Andrew Scheer doesn't need a credible environmental plan because no one in this country has had one to date -- or actually believes in it.

One of the fakest trends is pretending to have an “environmental plan” in Canada, and there are those belief Andrew Scheer needs one.

No, he doesn’t. That’s a myth.

This is a country that allows businesses to put all their garbage in one pile. It allows endless garbage, and has knee-jerk reactions. It allowed untold garbage to be shipped to foreign countries.

And for the people who pretend to believe in the environment, all they do is build monster homes in formerly green areas, and have waterfront properties that eroded the ground, and now are blaming “climate change” for their own recklessness.

They discard perfectly functional furniture made of wood for ones made of not-so-environmentally friendly material. They poison animals because they dig up their lawns or poop on their lawn chairs. They separate fauna families for the sake of aesthetics. Their carbon footprint is atrocious.

And these are the loudest pseudo-environmentalists around.

If Scheer were to have a credible — and effective — environmental policy, those same virtue-signallers would go apoplectic: he would quash McMansions. He would ban air travel. He would not only ban waterfront properties, he would order the ones already built to be immediately torn down. He would ban animal extermination, and force residents to ensure wild animals were given vaccinations, and their families stayed together. He would ban excess packaging of goods. He would force businesses to take back all of the garbage produced from their products, and then dispose of it themselves in an environmentally-friendly manner.

There would be a lot more he could do to directly strike at those who pretend to care about the environment, by making them practice what they preach.

But, it’s the economy, stupid. If he has a good economic platform, he needs nothing else — save a promise not to humiliate the country the way the current prime minister has done, or cause painful foreign rifts.

The environment is cocktail party chatter, nothing more. People do not actually care about the environment. They throw away books. They buy their outfits at retailers who clog up landfills with cheap unsold clothing as they keep churning new ones out. People buy everything at the dollar store that sells mostly environmentally-polluting products. This is a disposable society who has no right to tell others that they worry about the environment when they buy fast food that has nothing but waste.

Let’s stop pretending. Let’s stop parroting scripts. People with brains are not buying what you’re selling.

In other words, show, not tell — and you do not need a government policy to be a responsible and credible human being.