Memo to the Tucson Sentinel: Self-Aggrandizing doesn't trick people into buying your product. They will decide if you are "All Star" or "Not All That."

Journalists have a horrific narcissistic tendency to call themselves great. You have done this for the last couple of years, and no one is buying your propaganda. You are not great. There is huge room for improvements. The end.

And get over yourselves.

Journalists lavish their own profession with praise and awards, and what they give themselves awards for is mind-boggling.

So here is the Tucson Sentinel writing about the Arizona Daily Star:

All-star lineup of Tucson reporters faces buyouts, layoffs loom

All-star lineup?

That isn’t an actual thing.

Did it ever occur to you that if you stopped the self-adoration and took a good long look at yourselves you’d see why people stopped bothering with you?

It’s a thought…