How the federal Liberal regime is speeding up journalism's rot.

Old school media owners in Canada should have been very careful what they wished for.

If they actually did research, they would have known the worst people to get involved in your business if the government.

But John Honderich was always a sheltered himbo, The white boy ditz made a deal with the devil and the devil gave what he wanted in the worst way.

And now that Trudeau’s regime has hijacked newspapers out in the open, they are really screwing things up.

The National Post’s Andrew Coyne isn’t very happy. Smart man. The bailout is more than just politicized: it has been overtly and openly propagandized. You do not beg the government to help you when you are a media product. They see everything as something that is owed to them, and they are brutes and thugs who meddle by default.

The Conservatives are worried, but they shouldn’t be. Unifor is a useless union. They couldn’t stop Doug Ford from gaining a majority, nor did they managed to do anything but babble and spew ineffectual dreck as they keep losing war after war.

They have no power or control. Neither does traditional journalism.

They all marched lockstep against Doug Ford, who has a majority government, and wisely made big cuts early so the vitriol comes out sooner, only to be forgotten by the time the next election rolls around.

Journalists thump their chests, and have no power or control to alter events — not global ones, national ones, or even local ones. Ford won by bypassing the press and using social media.

Even if social media were to shut down tomorrow, traditional media wouldn’t get its clout back because people have had their brains rewired and now demand their own say on things. Germany’s sore losers can decry free speech all they want, but they were always arrogant sots who never could actually assess reality. The days of making royal decrees are done. Social media is irrelevant now: the match has been lit, and it is the freedom to express that is now more important than deferring to an authority.

The governments of the world have realized this too little, too late — just as have journalists. At this point, you can shut down social media, but nothing would change.

Because you cannot put a genie back into a bottle. The Left still think they can manipulate, use proxies, shame, and use propagandistic narrative to stop their detractors. Your detractors know who you are and how weak your power is — and they are not going to cave in one inch.

The Grits in this country cannot stop their losses — and everything they do makes things worse. They will rid themselves of Trudeau no matter what happens: he is an easy figure to despise, and he is politically expendable. They are already floating various names to see who will gain traction.

You cannot go back to the horse and buggy in the world of cars. I have been pointing out the rot for years, and will continue to do so, but the Grits are arrogant and think they can fool all of the people all of the time — but they are only fooling themselves in the bargain as they speed up the decay of Canadian journalism. Well played, children!

The federal Liberals turned the dead corpse of journalism into its slave? You don't say!

Andrew Coyne has a very interesting and must-read column, and may be the only other person in Canada who sees something rotten in giving the dead profession of journalism government money:

Andrew Coyne: It's when you read details of media bailout that the chill sets in

If this goes through, everything will be subsidized: print, broadcast, the works — a whole industry of CBCs. You couldn’t do a better job killing the news business

You don’t say!

Beggars can’t be choosers, and what the beggars got was a chain around their necks. They are now the minions of the government who now will not only call the shots, but can make threats to take away designations on a whim.

The industry should have taken matters into their own hands, creating their own body of governance, and then reinventing themselves with radical empirical changes instead of being passive, arrogant, and whiny paupers looking for a handout.

John Honderich was hellbent on getting free government money, and if anyone in the business had an ounce of sense or survial instinct, they would have shown him the door, forget those self-aggrandizing “J-talks” and gotten down to serious work.

Now, you are all little propagandists shilling lies for the government — and you motherfuckers better do a good job of it, too. Look what happened to Jody Wilson-Raybould when she tried to follow the “Rule of Law” and not His Majesty’s Sketchy Decrees.

I cannot stress how needless the collapse of journalism was. I wrote books outlining the problems — and then offering very workable solutions.

When Journalism was a Thing was a book that showed where the problems were, and even then, how to break the shackles, but because I am Writing While Female and am not a Luxury Brand Name, not only do I get ignored, but people try to rip me off.

There is already a publisher who I found out is trying to pull off such a gambit, and it is the reason I put my book proposal up on Amazon. You will notice Amazon was kind enough to remove the “Look Inside the Book” function — something they don’t usually do, but they understood my plight and cooperated with me.

That’s the blueprint of the solution. That would be how to reinvent and resurrect that kind of profession.

The actual workings and details are not in there for a reason as well. Just the blueprints. I am not some deluded loon or some victim you can feast on at my expense. Fuck you. My entire adult life was researching this to the very last detail.

The profession had a choice: they could have listened to me, and give me credit and the outlet for me to do what I do best, or fellate the Jive Turkey so he can turn them into his worthless minions.

And guess what they chose?


But I knew they would…

Statistics are for shut-ins who never leave the house. You don't need figures when you can walk among the Spinning Laboratory called Earth.




Someone at the National Post thinks poverty is in decline in Canada.

Yeah, that’s why we have homeless people in Middle Class suburbs, people no longer able to borrow from payday companies, Uber drivers, people no longer having gold to sell, or a sudden decline in home sales and home equity loans.

We see a lot of businesses closing. The people in Alberta aren’t upset because they have too much money. SNC-Lavalin isn’t calling the shots and changing laws because if they go under there are a dime a dozens replacements — or even one.

This is a classic bullshit story.

Do not try to snow me with statistics. Those are bullshit figures used to tell the jittery shut-ins that everything is okay! Really!

It is like crime statistics: if people don’t report it and police refuse to file them, the numbers look lower than the actual reality.

The numbers tell you nothing. If numbers were reliable, polls would predict election outcomes, which they never do.

If you want to know what is happening, stop staring at your godphone, get off your worthless ass, and walk.

Not drive. Not stare at your phone or go window-shopping, but walk.

You walk up and down the street. You have a look. You people-watch.

You want accurate “statistics”, you hit the pavement and you walk.

I walked in the blasted cold at a university campus yesterday, you want to see disconnected and unhappy people dragging their carcasses like revenants, go to a campus. I felt as if I was a kid forced to visit an auntie in a nursing home.

I walk in all sorts of places day and night. I walked in downtown Chicago at two in the morning, being called Cagey and Lacey. I could within a short time tell you all about the regular panhandlers there, and I was an outsider.

Walk in a hospital and watch all the interns stare at their phone in desperation as certain medical staff duck out by riding up and down an elevator for hours. They go up, and then go down, never actually leaving the elevator.

You want to know the health of a region, get a pair of walking shoes and walk.

That’s it. You don’t need stats. You don’t need a government to tell you what’s what. Move around yourself and you have a more accurate picture of reality.

That was journalism in another life. Those were the people who hung around corridors and talked to secretaries and janitors, getting the real story — not those press releases.

Statistics is canned food. Walking in that spinning lab we call the world is the fresh food of facts.

You don’t need Big Data. You don’t need a census.

You need to be willing to see the world, not avoiding the places the scare you or make you jealous.

We lost that ability. People think there is a magic app that will give them the memo.

Don’t count on it. Count on yourself and move…

Authoritative Ennui in a Zero-Risk Nation: When there are no consequences, it is Alfred E. Neuman all the way.




The National Post’s lone sane man Andrew Coyne has a tough job: being aware of the situation, and this column is interesting:

Andrew Coyne: Trudeau seems unperturbed as trouble brews on all sides

The Liberal election strategy would appear to boil down to this: sit tight, and hope there’s no recession

Particularly the opening paragraph is of note:

The prime minister was his usual insouciant self through the traditional round of year-end interviews: a shrug here, a smile there, with comments just ambiguous enough to justify each news organization’s decision to trumpet its own interview without actually committing his government to anything.

Yes, why is the jive turkey so nonchalant given all the motherfuckery his regime is responsible for?

Why should he be anything else? What are the consequences to him if, let’s say, the worst happened to Canada? That we fall into a depression, all the social safety nets end up with giant holes in them, and everything collapses?

Not likely, but not that far from being unlikely.

What happens to him?

Will he be arrested and sent to jail? Will he be fined? Will he end up a pauper on the streets as punishment for being incompetent?

No. He will get a cushy job somewhere far away where he can have someone ghostwrite his memoirs, get a speechwriter, land a few gigs, and continue to be a jive turkey.

He will have all the money and time to cultivate his image, perhaps hire a crisis management team to rehabilitate his image, and spin excuses because those who were harmed by his policies and decisions will be too busy warding off homelessness and despair.

He has nothing on the line.

It reminds me of my Sociology of Mass Media professor when I was an undergrad studying psychology, and he thought game shows were a snore because you never actually lost. You got a consolation prize, and you lost nothing of your own.

To spice things up, he said, people should actually lose something for real, like their own refrigerator if they lost the game.

Being a leader in a Zero-Risk Nation is like being a loser contestant on a game show: the leader loses absolutely nothing if he loses the election. You see US presidents leave office and suddenly become near billionaires. How is that even possible? We never question anything or follow the money.

And while Canadian prime ministership is nowhere near that lucrative, there is no loss. You just don’t come back to the next episode of the long-running game show Fuck Up Your Country With Your Shitty Ideas.

Whoop di do.

I mean, here is a country insanely rich in profitable natural resources, and the government has to give over a billion dollars to keep one sector afloat.

You have a government that tried to give money to the dead industry of journalism quietly and had to backtrack when it came out. And instead of pushing for investment to reignite the industry with fresh blood, newspapers are stuck with the same old scribes who never met an accused rapist they couldn’t spin a bullshit story for. The same profession that nitpicks on people they do not like, but pretend they are perfect as they watch their fortunes crash and burn.

And yet they never do deep digging at just how precarious everything is, even when they notice that household debt is spiralling out of control, don’t seem to call the jive turkey on the carpet when he crows about that nation’s credit rating — the provinces can’t say the same thing, neither can your citizens.

So how long before the bankers start keeping everyone’s credit rating aligned?

A Zero-Risk Nation never holds people accountable — not the people who count. That would be an admission of fault and flaw — and an admission to the entire global village.

The shame! The horror!

The gamble.

Citizens should realize that no matter how bad it gets for them, those who put them in that bind will go on with a happy, care-free life. Of course it will always “sunny ways” for the PM: he knows that he will not be called on the carpet for anything, no matter how bad it ever gets. He can apologize for other Prime Minister’s bad ideas, but never has to say he is sorry for the consequences of his own actions. It is the greatest of rackets, and he can be confident that he’ll be re-elected because he is in a cushy job in a Zero-Risk nation.

Why should he worry? Why should he care? What are the mechanisms in place that would bring about any other outcome?

None. The top job in the nation and there is not a single thing anyone can do should the one keeping that chair warm make a colossal mess of things…

Memo to the National Post: Even if when you post an alternative opinion, you still don't get the trouble you're in.

The National Post has a certain snooty obliviousness to it that explains why it isn’t relevant.

This latest column is interesting, trying to argue the case against the government because it would “politicize” journalists…as if they were not politicized already.

Media outlets were openly lobbying the government for the Benjamins in the space that is supposed to be about news.

They were whoring themselves right out in the open, saying they were bribable.

They stated they were for sale and demanded the government be their johns.

Including the National Post.

Notice that they never made any changes to either their business model, nor their journalism model.

Doing the same passive thing and expecting a positive outcome.

Because their motives were never about informing people, but lording over them.

And they figured the government has money and the same intention: so let’s finally drop the pretence that there is a separation, let the press be your organ and rub us the right way and we’ll aim wherever you want us.

And this is the second time the government gave money to media outlets.

Two hundred fifty million was not enough for the whore.

Now it is more than double the last time.

And the last hit didn’t do a fucking thing; so how will this be any different?

This Brothel of the Damned is a hoot.

Andrew Coyne notes the fucking around:

Well now its 2018, and the publishers have long been leading the charge for federal aid — not only in luncheon speeches but in their own pages, not to mention numerous private meetings with federal officials. The publishers’ association even went so far as to suggest a model of how the money might be delivered, complete with promises of what sort of coverage they would provide in exchange.

If the government had balls or ovaries, they would have told the press to go fuck themselves, but the government is as loose with their morals as the media who has been lobbying for fuck money.

And obviously, they sheltered their sugar daddies in order to get the dough, and screw the little people: they are the targets to manipulate, not the electorate to inform.

And then the attempted sunny spinning of rot:

The government’s blackly brilliant answer: an “independent panel” of journalists will determine who is eligible to receive the government’s cash. Of course! Make the inmates fight among themselves! Let decisions about which journalists get to keep their jobs be made by other journalists! Who can blame the government then?

So while one group of journalists is scrambling to stay onside with the panel’s government-mandated definition of “core journalism standards” and “professional journalism,” another group will be angling to be appointed to this panel. Since that’s where the real power will lie.

Just so we’re clear: I don’t actually think the government will appoint a group of card-carrying Liberal hacks to this “independent panel.” They won’t need to. If the example of the Liberal-appointed “independent” senators is any guide, they will be scrupulously non-partisan, of unimpeachable respectability, and dependably progressive.

That’s right: people who fucked up the profession get a cushy government job to make decrees about which one of their little friends gets taxpayer monies as if they should be entrusted with a task they messed up the first time.

The press in Canada have already marketed themselves as government hacks. They haven’t been independent: it is the reason Left-leaning Ontario either went Right: whatever the press told them, they didn’t believe. That they trusted Doug Ford more than the press or the Grits says everything you need to know.

It sounds like a case of federal Liberal incompetence, but it is a case of federal Liberal corruption. This ruse is something I would expect from some socialist or communist regime: brazen nepotism with an open Big Brother bent.

What we are starting to see is a quiet revolution: people are now pulling away from Establishment entities. Those overlords are trying to demonize those by claiming they are fascist populists, but the gambit’s effectiveness is not gaining traction. That Canadian media outlets have hedged their bets wrong shows, (a) that they have no idea of the reality they proclaim to be covering, and (b) they are now in serious danger of a different sort. They have now declared that they are against the people.

But journalistic ignorance is to blame for their predicament.

I have been taking a course on teaching through Harvard University, and there are discussion forums where educators taking the course can post information. I had posted a two-part news article about what we are learning this week from a public radio station without making any comments one way or another about the quality of the pieces.

It isn’t surprising that one professor immediately saw the holes and flaws with the piece, and asked smart questions, and it was then I responded that when you have a product that misinterprets information, the public are misinformed, but have some sort of demented idea that now they are informed, and make demands that they shouldn’t because it doesn’t apply to their situation.

And giving money away to losers who fucked up their profession as they start to argue who is going to get the pennies is pathetic — but as I have said before, throwing money to these knuckle-draggers is a waste: this won’t save a dead profession, and it will not help the Grits win the election.

Because the middle class in Canada are jittery, arrogant, unknowingly misinformed, and have gotten too cocky as they have been lulled into believing it will all work out in the end regardless of what happens.

More fascinating, is that you have a divided Left, and weak Right who will battle it out, but the upcoming election will not be decided by either group.

It never is.

It is the pragmatists in the centre who call all of the shots.

And they have much to ponder.

For one, traditional media doesn’t sway them at all. Because they look at the bottom line and governments never give them any graft or goodies because they are always pandering to their own flock and fringes, bypassing them completely, mistaking those who are too intelligent to hold political affiliation with being apathetic.

For another, Donald Trump won the battle on social media, bypassing the press, and both the press — and the rich white Leftist Establishments overlords shit their pants because they thought they were clever and cunning, when they were just conniving with the ridiculous assumption that the Internet was just for those hip young Leftist kids and old Republican retirees wouldn’t be able to use social media.

Fucking arrogant morons.

So then the Left discredited social media with their various distorted canards about Russia, as if countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the US don’t regularly meddle and use propaganda to rig elections themselves.


So they managed to frighten their own base, but not as much as they could: the US primaries will almost always have both the House and the Senate switch parties to oppose the president…and the Senate didn’t sway.

So had we not had this shit fit propaganda-fest, the outcome would have been more in line with the Left than the Right.

Now, this is a significant shift. This means that social media’s fortunes have now been tied to traditional media, and neither is an actual force.

What we have is a void, and the prime group that will determine the election have been freed from both influences.

All thanks to the Left who have been behaving like the Catholic church: trying to shame people in order to control and manipulate them under the laughable pretence of “morality.”

Both have been derailed.

Trump won on social media, and then the Left burned that bridge, thinking people would hop on the traditional media bandwagon, and it is the reason the Canadian federal regime is now bribing the dead Canadian media.

Doug Ford won his majority without either social media nor traditional media backing him.

The NDP and the provincial Liberals played up to both, and both lost.

Ford’s victory is neither minor, nor contained to Ontario: it is a significant shift in the ideological landscape, and what we are witnessing is a rapid transition away from all forms of media.

As the extremists on both sides are rapidly burning through their goodwill and authoritative capital, the traditional structure of communications is imploding. The overloading of the overlords is merely speeding up the inevitable with no alternative on their minds because they not real leaders with vision or an eye on the future: they are conniving hoarders trying to cling on to power.

And Canada has an old school fuddy duddy Liberal regime who not futurists but script-followers who think bribing a dead profession will do something for them.

They should remember state-run propaganda did not work for the Soviet Communists, either.

And that was pre-Internet days.

The Internet was always a transitional medium the way radio was: it paved the way for television.

And it is paving the way for something else.

The Canadian Liberal regime are not the guiders to the upcoming era.

And neither are the American Democrats.

The lot of them are Yesterday’s Rulers.

That is going to cost them more than they realize.

Journalism is also Yesterday’s Chroniclers.

And hitching their ride on any government is not a good idea.

The Internet trained people to speak in a public forum, once you have trained a collective, they can rebel against content, but never the structure or the expectation.

They can abandon Facebook, but not the idea that their internal pecking order where they are they are right and have the right to express themselves and expect immediate change.

And that neo-Victorian narrative allows that fake halo where they cannot be judged, expected to pull their own weight, or question their motives or assessments.

That’s why you have perfectly healthy and abled-bodied people making sad faces for the CBC and the Toronto Star how evil it is to take away their free government money and make them go get a job as if that were horrible punishment.

The reality is that we have a Western society that is reality-averse. When you have a public that is that way, but a regime that is savvy to reality, you have a people who are exploited.

When you have a reality-savvy regime and a reality-savvy electorate, you have true, visionary progress, and you can properly channel idealism to achieve great things in short order.

But when both the regime and the electorate are reality-averse, you have an Age of Propaganda where everything is swept under the rug and people play mind games trying to prevent reality from exposing itself and revealing the truth.

That means nothing real ever gets done, and then the denials of the sheltered government prevent them from taking the hits…

But the electorate are not so lucky, and when you have an awakened reality-savvy electorate stuck with a reality-averse government, that’s when the real troubles begin.

The Grits are using unworkable reactionary methods to connive their way to victory. It would have worked for Ontario Grits, when laughing boy Patrick Brown was at the helm, but then more cunning minds prevailed, kicked him to the curb, and installed reality-savvy Doug Ford who cruised and cha-cha-ed his way to a majority.

Donald Trump is now quietly reassessing the game board and has kept quiet. The knuckle-dragger haters assume he is becoming more predictable, but he will come back with a new strategy in the new year when the timing is right.

They forgot he did the same when he had to file for bankruptcy in his heyday, and then came back with a hit TV show that catapulted him to the White House.

People think they have found the hack for eternity and are holding on to it, even though it is working against them.

A stagnate society is a weak society that is resting on the laurels of the visionaries of the past.

Italy used to be the innovators of Murano glass until you came to the generation that hid its methods and stuck to the old ways, and then lost their prominence when the Czechs came on the scene with their better and more creative ways.

Governments are no different, and neither is journalism.

Both are clinging on to the past, particularly the leeches who have hedged their bets of hiding under the cover of Leftist ideology. They are the ones discrediting and ruining that faction.

The same goes for journalism, and now social media.

Money and dirty tricks will not salvage it because the mindsets have altered in a generation.

What’s next?

Another subtle, rapid, but significant shift.

Chaser will be there, and it is going to be an exciting escapade…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Forty-Six.

Canada is not a country run by adults, nor is it professional region that is observed or monitored by adults.

That is the reason we are a vassal state thanks to the pantywaists who bungled USMCA as badly as they did.

Not that we have adults at the National Post who can see it. Andrew Coyne is still in heavy denial, explaining away the truth of the deal — first by insisting on calling it the “new NAFTA”, which is silly because it is no longer “North American.”

That would imply three nations with equal footing, which it no longer is. The US comes first, then Mexico, and then Canada. USMCA is the accurate reflection in the shift. The parts are no longer whole. USMCA is truth in advertising. NAFTA is just a cowardly denial of what has happened.

But Coyne doesn’t see the obvious and sticks to a Pollyanna narrative:

To be sure, most of the language in the chapter is merely about the need for “transparency” and “reporting.” Even the strange new tripartite Macroeconomic Committee is supposed to just “monitor” and “consider” each country’s monetary and exchange rate policies. But then there’s that bit about any party being able to demand “consultations” with another whenever it suspects the latter is engaged in “competitive devaluation,” or to haul it into trade court (“dispute settlement”), with appropriate penalties imposed if it has not been “transparent” enough.

It probably doesn’t mean anything. Folks at the Bank of Canada seem unfussed by it. Still, it’s unsettling to see such intrusive language in a trade agreement, especially at the behest of an administration with such a tenuous, paranoid grasp of trade and monetary policy as this one.

If that had one ounce of truth to it, the US wouldn’t have fought so hard to make shallow cosmetic changes, and Canadian negotiators wouldn’t have tried to fight and resist as hard as they did. The US do not waste resources or would have bothered on wording. They are about action. Canada are the fantasizers who find comfort in symbolism.

Wording can be spun and interpreted, and vague terms are often prime for loopholes and creative interpretations where the losing side feels relieved and is lulled into thinking they dodged a bullet, while the victor is thinking several moves ahead and has a strategy that comes after the pigeon thinks everything will go back to normal.

I do not appeal to authority. Authority didn’t see Trump or Brexit, or many other things. You have to look at multiple factors, from history, case studies, and street level gossip — something both academia and journalism perpetually fail to do.

But so does our own federal leadership. We have an incompetent prime minister scolding Quebec for wanting to have people wait until they are 21 years old before they can buy weed because that will create a black market.

Only Justin Trudeau would think of something that stupid and utter it in public.

Aside from the fact that the human brain does not fully develop until your early to mid-twenties (obviously something his own brain has never achieved), the Prime Minister’s warning is merely a manipulative manoeuvre to try to blame Quebec for something his government has already failed to do: stop any black market for weed.

For starters, there is already a black market. They are not going to go away. Second, they sell more than just weed, and it is not as if everyone who snorts cocaine or injects heroin is just going to give it all up and go for a softcore drug. Only someone who has no connect with reality would think it.

And the black market sells more than just drugs. They also are the place that deal with prostitution, weapons, and stolen goods. Their currency is stolen art, among other things. They target young teenagers, not eighteen-year-olds.

The prime minister can spew garbage to deflect attention away from the fact that an awful lot of people at all levels of government were heavily investing in cannabis enterprises, and there may be a lot other questionable, if not illegal connections and skulduggery going on — meaning there was a sketchy lobby going on all this time that the Canadian news media did not bother to report — but no, let us wag a patronizing finger at Quebec for trying to do something sensible other than give nervous pills to a dysfunctional middle class at an age where habits formed tend to be life-long chains that hold people back.

Canada has a himbo for a leader who lacks a moral compass who seems to be working overtime in altering young people’s minds.

But Canadian journalists are asleep at the wheel — they are always making excuses for his repeated screw-ups and dubious decisions.

Had they had investigative journalists — the first question they would ask — for any change in governmental direction — would be who is behind this push?

Journalists were not supposed to hold the hands of the fragile and jittery middle class — they were supposed to keep them awake by showing the facts.

Not the easy to get facts of statistics or press releases.

But the hard and secret facts of who is connected to whom, who is lobbying, who is bribing, bullying, and blackmailing.

The alternative to journalism exposes the tangled webs hidden from the public. WikiLeaks had the right idea, but they lacked the ability to connect to a mainstream audience. I mused about this problem in one of my fictional novellas. WikiLeaks lacked social graces, throwing information at people with anger rather than presenting facts with reason.

If we had the journalistic alternative, Trudeau would be having hard questions to answer long ago. Instead, the press here doted on him and gave him a free pass, and he in return, made damage this country will never recover from decades from now.

The sky isn’t falling. That is not what does people in.

It is when the ground slowly erodes when grains start getting away from you until they form the quicksand that drags you in because you became adjusted and numbed to the very warning signs that danger is approaching.

That is one of journalism’s greatest failures: the inability to foresee problems.

But the alternative does not have to fall for the same ruses or play the same games…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Twenty-Nine.

The Liberal Party of Canada has always had an uncanny knack of infantilizing the middle class. The US Democrats do this as well, but not to the debilitating level their Northern counterparts do.

The USMCA is a bad deal for Canada, as it eroded this nation’s independence and sovereignty, which I suspect was the US President’s true intentions all along. Everything else — the tariffs, threats, and other demands, were a mere ruse, as it is usual in negotiations. While Canadians focussed on tariffs and had their attention deflected, the US could slip in a stealth alteration that gave them unprecedented power over us. Misdirection is what was at play, and Canada fell for it hook, line, and sinker. The sky didn’t fall, but the ground has just eroded.

In boxing, the move is called a rope-a-dope: have your opponent think you are going to hit in one direction before smacking them hard where they do not have their guard up.

This deal is a classic rope-a-dope: that the US has veto powers and can meddle in affairs normally associated with the Bank of Canada and even the federal government is breath-taking.

Make no mistake: this was a bloodless coup, plain and simple, where the centre of gravity is no longer on Canadian soil. The unforeseen consequences will be felt, but people won’t realize how badly Canada got hosed until the US actually tweaks our noses with it.

The US has an open and established history of it, and they will reveal all when it suits their purposes.

But journalists in Canada are particularly brain dead. We have the Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente pretend she knows something as she praises Chrystia Freeland for falling for a simple ruse:

The proposed deal she helped to make is far from perfect, but it’s good enough, and in many ways it’s better than expected. And with an erratic bully in the White House, many Canadians feel we’re lucky to just avoid disaster. We can stop holding our breaths now.

No, the deal is absolutely perfect: for the US. Canada has now allowed the US to put a foot in the door in our domestic affairs, and it will not stop here. That is not a victory, and Freeland is no “warrior princess”: she was so focussed on an image and tweaking Trump’s nose — neither a sign of someone who understands power — and in the end, Canada is the backside of a three-piece donkey costume.

Had the warrior princess been successful, it would not have been called USMCA. The victor got top billing.

As Trump’s economic advisor Larry Kudlow crowed:

Canada gave very graciously.

One or two Canadian journalists do see how horribly this country was played.

But for the most part, the denial of immaturity has been the narrative of choice:

…business leaders were largely heaving a sigh of relief that the deal, whatever its deficiencies, has averted an even worse scenario: no trade agreement at all with the U.S. and the prospect of Trump following through on his threat to impose economically devastating tariffs on Canadian-made autos and auto parts.

Even Canada's chicken farmers, despite their disappointment at giving up market share to U.S. producers, expressed relief that "over a year of uncertainty" was finally over.

With the clock ticking down to a federal election next October, Trudeau is clearly hoping voters will be similarly more relieved at getting a deal than outraged at the concessions required to achieve it.

We should be relieved that we willingly forked over our sovereignty because not having the final say over your own affairs is somehow better than having no deal at all. No deal was better than this deal, and the entire point of this exercise was to pressure the Liberal regime — the Government Party into relinquishing their own power to Americans.

It is akin to the failing student who thinks handing in any lousy final paper is better than handing in no paper. It is better to take your chances and get a deferment on your assignment to hand it in at a later date than hand in a failing paper and ensure you flunk your course.

The tariffs would have been devastating, but the problem for the Grits was the effects would have been felt immediately and even the middle class in the country would understand what actually happened.

This way, the effect will be even more devastating — but as the Liberals’ fortunes are already bad, it can be someone else’s problem.

The National Post’s Andrew Coyne also seems oblivious to what actually happened:

All that cross-border yelling, a solid year of bluster and petulance, dire rhetoric about “stabs in the back” and “special places in hell,” fake deadlines and all-night negotiations, and we end up with pretty much the agreement we started with? All that was required to fix NAFTA, that destroyer of American jobs and pox on its prosperity, the deal Donald Trump memorably complained was “the worst agreement in history,” was to change its name — from North American Free Trade Agreement to US-Mexico-Canada Agreement? Seriously?

No, the yelling and blustering was a ruse by the Americans to unsettle Canada — a country that coasts on the status quo and fears making bold moves, first steps, and radical changes because when you pander to the middle class, they do not like to rock the boat. To make the yelling stop, the Grits capitulated, and the Americans threw us a bone or two just so they didn’t seem unreasonable or completely unwilling to bend.

But Canada did more than bend. It broke.

That means if Canada is trying to broaden its trading space, the US can — and will — veto it.

As I have said repeatedly, Donald Trump is a master of playing Go. He just took some critical liberties from us, and we gave in. A game of Go is not dependent on setting a nuclear bomb on your rival: you merely release a silent toxin in the air so they slowly wither away as they prolong their agony by deluding themselves into thinking they are winning or have a chance to turn around.

We have now stepped in quicksand, and no amount of lunacy narratives trying to save the Grits’ face it going to alter that reality. The only reason Canada signed before the deadline was that it had no other choice. It should have never come to that point, and the fact that the government is one that did not foresee the US was angling to usurp our own power speaks volumes, and no, I do not believe there is a federal alternative that would have been able to see what the game was truly about.

The federal government is no match for Trump, whose intelligence thrives in chaos, and as Canada is a nation terrified of chaos as it prefers the rote predictability of order, they have no alternative in place that can actually navigate through chaos, let alone get ahead of it to form a plan that has a long-term vision. We just fake it by feigning political correctness and bland and empty phrases. Thinkers thrive in chaos. Followers enslave themselves to order where there are rules to instruct you how to behave and what to think.

As the federal Grits keep infantilizing their flock, they are seeing their fortunes crash and burn on a provincial level as not everyone is buying their increasingly loopy narrative. Last night, Quebec kicked the provincial Grits to the curb. They haven’t had a conservative regime in decades, but the significant shift is not one anyone can truly ignore, even if the press does try to spin it to dismiss it. We have academics trying to lull people by making an argument that it was time for a regime change in Quebec, while ignoring that la belle province almost never votes for parties on the Right. This wasn’t a change. This was girding for battle as the Liberals have proven to be incompetent.

Politics has always been a grifter’s game where you merely spin lies to hide reality. It often works on the in-group; the problem for Canada now is that the out-group the US not only know us better than we know ourselves, but they have now reached a stage of their own game where they now have us in their sights and are going to make trouble.

And the Liberal regime is helping them right along by telling their citizens bedtime stories to keep them sleepwalking.

When your perceptions and interpretations of reality are misaligned, you are doing nothing but sleepwalking.

Canadian journalists, as usual, failed to see any of it ahead of time. They love their false narratives, propping up Canada to hide their own inferiority complexes, and stick to them, never looking at the game board or the bottom line.

The alternative to journalism understands it is always a war game. There are no “pep talks” or consoling sermons after the battle was lost. You report facts, you do not try to prop up one faulty regime after they blunder and dither. It is not about projecting a face-saving image or tweaking someone’s nose because the second you do, you blare to the world you are the junior throwing a jealous temper tantrum at the superior party.

And when you go to a childish life sink called “Taking on the Tyrant”, you have let the world know you are not powerful, nor a leader. You are just a minion with no clever ideas of your own who must stoop to tweaking to appease the other cowering minions. There is no better way of showing who you fear, as I am certain Trump doesn’t attend talks called “Slapping around the Pantywaist.”

The alternative to journalism is about the world of What Is. It is a reality-based discipline that explores the concept and nature of that reality. It does not mindlessly defer to an authority’s narrative, nor a mob’s narrative.

It just doesn’t use narrative. That is an interpretation of reality, not reality itself.

And our reality is one of a never-ending war game, and war, of course, is deception.

Liberating truth from lies. It is a simple and elegant mandate. It is not about trying to pretend you know something when you don’t. You must walk among those you are studying, and journalists always want to push themselves as high up the pecking order as they can, but they are a passive profession of sitters.

And sitter is just another word for pigeon or mark.

The grifter’s favourite target.

That means the alternative requires a different sort of training.

One where there are no sitters who make things easy for those grifters to bamboozle a public for their own worthless ends…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Eighteen.

If progressive thought has made a colossal blunder in its calculations, it is to focus on differentiating itself from the Right strictly in terms of content of thought and utterly ignoring the structure of thought, making the content always be hypocritical because progressive content with a binary, patriarchal, and autocratic structure is merely form of deception. People may have used religion to moral and manipulate others thirty years ago, but when it was exposed as a sham, they jumped shipped, swam to the Left, and now pay the same game, but merely changed what they preach…but still preach.

But when your focus is strictly on content, but not structure, odd things start to happen. You become contrarian and increasingly extreme in some bid to differentiate yourself from an opposing ideology. A little is good, but an overdose is divine. The natural feel of knowing that your place isn’t the default “opposite”, but somewhere unexplored becomes lost. We can no longer navigate away from the old ideologies. We merely go full circle from the opposite direction.

But if the Progressive brand of prepackaged thought has provided no change in structure, we can see what happens:

  1. Progressive is not defined on its own merits, but must be compared to its enemy. It sees the world as Us versus Them; or worse, expecting a They to come in and do all the work to make the changes. However, there is no Them, only Us. And it is Us, not They. Hypothetical divides are illusionary. It is one thing to break away and show why it was necessary, but sooner or later, you must be measured on your own merits. That the Left and Right always trigger one another to pick fights and then create a pecking order where they are rigged to come out victorious should be no surprise.

  2. In order to recruit and convert as many people into the ideology, there is an overemphasis on rights with no balance of responsibilities. We sell our ideas as having a good time with no strings attached, attracting those who do not wish to look inward or take any blame or responsibility for their own failures. Yet, there are no rights unless there are responsibilities. Even governments are made of people; thus it is an all-encompassing bargain: both have rights, and both have responsibilities, but when it is mention of one, while downplaying the other, you can expect not to get as many rights as the seller reaps perks and power.

Journalism never actually did much to explore structures of thought, nor truly challenge our lack of intellectual and emotional progress. These days, they blame one or two people for everything, and offer nothing substantial themselves.

The National Post had a peculiar column about that Ontario premier that won a majority without Toronto. It is a typical column of this day and age where everyone blames and decrees without much foresight or introspection:

Consider: a man with a shady past and disgraceful record is able to seize control of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario without the support of even a plurality of its members, still less of the caucus he then presumes to lead (and whose careers he now controls). He wins a “majority” in the ensuing provincial election with 40 per cent of the vote, by means of which he proceeds to personally and unilaterally rewrite the election laws for an entirely different level of government — for besides subordinating party to leader and legislature to executive, we have also contrived to make municipal governments creatures of the province.

At no time has he mentioned any of this, in either the leadership race in which he finished second or the election campaign in which 60 per cent of the vote went to other parties.

He has no mandate from anyone, least of all the citizens affected. Yet because our system vests such extraordinary power in the office of one man, he can impose his will on cabinet, caucus, legislature, city and province, more or less by fiat.

Even the courts, the last line of defence against arbitrary rule, cannot stop him. For while we have passed a Charter of Rights, proclaiming our supposed belief in limited government, we have embedded within it a clause that allows governments to overrule those same limits. He invokes it, again imposing his will on cabinet, caucus etc, validating by fiat what he had earlier decreed by fiat.

And he does all this in the name of “democracy.”

The same can be said about the entire profession of journalism.

They do everything in the name of this “democracy.” They have no empirical training. They were not elected nor licensed. They do not speak or represent the majority. It is all based on fiat and shoddy and dubious methods of gathering and verifying information. They conduct no studies. They do not tell their audiences who their sources are, that they liberally depend on PR and publicists for information, nor do they often disclose their own conflicts of interests.

They have no mandate and represent no one, and yet claim to inform the public for benevolent purposes.

They present ideology as fact; spew propaganda, rile up a public who are both misinformed and ill-informed, and otherwise pollute the information pool — also, all in the name of “democracy.”


This is a profession without any standards or regulating bodies. These are people not taught in any basic psychological methodology, from statement analysis to experimental design.

It flounders and cannot even decide how to fund itself.

Yet it claims to speak for a majority — even as their numbers tank and their outlets shut down.

The alternative is one that is aware of these double standards and ludicrous games, but while the starting point is to breakaway from journalistic lunacy, it is not to keep comparing itself to an antiquated model of information verification.

That journalism became a sham should surprise no one.

But that we have never thought to replace it with a superior model is still shocking because it means as a people, we are now not even concerning ourselves with content, let alone structure.

It is an intellectual decay, but it does not last forever: a pendulum swings one way before reality compels it to move in the opposite direction.

And F.R.E.E.D. is the system that keeps a pendulum at rest as it begins to build all around it to stabilize both the structure and the content to see the world from every direction…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Fifteen.

Oh my, oh dear, what a dreadful tintinnabulation coming from the bowels of Toronto.

The temper tantrums are continuing, of course, with the usual child-like pouting of calling step-daddy Doug Ford a despot, tyrant, and dictator because he isn’t lavishly giving away money the way mommy Kathleen Wynne did and daddy Dalton McGuinty did before that.

It has become quite pathetic, but Toronto the Teenager is learning that life isn’t always rigged to be fair to you.

They, in essence, outsmarted themselves, and are trying to shout down reality by screaming a false narrative.

The National Post’s Andrew Coyne is being silly and melodramatic in his column.

All because Doug Ford is being unpredictable and not following the rules his political adversaries created and rigged to their benefit.

Not everyone wants to play a game that is rigged for them to lose.

It was a nightmare when he decided that the areas who didn’t vote his party aren’t going to be the benefactors of political largesse, but that he had their number and checkmated them proves that he is far more cunning than the Toronto elites see themselves to be.

But Coyne’s shaky thesis hinges of using a confirmation bias in an attempt to make a case:

Throughout his blustering afternoon press conference, Ford revealed a view of government, and of democracy, that is essentially pre-constitutional. The past several centuries of effort to constrain government to act within certain legal boundaries were swept away with a peremptory “I was elected,” as if the support of 40 per cent of the voting public entitled the temporary occupants of the executive to do whatever they wanted, the law be damned.

Forty percent is enough to get you a majority. It was more than the almost 38% Kathleen Wynne won in 2014. It is a full percentage more than what Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberal party got in 2014 when they got their majority, yet no one on the Left bitched about how those parties got to make decrees with less than 50% of the population voting for them.

A double standard, indeed.

And for all the talk that this is a vendetta against Toronto City Council because of Ford’s late brother and former mayor Rob. I do recall that era very well, and Council was trying to find every loophole under the sun to get rid of him before his term ended, even though he was democratically elected and it was not their mandate — or at least nullify his power.

But you see, that was all okay and different,.

Oh, and Rob Ford won in 2010 with 47.11% of the popular vote.

The mainstream press, trying to feign elitism, intellectual superiority, and sophistication, dismiss people who do not buy their hype as “populist.'“

Yes, those dirty little people always ruin those snorefest cocktail parties that end up getting #MeToo’ed with some tyrannical white guy getting exposed as a spiteful and petty perv. How sad.

What is worse, is that the NDP are in full meltdown mode. Remember when our naive friend Andrea Horwath was all giddy on election night when her party lost, but was happy that they came in second instead of third?

Well, reality set in, judging by this picture.

And if the premier wants to turf her out during a debate, he can and did.

The NDP can stall it a bit, but it will pass. They have no power being in the opposition.

This move by Ford will have a devastating effect on the NDP as they very often begin their political careers in municipal elections, which are far cheaper and easier to win than a provincial or federal campaign. It helps generate connections, get name recognition, and if you aren’t the relative of an established politician, aren’t rich, or did not have a career in broadcast journalism, city council is the way to break into the business.

And now their pool in a critical city has been gutted.

And the NDP has as much clout as protesters, who have none.

Banging on desks was a childish and uninspired protest, but that is pretty much all they can do, other than be minor irritants. Spoiled brats in soggy underpants, nothing more.

Both Toronto and the NDP are being punched in their faces by the reality of the situation. Power doesn’t always come in numbers or winning a political seat.

The courts can be subdued and even nullified as their power only goes so far. If the premier chooses not to indulge them, they are put in their place.

Horwath seems not to comprehend reality:

The judiciary has a critical role to play in a democracy. So does the media. And so do the voices of everyday people – this is their legislature and their province.

The judiciary are at the mercy of the ruling regime. They can be removed, or have their rulings tossed. It is political goodwill that gives them power.

The media is dead. They have been throwing fits at both Ford Brothers for years: had Rob not died and could run again, he would have handily won a second term. Journalism is no longer a thing as they keep insisting on being partisan.

The voices of everyday people spoke on election, and Ford’s supporters applaud this move of getting away from a Toronto-centric model of doing business in this province. Not everyone lives in Toronto or reaped the benefits of what Hogtown received for the previous fourteen years.

The truth is simple: the press in Ontario could not be more unprofessional, propagandistic, or partisan. Their narratives deceive those on the Left into thinking they are the heroes, and some governmental They will save the day to rig the games to favour them — as if it were proof of their superiority and moral correctness.

If an alternative actually showed the reality and truth, the Left would not be so insufferably cocky. They would see their brass are as corrupt as their political rivals. They would see how they have been wasting time voting ideologically instead of pragmatically.

And they could finally mature, and deal with obstacles the way adults centuries before them handled it: not with temper tantrums, but by finding solutions that benefitted the whole, not just a few groupies and cronies…

Hoodwinked: How Canadian newspapers got suckered by the Federal Government who just suckered themselves. Yes, you were played by someone very smooth. Now deal with it.

The upside to President Donald Trump's decree of imposing a 25% tariff on steel is that the normally cocky politicians, union and business leaders, and journalists in Ontario finally have their perpetually cocky smirks wiped off their smug faces. Journalists in Canada really are that clueless because they think there is some sort of safety net if they screw things up. They do not have to think, work, or put actual effort into what they do because somehow, it all works out in the end. Why? Because the mysterious and benevolent organization known as They will rescue them. I keep hearing a lot about the They patrons, and have yet to meet them, or be a recipient of their altruistic largess and doting. "They" are apparently big enablers who reward the arrogant and lazy so that they never have to be made accountable or suffer the consequences of their stupidity.

Now that "They" did not stop Donald Trump from delivering what he promised during his election campaign to do, it is Reality Time, not quite Truth Time because Canadians still think they can charm their way into getting an exception, even though Trump has made several subtle, but solid preemptive strikes that culminated into calling this entire nation "smooth."

This is absolute serious business, but Canada, per usual, is unprepared. Charm offensive only goes so far. Narrative manipulation only works if your audience is unaware of your ruse, and with both Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling the Canadian regime untrustworthy in different ways in the same week, that gambit can no longer be counted on to work. It is one thing for Trump to be disliked -- his power comes from the chaos of antagonism, but Justin Trudeau is an intellectual lightweight who has too many handlers and not enough instinct. He comes off as the nerdy little boy who was made fun of as a kid, and now is too blinded by trying to pretend to be cool so that the entire world will love him. He will be lucky if he isn't the most reviled prime minister this country ever had.

Canada has some hard truths to face, but, as usual, the news media here never seems to be able to deal with bad news: there always has to be a positive spin and an assurance that hey, everything is just peachy keen, we have it all under control, and They will fix things even if we stay inert and never learn to face reality. We can quibble over using words such as "master" and "chief" while having a federal government spend more than we have, watch a housing market begin to collapse, and keep quiet about our country's precarious employment situation.

Until Trump seemed to have sucker punched everyone with tariffs.

How anyone could have construed what happened as a sucker punch is beyond me: I knew it was coming. He said as much during his campaign. He set the scene with the "smooth" commentary the same week as Trudeau's disastrous Indian trip where he tried to pin the most notorious turn of it on another country who would have none of it. It was a perfect storm and Trump, true to form, made the most of it.

I used to box, and I could see the boxing match. Trudeau once pretended to box, but it was not a real match: it was one where two people who didn't know what to do made crude guesses, and wildly missed the mark.

But Trump boxes in his affairs for real. It was the same boxing match where Trump knocked out Hillary Clinton -- everyone thought Clinton would win, and I, who knew the rhythms and methods of one-on-one fighting, saw the moves and the hits, and could easily call it for Trump.

The same thing is happening again, this time, with Canada getting pummelled like nobody's business.

And the pummelling has only begun.

But the Canadian news media did not get the memo.

The Toronto Star is too busy getting offended by the "smooth" remark with Jim Coyle's uppity tit-for-tat column babbling about how a "smooth" Brian Mulroney outfoxed the Liberals and the U.S. with Free Trade.

No, he served Canada up to the US on a silver platter, and Canada's manufacturing sector got decimated. Canada never recovered; we just made do and covered it up. Free Trade was never in Canada's interests. We got played then; we're just getting screwed now.

Canada has always behaved liked the battered wife who thinks she stood her ground by spitting in her husband's beer, and thinks everything is good enough because she isn't completely destitute, making her cunning for it, and believes the neighbours don't know of her tortured existence. So used to abuse this nation has become that we don't even see the extent of our wounds. Pat us on our heads with an Olympic medal or a Grammy award, and we'll eat whatever dirt anyone throws us. It is a nation terrified of any criticism because perhaps it means not everything is swell, and we're getting abused for no good reason -- and that things will never get better.

So long as we have tattoos. Timmie's coffee, some weed, beer, and a smartphone to watch Netflix and hockey, we think it's all going to work out. We can crow about the Raptors and get cocky and lippy at whoever we wish because They is looking out for us; so we're free to shut down our critics and smirk at how they keep pointing at all the rot around us, having the nerve to demand that we acknowledge that rot and help them do something about it.

That is, until someone who is more cunning than we are decides to decimate the little we have with tariffs. Deep down, we know we can't take many more hits because we are that close to the edge.

Which brings us to how badly the Canadian newspaper industry got played by its own government.

Just like Trump's war cry with tariffs, Canadian governments are not as generous with money as the myth goes. They certainly love to tax their citizens.

But should any of those citizens try to retrieve some of those funds, they hit a million roadblocks, regardless of what level of government they make their pleas.

Some local and provincial programs, such as Ontario Renovates, do not give grants for desperately needed housing repairs, for instance. You borrow the money by means of a second mortgage, and many insurance companies won't insure you if you have a second mortgage. You have to submit to a city inspection, and chances are, you will not qualify, and if you do, you cannot sell your home for years after.

There are countless other examples of special programs where people who should qualify never do, and of those who reach that ridiculously high standards, find out there are strings, far less money than is promised, and there are so many obstacles and conditions that you are better off doing without. It is not as if the government doesn't give generous funds, but those will be to their friends in exchange for other things. Big corporations get them. Companies that do not actually need them get them.

The methods of which the government oversees these penny tosses is cumbersome and deliberately so. For all the money earmarked to First Nations, you'd think a direct one-time deposit of a decent sum to every First Nations person would set them for life, but it is doled out in such a way that those who need it the most never see a penny, and there is no end of the bureaucracy with well-paid wonks who reap the benefits.

It is, to be blunt, a sham.

Had Canadian journalists been bothered to cover those stories by researching and not reading whatever the government press release said, they would have already known this fact. I know this fact because I have done my homework over the years. I have paid visits and asked questions. To me, this is no surprise.

But when the going got tough, media owners naively went to the federal government begging to get $350 million dollars directly deposited to their bank accounts so they could do what they always did: nothing but strut around with a smirk and produce nothing of value.

What happened next was no surprise; it gave the government ideas: throw a few pennies, set up yet another layer of government, set up a grant system where no one can actually benefit from save the government because there will be too many strings attached, and the knots will prevent anyone from benefitting.

The government looks like it is doing something, and those who need the funds are shut out, but cannot gripe because they made a deal with the devil, getting what they asked, but not in the way they asked for it.

And now the Canadian media has been sucker punched by the inevitable outcome, whining aloud.

Suckers, you can keep whining. It is not going to save your hides.

Even Andrew Coyne, who gets it more than the rest of that clueless cabal called Canadian journalism, doesn't see the whole. The "good news, bad news" spin of his column does suggest a wry understanding of the issue. And he gets that the government played his industry.

But even Coyne doesn't see how badly the industry got burned: they had been enslaved by a federal government that is about to get the humbling of its life by a bigger shark.

The Liberal Party has always been uncontrollably arrogant: the "Government Party" makes them Marvel Comics to the Conservatives DC Comics. They know how to pander and set narratives, reassuring people they will take care of everything, and it will all work out in the end.

Except the fresh young face they used has no substance inside of him. Trudeau is not his father; he is his mother's son: all about optics, not about legacy or survival. He knows how to generate attention: he does not think of the consequences of getting the world's attention just as someone more cunning and powerful uses that moment to strike from the shadows so everyone see just how weak he is. Trump owned the media spotlight for decades; Trudeau got a free pass because of his daddy.

Pierre Trudeau was a cunning magician as was Jean Chretien who was the scrappier version of it. Stephen Harper was low key, but he was a survivor and a strategist; smart enough to know how to operate under the radar as he had an uncanny sense for policy as he actually worked his way up. Mulroney was as narcissistic as Trudeau Junior, but he had the cunning to pull himself out of any scrape of his own making, all while having a fall guy or gal take the hits while he comes out a little richer and more powerful than he was before. No one can fail upwards better than the Silver Fox.

Justin Trudeau is none of those things. He is transparent.

The newspaper industry thought they could read him, and found the right prime minister to make their outrageous request for money. That they were outmaneuvered by the current government shows you just how clueless the news media in this country was all along.

Had they done their jobs, they would have known Canada was going to be in the eye of a perfect storm: you have an anarchistic master of chaos in the White House who turns over every rule to break them, and one of the big rules had been to let Canada feel as if it is seen as the nice guys. They would have known how their own government operated when it came to doling out cash.

It would have also known how the world was changing, and how to keep up with those chaotic times.

It didn't. It was too busy voguing and smirking to see the dark clouds floating over them.

Now they have to deal with it just as the chaos is has taken root and is growing.

And They are helpless to stop it.

Canadian journalism was hoodwinked by their own government who was just hoodwinked by Trump.

There are ways of dealing with both, but the first step is not looking to They with a smirk on your face, all while being the most gullible entity in the equation.