Governments are manipulating social media? You don't say! They are manipulating regular media, too. Grow up, middle class people.

Sometimes I seriously wonder if I am the last grown up on the planet.

Longreads has a well, golly! piece that is so naive that it truly stuns me.

Some government is manipulating social media!

Motherfucker, here is the memo: every motherfucking government on this motherfucking planet is manipulating motherfucking social media and the motherfucking traditional media, too.

Just how motherfucking stupid are you?

Do you honestly believe any government wouldn’t take advantage of the mental laziness of the jittery middle class who buy into any self-aggrandizing patriarchal bullshit story?

Do you children know anything about reality?

No, of course not. You live in a bubble like the other journalists; so don’t pretend you know reality. You don’t.

Like the pauper journalists in Canada wanting to be sugardaddied and manipulated by their government because of their gross incompetency.

We have propagandists in the press who shame people who do not buy into their government’s lies.

And never question the lies the spread on behest of other governments.

And Al Jazeera should be ashamed of itself. The Christchurch gunman wasn’t influenced by Serbs or the Serbian government — and in comparison, is irrelevant.

On the other hand, did Al Jazeera ever condemn how their own nation’s citizens up and went to slaughter Serbs — strangers from a foreign country who never did them a thing to harm them?


Did you ever mention that Osama bin Laden cut his teeth murdering Serbs?

Did you ever mention how the Mujahideen videotaped the torture and slaughter of Serbs — videos that I have personally seen?

In the whole scheme of things, a song is nothing. Taking a plane to a foreign country to roast people on a spit is vile. Shame on you for your own propagandistic temper tantrum and anti-Serb bigotry.

Because that hatred killed a lot more people in New York City than it ever did in Christchurch.


There are no good guys. There is no hack or TORTEE that gives you any wiggle room. You have corrupt regimes instil fear and hatred in their own people and in people in other countries, and then that triggers wars.

And journalists, who were always narcissistic thieves and cribbers, nod their fat heads as they spew that hate without question, and then are shocked, shocked, shocked when some mentally unstable person buys the bullshit story and explodes with a weapon.

People, grow up.

Grow up.

And to answer the Guardian’s stupid question:

What do we know about the Christchurch attack suspect?

The answer is fuck all.

You are too busy morally masturbating in public to know what some jittery middle class loser with a gun was all about.

We live in an Age of Propaganda. Period. Lying and prejudice is glorified for money. Cowards get manipulated by their loser regimes, and never question why they believe fairytales without question.

Enough. Grow up. Find some courage and stop looking for other assholes to do your thinking for you…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Three: Corruption is everywhere, especially among those who proclaim to be authorities.

The federal PC party is rightly accusing the Liberal regime of bribing media outlets with tax credits.

Of course they are. This is one of the dirtiest governments Canada has ever had.

But the Tories should rest easy: as Canadian journalism has collapsed, no one trusts them, anyway.

And they no longer trust social media; so neither battleground will be where that war will be fought.


Ah, far from the good old days, kids.


The private sector media outlets are garbage, and everyone knows it is garbage.

The public sector ones are equal garbage as they get their panties in knots when someone criticizes them on their own outlet, and then they censor it (although you can find it here).

That both governments and media outlets are corrupt is not a theory. It is a fact.

Why isn’t either the governments nor the mainstream media talking about the vile human rights abuses refugees are suffering in Croatia?

These self-serving trolls are after Trump and his wall, but that refugees are having their limbs broken in a country that the mainstream press and Western governments painted as helpless victims during the Civil War is an inconvenient truth.

Corruption runs deep because journalists are no longer in the face of the real grifters and cons.

They play favourites, and the second you do, you become a propagandist with a serious case of a confirmation bias.

I will not be playing those ugly and corrupt games.

No one impresses me.

Façades are for ridiculous cowards, anyway.

And I’ve no use for it.

And if I happen to slag some decrepit fake hero of yours, and you are offended, I have one thing to say to you:

Go fuck yourself, sunshine…

Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Three.

While my roots are mostly Serbian, my maternal grandfather Alexander (Anton to everyone) was Croatian.


His nickname was The Hunter, and he hunted with royalty because of his unerring skill, receiving precious stone-encrusted rifle from Prince George of Yugoslavia (King Alexander's older brother) that was taken by a museum after he died against the family's wishes.

He was from Dalmatia -- yes, the place where those spotted dogs come from, but he was a Croat.

Who happened to convert to Eastern Orthodox after the Second World War.

He was there when the Croatian Ustashi slaughtered Serbs and Jews in concentration camps, and he spoke openly about it.

It wasn't any sort of secret that Serbs were the victims of genocide, and that the Croats got away with it, mostly thanks to the Vatican who stepped in and saved their hides in various ways.

The Ustashi were always proud of their sins. Their nuns and priests burned Serbs alive in churches to "convert" them. They had special camps for Serbian children in Sisak. 

They also took a lot of pictures of their war crimes. They posed proudly and smiled for the camera while holding up beheaded Serbian victims. They starved children and tortured their victims.

My Serbian grandmother's entire family was wiped out by the Ustashi, and it is on record.

And yet she married a Croat after the war. She was just one of those people who did not paint an entire group of people with the same brush.

To this day, the Croatians have never been held accountable for their war crimes. They got off easy compared to the Germans who were forced to own their Nazism. The Croats were small potatoes next to the towering Germans and they flew under the radar.

And there are far too many who are still deniers.

But it is the Croats who left the evidence of their hate crimes. When I was an undergrad studying psychology, I took a course on Genocide -- something that had happened completely by accident. I had an elective to take, but the one I wanted was cancelled because of low enrolment, and I needed to find a replacement fast for a Tuesday night -- and when I looked at my choices, the only one that fit the bill was the one on Genocide.

I did not want to take this course. The Civil War in the former Yugoslavia was raging and I just did not want to mar my studies by having to have bloodshed intrude even on my academic work.

And yet, I would change nothing now.

I am stoic by nature, but when I began to talk to the professor during the break about my grandmother's family, I lost it. I wept so much and uncontrollably so that I had to excuse myself from the room.

That had never happened before, and I had been shocked by my own reaction.

So naturally, I dealt with it by doing my assignments on Ustashi and the reasons for their bloodlust.

As usual, I did an obscene amount of research. I forced myself to look at hundred of photographic evidence, read documents and articles, as well as books, and whatever ephemera I could get my hands on in such a short amount of time. I found foreign books that were out of print and tracked down to verify as many sources as I could. 

And I soon realized that the Ustashi weren't slaughtering in the name of purification, ideology, nationalism, or even religion.

They were doing it because they were greedy pigs. They stole land, livestock, and even a stamp collection from their victims. They threw people in concentration camps just to get their beds.

They stole gold teeth from the mouths of their victims. The pride of the people was just a cover: it was all about the Benjamins.

After all, when their fortunes turned around, those same fascists abandoned their supposedly glorious homeland, and took their stolen loot straight to the Vatican who ensured they weren't arrested, and were shipped to different countries to start a new life even though they ended hundreds of thousands of other people's lives.

There was no honour among these thieves. It was just a crude form of stealing, and then silencing your victims by death.

But with greed, there was jealousy. They were jealous of whatever trinkets other people had, and then killed them for those trinkets.

When I wrote my essay, my professor had been shocked at my thesis. I don't think she expected her weeping student to pull herself together and then clinically produce a list of verified items one group of fascists stole from their prey, and explain the factual and logical reasons why the nationalistic chest-thumping was a mere decoy.

But the deniers are trying to erase history in more ways than one. Writing books pretending it wasn't a genocide is one way -- and a vile one at that, but because no one forced the Ustashi to answer for their barbaric crimes, they regrouped, and then decades later, got themselves several high-priced PR firms, and struck again, this time during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s. 

The press, who are historically illiterate by choice, ignored the previous genocide, and spun a narrative that did not align with reality.

It wasn't just the Serbs who were the victims of this new game, but Bosnian Muslims, as well.

Al Jazeera has an interesting piece on one Bosnian Muslim named Ramiz Tiro that is well worth reading and pondering. He was in a Croat concentration camp during that conflict, and there is one passage that struck me:

All the while, Tiro asked himself: Why? Why am I being arrested? Why am I being tortured? Why are we being expelled from our homes when our families have lived here for the past 500 years?

“We went to school together [with Croats], we lived together and all of a sudden he’s my enemy now?" he said.

Tiro recognised one of the soldiers who would lock them in as a former schoolmate.

Tiro asked him, “Why is this being done to us? I’m just like you."

“No, no, you’re ‘balije’ [Muslims]. You’re the enemy of our state,” the soldier said.

“This was unfathomable for me,” Tiro recalled. “But I realised what it was about during my time as a prisoner.”

It is, of course, not all Croats, and many have spoken out. My own Croatian grandfather spoke angrily of what the Croatian people did to the Serbs in World War Two, and was far more vocal than my Serbian grandmother who preferred moving forward without opening old wounds.

But as with the Second World War, the Vatican meddled on behest of those who caused the trouble, and their enabling has also never been confronted.

However, they are not the only guilty party.

Journalists never bothered. They didn't care.

They just didn't care because it didn't fit their narratives.

They ignored the first genocide. They misrepresented the civil war.

And with that, they allowed not just predators, but their enablers to continue their destructive ways.

That journalism collapsed is no surprise. They earned it with their insistence on misrepresenting reality.

But now that they have crashed and burned, it is time to think of the replacement and how it should be different.

For one, it cannot be blinded by narratives and their artificial confines. No group of people should be violent toward another group of people, and no ideology can be used to justify violence.

Enablers and spin doctors should also be exposed, regardless if they are our in-group or out-group.

And F.R.E.E.D. is the system that is about movement of facts to prevent those kinds of narratives from being set.

Because journalism has failed one time too many -- and ended up failing its own members most of all...

How war propaganda destroys nations long after the end of bloodshed.

As someone whose heritage is firmly Eastern European who grew up in North America, I can say with zero hesitation or doubt that Western Europe and North America are completely ignorant morons when it comes to having the empathy or ability to understand Eastern Europe, but Westerners have some patronizing misconception that what they believe is universally applicable, regardless of situation, history, geography, as well as a slew of other factors.

It is why the war in the former Yugoslavia made a horrific mess of absolutely the entire region. The meddling created more than just destruction and death: it placed various barriers on different regions that in 2018, they still cannot overcome.

Let's take Croatia, for instance, the instigators of that war. My maternal grandfather was Croatian -- from Dalmatia, to be precise -- and he never let you forget it.

Croats honestly believed they were being oppressed by being stuck in Yugoslavia. Their fascist past during the Second World War has never been confronted by that same Western world that rightfully put the screws to the Germans for their Nazism. The Croatian equivalent of Nazis was the Ustashe, and the self-documentation of their own atrocities against Serbs, Jews, and Roma was both prolific and vile. Smiling while holding beheaded victims was the least offensive atrocity. Burning Serbs in churches by Utashe nuns and priests was an actual thing as was a special concentration camp for children.

When the war ended, those Ustashe took all of their stolen loot (the real reason for the war) and ran to the Vatican who gave them all protection. They were small potatoes compared to the Nazis, and they got a free pass.

And then the West grabbed the Serbs and grabbed the Croats and threw them in a single country called Yugoslavia.

Surprisingly, this country did fairly well for itself for decades. There were a million intermarriages. 

But Yugoslavia was short-sighted in its single economic strategy: take advantage of the Cold War by playing the US against the USSR to get the funds to support this lab-grown utopia.

Sooner or later, you pay the piper, and when the Cold War was over; so was Yugoslavia's source of free money, and they borrowed heavily until the piper came.

No one had the funds or the inclination to pay it, and then the leaders of the various regions remembered the good old days when the Santa Claus America gave away free money, and they thought if they broke away with some nationalistic twaddle as a cover, they would have the US continue to fund them.

And that's what almost happened. The regions broke away, killed as they looted, but when it came for all those magical Benjamins to solve all of their problems, it never came.

Twenty-plus years after the war, Croatia is in serious trouble. Their youth are leaving the tiny nation in droves. Corruption is rampant. Their wages are the worst in the EU.

And because the world never put their foot down to that old fascist mindset, it is roaring back with a vengeance.

That is the inexcusable legacy of Western meddling by ignorance. It created a nation of never-ending poverty where youth must flee for mere survival, and those who are left behind are falling back to the destructive ways that brought out the worst of humanity.

Had the West had a clue, they would have heavily punished the Ustashe, made a people confront and acknowledge the blood on their hands, and had this been done in 1945, there would have been no civil war.

Yugoslavia is a nation that was artificial and forced. It should have never been created in the first place. If the regions healed their rifts, and wanted an economic union, that would have been one thing, but what happened was a forced marriage between a group of perpetrators and their victims of irrational hatred.

Now that Croatia cannot blame the Serbs for their prolonged slump, they are free to see that their notion that the United States was going to be their sugar-daddy was also a mistaken theory. 

But they can also think about how Western journalism did them no favours, either. They blindly went along with their narratives, obscuring the reality of the situation. They were played by an industry who knew nothing about the region, its mindsets, and then made decrees, enabling all of the delusions that brought a nation and its people into poverty and despair.

Ironically, Serbia -- who were portrayed as the Super Evil Bad Villains in the civil war, had their illusions shattered, and then they had to forge their own way, and ended up as a stronger and more tolerant people with a stronger economy. So strong that NATO is starting to meddle again because Serbs ended up far more progressive and stronger than what was expected of them, and proportionally, at least, in a far healthier position than most of the nations involved in their demonization and bombing. They moved on because they had no options left.

Kosovo's woes exploded near the tail-end of the civil war, although it was always simmering for decades. Albanians in the region thought it was a very good idea to break away and declare themselves a nation, even though unemployment in that region was always devastatingly bad, they had no tax base to speak of, and crime was always rampant as it was a prime region for organized crime, with human trafficking still out of control (mind you, Canada also has a serious problem with human trafficking; the difference is Canadians are happily oblivious to it, and people in Kosovo are perfectly aware of it).

So why did the Albanian population in Kosovo want to break away?

The same reason the other regions broke away: they were honestly convinced that the US was just going throw piles of free money to them.

Of course, that didn't happen. It is a fantasy. There is no advantage to do it.

When Kosovo declared independence in 2008, a local television station interviewed me about the ramifications of that decree. I was still running Chaser News, and I agreed to the interview.

Most of the interview did not make it to air (though I recounted all of my points on my site), but the gist was that Kosovo was stony broke, in anarchy, a criminal playground -- so how the region was going to get its act together was going to be very interesting. I also said that Western journalists would be wise to keep a track of FARA and see which PR firms were going to get hired to spin this pie in the sky mess and then let news consumers know all about it.

An interesting article from Al Jazeera from a reporter who had been there in 2008 was interesting in showing just how misled people in the region were by the Western media. Albanians and Serbs alike were the Western media's victims. Those in the region had been disillusioned thinking they were perfectly justified in wanting to break away, and that they honestly believed that the West were going to make their lives better by giving them cash, thereby completely vindicating and validating their illusions of being without flaw. Their leaders got wealthy at their people's expense, and even some Western players, such as Madeline Albright had tried to make a buck from that misery they helped exacerbate.

But it was journalists who were the biggest warlords and mongers of them all. They stoked the fires of hate with their ignorance of basic history and reality. They wanted the power to dictate how a war was going to play out, never mind that reality in no way aligned with their narratives.

Serbs got the worst press coverage, but it was the other regions who paid a bigger price in the long run. They will never recover because they were given false assurances from people who had no clue what they were talking about.

It's like asking your cab driver whether the mole you have is cancer and making plans based on his clueless diagnosis.

And the press drove those regions straight into a hell they never imagined in their worst nightmares.

I have genuine sympathy for all those regions. They were played, made fools, and bought the hype.

Once upon a time, journalists were so powerful, they could malign and misreport and be believed.

Now, they have all focussed and attack their president, and despite their relentless and lockstep cannibalization, they still don't get that they have no teeth.

It is a sad state of affairs, and it never had to happen if journalists were responsible, diligent, honest, and humble. They should have checked their Western filters at the border and be moral enough to admit they knew nothing about anything in Eastern Europe, and then do their research, and report facts, not narrative.

Because war is no time for some deceptive bedtime story people hold on to for comfort, never realizing it is slowly poisoning them for generations to come...

How irrelevant are j-schools now? No one can think of anything better for them to do than provide anti-overdose training. Yes, j-schools are done.

This pathetic article on Al Jazeera's website explains precisely why j-schools failed the profession:

US journalism students should undergo anti-overdose training

The article morally masturbates in public, praising anti-overdose training so that reporters can enable illness in people with substance abuse disorders...

Instead of finding out facts that society needs to confront their demons.

J-schools are not the place for EMS-style training. If you want to know how to do it, there are places that offer those workshops. I have taken life-saving training through St. John's Ambulance, for instance. J-schools were supposed to be the place where you learned how to dig for facts.

You want to play hero, children, put on a cape and cowl and go run outside in your backyard, making laser noises.

If you want to be an adult, grow up, become literate enough to read the job description, then get those necessary skills to do it.

This thinking is self-absorbed lunacy and arrogant laziness disguised as compassion.

Not once in this article does either author consider why there is an opioid epidemic in the first place.

Because we had journalists sit there and do nothing of value for public service. They were too busy covering hot dog eating contests, celebrity gossip, and cribbing from press releases.

They were too good to cover local news, such as what is happening in school halls. That's where the troubles began.

There is a difference between Are your children safe at school? versus Are you safe at school?

And now journalists are so unwilling to change their core, they are trying to think up ways to pretend to be useful to society without having to do what is needed to rebuild.

Well, we refuse to do real work, cover reality, or write about facts; but keep us around because we'll bring you back from the dead if you do too much drugs, okay?

How the mighty have fallen face first into a pile of horse dung. No wonder their logic stinks.

It is not the addicts who needed an intervention. It was the journalists.

J-schools are dead. And there is no anti-overdone drug that will save those oblivious sots from the mendacity of their own worthless sophistry.

Has journalism become a crime? Many times, it has been hate speech that cost people their lives and freedoms: the rot that has yet to be addressed.

Al Jazeera has an interesting article with the title Journalism is not a crime. unnamed-2

In this case, they are talking about the detention of their journalist Mahmoud Hussein in Egypt, and though I do not believe his journalism is a crime, the headline posed a very interesting dilemma.

Is journalism ever a crime?

Often, it is.

We have had hate speech disguised as journalism with racist, sexist, and homophobic assumptions presented as news.

It has caused deaths of innocents, and many reporters should have been dragged to The Hague for war crimes, such as creating and disseminating propaganda that prolonged conflicts as it incited people with false stories of barbarity.

It propped grifters into titans of industry. People got jobs with companies they thought were safe because journalists told them they were, such as in the cases of Enron.

Innocent people were wrongly convicted.

We had people, such as the late Richard Jewell be seen as terrorists based on a press deciding he was guilty without a shred of proof.

Lives have been ruined. People have been harmed.

It is not as if journalists didn't help others. Many did, in a different time and place, and it was thanks to exposing those toxic collectives and individuals, that much of society was helped.

But there were always the others: the ones who openly lied, or ran with propaganda in their stories, that often nullified the good others in the profession once did.

Journalism should have stopped those toxic elements from corrupting the product. Journalism was once a noble profession that changed lives and exposed the corrupt.

But it never took on those who undid all those games with their own devious or credulous actions.

When journalism turns into a weapon, it becomes a crime. Al Jazeera may wish to look at the entire profession to ensure the Mahmoud Husseins don't end up suffering because of the ones who think of nothing of spreading lies and rumours in their quest for power, glory, and control.