The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Nineteen: Hard news for children is essential. If children are not exposed to reality, they will never find a singe truth.

When I launched Chaser News the first time, there was a series I starting about the real danger in schools.

That was a demo.

But instead of the usual are your children safe at school, I asked are you safe at school?

I had been advocating hard news for children long before then. I talked about it in my first, book, but I had tried to pitch the notion to Columbia Journalism Review years before that, and they didn’t think the idea was important.

And now they make it a career to bitch how they lost audiences. Fucking morons.

We have generations who have a narcissistic belief about their “giftedness”, yet keep scoring lower every year, with the peak of academic literacy being in the 1960s.

They are delusional, not self-aware, unoriginal, passive, ignorant, and judgmental about things they know nothing about.

I do not blame the new generations for their feral stupidity.

There are many other culprits, but journalists are near the top of the list.

They never talked about children to children about the scary things they cannot be sheltered from to live a happy and productive life.

And it is not as if children are weak. Far from it.

They have no idea about the contributions children of the past have made.

We do not have a history of children.

We may know one or two, such as Ruby Bridges, who is Person #19 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.

Four federal marshals had to escort her to school in New Orleans.

She might as well have been going to school in a war zone.


No child should have to go through it, but one had to go to it for a barrier to be torn down.

And we have mothers nagging teachers because their brat should get an A+ for handing it a garbage assignment.

Normal Rockwell’s iconic work was a nod to her.


She is history.

She was a newsmaker, but not a single media outlet at the time wrote about her to her own peers.

It was not just racism, but ageism.

But she is not the only one.

Mary Ellen Wilson is Person #20 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.


She had to testify at the trial of her adopted parents who savagely beat her.

And she was the first in the US to it.

Because abusing children before that wasn’t a crime. She had no advocates or support programs before that because no one thought about it.

No one thought about it day in and day out as she was beaten senseless, dying by degrees.

She was rescued and had to testify in the late 1800s in court.

She was a brave little girl whose abusers were convicted and she went on to live a long and happy life.

But how many media outlets back then wrote about her plight to other children in dispatches?


How many media outlets do it in 2018?


How many in 2007?


Chaser News.

It was a feminist hard news outfit that spoke to those traditional journalism ignored.

And children are on the top of that list.

7.4 billion people on this planet, and journalists talk about one man: Donald Trump.

And all the children they ignore.

When Chaser relaunches, there will be the same dedication to hard news across generations: young and old.

It will be done different, but it will be done.

Where the Ruby Bridges and the Mary Ellen Wilsons are not patronized or gushed over, but given a voice to speak of all of the dangerous things children face alone, and do so the best way they know how…