Governments and Corporations try to exploit journalism...but a collapsed profession isn't going to line their little coffers.

Apple is trying to do it, but legacy media aren’t biting the way they once did. For once, I agree with them. It is just another asset-squeezer making big promises and delivering nothing. Let Apple make its own content for once.

The European Parliament wants a link tax. Fuck them. They will be shocked at how little money they will get — and Big Tech may not like the decision, but Europe can be easily bypassed and there are ways around this gambit. If Big Tech skirts around the tax by isolating Europe, the world will go on easily without reading the Guardian, for instance. A link tax is a very bad idea, and the legacy media in Europe are being blinded by their aristocratic arrogance and assumption that the old feudal systems of yore will work. Their bullshit is not essential reading, and stories can be farmed out.

It is a lazy effort, and those kinds never bring in the dough — or the innovations…

Apple launches bullshit as it exploits a dead profession. Expect nothing to change.

If the press release says it, it must be true!

Apple thumps its chest, again. Their every foray into this bullshit ends up the same, and with the Mueller report knocking the wind out of the super-story sails as media outlets are already closing — and Apple offers nothing new in terms of content or structure — this won’t do a thing.


A bad deal for content providers? Now news outlets are feeling what their journalists felt all along from them.

Apple wants half the profits from subscriptions and media outlets are howling.

Bwah ha ha!

It is perfectly all right to give your content providers a bad deal. When databases first came out, writers didn’t see a single cent if their work was purchased via a database. You don’t get paid by the number of hits or reprints. It is a flat fee.

And now Apple is doing to media outlets what they did to their content providers.

The middle man is fuming, but shed no tears. Content providers also get the shaft, and this is now spreading higher up the food chain.

Look at Vice Media: this is a property that got Canadian funding, and yet has its overlord worth a pretty penny that he gambles away.

No one ever thinks to take a closer look at what’s going on there.

The structure is corrupt. That’s why nothing is working. Apple won’t save journalism, and Netflix is not a viable platform. Rot upon rot, and all we have to show for it is whining…

Apple tries its Texture hornswoggle again, but this time, publishers aren't biting.

When legacy media ruled the communications routes, they screwed over content providers by paying them a pittance with very little compensation.

CanWest wanted writers to sign away their moral rights, for instance.

And now Apple is trying to turn those media outlets into content providers to do to them what they did to writers, photographers and artists long ago.

Publishers spot the con a mile away because they know all about pulling that one.

Texture will not revive a dead profession. Apple is merely seeking more content to exploit and is running out of stuff. All it will do is allow Apple to exploit publications who will then take it out on their content providers, such as writers and photographers. It is a bad deal through and through, and it won’t bring any revival to the industry.

When tablets came on the scene less than a decade ago, publishers thought the calvary had arrived, but all it proved was the content had problems that couldn’t be solved with technology. Now the legacy media see that Apple isn’t a god, they aren’t looking to the company to save them…

Big Tech may be crumbling, but journalism was FUBAR long before that: revisionist bullshit stories are just bullshit.

Apple used to be about innovation.

Now it is about censorship, propaganda, and dictatorship — and the reason Big Tech is imploding.

Tim Cook has made a bullshit decree, about how “hate” has no place in Big Tech…and yet Big Tech has manipulated, controlled, censored, spied, and betrayed users at every turn.

Go fuck yourself, you miserable hypocrite.

Then the Washington Post’s clueless toady, Margaret Sullivan is actively trying revisionist propaganda, but she lacks the intelligence for it, and her transparent stupidity is something I chronicled repeatedly in my latest book, but this one takes the dummy cake:

The digital-media bubble is bursting. That’s hurting a generation of promising young journalists.

Nice try, moron, but journalism fucked itself up way before that. Big Tech got away with shit because few people understood their con games, and journalists fellated those Big Tech Boys until they started to lose their jobs without reinventing themselves.

Don’t blame Big Tech for your decades-long professional incompetence, you asshole. Fuck you.

And the self-serving bitchfest doesn’t end. We have garbage being spewed how Big Tech is so bad, but nothing about how journalists kissed their asses with question for decades. The robber barons got away with it because journalism is a profession filled with nerds and cheerleading dummies who never question anything.

Big Tech is just another version of Donald Trump: they kiss their asses until they realize they were nothing more than discarded pawns, and then they remember to point out all the things they knew all along, but buried.

And never take any responsibility or have anything resembling a learning curve.

So fuck them all.

Big Tech is in a heap of big trouble, and journalism is already a dead profession.

I have been saying this for a long time — ignored and uncredited, of course, but I am on record for pointing all of this out long before it was posh.

2019 is going to be a very different year. The Limousine Liberals are going to be in serious trouble. Big Tech and journalism will both see very different, but unprecedented implosions. The Champagne Socialists are in for a rude awakening when their Limousine Liberal parents are forced to cut them off for survival once more — and without Big Tech enabling their delusions, the Indigo children are about to find out exactly why they are called that: because life if about to beat them black and blue.

But the implosions will not be outrages. They will not be violent, mass protests. There will be too much shock and unpredictable turns for that to happen. There won’t be civil wars or revolutions.

The social engineers miscalculated a lot of things, and they are trying to sweep things under the rug, as Apple is doing with their overt censorship. They learned nothing from the fall of journalism: you can censor and ignore things all you want, but once people had freedom that you take away, you become Public Enemy Number One, and then you’re fucked. You don’t have Steve Jobs to bail you out this time.

People don’t need apps, especially when things go south for them. Once people are stymied without their distractions, they will see how piss poor they were all along — and that having a godphone and tats doesn’t make them middle class.

When that reality sinks in, it will be a whole new ball game.

And then the Sucker Circus unveils a brand-new act to shock and amaze…

Why is Apple allowed to dictate global speech? Tumblr is the latest to cave in. Is it time for an alternative to the Internet?

Tumblr, the platform for big boys and girls, is caving in to Apple’s censorship and Big Brother dictatorship, and treating adults as little delicate children.


This is a very good time to bring in an alternative to the alternative. Big Tech are control freaks, and Tumblr was the one for adults, but no more.

They are trying to spin their cowardice into something positive, but it’s not. They retreated, and they owed their users and real challenge to Apple.

The Internet is crumbling with their incompatible push to control a planet, and there will be consequences. It’s a shame, but hardly surprising…

Apple exploits dead profession. No profits for the corpse. Big shock.

Apple may make a trillion, but they are no journalism innovators. They are doing what every other Big Tech company does: exploit content providers and get rich.

Media properties, as passive and desperate as they are — signed a deal with the devil and aren’t getting rich, mostly because journalism is dead and Apple cannot reanimate a corpse. They need filler and a never-ending stream of it, and they are running out of novelty; so they are exploiting media properties who are desperate to remain blind to their ruinous fortunes, but are finding out they aren’t making money and have no say.

No surprise. The difference is the when journalism was a thing, it was the media barons exploiting journalists with lousy pay as they got rich, and not a bigger baron is sucking them dry. What goes around, comes around, there is no doubt about it…

Chicago Sun-Times leaves front page blank: no one notices the difference.

A cheap stunt to remind us that journalism hasn't been informing people for years. DbcU2KUXUAAKSOS

They are begging for subscribers by providing nothing:

Imagine Chicago without the Sun-Times: An urgent appeal

You want subscribers? Jam-pack your paper with facts. Leaving things blank when people already saw the blankness of your product years ago and abandoned your product is a stupid move.

You cannot beg for money. No one trusts a desperate person who wants things, but doesn't make fundamental changes themselves.

They make a very weak case of it:

What’s at stake

Imagine our city without our headlines.

Without our journalists to tell your side of the story.

Without our beat writers to cover sports.

Without our watchdog reporters to keep an eye on government.

Without our columnists and editorial board to be a second voice.

Imagine it. Then help us make sure it doesn’t happen.

They don't read your newspaper: their reality is just fine without your headlines.

And seriously? People don't need journalists to tell their side of the story. They have social media to do it themselves. Disintermediation is liberating.

And I love how sports comes ahead of government. Oh, those screwy priorities.

And columnists! As if we had a severe opinion shortage and needed those endangered species to survive.

Just how deluded are you, Sun-Times?

Google and Facebook dominate digital advertising, together collecting 73 percent of all digital ad revenue, according to a 2017 analysis by the research firm, Pivotal.  All other companies compete for rest of the digital advertising pie. As print advertising has declined year-after-year, this has a created an impossible business model for labor-intensive, quality local journalism.

So what? They built a netter model; and you stagnated. Now suffer the consequences of your inertia. No one owes you advertising revenue deal with it.

Journalists still do not get it.

Their minds are as blank as the front page of the Sun-Times -- and it shows.

Get a grip: you should have made changes when you had the chance. You didn't; so stop looking for others to bail you out of trouble...

Apple threatens employees who leak to the press with criminal action...and then want to launch a news subscription service...Press Release subscription service, perhaps?

Apple likes to exploit the press when comes to launching their trinkets, but only on their terms. 2000px-Apple_logo_black.svg

The leakers still leaked the No Not Leak Or Else memo.

But now they want to meddle in news with a a subscription service as they have bought Texture and gutted it by shedding employees.

Apple did very well with cool toys and entertainment-based things, such as music and movies, but work and play are two separate spheres. People don't have an interest in the old model of news; and I don't see this flying.

It is a different era, and Big Tech has lost much of its luster in 2018. That, a couple of years ago, would have been unthinkable.

The information stream is becoming a battleground, but there is a huge problem: journalism collapsed by means of a nuclear bomb, and the ground is radioactive. Big Tech are waging in that certain death battleground thinking they can hover over it and take over.

The problems are much deeper than that, and while Apple will put out sunny press releases, the truth will not live up to their hype...

Julian Assange loses his Internet. Facebook under attack. This is a tintinnabulation for Internet power. Is #MeToo going to be next?

You can feel a tide turning. First Facebook gets smeared in a targeted and coordinated media and government assault with other Big Tech distancing themselves from them, and now Julian Assange has been grounded. Freedom and liberty are being made to be bad things, as if the truth, and the obedient middle classes will be given a scary story about bogeymen, as if their own governments aren't spying on their citizens (that's right, China: we have human trafficking and illegal arms dealing, but let's make sure those jaywalkers are put in their place!).

I do not agree with Apple's Tim Cook's assertion that Facebook should have regulated itself. It would not have mattered. They allowed anyone to have a presence to a global platform to say or show whatever they wished, and their success placed that target sign on their backs.

Assange is a spoiler. He is both cunning and naive. I do believe he is a chess master, but never realized it was a game of Go he was playing -- he may have honestly believed that if he showed the world how they are being lied to, abused, and subjugated by their governments, people will revolt.

No, sorry, Julian, they are way too busy gossiping about the creepy Game of Thrones and making kissy faces in their selfies to get up and march in the streets, and when they do march in the streets, it is to demand the government has given them too many rights and should nanny them as they take their rights away.

You will not hear me bad-mouth Assange or WikiLeaks, as that is the closest thing we have to journalism left, and I do believe he has planted seeds that is too late for the governments or media to pull out and kill, despite their best efforts, but he will pay a dear price for it.

The problem is there is a crackdown on liberties in the Western world -- idea-shaming didn't work. Journalism didn't work. Trying to get people to retreat won't work because the Internet wasn't something people did strictly for work -- it was always about fun and adventure without the effort that hinges on vanity and greed. Take that away, and people will become angry at those who spoiled their fun and games, and will retaliate in a devastatingly passive aggressive way. They waited about a decade too long to strike, and it will get away from them.


Because social media shortened attention spans and loyalties. The world has become more mercurial. Remember how loyal people were to the Clintons after Trump's victory? Then came #MeToo and made them seem bitter and icky -- and Hillary is no longer a rallying cry, just a crybaby.

The wavelengths around the world have shifted and changed -- and you have old schoolers trying to wrest control with outdated sensibilities. The pendulum keeps swinging wildly with a world that is both perpetually self-entitled and offended, and that creates an unstable environment.

I would not be surprised if wars and skirmishes break out. It is already beginning to get ugly in Kosovo, for instance, and with a connected world, people become inspired faster than they ever did before. All it takes is One to bring chaos to the Infinite, and all order is lost.

Assange is being punished for kicking the hornet's nest. Facebook is being punished for unleashing an entire hornet's nest to sting whoever they desire. Both are being demonized with dread tales about their alliances and "sinister deeds". Unfortunately, those doing the smearing and accusing are doing a lot worse than both put together.

WikiLeaks, Facebook, and #MeToo are all threats to the old order, and so far, two thirds are under attack, meaning expect #MeToo to be under fire as well.

It will be very interesting to see how it all plays out, but that Assange is still standing for over five years is shocking...