The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Fifteen: Maverick? How dare you be a maverick?

The Daily Caller pointed out something I have been saying as well: we have people do racist things and are still bankable and employed, but should someone talk about it, they get fired.

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It is the reason the US cannot have any more good ideas.

You have a populace trained in throwing temper tantrums in a bid to seem moral and intelligent.

It is a stupid strategy.

People spew scripted propaganda as they demand everything be their own way and any discomfort must be punished.

This is a shortsighted stupid strategy.

But I do not agree on the Hollywood Reporter’s take on the Kelly Affair.

The only reason why Megyn Kelly didn’t work out had nothing to do with anything else save for the fact that she has a mind of her own.

She isn’t some Stepford Democrat. She isn’t some Stepford Republican. She isn’t trying to appease everyone by being some ideological maid or servant.

After all, her autobiography is called Settle for More. (A nod to Dr. Phil McGraw’s philosophy, I know, but it is still true).

She dared to settle for more, and as a woman, you are supposed to eat shit and smile as you are grateful and feel blessed and lucky to be a shit eater.

Democrats and Republicans alike like their women to be little, not mavericks or visionaries who are eccentric, enigmatic, controversial, and outrageous.

She continues to settle for more, even as she is being cast as a villain for demanding what she is owed. She wants monies owed to her, and she should get it. She doesn’t want to be silenced with a NDA, and good on her for it.

The notion that the Left have anything to do with feminism is absurd: feminists know what it is like to be bullied, maligned, isolated and repressed for not following a rigged script — so there is no way a true feminist is going to do the same to another woman who doesn’t march to a rigged script.

I have also said that feminists failed by not pushing their way into conservative parties. You don’t put all your damn ovaries in the same basket. You don’t make yourself dependent on a single source as you allow other venues to go unchallenged.

But feminism was hijacked and co-opted by Corporate America and they allowed their message to become sexist propaganda that paints women as victims and damsels having to shake in their boots in case abortion rights are taken away.

That’s a passive and weak strategy.

Stop wearing those fucking little girl pussy hats, put down the placards, stop watching The Handmaid’s Bullshit Story, and grow up.

What is the plan?

What is the goal?

What is your map for making it happen?

Expecting the whole world to just agree with you is not going to happen. You either begin moving into conservative parties, or you denounce them both and start a new political party.

You have to be active and not be confined by a public-service mindset of committees, consensus, and any other life-sink used to ensure that you never actually reach the goal, always postponing, diluting, bickering, nagging, virtue-signalling, and philosophizing.

Kelly defied that mindset and that’s why she is being raked over the coals.

For the record, I am not a fan of Kelly, or her remarks. I am no fan of the Fox News Channel, either.

And I am no fan of NBC News.

But I am confident enough not be threatened by someone who has her own mind.

And I have been around long enough to know when people are using a contrived moral excuse to hide their more baser and more abusive motives for attacking her.

Had it been about racism, then Jimmy Fallon would have gotten the boot, but no one demanded his head on a platter for doing far worse things on his program than Kelly did on hers.

And boy, did #MeToo suddenly turn silent after it had its first major failure with failing to stop Brett Kavanaugh.

Ladies, there are no hacks for a 100% guarantee in anything. Take the movement back from the DNC, and modify your strategies, up the goals, and settle for more.

And stop dissing Kelly. It sounds petty.

Which brings me to Chaser.

When I worked on it the first time, I decided it was going to have a feminist bent.

I also decided I was going to be blunt and honest, and be me completely.

I am outspoken, eccentric, and I make no apologies for my unconventional life, career, and beliefs.

Take it or leave it, but you are not going to shame me into retreating.

Manipulating, bullying, threatening, slandering, arguing, belittling, patronizing, and all the other feints and ruses will not work because I am who I am, and that’s all there is to it.

If you haven’t read my manifesto, now is the good time to do it.

I am not buying your bullshit strategies. Fuck you, asshole.

I was woke long before it was a thing.

And I knew the trajectory when I started it the first time. People ignore you, then they “correct” you with fake praise and negging, and then comes the insults, putdowns, threats, and then the melodrama.

Been there, done that, didn’t buy into the scripted propaganda the first time.

Then life took a very prolonged catastrophic turn for me, and I absolutely had to put everything on hiatus to navigate out of a series of unrelated crises that came out of the blue and could not possibly be prevented. No one could have prepared for it, and I am a person who thrives in chaos.

In the middle of it all, I started A Dangerous Woman, and even a series of cataclysms didn’t stop me. They slowed me down, yes, but somehow, I still managed to produce work, teach art, and get a book published based on the material incubated through my experimental writing venture.

I am still not out of that vortex. Soon, I find out whether I am out of it, or not.

Regardless, I march forwards and upwards, demanding for more, not less.

I am not settling. I am not retreating. I am not walking away.

Every god and every demon in the universe can gang up on me, I know who I am, the content of my character, and my worth, and I don’t back down.

And if the mortals on this planet have a problem with that, fuck them. I don’t care.

I have started my preliminary interviews for two of the three stories I wish to pursue, all while writing the latest edition of A Dangerous Woman.

Life is too short not to follow your dreams or not listen to your heart. I am not destructive. I am a creator by nature, and I am in a good place with it.

Ignore me, insult me, that’s your loss, not mine.

Never mine…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Twenty-Three.

Canada is debating ghettoizing women in the name of feminism.

The demented logic goes something like this:

Global News first reported back in June that the Liberals were considering the creation of an ambassadorship for feminism and gender equality, and saw it as a means to boost women’s involvement in peace and security around the globe.

Memo to the Liberals: women are people, too. So is it an ambassador for people and then one for women?

What kind of sick and sexist logic is that?

Bring up your ambassadorship up to code, so that we do not need that kind of degrading virtue-signalling and moral masturbation, thank you very much.

You bring equality with every position, not just one.

But government-based propaganda is nothing new. Set up a post with a snazzy and trendy title that all the middle class people are nattering about, and then point to the title whenever you are accused of not doing anything substantial as you raise taxes.

It is the Age of Propaganda, after all.

And these days, it is not just the government in the act of duplicity for amoral ends.

Journalism enabled a lot of government propaganda over the decades. The Chicago Tribune openly wondered about it with this headline:

Reporters used to bury the dark secrets of powerful men. Why it's different now.

Because social media won’t let you play that game anymore. The press came into it kicking and screaming.

They even hid their dark secrets from the public, as we are now well aware of NBC’s antics.

But there is still no transparency in that dead profession.

Once upon a time politicians and tycoons would manipulate the press with their operatives who would leak out damaging gossip about their opponents in order to rig the outcomes.

These days, as there is no journalism, only propaganda, those rich tycoons are openly paying for partisan operatives to spew.

Take a look at this article:

News Site to Investigate Big Tech, Helped by Craigslist Founder

It is not journalism. It is partisan war games of agitprop The operatives are those mislabeling themselves as “journalists”, always with the false halo of doing “public good.”

The way they covered up the sins of Great Men in the name of “public good.”

It is the same game, just mashing up the operative propagandists with journalists.

There is always a spin, never facts, let alone context or logic.

And even when something begins from wanting to know the truth, it can quickly spiral into competitiveness for ratings and exclusivity.

The alternative is not one that is co-opted and relies on a single wealthy benefactor to create a propaganda-machine to sling mud at rivals and opponents as a form of misdirection.

It is about the facts.

Liberating them from lies, spin, propaganda, and being in the hands of those who already have fooled people into thinking they have all the power, wealth, and answers…

Chuck Todd's Atlantic Fiasco: When the bad guys pretend to be heroes, their own deeds call them out.

Chuck Todd's propaganda piece in The Atlantic is something I recently discussed here, but recent events have proven his deluded diva tantrum to be just that.

Journalists have been "fighting back" with their non-stop monomania hissies ever since they told the little people to vote for Hillary Clinton and the people did what they wanted without reading the memos because those memos do not serve anyone else but a few billionaires who made their dough manipulating and exploiting people through journalists for far too long.

And it is not working. Newspaper editorials recently had their own Let's Bully the President Day about a month ago, with hundreds of paper marching lockstep with the same melodramatic meltdown...and it didn't do a thing.

But Chuck Todd isn't one to talk. The Meet the Press babbler works for NBC, which has been trying to shut down Ronan Farrow for over a year: first by killing his Harvey Weinstein exposé, but when they were exposed for shutting down Farrow's well-researched piece, they tried to shut him down again, by claiming that his work was not up to snuff.

Andy Lack's memo tried to deliver the death blow in a memo, which has now spectacularly blown up in his face, especially now that their own Megyn Kelly contradicts that entire sketchy narrative.

NBC News is a hypocritical outfit, and had they been honest and truthful, they would have owned up to it all, but no, they are arrogant know-it-alls who keep making excuses as their lies become exposed.

So when you have an oblivious call-to-arms when your own sins are there making faces behind your back, you are the bad guy who is trying to pretend that you are some sort of valiant hero who will fight back.

No, you are not just the villains, but the defeated villains; as in, it's over, fellas, and you lost the game, the battle, and the war in November 2016.

You lost because you covered up your own sins as well as the sins of your little buddies.

Game over.

With NBC News in nuclear meltdown mode, Todd's nincompoopity in the Atlantic is a hilarious tone deaf spewfest. It is a complete humiliating disaster.

You don't want to meet the press because they, quite frankly, are a repulsive bunch of trolls who think if they babble loud and long enough, people will give in.

It is a pathetic piece in a pathetic publication, all while the sucker circus continues its macabre show while the world communicates with each other without the middle man...

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Two.

Once upon a time, journalism used to critique itself. You had reporters do postmortems on their missteps and even fiascos.

The healthier an industry is, the more self-critical they are. You see to improve and progress and not keep making the same mistakes over and over again, making a bad situation the one that sinks your profession's credibility.

But, when the problems are allowed to get out of hand, the situation changes: the more corrupt a profession is, the less they admit to their errors because if people on the outside knew the truth and reality of that discipline, they would shut it down.

The devious and the incompetent have no choice but to pretend they are perfect and beyond reproach as they drop a heavy curtain on their misdeeds.

The problem is when you drop down a curtain on your stage, you are signalling the end of the profession, anyway, drawing attention to the very rot you are trying to hide.

NBC News is such a place that cannot stand criticism -- the problem is journalism is nothing but a profession that criticizes other people and institutions, and if you can dish it out, but you can't take it, you nullify everything you have ever produced.

We had Chuck Todd's diva meltdown in the Atlantic trying to deflect attention away from journalism's own culpability in their own demise, pretending that they have to "fight back".

You may be pointing a finger of blame at someone else, but three fingers a pointing right back at you.

But that's typical NBC's gambit of misdirection.

NBC News Chairman Andy Lack is playing the same disgusting game on Ronan Farrow. Instead of admitting they made a mistake or did something wrong by killing Farrow's exposé on Harvey Weinstein, they keep trying to blame Farrow.

Lack's memo is truly vile. He is now trying to spin a narrative that Farrow was behaving as if he were an amateur and didn't do enough digging.

This is tantamount to professional slander. Lack is accusing Farrow of incompetence, never mind that Farrow's New Yorker article ended up making shockwaves and culminated in Weinstein facing criminal charges and Farrow winning a Pulitzer.

And Lack is spewing garbage, as if NBC's standards are really that high. Their other news reports are nowhere near the factual density as Farrow's piece. 

Farrow, of course, is having none of it. 

It has already been established the NBC's A-list news talent, Matt Lauer, was of the same ilk as Weinstein: predatory toward female employees.

And NBC didn't do a thing for years.

So NBC's excuses are rubbish.

They refuse to change or admit wrongdoing, meaning they are as corrupt and rotten today as they were when Farrow's piece was nixed.

If journalism was healthy, NBC would have admitted they dropped the ball, publicly apologize to Farrow, do an internal review, and improve as they change because that's what healthy institutions do.

You don't pile up the excuses, pretend your illness is a sign of glorious health, and then deflect legitimate criticism that is backed up with facts.

That's the reason journalism is a sham, and doesn't actually exist.

It doesn't.

It's dead.

And an alternative will be one where the mechanism of realistic and honest self-assessment is built in from the start.

Just like a healthy person goes to the doctor for check-ups and goes for tests, they do it because it is far easier to stop a problem early on than wait until it is terminal.

If you have a cancer in you, it is not a sign that you are some defective person as a whole: it is a sign you have to deal with this tumour before it gets terminal.

Journalism stopped going to check-ups, and got nasty when people started noticing how sickly it was becoming, pretending they were healthier, smarter, and nobler than their critics.

They are still playing that game from their coffins.

The alternative can never play that same game: mechanisms for check-ups must be at its core.

It is the way to ensure the lens are not distorted or become cloudy.

If you want to cover reality, then you need a disposition that is primed to see it.

And NBC's childish games prove they haven't been a real news outlet for a very long time...