Sturm und Drang from the Sunshine List.



More self-serving pain-in-the-ass fear-mongering and boo hooing from Ontario’s public sector for getting the luxury of buyouts.

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You can’t live without us! You’ll see! is the narrative abusive spouses, bosses, journalists, and public sector workers use because they don’t want people to see the truth.

But the narrative that there is a cataclysm for not living beyond our means. It’s pure malarky. You need more coming in than going out, not the other way around.

Most journalists cannot read a spreadsheet, let alone understand basic economics. You have interest payments — and if you are living on your credit cards, you are not rich or middle class. You are poor.

It doesn’t matter what car you drive or where you live. Sooner or later, the juggling act comes crashing down, and the austerity measures become worse. The problem is the public sector became an easy hack for people to get a good paycheck instead of bringing in fresh money in a private sector job. There is less work, bigger pay, more benefits, and more security.

And then those people feel grand and entitled, but when they are just as vulnerable as a private sector employee who gets his redundancy papers, the public sector worker throws a temper tantrum. It’s a scam.

That breed never bother with where the money will come from — just so long as their cushy positions are secure. It is not surprising that so many have tried to quash the Sunshine List over the years — so that they can present a false narrative of being Just Folks struggling and making a valiant effort at Saving Humanity.

The truth is they are the province’s elite and haves. They are not activists or dispossessed. Some on the list make six to seven figures — plus bonuses; so no wonder they are trying to bilk the system for all that it’s worth — and then some more.

I find it funny that the upper middle class in this province are Sunshiners and trying to pretend they are something else, such as crusaders and knights. You are just another citizen in this province, nothing more.

But the “heroic” narrative crops up every time they are called on the carpet. St. Joe’s hospital had the nerve to call themselves “heroic” after being sued. You are paid to save lives. That’s not heroic. That’s basic. You are not doing it for free.

How this province conducts its affairs needs a serious overhaul, and it has for a long time. There has to be a bottom line, and you have to show us the money. It should be mandatory to balance the books. There should always be a rainy day fund.

That means the government needs to get out of a lot of things as its over-extended itself.

But most importantly of all, it should equalize the public and private sectors so that the mindset align congruently with reality, and not some sort of Mary Sue narrative. The public sector should not be “safe” jobs. They need to reflect the same world it serves, and not be insulated from it. It should not be a hack. It’s a job. It’s a career.

Aligning various sectors in the province would help people see that bottom line: if we need something more, we then find the means to find the funding to incubate something new, but never make it dependent on the government for survival…