Whoppers from the field: J-Talks are self-serving narratives, nothing more.

Fallout from the Field? Nice try.

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Another bullshit J-Talk which is nothing more than journalistic propaganda spewed to try to save a dead profession. It is as honest as a US reporter’s “scoop” on Russiagate, though I doubt the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale is keeping a list of all the lies his fellow journalists told about that.

No chance of that happening.

Or of this talk being anything else but a self-aggrandizing farce.

This is not to say that journalists who covered wars before were more thespian than scribe. Daniel Pearl was a real war correspondent who died on the job. So did my favourite war photographer Dickey Chapelle.


That’s her receiving last rites as she was fatally wounded on the job.

But slowly over time, that changed.

And the poseurs took over.

The PR firms hired to manage the optics in the civil was in the former Yugoslavia set up white tents and handed out press releases.

I seriously doubt that caused any PTSD.

And during the upheavals in Syria, one CBC journalist had the nerve to pretend her and her crew were under siege, all whispering “shh!” in the dark all while they had huge lights on them.

Yeah, the snipers are blind, but have super-hearing. Fuck you, you shitty fibbers. What’s up with that?

And you know this is a big bullshit story.

How so?

Have you noticed that none of these motherfuckers cover gang violence or human trafficking or the South American drug cartels.

So, you will cover the superlative dangerous wars, but not drugs, traffickers, or gangs?


It is a real knee-slapper because you know there are no public relations firms setting up white tents to hand out canned advertising disguised as news; so you know it’s a big, fat lie.

If you fall for any of it, you are a so naive...

The Cry of the Dead: Canadian Journalism screams, but no one can hear a ghost.

Journalism is one of those professions where people in it do the very opposite of what they should be doing. When they should look at themselves with a critical eye, they applaud their every boneheaded move, always sunny-spinning rot.

Take this propagandistic babble trying to justify allowing a foreign publication to dictate how Canadians ought to think:

Along the way I witnessed a disturbing trend: after years of industry cutbacks, the ranks of Canadian reporters in Washington have been gradually depleted. The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star are now the only two Canadian newspapers with a full-time reporter in Washington. 

This is a civic challenge — potentially a crisis — that demands an innovative solution.

It’s time for a new approach. What if Canadian journalists joined forces with the largest politics and policy newsroom in Washington, DC in helping cover policy developments for Canadian audiences? What if a team of experienced Canadian reporters teamed up with 200 of Washington’s most expert policy journalists, whose sourcing networks reach across Capitol Hill and the White House, and deeply into federal agencies and regulatory bodies? What if they could add to that a network of reporters in state capitals?

At POLITICO, we believe this approach would create a must-have source of intelligence for Canadian decision-makers in government and industry. That’s why this September we will introduce POLITICO Pro Canada, a cross-border policy intelligence service for readers with a stake in the Canada-US relationship. 

No, Canada should not be roped into the bad marriage of Left-wing Americans and the Right-wing Americans. Leave us alone. Our journalism collapsed because people in the profession could not tell the difference between fact and spin. We don't need a partisan publication dragging us into their would-be street brawl, especially as traditional legacy US mainstream media are very stupid and clueless when it comes to their own politics by their own admission.

Just how clueless are journalists?

Look at their own little J-Talks -- babbling in public the very concepts they should have had in the bag by now. A stage is not the forum to pontificate. The laboratory was the place, but then again, you cannot mug for a crowd squirrelled away trying to uncover the atom of truths.

It is more than a mess.

It is a disaster.

And their cries do nothing but reveal their own ignorance of their own profession.

They are ghosts trying to scare a populace, even if it means creating war and killing the very audiences that abandoned them.

It is truly mystifying.

But that's what happens when you do not listen to those audiences who shouted first, begging for their voices to be heard...