You beg the Trudeau regime to give taxpayer money to newspapers and then complain about their secretive ways? Well played, fools.

Bill C-58 is a piece of garbage, and I would expect nothing more from the federal Liberal regime. They are horrible people who want to manipulate the optics and have brainless people march lockstep with their lunacy. Banning single-use plastics is meant to harm low-income people because the rich can reap the benefits of extracting higher prices. Hospitals, assisted living centres, and healthcare are absolutely dependent on single-use plastic, but the wealthy can fly anywhere for their healthcare.

But it is not just the poor the federal Liberals despise. They are trying to lock out any unflattering information about them from ever coming out, and that is the reason for Bill C-58.

But J-Source is upset over the bill. Why? Your ilk lobbied a regime you absolutely know is crooked and corrupt into giving you money to save your dead industry. That’s on you, so now suck it up.

That is the reason why journalists should have spat on anyone in the industry who lobbied for it — but then you couldn’t delude yourselves into believing that you had a bragworthy job. Newsflash: you don’t have it.

When a sugardaddy pays your bills, you have no say in anything. Beggars cannot be choosers. You cannot turn up your nose when you are a bought sugarbaby. You have no righteousness because you sold yourself to the devil on his terms.

You sold your rights to be haughty, indignant, mouthy, lippy, and arrogant. We know who you really are, and anything you say is worthless.

And none of this ever had to happen. The industry needed to update its mindset with the structure of the shifting times and get its method up to code. It chose to be passive whiners and beggars, so don’t come crying to anyone: you embolden a rancid regime and blinked first, and they merely took advantage of it because that’s what immoral people do when they have a little bit of power over someone else.

And that’s on you…