Old Country media thinks "Pharamacare" will save the federal Grits...the way Free Dental and Pharmacare brought victory to the Liberals and NDP in Ontario. Oh, wait...

Boy, are the left old country media outlets pushing Justin Trudeau and this whole “Pharmacare” gambit. The CBC and the Toronto Star act as if this was unprecedented in Canada…except it isn’t new, nor has it proven to be a winning strategy.

Kathleen Wynne tried a good version of it during the last provincial election for people under 25. She lost the election and official party status.

Andrea Horwath tried a very bad version of so-called free dental care. She didn’t win, either.

This bad version will not work because there aren’t enough numbers of voters who this platform will resonate with at all. People have insurance — private or through work. Seniors already have it, and many regions have it for low income Canadians — they way there are dental programs as well. In Ontario, there is the Trillium fund.

People who need it will have already decided to vote for the Grits because they are dependent on the government for their survival. That’s already a lock. People who don’t need it, and going to see the structure of this program is flawed, with make Big Pharma even richer, and actually put serious restrictions on who can get what medication, and will be turned off by it.

This is typical Limousine Liberal logic: they don’t know their own people and make big unfounded assumptions.

And all the NDP have to do is promise to up the ante — and the Grits hand over their votes to the more leftist party in the bargain the way Wynne did for Horwath. Once you radicalize a certain element by veering too far off your territory, you no longer have control of the situation.

Wynne played this card with Basic Income, and all sorts of other graft. None of it worked. You cannot claim Canada is economically strong and then have to pay for people’s medication. It is an incompatible message, and one the Grits keep spinning in.

It reeks of desperation, and it is a last minute ploy that they dropped all too soon. All the opposition has to do is drop some dirt of a corrupt pharmaceutical company or two who already jacked up prices — and the narrative shifts right back to SNC-Lavalin.

There are too many messes to clean up. The Grits are using all sorts of political propaganda to explain away their sins, but relying on old country media in a brash new world makes them sound out of tune and out of touch…