Sunny spinning rot continues...poverty down? Or just being masked?

CBC Hamilton has an interesting piece of political propaganda.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 9.39.58 AM.png

This is a lie, of course. All you have to do is walk anywhere in Hamilton to see boarded up and rotting buildings, homeless people who were never wandering in the streets before, and all of the other signs of despair.

If poverty was going down, then why get on Doug Ford making cuts, such as Basic Income?

Because poverty isn’t down — but it has been masked.

And this is a reality Canadians cannot deal with because of its nannied mindset. If you need any government subsidy, you are poor.

Not middle class, not wealthy.

Basic Income masks poverty. Welfare masks poverty. Government programs mask poverty.

And when you are relying on special programs, you begin to overestimate your net worth and your abilities.

You think that you are achieving a certain level. It is no different than someone who needs training wheels to ride a bike. Take off the wheels and let us see just how far you can get on your own peddling.

If Ontario decided to get out of giving people any money or jobs tomorrow, how well could the province function?

That is the test of economic health. If people could fluff it off, and ride through the change, then, yes, then that’s a strong and healthy economy.

If everything were to collapse, then it was in worse shape than the training wheels suggested, and the economy was rotten to begin with.

But the left in Canada are trying to spin two incompatible narratives together: the economy under their watch is great, and it is horrible because of Ford and Tories in general.

The Grits were in power in Ontario for 14 years, and managed to swell up the deficit. If the economy was so wonderful, that wouldn’t have happened.

Gross and net are two very different concepts, and yet, they are presented as interchangeable in the journalistic narrative. You either have a strong economy that needs no government meddling, or you have a weak economy that does. If it does, it is weak. The end. You are masking and buffering poverty, which is a dangerous thing. If people stay at a certain level, they normalize and justify it, and will stay in that vortex indefinitely, and then they never get out as more people come into it. You don’t want people to stay dependent. It is not good for them, and it is not good for the whole.

And masking also means having so many public sector jobs. If those jobs were to vanish, could these people find equal or better work in the private sector? If not, you are masking their true abilities and socioeconomic status as well.

So this report is a big nothing. It is about masking things, not actually examining them. It is an election year, and it is funny how a certain strain of nebulous stories with shoddy “reports” seem to be trickling out. Bad studies are rampant, and with an unempirical and credulous press regurgitating them without breaking these studies down, let alone questioning them, we have lots of lies out there as reality tells us a very different story…