Canadian journalists begged for fascism...they are just about to get it. Be careful what you beg for, suckers.

When you have lazy trolls pretend to be journalists, they can’t actually pull it off, and like other sheltered brats, they went to Daddy Government to give them free money.

Not only will they not see much more than pennies, they opened the door to fascist regime tactics.

We are now getting an Approved Media List.

We have a regime with no empirical data or experience decreeing what will be considered approved.

This is very bad:

Federal agencies will publish an A-list of newspapers and websites deemed reliable under a multi-million dollar subsidy program, the Department of Finance yesterday told the Senate national finance committee. Subsidies to federally-approved news media invite government meddling in a free press, cautioned one senator.

This is worse:

An unnamed cabinet-appointed group will decide which media qualify for subsidies. “The government will decide whether or not to change certain criteria,” said Maude Lavoie, Finance Canada director general of business tax programs.

And this is just plain stupid:

“I’m worried here you have criteria, you’ll have to jump those; selection committees appointed by the government – we’re intruding on the freedom of the press,” said Andreychuk. “It may not be our intention; it’s the survival of newspapers. But we’re going to be creating opportunities for others to come in, and we may not be really helping those we intended to in the first place.”

…“we all want to encourage the survival of the press, whether it’s in a small town or elsewhere, but if we start down this road, with these criteria, with government setting that criteria and interpreting that criteria, I think we’re on the wrong road,” said Andreychuk.

Journalism didn’t survive: it was always an illusion. It was never empirical or serious. What we always had was an ideal, not the real thing.

We should be smart enough and brave enough to have an alternative to journalism. This version obviously has flaws too big to be functional. It was always based on a model where common people did not have access to a broad audience. When they did, all of the glaring holes and flaws in journalism stood out and people lost faith in that institution.

The federal Liberals are horrid. They are scam artists, not visionaries, innovators, or thinkers. It is not as if we have a party that actually has vision and an ability to take risks. Bribe, break, and control seems to be the only game the federal regime knows how to play, and now that they have their mitts on a dead profession, we will see just how manipulative they can be with an inert press that should have made big changes when they still had the chance…

Some unexpected major ass-covering thanks to the Wilson-Raybould testimony.

Jody Wilson-Raybould had let it be known that Katie Telford, one of the Trudeau 11, had promised her that journalists could be “lined-up” to spin her actions if she played nice.

The Toronto Star had a meltdown, and their public editor was trying to spin this revelation very, very hard:

The notion that the office of the prime minister of Canada — or any other politician or public official — could simply “lineup all kinds of people to write op-eds” and expect them to be automatically published in newspapers like the Toronto Star, is both disturbing and laughable.

It cynically suggests that our journalism is a passive process of publishing to appease powerful special interests.

Because it is.

The Toronto Star used its own newspaper to lobby the government for money. That comes with strings attached. They knew the kind of slimeball the prime minister was — and all this time lavished praise on his majesty without ever telling readers who he really was. They hang around him, and they hear the rumblings in the belly of the beast. Why didn’t the Star let people know what pressure Wilson-Raybould was under beforehand? Why did it take the former justice minister to drop that bombshell now?

Because the Star was too busy navel-gazing and throwing diva fits instead of doing their jobs. They will only go after a politician if he isn’t kissing up to them. Telford wouldn’t have been so confident unless she had it in the bag. The entire scheme hinged on having a positive and sunny image so people didn’t know what was going on — and a government allowing a corrupt corporation to write the law and slip it in an omnibus bill qualifies.

But then comes this knee-slapper:

Journalistic standards demand that journalists weigh any information offered for publication in any section of the Star with a strong measure of skepticism, the imperative for verification of facts and consideration of the public interest.


With no empirical standards? Do not make me laugh, but this is the funniest part of this ass-covering piece of dreck:

On the opinion pages, the Star makes strong efforts to disclose any relevant information about its outside contributors to indicate to readers any special interests involved. All those who submit op-eds to the Star for publication consideration receive a detailed email that makes clear, “If you have an involvement in or connection with an issue that is not apparent from your credentials or the content of the article, you must disclose that to the Star.”

Did you tell people how you got a six figure contract with the feds? No? I rest my case.

The revelation probably went over more heads than not, but it is a serious question — and problem that needs to be exposed. Of course journalism here refuses to change — they figure kissing up to a corrupt regime ready to give out other people’s money will save them instead…

Canadian journalists march lockstep with the government? You don't say, Blacklock's Reporter!

Canadian journalism is in the pockets of the federal Liberals? Knock me over with a feather.

No kidding.

One publication here points out the obvious:

Jody Wilson-Raybould in February 27 testimony at the Commons justice committee recounted the boast by the Prime Minister’s Office seeking to quash a criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. The former attorney general cited a remark by Katie Telford, chief of staff to the Prime Minister, at a December 18, 2018 meeting: “If you are nervous, we would of course line up all kinds of people to write op-eds that what she is doing is proper.”

We will spew propaganda to the little people!

If only journalism in Canada didn’t collapse.

But it did.

That’s why the federal Grits made them beg and plea to get some free cash money to save their worthless asses so that they could call in every favour and the beggars would march to those orders.

That’s why SNC-Lavalin got so much goodies — so that they too can do this regime’s vile bidding.

So don’t ask why.

The Grits are using more than just taxpayer money to bribe people — they are borrowing money this country doesn’t have in order to prop up a corrupted regime.

And deliberately propping up money-losing conmen willing to do anything to keep the free ride going, taking civilian economic hostages as a bargaining chip.

Brutes in suits, indeed.

The charade could go on so long as the Middle Class didn’t feel threatened. They will go along with the shady narrative so long as they can keep things going.

But then Donald Trump threw tariffs. The Saudis pulled out of a lot of things. Then the Chinese became enraged.

And we are seeing a lot of factories and stores closing. Housing sales have hit a wall.

Things aren’t going according to the plan. No more goodwill. No more slack.

And all these third-term problem are happening in the first term. The rate of decay reflects the rate of decay in journalism.

But that’s what happens when you are not a visionary or an innovator who has to resort to feints and scripts. You don’t see that riding on the press is going to work against you. You can give them money all you want, they can’t get their act together for a reason. If Telford honestly thought “lining up” the media minions was going to be a good plan, she is a tool. Who told you that plan was going to work? Your grampy?

Now that Justin Trudeau’s other face has been revealed, he can be Canada’s next reviled villain. So much for the plan of getting op-ed people to applaud the prime minister when that same column ended in this way:

By sickening everyone, Mr. Trudeau might have just united the country – against him.

Good job, Katie Telford!

And you thought 2019 going to be boring.

I said a humbling was in the cards for the players this year, after all…


A federal regime opts to meddle in journalism? You don't say!

Blacklock’s Reporter has a hilarious article about how the federal Liberal regime in Canada was advised not to meddle in media, but did so anyway:

The memo said any federal action against fake news could have consequences for free speech, and that remedies were already found in the private sector. “It is important that we enable private sector leadership, innovation governance approaches and new business models to flourish,” wrote staff.

But, of course, how the Liberals not grease the palms of those who cover them:

The note is dated February 5, 2018. Six months later, the Department of Canadian Heritage began negotiations with an Ottawa-based group called Public Policy Forum to “monitor digital and social media in real time” for “disinformation in the lead-up to the October 2019 federal election.”

The Policy Forum in a statement last November 28 defended the monitoring scheme. “The country lacks adequate understanding of what’s being put through our media ecosystem,” wrote CEO Edward Greenspon, a former Toronto Star executive: “This project is designed to expose these attempts and determine how best to counter them.”

You don’t say!

The Public Policy Forum is a sham. It is pure garbage that openly used its resources to lobby for the government to fund incompetent journalistic products.

And Canadian journalism is pure garbage, make no mistake. If you had a product that people could use, they wouldn’t be in trouble.

It is like having the 8-track industry lobby for money because people will not get to hear music if they collapse.

It is no different.

The CBC is an apologist for that same federal regime, constantly presenting government narrative as fact, such as this article:

John McCallum was fired as Canada's ambassador to China over his statements on the Meng Wanzhou case.

Normally, this would be a job for diplomats — but the man who was supposed to help the Trudeau government navigate this path, John McCallum, was fired just days ago for suggesting (twice) that the best outcome for Canada would be if Meng wasn't handed over to the Americans.

We now know the offences alleged by the Americans in the Huawei case go back about a decade. Canada, over that same time period, has agreed to 90 per cent of all extradition requests, according to federal records.

So it seems safe to say that it would be unusual for Meng not to be extradited, despite her status among the members of China's business elite and the unprecedented international publicity her case is generating.

This is pure baloney. The federal government has been trying to blame McCallum for their own bungling of the matter. This is the same government that hasn’t done a thing about one of their own sketchy MPs whose word means nothing and is holding on to power, even as more questionable and alarming activities emerge about him.

If this government cared about the “rule of law”, they would practice it every once in a while. Canada had to dodge this bullet, and had to have a plan long before the Meng debacle.

They didn’t. If the federal government did not know in what precarious position they would find themselves in, then they have no business being in government. You cannot afford to make folksy and sheltered Middle Class mistakes when you are sandwiched between two powerful nations that can eat you for breakfast.

And the Canadian journalism industry thinks the government will save them?

Yeah, no wonder this country’s journalism industry collapsed…