dysfunctional mess and see that the entity is is just bad and wrong — and not as morally superior as the outsider’s group.

Watching the slap fighting in the US is such a case: the Left and Right are just opposite sides of the same coin. Both tweak, both judge, and both backstab one another.

And the outsiders just wait on the sidelines hoping to take advantage of the same group for their own purposes.


It is the reason why I have always been a Radical Centrist. Fight all you want. Scheme all you want. Create narratives all you want.

I am not interested in being your hero or villain.

Or victim. Fuck that.

I have my own life and my own dreams, goals, ideas, aspirations and plans.

When I did Chaser News the first time, I wasn’t political in the traditional sense.

And in Western culture “political” is defined by running in Left circles or Right circles.

It is binary, and so boring.

As if everyone is following the same stupid script, but are just standing on one side of a line or the other.

That is not being political.

That is being a follower.

You might as well play dodgeball and get exercise instead.


Politics has always been a milquetoast version of war the way dancing is a milquetoast version of sex.

Both are thought of as two parties getting together to either create or destroy with one as the dominant and the other as the submissive.

It’s the competitive streak that always gets in the way.

Sex is Eros, but war is Thanatos.

Dancing is Eros, but politics is Thanatos.

And in the centre of these peculiar dynamics, is a radical centre that sees the rigs of both.

Because both are just a pretext to control the other half of the equation as if one side is more right than the other.

And they are equal.

What is on the left of the equal sign is another way of expressing what is on the right of it.

If I seem as if I am speaking in Gibberish, I am.

But I am not talking nonsense.

Just the language of the birds.



Chaser News played around with the concepts of alchemy, and heavily so.

A Dangerous Woman Story Studio came from it, right after I did a peculiar website called Monsters and Queens that was storytelling told in a pure alchemical tradition.

But had my previous bluechrome not gone under, that would have been my follow up book to Consumer-isms in 12 Easy Steps.

Monsters and Queens had no overt narrative online, but the book did and an outrageous one, but they were told in short vignettes and musings.

But after bluechrome was gone, there would be no publisher who could possibly take it one. It was too exotic.

So I started playing around with the outré elements.

As alchemy sees everything as having a soul, Truth become Alena Love, and Love became Vivian Love.

And so, A Dangerous Woman Story Studio came to be.

And is still going on. It is a quiet little venture with zero publicity, but I have regular readers and consistent ones.

But I never abandoned Chaser.

I just wasn’t in the place in my life where I could relaunch it.

Technically, it’s still not, but who the fuck cares?

I have been given enough lead to last an eternity.

And I prefer turning it into gold.

That’s what journalism used to proclaim to do: turn lead into gold.

Find problems and then when the lead is exposed, it turns into solutions.


Journalists turned the problems into facts.

Lead into gold.

That’s alchemy.

What they have done know is turn lead into cyanide.

Definitely in the wrong direction.

They are making problems into the fodder for war.


And that’s not journalism, but propaganda.

But they got poisoned by the lead and cannot tell the difference.

But I still can.

The Radical Centre is the centre of alchemy.

You don’t move lead from the Left and have gold from the Right or vice versa.

You do not reduce things into simplistic or binary quantities.

You expand, not constrict.

As alchemy’s Axiom of Maria states:

One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth.

Psychologist Carl Jung was fascinated by it as I was, but our interpretations of it greatly differ.

But they do not conflict.

He merely sees one application, and I another.

Chaser is slowly coming back to life.

Slow heat.

And when it does finally arrive, it will not be the same as it was the first time.

Yet the alchemy will still be there, but in a more subtle and sophisticated way.

Start small, and move on to something bigger without getting lost in the translation.

As above, so below.

No propaganda.

That’s not alchemic.

And propaganda has no place in Edenic equations.

Because the goal of all alchemists is to die and go to Eden.

Not Heaven.

You aim higher, or settle for more.

Alchemy is not well understood by the emotionally illiterate, but for those of us whose hearts and souls are naked for the world to see and are brave, we get it.

It is the noble art of taking your broken pieces and fusing it with the gold of wisdom.

And it makes Kintsugi a form of alchemy.

But it is not the only one.

If journalism was once a form of alchemy, then its alternative is a better version of it because it didn’t stumble blindly.

It crawled before it learned to walk and then soar.

It understands the four stages: nigredo, albedo, citrinitas, and rubedo.

Blackness, whitness, yellowness, and redness.

It is also the four colours of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse.

But it all depends if you understand the direction alchemy is supposed to take you.

Higher than you thought you could reach, against all impossible odds where nothing and no one can either stop you or move you.

You cannot be intimidated, nor can you be manipulated.

You are the core. You are in a radical centre.

You are the atom of truth and reality.

Even in dreams.

And when you become unleashed, you can alter outcomes because you have the combination of facts that actually get people to take notice.

Journalism lost that sense.

And it is why they died.

But for those of us who resurrected ourselves, we learned from our mistakes and o the mistakes of others, and like the Phoenix, we are reborn from lead and allow ourselves to make gold no matter how strongly those who do not understand our ways try to stop us from doing what comes naturally to us.

We don’t take sides. We see both sides and bring them together.

With the glue of gold.

And not even broken pieces deject us or stop us from working from our own little worlds.

It is not about left or right.

But expanding a core that has no use for artificial boundaries and linear divides.

It is about truth.

And creating life where there are nothing but omens of violence, despair, and death…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Five: Journalism never got out of the Stone Age. Neither did j-schools.

Journalism is still a very misogynistic industry.

The managanda from the National Post is obnoxious, and the fact that they pay women to spew self-loathing propaganda doesn’t make it okay.

The structure is still Patriarchal. The assumptions are still skewed and rigged to favour those who oppress others. You can pretend to be politically correct all you want, but if you have a system that shames people for thinking differently than you do, then you are not a free or democratic society.

And sexist it remains. We see articles on white male doctors who have breakthroughs, but I doubt you know Person #23 on the List of People Everyone should know.

Dr. Jane C. Wright.


You may have heard of her breakthrough treatment from the 1940s.


That’s right, for those of you who fought against cancer and won thanks to that treatment, that’s the African-American woman who saved your life.

Yet do we talk about her at all? Do you know who we are discussing?


Not at all.

The whitebread folks never do.

Women have a lot to contribute, but when they do, they are not appreciated.

And it takes years for them to be able to see their plans through.

I have been fighting that fight for over a quarter of a century.

Try getting j-schools to listen to a radical new approach to journalism.

I am white, but female, and the road is no easier for me.

And yet, Google sees me as a person of note.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 1.03.16 PM.png

Twitter won’t give me a blue check mark, but the biggest search engine does.

And so does Bing.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 2.52.32 PM.png

McMaster University recognized me with their Arch Award — and I was the first female to receive it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 3.02.02 PM.png

I am referenced in academic articles. I am referenced in serious scholarly books. I have students from Ivy League schools interview me for their own scholarly work. I give talks, as I did to one lovely book club yesterday. I gave interviews.

And yet, I am shut out. Repeatedly.

My work is sound. My research goes beyond thorough — one of the members of yesterday’s book club marvelled at me having 61 pages of references.

Nice catch: I did have 61 pages of references; almost 14% of the book contains references I used.

That is thorough research.

I was as thorough with Chaser News, just as I was that thorough as an author, journalist, and academic student.

I use references from multiple countries and multiple languages. I use references from the distant past to the present. I have used interviews, studies, legislation, transcripts, you name it.

And I am certain many of you have stumbled upon my site, and have to click on the Who Is She? page to figure out who is this fiery woman who keeps saying journalism is dead?

How would she know?

I know because I am the creator of Method Research. I know because I have no trouble doing the legwork and seeing things up close for myself.

I work tirelessly on this problem and have done so for many years. I have had comments that I should be creating programs at the university level to change journalism’s ways.

And as I have said, I have.

Read When Journalism was a Thing, and see how much I have crafted the blueprints for such a thing. Read Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news because that is a textbook for information verification for journalists.

But I am routinely ignored.

I do not stop trying.

And I am still actively working on it. Chaser as well A Dangerous Woman Story Studio figure into F.R.E.E.D. and Matriarchal Storytelling and prominently so, and both have been around for a while now.

But unfortunately, too much of the toiling could be entirely avoided and placed where it should be placed: at creating something innovative and new — not having to create the space to make it.

And don’t think I am expecting a statue, building, or huzzahs for this work.

Dr. Wright invented chemotherapy, and you all still don’t even know her name…

Karma is a switch: why content of thought no longer matters. It is the structure that counts.



It is the Age of Propaganda where lies are believed and truths are feared.

The middle class — the soft layer who neither have to find where the path must go as the wealthy classes do, nor have to do the heavy labour of paving them as the poor do — are having meltdowns.

Once upon a time, the crib sheets for the soft layer came form journalism.

They had the façade of being authorities who knew what the fuck they were babbling about.

I learned as a teenager that it was pure bullshit, and I suddenly found myself no longer being of the same mindset of the rest of the middle class.

I had to find paths, and I had to make them.

My mother’s maiden name is Puharich — hard to pronounce unless you know the trick of saying it:

Poor are rich.

Then it’s a breeze.

Meaning I became an army of one woman. I was the general and the foot soldier and my method of combat was Method Research.

But I could think outside the box because I was Eastern European, which is another universe from Western European.

When arrogant morons talk about something being “Eurocentric”, they, in fact, are confessing to being culturally-illiterate trash who don’t know what the fuck they are are spewing.

What they mean is “Western Eurocentric”, because Western Europe sees Eastern Europeans as being lesser humans to them.

Yes, it’s true.

Fuck you.

East and West have nothing in common. Zero.

And if you say “I don’t" care”, what you are actually saying is that you are an ignorant dumb fuck who makes up your mind without any facts, sensitivity, intelligence, feelings, or basic logic or research skills.

Which is fine, you know how stupid you are. I am not going to argue with the level of your incompetence.

But do not expect me to have a grain of respect for you, either.

Deal with it.

But I do like facts and logic as well as emotionality.

Free will gives me superpowers.

And I see that the West has placed itself in a corner, and is once again eying fucking around with Serbia to get themselves out of their jam.

Except it is a different world.

It is not the 1990s where the Internet wasn’t entrenched in every day life as it is now.

And the tables are turning rapidly.


The usual suspects are not having an easy time these days.

And neither are journalists.


I have never lived a conventional life. I am Bohemian and eccentric.

But also extremely ambitious and logical.

I have always been a radical centrist: the best of both worlds for me.

And I am stubborner than the average Serb, making me somewhat a freak of nature.

Meaning I have had always to struggle more than what one would expect of someone who skipped multiple grades and excelled at being experimental and creative.

If I came from wealth, I’d have no trouble, but I am from a middle class social caste.

But I never resented fighting. Not once. My grandmother survived the Second World War where her entire family got slaughtered by fascists; so this isn’t as big of a deal.

Yet journalism is struggling to stay relevant. Watching Jim Acosta making a jackass of himself at that fateful briefing reminded me of my grade schools classes where you had some dumb, unruly boy not be civilized and thinks tweaking the teacher and not sitting in his seat is going to lead to him taking over the class and winning.

You know where it is going to end.

In grade school, the brat would be in trouble. Journalists got away with it for decades.

And now they don’t.

They lose their jobs and see their fortunes crumble even if they are inciting the masses with propaganda.

Something is happening in the world that is beyond anyone’s control, rich, poor, or middle class: things are turning on people in unlikely ways.

Social media is in the doghouse. Their influence is rapidly declining.

Journalism is an inert profession.

Some say karma is a bitch, but not quite.

Karma is a switch. Up is down and down is up.

Left is Right and Right is Left.


Because everyone is so focused on the content of their messages and thoughts, thinking they are different from their perceived rivals and enemies, but that’s bullshit.

Their structures are the same, meaning they are no different.

Rich is poor and poor is rich.

Left is Right and Right is Left.

And then there is the ambitious Bohemian in the Radical Centre.


I am still doing A Dangerous Woman Story Studio. I am resurrecting Chaser. I am doing other things, but the lone maverick Eastern European female is still in the middle of a war zone.

But she has other ideas now.

She is not going to fight battles.

She is about to dismantle wars.

And the way to do it is alchemy.

It took me years to develop an alternative to Patriarchal, they propagandist’s choice of structure.

And I did with Matriarchal.

Because until the structure of thought is confronted, there will be a never-ending war.

And fuck that shit.

I have turned on a switch, so to speak.

I made a vow a long time ago that I would see my purpose through, and I kept it.

The fact that I kept it through 2018 is no short of a miracle. I have proven that my word is my bond and that bond is made with gold.

And 2019 will be the year I breakthrough with both.

Because both challenge the propagandistic structures of patriarchal narratives.

I am not looking for applause, but improvements, innovations, and fortunes.

Journalism is still in the midst of the five stages of grief.

Denial has now turned to anger. We are in stage two almost in stage three of bargaining, where we have a few weasels thinking they can get some well-heeled propaganda-seekers into funding their garbage.

We still have depression and acceptance.

If you want to stick around for those downer things.

Not me. It is time for a switch.

It is time more levity, even as the world throws big hissies because all of the scripts they were bamboozled into following turned out to be bullshit.

You were played, middle class.

And are still being played as we speak.

So snap the fuck out of it. It’s making you look like nerds and goobers who don’t realize that scripts do not play in the real world.

But I play in the real world, and that’s all right by me…


The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Two: The US Democrats have a predictable half-victory. And no vision for the future. That's the real story.

When the US had its federal election in 2016, I repeatedly said Donald Trump was going to win the presidency. This isn’t a case of hindsight bias: I just knew how Americans vote.

No one believed me. I was laughed at and insulted with people talking down to me as if I were stupid.

Then Trump won. No apologies, of course.

There were a lot of dejected people in November 2016, but I said that night, “It’s not a big deal. Americans will vote in Democrats at the mid-terms two years from now.”

They voted them in the House last night, but not the Senate.

This is not a victory for the Left. This is how Americans function. They are a pendulum.

I called it on this website repeatedly, although I am hearing bullshit stories this morning that somehow this was up in the air a few weeks ago.

That is the babbling of the politically and culturally illiterate who live in the Now, and do not know their history.

US politics is a predictable beast.

But there is a couple points worth nothing:

  1. The Democrats failed to secure the Senate. The Republicans picked up seats against all odds. This alone destroys the Left’s narrative that everyone in their country hates Trump.

  2. The Democrats did not have an actual vision or plan for how they would guide their nation. This is a major oversight completely ignored by journalists. They offered no policy, laws, mandate to the people. Newt Gingrich had his Contract with America. The Dems offered less than nothing but some sort of self-entitled idea they are owed it. Railing against a president is not a plan that produces social or economic benefit for a country. But the incumbent Republicans offered none, either. Only the president has the narrative and the plan. This separates him from both the House and the Senate who now become nothing but white noise. Trump will now have two bratty and irrational sides to show to the public and can set the narrative and come out as the lone sane man in the Beltway Asylum, which was his original hook, anyway. Now, he has tangible proof.

I never understood the hoopla over US election campaigns. They are boring, routine, and predictable. The press always made it seem as if it was a real cliffhanger to the point the overall patterns got repeatedly ignored.

I didn’t ignore them.

If you have a history, you have data. Instead of looking at sensationalist aspects that are trivial, look at the bottom line and investigate.

That’s what I did with the original Chaser News. I didn’t pretend to have all of the answers: I went back as far as I could go, and studied as I compared and contrasted. This method is the way to see patterns, rigs, outliers, and exceptions.

You don’t read more into an event than there is. You don’t use a false narrative. You look at facts and report them.

And Chaser will continue to look at the past in the present to creates maps for the future…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-One: The eye of the storm is the Rosetta Key. If you want to understand how the Left and Right troll the world, look at what they did to Serbia.



When in doubt, go bold, and see what patterns emerge from your bravery.

You have to shake the fabric to see how sturdy it is, but it is the patterns that tell you the code any time or place rolls by.

I learned this as a teenager when I dared challenged the Western media on the vile coverage of the the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia.

If DC Comics’ Wonder Woman mythos is based on the Second World War, mine is based in that Civil War.

Because that was the needle that popped my bubble and jolted me awake.

And I don’t need a lasso of truth to gather facts. I am honed to find them, even if I do not want to know it.

But the civil war there proved to me that the West’s Left-wing players were as corrupt as the ones on the Right.

President Bill Clinton has the blood of Serbs on his hands, but there were too many deals to be made, and Serbs, being stubborn and recalcitrant were an easy target to demonize. They are exotic, non-Western and enigmatic.

Easy to slap a villain label on them and then bomb them back to the Stone Age for being different and unashamed for it.

But the Left in the 1990s were very, very naughty. They made all sorts of dark deals with extremists, and stayed in power for two terms because Americans roll that way with presidents.

Clinton was the exception because H. Ross Perot was a spoiler and fucked up George 41’s second-term coronation.

But Clinton reaped the benefits. The Democrats rolled the way the extremists wanted them to roll for the most part. Serbia is a strategic country. It’s ideas for a united Europe predate the European Union, for instance, and Europe reaped the rewards of that nation, even as they stomped on Serbs and stole their ideas inspired by others like Alexander the Great.

But then the Republicans took over and as they had no deals with the previous extremists who parachuted in the Yugoslavia and caused the most carnage, those extremists got angry, and September 11 was a form of punishment.

They pushed back, and had their own deals with different players, but that was very tense, and then the Democrats crawled back with Barak Obama, and smoothed things over with those irate players, doing what governments do best: do shady things and sell it as middle class friendly morality.

And the Democrats got cocky and thought they could go against the Two Terms Per President Rule, and pushed Hillary Clinton, a member of the regime who caused much pain and suffering to Serbs.

You can tell it was going to be a repeat as NATO — right out of the blue, told Serbs they had unfinished business with them and that they had to be bombed for their own good. Those who want to steal Kosovo were behaving as if it were a done deal, as other members of the Clinton clique, such as former Secretary of State Madeline Albright had very capitalist interests in those wanting to conquer a part of a foreign country, in this case, Serbia.

But then Hillary Clinton was always the fuck up, and Donald Trump wiped the floor with her face.

That meant all of the shenanigans the US Left were planning got fucked up beyond all recognition.

But Trump isn’t a Republican, either.

He is an outsider and a spoiler.

He is bold and unpredictable, and that made problems for both the Left and the Right.

Because he shook their core and proved their arrogance didn’t translate into cunning, he revealed their patterns.

And it was the same pattern in two different colours. One red and one blue.

The problem is Trump’s boldness has destroyed the plans of those in the West who wanted to go back to pillage Serbia again.

Those such as Germany’s Angela Merkel got cut off at the knees because the predictable compliance they hinged their schemes on was thrown out the window because Trump was not the factor they took into their calculations.

And now it is a Chaos Narrative.

Saudi Arabia tried to take advantage of it, but the neophyte got clumsy, and now the US is in a bind.

It is the reason why suddenly, all sorts of things about that fateful civil war are starting to come out.

Those secrets were supposed to be under lock and key.

Like how Serbia was supposed to be sacrificed because who the fuck cares about the Serbs.

We survived concentrations camps in the Second World War, you psychopathic assholes.


Those are Serbian bodies left up to hang by the Croatian Usashi.

Where were you fuckers then?

Where were you when these Serbs were slaughtered during the Civil War?


Oh, I remember, telling me so what?

Where are you now when scores of Serbs have gone missing in Kosovo?


And the Toronto Star has the nerve to pretend to outline Donald Trump’s lies?

What about the Toronto Star’s endless lies?

Fuck you, Daniel Dale for your pathetic gambit at misdirection.

What about the Star’s every false claim about that civil war, and all the press releases you liars used pretending it was an organically discovered fact?

That politics is a shady and filthy business, there is no doubt. Every single one made it there by spewing bullshit stories. Let us not use a confirmation bias to prove a lie.

But journalists were always complicit. They see those mistresses politicians bed and then give patronage appointments to in order to get rid of them. They see the drunken messes. They see the sexual harassment and abuse of power.

They have seen it all for decades and played along, keeping it quiet.

Until someone make a bold movement and destroys the rigged pattern.

Then all hell breaks loose.

Journalism lost its power the day Trump won, and it is the reason you know see moneyed Democrats pour money into partisan outlets to spew propaganda.

That is a pattern of panic.

They have real cash money riding on deals based on a status quo. They have sold their children’s souls to the devil and do not want those things ever coming out.

But all it takes is one disrupter. Trump broke the pattern and we are now in uncharted territory.

The mid-terms mean nothing as they have their own patterns that will no longer work because the machine got broken in November 2016.

Chaser is the chronicler of the fallout of that disruption.

There will be the cowardly old middle class biddies of all ages cowering in the corner screaming so what! so what! like squawking parrots, and they, too, will be fair game to expose.

It is a sucker circus in the West, my friends, and one where the fun comes from making bold moves to turn over the rules to show just how fragile they really are.

It helps that I have Serbian roots and Canadian leaves.

But it is a sucker circus and it is time to show the comedy of it, and just what shit the West has settled for when the world could have truly flourished.

Fuck that shit.

And soon, the show will begin…


Alexandra Kitty,

Author, Artist, Actrivist, Matriarchal Storyteller, and unrepentant angelic hellraiser…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty: Vladimir Posner wrote about parting with illusions. The West have yet to part with their delusions.

I am upgrading my teaching skills through Harvard University’s short course at the moment, and it is, not surprisingly, extremely expensive, labour intensive, complex, and fascinating. It is mostly psychology, and it is a program geared at professors who teach.

But I am enjoying it immensely.

A lot of the things I knew from my undergraduate training in psychology, but of course, there is always something new to learn, and this week, I learned something about how students test.

If female subjects were given a plain math test, their scores were the same as their male counterparts.

But if they were told the test was to measure gender differences, suddenly, women did far worse on the same test.

Drawing attention to gender did something very bad.

African-American students were in the same boat: if they were to just write a test, their scores were no different than white students…

But if they were asked to write their race on the paper, they fared far worse on their scores.

So we know that drawing attention to race and gender alone can negatively impact people when they need to be tested, meaning the scores do not actually reflect ability when that irrelevant factor is brought into the equation.

And yet the Left does nothing but draw attention to it.

If we want equality, the solution is not to divide, but multiply and unify, allowing for the differences to be left alone and be a normal part of a fabric’s pattern.

One plus on equals a bigger one.

And all equations equal infinity.

The Western Left is bent on divide and conquer.

And selling delusions.

Vladimir Posner had a very interesting book called Parting with Illusions.

But the West has yet to part with their delusions.

In this case, but drawing attention to perceived differences that are skin deep, the Left is actively creating tribes, and with its competitive rig, ones who must compete with each other to be the ones who get the most pity and attention.

But in order to get attention, the tribe must submit to being helpless.


You must be a victim.

You need the safety of your in-group, and never be an individual who can stand alone.

You must be herded like sheep, and take but a single path with the Left as your shepherd.


I will choose my own adventure, thank you very much.

But the Western Left do a very good job at erasing history to present themselves as the only enlightened ones, drawing attention to race and gender, knowing full well that people begin to falter when their innate trait is being called out.

But the Right have not been as backwards or as villainous as the Left like to pretend.

Let’s take alleged progressive country Canada for instance.

Justin Trudeau’s narrative is that he is progressive, but what progressive things has he done to date?

When you start looking for tangible evidence, you soon come up with the truth: Canada has no leadership, and Trudeau is no prime minister, he just plays one on selfies.

It is one thing if you are progressive and not make a big deal, but his cabinet has many females, and none have done very much.

Chrystia Freeland has bungled her portfolio badly. Someone with extensive negotiating skills had to be placed there, and she is out of her league, and it shows.

We didn’t need to blink on USMCA or fall for the oldest trick in the book:


Make noise in the East, but strike in the West.

A basic ruse undetected because we have a regime convinced it knows something.

But they know the little people back homes also know shit about it.

Parting with delusions is the first step to sensibility.

And Leftist bigoted stereotypes that they alone know something about equal opportunity.

In Canada, Lincoln Alexander was the first black man to be a member of Parliament, and then the fist black cabinet minister in 1979.

He was not a member of the Liberal Party.

No, not the NDP.

But the Conservative Party.

So despite everything about the Grits, they weren’t the ones who were about racial equality, but they will certainly pretend they are the only ones, even if they are doing nothing but paying lip service.

Alexander had an illustrious career and is Person #21 of the List of People Everyone Should Know. He broke many firsts in Canada.

The Left no longer acknowledge that other people aside from the Left create progress. They have spun of narrative of having god-like powers and anyone else who does not worship them is a devil.

Delusions of grandeur, and dying your hair blue or getting a tat doesn’t cover up your helmet-haired blue rinse mindset.

It is one of the numerous reasons I lost respect for the Left entirely. Pontifical prickery doesn’t do anything but serve as a mask to hide the inner hatred and prejudice from that neck of the ideological woods.

So, it is the reason I am in the Radical Centre.

A bird needs two wings to fly: a left one and a right one.

I soar by trade; so I am not going to cut off one wing to prove some bullshit point.

I keep centred and balanced: I see the weaknesses of both and do not allow one side to dominate the other.

Because both sides are corrupt by nature and designed, with rigs that ensure no one questions their true motives.

But there are empirical ways to uncover it.

Chaser uses the methods to reveal rigs and stratagems. It is a road map showing how manipulators try to the public.

I don’t expect most to have the courage to do it. I have had my fill of Left-wing bigots, but I know they do their best to mask their prejudice, from pretending to be interested in accents as they are othering you, to explaining away why African-Americans used to vote en masse for Republican candidates pre-JFK (“because they just followed their masters” some white liberal moron recently told me in all seriousness, trying to explain that these were a people without their own mind, free will, or intelligence until the Left started to do their thinking for them. I had my fill of the White Man’s Burden narrative exactly one millisecond after the first time I encountered it).

I never assumed I was to meddle in the lives of other people: I was to get out of their way for them to thrive, and they didn’t meddle to interfere in my life. I wasn’t suppose to swoop in and assume I knew better how to live another’s life just as they were not supposed to do the same to me.

No rigs. No propaganda. No othering. No bullshit stories. No excuses.

No exceptions.

Chaser didn’t play political favourites, and it won’t now. It is about truth and reality, not delusions and propaganda.

The truth is we don’t actually have a political party that has understood the notion of citizen freedom. We have never had one that codified the rights and responsibilities of both the government and its populace.

We never had a government that forbade the middle class from parroting scripts and devoted its energies teaching them the difference between a lie and a truth, and a perception and reality.

And journalists were never any help. They can virtue-signal like psychopaths like to do, but when it comes to truly understanding empathy, they will block the handicap spots at a polling station and not move when someone with a disability needs it because their own egos are more important than covering the reality they are supposed to see and comprehend.

It is all a scam.

Not everyone will appreciate Chaser. I don’t care. It is about the truth — and building a foundation from there…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Nineteen: Hard news for children is essential. If children are not exposed to reality, they will never find a singe truth.

When I launched Chaser News the first time, there was a series I starting about the real danger in schools.

That was a demo.

But instead of the usual are your children safe at school, I asked are you safe at school?

I had been advocating hard news for children long before then. I talked about it in my first, book, but I had tried to pitch the notion to Columbia Journalism Review years before that, and they didn’t think the idea was important.

And now they make it a career to bitch how they lost audiences. Fucking morons.

We have generations who have a narcissistic belief about their “giftedness”, yet keep scoring lower every year, with the peak of academic literacy being in the 1960s.

They are delusional, not self-aware, unoriginal, passive, ignorant, and judgmental about things they know nothing about.

I do not blame the new generations for their feral stupidity.

There are many other culprits, but journalists are near the top of the list.

They never talked about children to children about the scary things they cannot be sheltered from to live a happy and productive life.

And it is not as if children are weak. Far from it.

They have no idea about the contributions children of the past have made.

We do not have a history of children.

We may know one or two, such as Ruby Bridges, who is Person #19 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.

Four federal marshals had to escort her to school in New Orleans.

She might as well have been going to school in a war zone.


No child should have to go through it, but one had to go to it for a barrier to be torn down.

And we have mothers nagging teachers because their brat should get an A+ for handing it a garbage assignment.

Normal Rockwell’s iconic work was a nod to her.


She is history.

She was a newsmaker, but not a single media outlet at the time wrote about her to her own peers.

It was not just racism, but ageism.

But she is not the only one.

Mary Ellen Wilson is Person #20 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.


She had to testify at the trial of her adopted parents who savagely beat her.

And she was the first in the US to it.

Because abusing children before that wasn’t a crime. She had no advocates or support programs before that because no one thought about it.

No one thought about it day in and day out as she was beaten senseless, dying by degrees.

She was rescued and had to testify in the late 1800s in court.

She was a brave little girl whose abusers were convicted and she went on to live a long and happy life.

But how many media outlets back then wrote about her plight to other children in dispatches?


How many media outlets do it in 2018?


How many in 2007?


Chaser News.

It was a feminist hard news outfit that spoke to those traditional journalism ignored.

And children are on the top of that list.

7.4 billion people on this planet, and journalists talk about one man: Donald Trump.

And all the children they ignore.

When Chaser relaunches, there will be the same dedication to hard news across generations: young and old.

It will be done different, but it will be done.

Where the Ruby Bridges and the Mary Ellen Wilsons are not patronized or gushed over, but given a voice to speak of all of the dangerous things children face alone, and do so the best way they know how…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Seventeen: It is the Era of the Coward. The level of fear has made people afraid of their own shadow. Not me. I fear no journalist, and no troll.

Never have we had a weaker and more ineffectual news media, and yet the absolute fear people have these days over confronting reality is staggering.

And the results have been a dead profession spewing propaganda.

The Guardian has done it with an article about how Right-leaning corporations are doing dirty deeds, while ignoring that the Left-leaning ones, such as Facebook have been doing things such as manipulation and surveillance, but let us skew to rig political results rather than question how robber barons of all political stripes are controlling a cowardly population.

Cowards want scripts and guarantees. They want other people to take the risks, as they reap the benefits. They are passive, whiny, and tribal, always coming up with excuses rather than results because they do not want to be shunned in public.

Journalists are cowardly by nature, and they manipulate the optics to seem graver than they are. They are vindictive whenever someone stands up to them, and many who try are too weak to stand their ground.

Journalists have their war against truth, but like the Catholic priests who molested children but pretended to be more moral than the people they were abusing, it is all for show, nothing more.

Jon Stewart told the truth when he said the press were narcissists, but then a member of the narcissist club tried to pretend they were morally superior to cowards of other varieties, but unlike most, Stewart held his ground.

But we are in an Era of the Coward: people who cling to little tribes as they prove their ignorance on the Troll Scroll, spewing nincompoopity and openly admitting they are ignorant and close-minded. They try to rig the world to prove their unworkable ideas are the Truth.

But they learned those bad habits from journalists.

I gave a recent talk about my book and one of the attendees asked what what Canadian outlets were reliable. I said none. She stared at me as if I had said she had a terminal illness.

But why this would be a surprise is beyond me.

The group had seen themselves as well informed, but the amount of critical information they did not know was dangerous. They weren’t stupid. They just settled for bad journalism, and then thought that going through the middle class motions alone would guarantee that they would be savvy and informed.

But nothing sticks anymore. People cherry-pick scandals, bully a target with their obsessive posts about it as well as their meme posters, and have no idea what is actually happening around them, let alone their world.

But it is fear. People have become afraid of the monsters because deep down, they know they are living in the dark and the Dark Ages.

People are thumping their chests to hid the fact that they are living in cold terror.

And that’s not how I roll.

I don’t care about journalists they way I do not care about any other group of dishonest narcissists.

What I care is that universities have no stepped up to the plate. I care that we have an information void.

Chaser News was about filling voids.

Chaser will be about showing that what we see as voids are illusions brought about by cowardice.

Nothing else.

The white noise of rage, is in fact, the screams of fear.

And that happens when our soul knows we are being lied to and we stand around and take that abuse.

I am not afraid of journalists. I pity them.

Because their fear destroyed their own discipline one cowardly act at a time…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Sixteen: A war changed my life. I didn't have to be in the tangible one. The intangible one opened my eyes, and I became an author of manuals.

I am Serbian by heritage and Canadian by birth, and because I am both, I am neither.


I was so traumatized by Western journalists, that it completely changed me.


When a collective can walk over one set of bodies as if they were garbage, and then demonize those people they walked over, you lose more than just faith in that group.

You lose all respect for them.

It was then that I realized journalism was a sham. The worst thing was that it took me very little time to find out where they were really getting their information.

From a cabal of PR firms. Not the war zone.

It was traumatizing, but liberating.


It was then that I became an alchemist.

Alchemy begins after a spiritual death, and the old Alexandra died when she realized everything she believed about her government and her media was a lie.

But as it was the Left who demonized the Serbs the most, it also meant my original political ideology was also a sham, too.

I was crushed to death by a cabal of Establishment liars. This isn’t my opinion. I kept hoping I was wrong, the way Harry Houdini kept hoping he was wrong about his skepticism of the mystical and kept challenging people. He exposed them all, when deep down, he was hoping to find the one who was real and he could reconnect with his dead mother.

I know that pain because it was too horrifying for a teenaged girl to face.

But I faced it. That war changed my life. It wasn’t the tangible war that had any impact on me, but the intangible one of war propaganda.

So the old Alexandra suffered a spiritual death, and like the phoenix, a new one awoke.

She was surrounded by the same lead that killed her predecessor.

Alchemy is the noble art of turning lead into gold.

And the gold in my case, was writing war manuals: how to see the manipulations of journalism and counter them.

It became a calling, but also my own alchemy. I keep right on target.

The Target symbol Serbs wore was nearly identical to the alchemical symbol for gold.

It just has one circle too many inside. I had no idea at the time, but I eventually saw it.

We all have talents. Mine is to see through mental manipulations. Over time, I began devising systems to counter them both reactively — but as time went on, proactively.

It is the reason I refined Matriarchal Storytelling, and created an alternative to journalism called F.R.E.E.D.

A Dangerous Woman Story Studio is the manual for overcoming the manipulations of patriarchal fiction writing.

Chaser News is the manual for overcoming the manipulations of nonfiction narratives.

Education, when it is not used to indoctrinate people, expands thought.

When it is misused to condition people into thinking a set way, constricts thought.

If you are not coming up with new ideas, theories, and experiments in a class or course, that is a sign that your thoughts are being confined, not expanded.

If you keep insisting that everyone who doesn’t think just like you is evil, you absolutely know that what you believe is a lie, and now you are trying to cover it up by suppressing other people’s ideas as you force everyone into thinking like you so that you are never challenged.

It is a sign that somewhere along the way, you were miseducated, but in the words of Anna Freud:

Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.

It means you have to let go of the lead, and then learn to turn that lead into gold.

In other words, there is no excuse for being miseducated. You rise above it.

But it is much easier if you have the methods of education. In journalism. In fiction.

We learn how to learn in school, but those are habits we take with us as we inform our minds reading nonfiction, and also our hearts with fiction.

Chaser News is a school of sorts, just as is A Dangerous Woman Story Studio: it is the intangible school of learning how not to agree to be placed in an intellectual and emotional confine.

I became woke because of a war.

But I can also make dreams come true in peace.

War and peace do not stop me.

I learn and grow. I still create manuals and come up with new theories to test every single day.

It is an adventure. I survived a spiritual death, and came up with Method Research.

But life is to be lived, and shouldn’t always be alchemic.

Alchemy is the ultimate act of rebellion and defiance: you are not going to let anything or anyone prevent you from living.

Or creating.

With goodness, kindness, and altruism, even in anarchy...

A couple of updates: A Dangerous Woman and Chaser Investigative News.

More on these points later. My schedule is going to be hectic until the New Year, but I am actively working on a few things. It depends on whether I write another book for a traditional publisher how much time I will have along with one very critical factor, but this where this site is going:

  1. A Dangerous Woman will have at least one more publication out by the end of the year that I am actively working on.


I have not put out A Dangerous Woman magazine since the 1 Becomes 2 edition. These are all from the Otherworldly line with one Within Fable. The spotlight is on Thomasina Darlington, a Goddess who figures prominently in these line of stories. I am hoping to wrap this up soon, but as I am upgrading my teaching skills until the end of the year, my last six stories shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to complete.

2. I want to get Chaser slowly off the ground. This is more labour and resource intensive, but I want to start slow. There are three stories that I wish to explore: one is global. One has to do with the US. One has its origins in Canada. It may be that I may decide to do one, two, or all three, and when I am certain where I am going with it, I will give real details. Suffice to say I am not going to do any like traditional stories. They are not quite in the F.R.E.E.D. style I keep alluding to, but they will be serious and informative, but presented in a more eccentric style than the usual fare. It is not satire like the Onion. The vehicle has been done to death. These are just in the crude planning stages with preliminary research and rough experimentation, but I do not want long, epic stories to start with: just three small stories with a very specific focus.

I will keep writing my usual fare here, as well, but as I have said before, 2018 has taken particular pleasure in trying to derail me, and I have not gave in the slightest, but it has slowed me down…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Fourteen: I am Feminista. You will hear me whisper as you hear me roar.

There is a lot of pseudo-feminism going on these days. You have ambitious women who think they are feminists by default, and they are not.

Feminism is not a sneaky way to deflect criticism when you are behaving like an asshole or a troll, and it is not about getting a position of power just because you are a woman.

You asshole have to earn it just like everybody else.

The toiling part doesn’t go away. What changes is that the goalposts stay the same for you and are in the same place as the men, and you both start on an even keel with no rigs favouring one sex or the other.

For example, how can Waterloo justify not giving Nobel-prize winner Donna Strickland a full professor position until she won the award?

She was obviously doing Nobel-prize quality work for years in order to get the prize.

That is a misogynistic oversight if there ever was one, and here is a newspaper article, all happy that she got it.

How many men in the history of that institution had to have a Nobel prize to get promoted to a full professor?

That is sexism. She obviously is very good at her job, and it took the entire world looking for the university to do right.

But there is a narrative that “women today” are somehow more liberated than the ones in the past, and that is not the case.

Women have regressed and have done so because pseudo-feminists have tainted the movement by using it as a mask.

The Brett Kavanaugh Affair showed just how much the #MeToo movement had been hijacked by rich white men. From being their own shining knights to being damsels in distress who needed a political party to save them, a single movement became a sexist stereotype that was no different than any action film where the woman is there to be saved.

And yet, there is silence instead of outrage.

It is, however, not surprising in the least.

#MeToo has become a Trojan Horse.

Because we have a society that lives in the perpetual Now, they have fewer role models to retrieve from their collective memories to compare themselves to in order to see how far off course they have veered.

Pseudo-feminism is very revisionist as it panders to those living in the present: Your foremothers were useless victims…not like you, you strong women!

It’s bullshit. Women throughout history have been rulers, warriors, thinkers, and players, and we should have great respect for them all.

People such as Flora Sandes, which I am certain, most people reading this entry will stare blankly, going who?

Well, for starters, she is Person #13 on the List of People everyone should know. She was a British nurse who suddenly became an Officer in the Serbian Army during the First World War.


She became a soldier in a foreign army, and made it up to Captain and was awarded the Order of Karađorđe's Star, the nation’s highest military and civilian honour.

And she was the only female Brit to be a soldier in the Great War.

Flora did not wait for the middle class to be woke to fight.

She reminds me a lot of my late grandmother Stanka Puharich, who is Person #14 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.


You are not going to find that eccentric savant and firebrand in any textbook.

She lost her entire family to the Ustashi in the Second World War. She would have died along with them if she had stayed in Bosnia instead of become a nurse on a medical train who also had to perform surgeries on wounded soldiers and take up arms and fight like a soldier when under attack.

She was beyond a liberated feminist.

She bearded for a gay pilot to protect him. She was never a bigot. She embraced all races and cultures, and was a flaming liberal until the end, voting for the Liberal Party from her hospital bed as she was dying by degrees.

She was a polyglot. She built her own ship, always won at poker, could cook like a chef, sew like a fashion designer, and could built a house and wire it herself.

She was artistic, mechanical, and had a Grade Three education because one moment her family were obscenely wealthy, and the next, she was working as a child servant. She could sing, crochet, fix motors, fish, and do anything she set her mind to with ease.

She was the Leonardo Da Vinci of her time, but no one actually could see it, and she was intellectually lonely because no one understood her and her Bohemian-feminist ways.

But I always could.

She was eccentric, daring, outrageous, and always had a wicked sense of humour. She had her idiosyncrasies, deliberately asking impudent questions to shock street thugs. She started swearing in multiple languages in her mid-forties, but dressed to the nines as she was also a very at playing Super Mario Brothers on my Nintendo as she picked up the controls and pretty much figured out figured herself, cheering “Yippie!” when she cleared a hurdle, and groused, “Oh shit!” when she got tagged.

She was huge Michael Jackson, Billy Blanks, and Wayne Brady fan, and nobody could ever say a bad word about them, although she thought both Bill and Hillary Clinton were stoka.

And boy, if you wanted to hear the most shocking swear words, just say Clinton in front of her.

She was a feminista.

She was also a dish and men always swooned in her presence, though she had no use for it.

She fought terminal cancer in her early forties, was given a couple of months to live, but got cured and lived another forty-plus years.

She was sweet, but had no trouble flying her freak flag sky high.

I modelled my character Alena Love after her (and her gay friend was the basis for the character Brock Logan the Third in Dr. Verity Lake’s Journey of a Thousand Revelations).

She always fought. She always had plans for twenty years ahead. She refused to know how old she was. She was blunt, and she was loving, and very good at jigsaw puzzles.

Since she died, I make it a point of taking something of hers for a spell. First, I shucked my smartphone for her old flip phone.

Now, I have decided to swear a lot.

I have the big things: the eccentricity, the liberated views of people, the persistence, but there are times where I want to take something small and have my heart travel with it for a while as well.

We both have a lot in common.

But despite all of her triumphs and adventures, you don’t know that once upon a time, there was a woman named Stanka Puharich who was decades ahead of her time.

We see easy to forget viral videos on Facebook or doodles on Google, but those are disposable and fleeting. They give no context, and neither does Wikipedia.

Chaser is not going to tell you about celebrities. Fuck them and their raging egos.

It will be about other people who do not mug for cameras.

This isn’t a gossip site that cheerleads people. It will be something far more useful than that.

Because feminism isn’t about roaring how great you are. It is also about hearing whispers, and understanding the nuances of people and what makes them tick.

Because the world ignores the women like Flora Sandes and Stanka Puharich; so it can spins lies that women do not have a rich and colourful history filled with great accomplishments.

I am not going to ignore those women or pretend women today are superior because they are not.

They have a lot of catching up to do and much to apologize for by thinking it makes a difference when you were born or where…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirteen: Journalism was always Patriarchal. Time for the Matriarchal way of opening minds.

Journalism has brainwashed the masses with the silly notion that you can have just one Good Guy, a whole warehouse of Victims, and some nefarious Bad Guys who do not applaud the hero’s every boneheaded idea.

Why the Left are as garbage as the Right is they cannot get their minds around the notion that they are not superior to people who see who they really are and vice versa.

People can be petty little shits who are still holding childhood baggage of sibling rivalry.

As an only child, I am not saddled with those bullshit issues; so I see it very clearly.

I have seen ninety year old still hold grudges against their siblings for no good reason at all, and everything else in their life has to do with the Patriarchal narrative that they are the Hero and their sibling is the Villain, with clueless mom and dad who were the duped Victims.

Their bedtime stories told them so, and then journalism reinforced that notion of Us Versus Them.

No, it is always, always, always, Us Versus Us.

We needed to be told stories that showed us our flaws, too, as well as the positive traits of those we disagree with and even clash. We should negotiate, not dominate as we try to destroy people who think you’re a nerd, which the label alone is Middle Class Kryptonite.

The Patriarchal failed the middle class as it served the interests of the wealthy who use it as a perpetual misdirection to keep the little people little and in perpetual anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, nervousness, and slap fights with strangers on the Internet as if that weren’t a nerdy thing to do.

Twitter is a Troll Scroll for those control freak people with unresolved sibling issues.

When I decided to start A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, I decided that I wasn’t going to play that rigged game, and it dawned on me that we need a better way to tell stories in such a way that people cannot get away with using the Patriarchal as some sort of justification for being petty assholes.

I identified it as Matriarchal, studied its nuances, and even refined it through experimentation, modification, and practice, but I by no means invented it.

Comics books and soap operas do things the Matriarchal way: they focus on more than just One. We have heroes who can be villains or supporting players. It is a revolving door, where we are introduced to new worlds through each door open.

But almost no novels had this kind of epic refinement, except for one.

A Confederacy of Dunces, which, along with The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Color Purple, and Watership Down, are the four novels that never left my heart, soul, or mind.

But ACOD had the biggest impact on me, for numerous reasons.

It was a purely Matriarchal book that had a protagonist who was a jerk, but it was the supporting characters who all had equal time with their own storylines and personal development.

It was written by John Kennedy Toole, who is Person #12 on the List of People Everyone Should Know, and his book is absolute genius and proved that Matriarchal is the stronger storytelling tool.


Sadly, he could not get this book published, and he became so despondent, that he committed suicide. His mother toiled for years, found a champion who got it published, and then it won a Pulitzer, years after a man who knew he had a first-rate book became broken by repeated rejections.

But I find something very interesting: people who are narrow-minded and memorize scripts absolutely despise this book. They cannot get into it because they lack empathy and do not have a natural feel for making their own judgments on people: they are binary in nature: Us, Them. Good, Bad. Black, White.

Because they were indoctrinated and trained to be that way and cannot grasp the idea that their thinking has been too constricted to the point of being unable to open their hearts and minds to different people and different perspectives.

People with empathy love the book. They can read a story with an asshole protagonist, and still root for him. They can feel sympathy for his limited mother, cheer for both the meek cop and the salty survivor African American as much as they can bond with the ditzy blonde stripper and the over-educated radical New York girlfriend of the main character or the spineless factory owner who is shackled by both nepotism and his obnoxious wife.

They are all flawed. They would have been all villainized in the Patriarchal.

And yet here, they are fleshed out, and even though they come from all walks of life, they are worthy.

They are worthy of being heroes — and they are all heroes in different ways.

There are villains, too, but we can see why they are as they consistently exploit and abuse multiple characters. The supporting characters aren’t there to cheer the hero or wait for him to rescue them. They are all heroes of their own fate.

And the hero is not some gorgeous guy: he is fat, dowdy, judgemental, self-indulgent, manipulative, and a coward.

And yet he is a riveting character and is as colourful as the rest of the characters who stand out, hero or villain alike.

And yet, it took until the early 1980s for the West to be able to even consider a Matriarchal novel.

These are the kinds of stories children need: the ones that do not let them get away with being selfish and self-centred, always framing narrative to manipulate and rig interpretations that they are superior and without flaw.

And journalism should have always done the same thing.

Be a balance, not pick sides. They should have had people understand those they deem outsiders and rivals, and have respect for multiple points of view.

Chaser has the Matriarchal in mind and at heart: it is emotionally literate as it is intellectually literate: it understands the world is a mosaic.

It is not about enabling delusions or sticking to binary scripts.

I have been writing the Matriarchal since 2013 when I began A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, long before Ariana Grande’s song of the same name.

She was never a dangerous woman. She panders as she sings beautifully.

A Dangerous Woman was always about radical centrism: the experimenter’s perspective.

We look at different parts in order to see the whole.

Not decree this broken piece is better than the others…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Ten: Radical Centrism is empirical. It compares and contrasts, not take sides.

It is very easy to hide information and skew it with various feints and ruses, such as Non-Disclosure Clauses. You can make any organization seem functional when you use them, as CBS does.

Most people are so egotistical and cowardly, that they always look for evidence to confirm that their theory is right, and that they are good.

They always forget to look for refuting evidence.

This bad habit even has a name: the confirmation bias.

Watching North American politics is a case study of mass confirmation bias. You see the Right behaving badly, but so does the Left, who no longer have any concrete platform, they are just pontifical pricks and church ladies either virtue-signalling or fear-mongering.

When you ask about specific policy, raw data, or hard numbers, they balk and try to make you sound as if you are immoral to demand some facts.

They will be quick to pull out some bogeyman to threaten you what will happen if you ask for specifics. The bogeyman will do horrible things like take away your weed and your right to have an abortion or have a gay marriage.

In my career as a journalist, without fail, whenever tried that kind of racket with me, they always had something to hide. The moral façade was a scam to hide their own sins and misdeeds by trying to deflect attention away from themselves as they pointed out the sins and misdeeds of their rivals in power.

The Left have now gotten this racket down to an art form: Hmm, lady, those are nice abortion rights you have there, you wouldn’t want something to happen to them, would ya?

And that’s a game of war.

I have said feminists are not being very visionary sticking by the Left as their knocking their knees trembling in fear. That is bullshit and a childish gamble at that.

I have said they should have stormed the Right, and pushed for abortion rights in that party so that it was always off the table.

But it didn’t happen because we have a group who have placed all of their ovaries in one basket.

That is not how strategists think.

Journalism collapsed because they took sides in this never-ending slap fight, and they did so because they have never been empirical in their approach.

I am empirical in my approach to information, and it is the reason I am a radical centrist: I am not sitting on a fence.

I am hovering over it, observing both groups as I compare and contrast the content of their message as well as their structures.

That is what Chaser will be: a radical centrist outfit that is empirical in its approach, comparing and contrasting in order to confirm or refute theories.

So, if all looks fine on their surface, you dig just as you do if all looks dysfunctional.

There are ways to hid information, such as NDAs.

And you see that most times, what we see as opposites are just opposite sides of the same bad penny…