The circus is in Kosovo...

And professional clowns Bill and Hillary Clinton are there to celebrate their psychopathic choices in bombing Serbs.

Kosovo, the place where doctors were involved in illegal trafficking of organs.

Or didn’t the Clintons tell you that?

The Clintons have seen their fortunes fall as incompetent nerd Hillary couldn’t win an easy and fixed presidential election. She blamed the Russians because she thought it was payback for all the sick and twisted things her and her husband did over there in order to secure their power, including pretending their fake news was real.

Speaking of which, Le Monde Diplomatique has an interesting article (English version here) about all those lies during that civil war waged against the Serbs during the West’s propaganda campaign, with this piece of war propaganda that is too stupid for words:

[Serbs] play football with severed heads, depose corpses, tear off fetuses of pregnant women killed and grill them,” said the German defense minister, the Social Democrat Rudolf Scharping, whose words were repeated by the media…

And yet the deceptive press ran with that canard.

Yes, the press and politicians are worthless scum who try to tell you what to think without facts, logic, or perspective.

They are nothing but clowns, and yet they decree that they deserve respect.

Not happening…